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March 20, 2013

Maybelline Giveaway Featuring Tough as Taupe Color Tattoo

Hi hi!</p> <p>
A while back, I collected a package of new Maybelline goodies from their office, featuring the highly raved colour tattoos, lippies and liners.  I have decided to swatch one of the color tattoos which I would keep for myself, and then put aside everything else for one of you! </p>

Here we have 'Tough as Taupe" - a neutral taupe shade - it is very creamy, I only own one other Maybelline color tattoo - Audacious Asphalt, which is a pewter shimmery gunmetal shade so I can't really compare.  I am sure you have seen swatches of these everywhere else... so here we go.. 

<p>The color tattoos have been compared to the MUFE Aqua Creams, they have a wide range of colors and finishes.  If you have oily lids, do use a primer underneath before using these, and if you want to amp up your eyelook further, set with eyeshadows.  I think cream eyeshadows are making a major comeback, you see many brands reformulating their cream shadows line, and they are just great for doing your makeup quickly, intensifying your eyeshadows and also for longer lasting eyelooks too. 

Here's the fun part --- 

List of Products included in the Giveaway

1. Color Tattoo 20 Painted Purple
2. Color Sensational B43 Toffee Cream
3. Eye Brow Pencil Brown Grey
4. Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm Orange
5. Blush Studio 02 I'm so Energetic 

How to enter: 

Follow my blog on Bloglovin (create an account, log in, and follow)  

<span style="font-size: medium;">Comment below with your

1: Bloglovin acc user name,
2: real name,
3: and email address.

Only for readers in Singapore. 

Closing date: 31 March 2013


February 02, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow: Audacious Asphalt [Swatches & Comparisons]

Hi hi!

I got myself one of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows during my recent US swap.  I could go crazy and get all the shades that I wanted, but I was being super good, and telling myself that I CANNOT buy more of such products - but I couldn't pass up not getting any when I have the chance.  I went for a rather olive-y+pewter+gunmetal type color, Audacious Asphalt.   These pots have been very much compared to the MAC paintpots (and I have since retired my paintpots because I never finished one pot and they turn dry after sometime) and they come in a great color range of brights and neutrals.

I wasn't disappointed at first swatch. Audacious Asphalt is quite shimmery, but the texture is smooth.  It really does feel and go on like a paintpot.  The color is quite intense, and feels like it is something I can wear on its own without setting with eyeshadow.  I have to actually wear it in an LOTD and then give my review of this product over the weekend.  I hope this range of eyeshadow pots come to Singapore soon - they will fly off the shelves IMMEDIATELY, I swear.

The packaging of these Maybelline pots, are exactly like the GA ETK pots (sturdy glass pot).  When I stacked them side by side, they look the same.

Here are some photos, swatches and comparisons:

It is shimmery, but not as sparkly as the rest of my similar shades eyeshadow pots.  I didn't compare this to my powder eyeshadows though.


p/s If you want to see swatches of some of the other shades, stay tuned when Jerlaine posts them on her blog - she has 3 of these!  [link here]


I hope this entry has been helpful.  Thank you for looking!



December 15, 2010

U.S. Goodies From under-twenty20 Blogshop (Urban Decay, Tarte, Maybelline...)

Hi hi,

I am quite excited to share with you this Singapore-based makeup blogshop called under-twenty20.  This is because they sell many US makeup brands at, well, less than S$20 dollars.

Last week, yippy2910 who set up under-twenty20, sent these products to me for consideration.  And I was like, why not, because we all want to have alternative places to shop for makeup which are not available in SG, and at attractive prices too (because massive sprees don't come by very often and can take longer for everything to arrive).

For example:

(prices include normal postage)

Tarte liquid foundation S$20

One single Urban Decay eyeshadow is S$15

Maybelline mascara (including those you can't find in sg) S$10 - 12

Other brands like Rimmel, Mario Bedascu, Milani, Loreal HIP products and POP/ Pixi products are also available.

You can check out under-twenty20 for other terms and conditions, as well as any other queries you have.  Or tell them what other brands you want them to carry in their shop!

Here is a closer look at each item -- all items came in original sealed packaging --- I misplaced the UD eyeshadow box last night, couldn't find it this morning.

For more product information, please refer to the website!

Tarte Re-create foundation S$20

02 Ivory

I think it matches me, though it's hard to tell, because I just woke up and my skin is a little reddish.

Anyhow.. I have darker/ lighter foundations to mix with to get my matching shade, if necessary.

Maybelline DEFINE A LASH Mascara S$10

I have used this before a couple of years back, if you refer to LOTD entries from then, it is often listed in the products used.

Check out the label, it is made in US -- our Maybelline mascaras sold here are often made in China and more expensive at that!

RIMMEL lip plumping gloss. S$3.50 each.

And lastly, Urban Decay eyeshadow in VERT.  S$15 each.

Vert is not sold in our Sephora stores currently.

It is available in the skull palette which I have, but that palette is not available currently.


As I mentioned earlier, under-twenty20 stocks a pretty decent range of products, the LOREAL HIP range, which I know many of you are crazy about --- even have the paint sticks and jelly balm which our Watsons don't carry.

Regis also posted an entry featuring this cool blogshop, and she has a giveaway promotion thing going on, so if you are interested, do check out her entry too! CLICK HERE to read and take part.

That's all, and I hope you find this helpful.

Thanks for looking!


ps Products featured were given to me for consideration.  All opinions here are my own honest ones.

May 28, 2010

Haul! KORRES, Maybelline, Loreal :)

Hi hi!  This is a crazy sale sale sale kind of haul.

Many of you might know of the Korres Lip Butter promotion, it is usually $21, but now going at $12.90.  I have heard so much about this product on YT, and well, time to jump on the bandwagon.  So I grabbed three.  I choose all the non-colored types, because several of these lip butters are actually rather pigmented.  The three I got are MANGO, GUAVA and JASMINE. If I am not wrong, this offer is til 28 June.  Or it is tomorrow???  LOL.

Then I twittered about the JL/ Robinson's 30% off Loreal and Maybelline promotion, and so I went to grab some items too.  Majority are for stocking up...but I didn't check expiry dates!  Oh well.  Between my sisters and myself, we can use up these items pretty fast.

From Loreal:

Two Loreal Superliner in Brown (UP $18.90)  these are for my gf.

Some Loreal Revita Lift samples (freebie!)

From Maybelline:

Five (yup, 5 of them!)  Volume Express Mascara (UP $18.90)

Two Impact Express Felt Tip Liner (UP $16.90)

Two Makeup Remover (UP $11.90)  these are for another girlie!

One Water Shine Collagen lipstick No 224 (Freebie!!)


Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover ($13.90)   I want to try this out during my trip in June.

Fuso holographic polish ($4.00)

Coleur Inc Nail Polish (Chara 98 & Forest Green 66)  ($4.30 each)  -----  They remind me so much of Jade is the New Black and Suzy Says Feng Shui!!  Shall let you know if they are similar or not.  Haha... :p




Coool holographic nail polish ($4) from Fuso!

Yup.  That's all.  I am going to take a quick nap.... going to celebrate the gf's bday later, watching SATC at 1130pm, and followed by some crazy stuff.  Maybe check out Sephora at Great World City............ LOL.  So there might be one more LOTD/ or OOTD kind of entry up later or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

May 27, 2010

LOTD: Everyday Golden Eyes with Purple Liner

Just heading out to John Little to haul some stuff, and maybe grab a couple of the much raved about Korres Lip Butter with the sister.

Very glowy face, and simple eyes and lips.

Products used:

Foundation: SANA Pore Putty Base (blended with fingers), NARS Sheer Glow (applied with MAC109), MUFE Concealer Palette No1, La Mer Powder

Cheeks: MAC Sculpt & Shape, MAC Cheeky Bronze

Eyeshadows: inuovi Gold metallogy e/s, inuovi Platinum e/s

Liner & Lashes: MAC Designer Purple, MAC Powersurge on lower lids, 2 pairs of lashes here (Palz & Shu Uemura), Maybelline Magnum

Brows: Shu Uemura pencil, Benefit brow gel

Lipstick: Maybelline 'Born with It' No15

That's all, and thanks for looking!

March 15, 2010

Swatch Time! Ten Brand New Lipsticks (Pic Heavy)

I have accumulated a ton of brand new lipsticks lately, and I have been reluctant to swatch them, because I would not be using them anytime soon, and I wanted to keep them new and 'sanitary' for when I get to using them.

However, I got curiouser and curiouser, and to satisfy that, I decided to go on a swatch fest, take some pictures, and all that.  I hope you enjoy the rest of this post.  I am not responsible for any lemming caused as a result of this entry!!

I have also discovered some real gems among these batch of lipsticks, and I think they are really worth running out to get.

(I am not paid by anyone to say that though!)

We have a little set up, I am seated at my sister's work area, there is ample white lighting, so I could take more accurate pictures of the products and swatches.

How I sanitised the lipsticks after I applied them:  I used a plastic fork, and just scrapped off the top layer... much like what makeup counters do.  I didn't use the alcohol solution thingy, cos I didn't have any at home, and well, I think it's just easier to scrap off the top layer.

Also, please take note that I just sharing my initial comments when I applied these lipsticks, these aren't exactly proper reviews, so I can't comment on whether they last 5 hours, or 10 hours, or whether they really do moisturise or dry your lips after wear.


Here is a picture of my lips before and after swatching.  I swatched about 10 lipsticks.  I used the neutrogena oil-free remover to wipe off in between each product. I think my lips look pretty much smooth and exfoliated after all these.  Haha. You also get an idea of my own lip color, and I am about NC15-20 in shade.

1. Maybelline Moisture Extreme No945 Natural Nude (courtesy of Sara)

I love the texture and color of this lipstick.  I didn't expect the texture to be so creamy, and the color so pigmented.  It reminds me somewhat like the YSL RV, though the finish isn't quite the same... but that feeling of wanting to reapply the lipstick just for the heck of it is very similar to how I feel when I use the RV.  I was so excited about this, I had to text Sara immediately to thank her again and to rave.  I have swatched this range at the counters before, but I think it is so different to swatch on your hands and to actually feel it on your lips.

2. Maybelline Born With It No15  (no name)  This is courtesy of Liana, when we did our swap.

You can see how shiny the lipstick is just in the tube alone.  This lipstick feels moisturising and 'wet' when applied.  A very nice natural color which you can just slap on anytime, and not worry about it looking all over the place.  And I love the packaging of this lipstick, reminds me of a Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick.

3.  Natura Republic Lucid Star Moisture Lipstick PK115 (This is courtesy of Anonymous Bosch.)

I think PK stands for Pink, and this lipstick, like the one above, feels 'wet' and slick when applied.  The color is a sheer wash, with glitters. The glitter remains on your lips after the color is gone.  I can imagine how shiny but smooth this lipstick will look in certain lighting condition.  Think of this as a solid dazzleglass.

4. Illamasqua Sonnet Lipstick (I got sis to buy this in Vegas after watching Lorraine's haul video)

My first illamasqua lipstick. A very pretty nude.  If I weren't rotating so many lipsticks right now, I would be using this quite often.  Think of it as a smoother lipstick version of Mac Naked lip pencil.  The texture is also quite interesting.  It feels almost waxy, and slick, but the finish is rather matte.  It is one of those my lips but better color.  If you have lipcolor like mine at the before/ after picture.

Then I tried the same lipstick with MAC Underage lipglass.

5.AVON Ultra Color Rich Perfect Peach 304 (This is courtesy of Sarah)

A true frosty lipstick.  The color applies darker than it looks in the tube.  Very smooth texture and I like how it is  slightly sheer around the edges.

Ok, we are moving to the pink colors now...

6. Maybelline Watershine Pure P24 (no name, courtesy of my sister's colleague from the T&C dept)

I like the finish of this lipstick, though it is sheer, it gives my lips a nice rosy wash of color.  This will give the next lipstick I am showing a run for its money, as far as the sheerness and texture go.

7. YSL Rouge Pur Shine Rose Sorbet No28

(I bought this on ebay, from the seller Germ1123 or smth, and never featured it cos was a little guilty about buying YET another lipstick)  I am quite surprised, even though I shouldn't be, at just how sheer the product is.  Still, the packaging is so pretty.  You see how it is so similar to the Maybelline watershine above?  The color is similar too.  But the Maybelline lipstick only cost half the price.

8. MAC Victorian lipstick (from the Spring Color Forecast Collection)

This is a nice frost lipstick, and is prolly what Lollipop Lovin' (LE, Lustre) would look like if it is a frost lipstick. I tried to capture the gold sheen to this lipstick in the swatch.  It also reminds me of NARS Orgasm, the multiple cream stick looks like on the lips.

And I tried this with a pink gloss over, which caused some of the gold frost to fade.

Are you bored by now?

8. MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

I think this is like "my lips just been kissed", stained look.   :)  I like! The lustre finish of the latest Viva Glam lipsticks really make the colors much more wearable and suitable for all skin tones.

9. AVON Ultra Color Rich Lasting Mauve U9 (Again, this is courtesy of Sarah!)

Looks like the Viva Glam Cyndi, except this is frost finish and more pigmented, obviously.  But I don't detect any 'mauve' shade going on.  A very pretty color, but I don't see myself wearing this very often.  Might give it to my mom who will definitely use this color everyday.  :)   And that's how I scrapped the top of the lipstick off after each swatch, except I went a little clumsy and sort of knocked it a litte too hard at the corner.

10. MAC Up The Amp lipstick (OK, so the last lipstick is not new, as I have this more than one year ago)

This is one of Diana's and Kas' fave lipstick, and I just want to show up 'dark' and purple/ violet it looks on my lips, or against my skintone.

That's all.... I just wanted to post everything in one entry, instead of dividing it into part of a series.... I have in mind some dupes and comparisons... and I might put up 2 lipsticks for sale (brand new sealed never been swatched) later this week, if there is any interest.

I hope this has been a helpful and fun read/ viewing!


March 01, 2010

Vegas Haul: Illamasqua, Drugstore, Random~(Part 2)


Just a little introduction to what these 'parts' are all about... last week, my sister went to Tokyo/ Vegas with her bf, just for fun, and of course, I had to 'tag along' not physically, but a whole list of MU stuff to buy, since I have heard the MAC Pro store at  Vegas is huge, and etc etc all that jazz.  She also got me clothes and underwear etc . so I think one of these parts will be a clothing haul entry. I am putting them in parts because I don't want to put everything in one HUGE entry, and I am also anticipating a few more items to come in mid-week, also from the US.. but I will tell you more about that when I actually get my hands on those items.

I also want to put it out there that I am in no way boasting about anything I bought  (I have never made such a disclaimer before, in case you are wondering, because I never feel like I need to explain to anyone why I have to buy so much stuff), but I just want to share my happiness and excitement at getting the new stuff as only junkies or maybe shopoholics like me can relate to.

You may have caught a glimpse of the Illamasqua products which I showed in the previous haul entry.  I got the powder blusher in Chased, which is a blue toned light pink (matte).   And then I texted her while she was already in Vegas to get me the Sonnet lipstick, which I wanted after watching one of Lorraine (The CurrentBoobies) Day in the Life videos, in which she bought this lipstick in NYC and she says it's her new fave nude cos it looks like a heavier version of YSL's 146 Tea Rose.  Yeah, that's how sucker I am.

And the next few items, my sister just grabbed while she was at Walgreens. I didn't know she will be coming back with these fun stuff!  We have the Loreal Telescopic Explosion, which is a dupe for the Givenchy phenomenon mascara.  I might do a comparison in due time... when I open this mascara.  From online reviews, the long and flimsy wand of this mascara is quite a boo boo.. but still, fun to try this out.

And the next item is one on my Drugstore Wishlist, yes, it is the Maybelline Pulse Perfection which is a vibrating mascara.

Then my sister got this BUMP ITS!  Hahaa.. I just had to laugh at the name!  I am sure you know what this is for--think xteener on YT has a tutorial or smth for this.   But I don't think I will use this, I will leave the hair experiment to my sisters. 

Yup.... I prolly have a major MAC haul , clothing haul, Sephora haul etc etc in the works.  Just that it is a little time consuming to take detailed product pictures, write about them... and I can only afford to do one entry a day during the weekday, for me to just 'relax' after a long day at work, before getting back to even more work.


I hope you enjoy these entries, and thanks for reading!!!

February 22, 2010

Haul: SWAP Goodies from Liana!!

Today I received a package from Liana from beautybag411 and it's super exciting because I have been awaiting its arrival forever!

And she wrapped everything in this hearts wrapper, which is so sweet of her!

It is like opening presents on my birthday or Christmas.... and I was really shocked at the amount of stuff she sent for me!  She also included a personal note, and also a note explaining why she got me each and every item.  Gosh...really feel overwhelmed.  :)    And yes, Liana,  cheers to the start of a long lasting friendship too!

What's inside???  I will post close up pictures when I have more time to take better quality pictures.

Check it out!!!  Amaaaazzzzing!

Here is a list of everything she got me:

  1. Covergirl Trublend Minerals Blush 430
  2. Covergirl Oil Control Foundation 525 Buff Beige
  3. Covergirl Outlast Smoothwear eyeliner 300 Oynx
  4. Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof 830 Black
  5. Covergirl Clean Oil Control Pressed Powder 525 Buff Beige
  6. Covergirl Boundless Color 603 Bronze Beauty
  7. Almay Pure Blends single eyeshadow 245 Lavender
  8. Almay Pure Blends single eyeshadow 205 Cocoa
  9. Wet N Wild Silk Finish 834C Heather
  10. elf Brush Total Face Brush
  11. Sonia Kashuk Large Eyeshadow brush
  12. Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Duo 47 Take Cover
  13. Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette Hidden Agenda - 07
  14. Sonia Kashuk shimmering loose mineral blush with self-locking lid 02 Fairy
  15. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 015 Born with It

That's 15 products!    I am so excited to try out the Sonia Kashuk items.. and  the brushes, I will definitely use them first.... because... you know, I should not open new stuff yet... especially the cream products.

So thank you again, Liana, for being so generous, and overall, it was a FUN swap!!  I am sending a couple of items your way, by means of saying THANK YOU!



February 19, 2010

Tagged: Drugstore Wishlist

Hi everyone,

I was tagged by chantana (click here to check out her blog) to do this drugstore wishlist.  Interesting to create a lem list for drugstore products,  as we all usually wish for more unattainable (read: more expensive) products.  However, though, drugstore stuff in Singapore aren't that much cheaper anyway, and the only drugstore stuff which I am always interested in are: mascaras, makeup removers, cleansers, nail polish, etc.  Not so much eyeshadows, foundations, or blushers - cos they are usually very shimmery, and/or have little color payoff, don't last the day.

Regardless, I shall make a wish away for some unattainable (because I can't find them locally yet) drugstore products, in no particular order:



Revlon Photo Ready Powder

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Clear Skin Cream

I went to the ulta.com website, look through their range of products, and came up with this miserable list.  They have such a wide range of Neutrogena skincare products which we don't have here in Singapore. We always have the whitening stuff, which I am not interested in...so anyway, yea, if I were to be in a real drugstore in the US, or UK, I would be looking out for these skincare stuff, cos they seem to have such a great range of products.

And I am 9 followers away from 400!  It was 2 months ago when I did my 300 followers mega giveaway.  When I hit 400 (soon!!), I will do a ONE TIME giveaway.  I am thinking of giving away ONE BIG PRIZE this time round.  So, if you have been silent readers, hit the start following button, and let me spam your email with new entries updates!

Heading out to the post office to look for my package soon, then I am meeting Kas, and then tomorrow we are going birthday-MU shopping with Sarah!  Woot!




January 17, 2010

Goodie Bag!

The postman had been busy the past few days, and I received this package in the mail yesterday (Sat) from Sara (icyabstract).  Yup, another one since the last one filled with LUSH goodies.

One of the many things I like about being in a beauty community like this is that we pay attention to what one other's lemmings, cravings, and wishes.  And every once in a while, we get to know about some great deals, and we share with everyone here.. and so on.. you know what I mean.  Still, it was such a pleasant surprise to me that she sent me all these goodies, with the thought in mind that I have mentioned some of the items at one point or another.... and put them in a package just for me.  :)

I am also in the process of doing a couple of international swapping, and taking part in sprees simply because people are so nice and willing to help.  Seriously.

So, let's get on to what we have here:

Sorry for the lousy lighting, I took these pictures last night but didn't get to look at them and all that til today...


Bar of LUSH Rockstar soap

Maybelline Intense Moisture RIch Colour Natural Nude (945)

LA Girls Petite Blush Berry Rich (BL508)

Canmake Eye Lash Essence *how my sparse lashes need them right now!

Lip Mask!!  * I have never seen nor used such a thing before! Intrigue.

I have not opened  the lipstick, nor the blusher... I think I have reached a point when I need to finish some of my products, esp the lipsticks... before I should break the seal on these goodies.   I started using the soap today.... and am brought back to LUSH heavens...  awesome scent!!

FYI, I has been rather busy, well, I guess so, with a school production the past week, especially on Friday and Saturday when I spent almost the whole day at Republic Polytechnic where the performances were held.  Though I wasn't in the makeup department, I helped in painting the props, and also lent a helping hand to the ticketing team on the actual day.  Yup... and well, on Sunday, which is today, something not so nice happened.. the bf and I ended our 7 year old relationship.    I don't normally like to mention personal nor work stuff on here, as you know..... this space is purely for my MU rambles.. but anyway, yup... it is kind of shocking, and I haven't been able to really think much about it, but yea, I think this is it - I hope it is for the better of everybody.

Did anyone notice Benefit new products??   Click on Bellasugar's giveaway featuring all 3 new releases, which include the Sugarbomb blusher, the NEW eye primer, and a bronzer.

On another note altogther, I noticed the amount of attention my foundation post is gathering, seems like most people are very interested in the whole idea of flawless skin and stuff.  This little blog is also past 360 followers... and maybe another major giveaway when we cross the 400 followers mark?  :)

How's your weekend been?

Thanks for reading!

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