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July 26, 2013

Collective Haul & Accessories Chat

Hi hi!!

Just a rambly little catch up chat entry..a break from my usual makeup coverage, and putting together a selection of random new stuff I bought and have been loving lately. 

First up, is this little MIU MIU purse which I acquired while I was in Rome, it costs me slightly over SG$250 which I thought is really reasonable - in a warm blue distressed leather, and it has 3 card slots inside.  Many people know I don't carry around a traditional wallet, and I prefer such purses where I just throw in my cards and cash.  The card slots are a bonus - I can be neat and untidy at the same time.  I haven't used it yet...so it's still sitting in its box.  This is the smallest out of my Prada & Miu Miu purse collection, and quite the brightest too.  

Friends have asked if I haul any branded bags whilst I was in EU, but to be honest, I didn't have a 'bag feeling' then..and nothing I looked (and I did look) really called out to me (except for that random moment of Chanel WOC) but other than that, even though the prices were so attractive, I just didn't feel like getting a bag just for the sake of it. 

While we are still on the topic of bags, here's one of my staples - The Rebecca Minkoff Mac Bag in black - I love the size of this, it is slim but roomy enough for my essentials.  Got this a couple of months back while Shopbop had a 20% off event.  I used this bag during the whole of my EU trip, and I am just totally happy with the MAC bag. 

It is looking quite seasoned because I use it so often, the bag is very well made and worth the money, I like the strap it is just the right length and doesn't fall off my shoulders (I don't normally carry it cross body).  Love also the front pocket that comes with a zipper and that clasp.. I kept all my cash and foreign currency there while I was away. (opps now you know.. haha) 

And one more bag - which has become my little survival kit - meaning it contains a odd selection of makeup, tissue, blotters, earphones, phone charger, pens etc etc etc, because I have been using my Goyard almost daily for work, and it is such a roomy bag, a pouch like this is very useful for keeping all the small items together.  I got this on sale for around SGD14 at Urban Outfitters in London. 

I also like that it is largely monochrome, and lightweight and so soft!! 

can you spot the goodies in this bag?

A pair of rings I bought at Camden Market - I bought 3 rings, and gave one to my friend.  Love the stones, the slightly rough setting...and just super elegant.  I get lots of compliments when I wear them.  Posing them here with the YSL polishes in the background, cos they look so matchy together. 
I think this cost me around $40 each?  Can't remember, but the dude was very nice and gave me a little discount. 

And next, my FAVE sweater currently - Wildfox - I have heard of how soft they are, how comfy, but when I finally got to feel them recently, I decided that I shall own a couple of these Wildfox sweaters at some point in time.  I have seen them on Shopbop (retailing for around USD120-200) - anyway.... when I saw this super cute blue with pink heart one on sale at Shopbop last week - I MUST GET IT!  This is around USD75, and I got it in size L, which hangs a little big on me, but the sleeve length and shoulders just fit me so.  The fitting/ cutting is really flattering too, it isn't bulky at all. The material is so 'fluffy' and soft, I love just wearing it when I am in an air-conditioned place even when I am not really that cold.  I would def want to get at least one more when they have new designs. 

And one last item(s), a pair of beaded necklaces with neon tassles from etsy - I wanted something sort of bold and comfy to wear (hence no metal chains that might irritate my skin) and came across these on etsy (search tassle necklace and a myriad of these will show up) these flew in from Indonesia (Bali to be exact) and cost around SG$20 each.  I haven't really worn them, but I love the colors and the quality is quite good.  Can't wait to accessorise with these!  There are a few color combinations to choose from..and not all are neon.   (link to seller here)

Hope you enjoyed catching up with me here!  Thanks for reading!

p/s inserting a few EU pics here - I am not going to blog in detail about the trip at all, since it was really just a time out for me (not my first time there anyway) and I don't feel like going into the details of the where and what - basically, we just want to fly there in comfort & safety, save on lodging & food, free & easy everyday, random splurges and try everything once --  but if you have any specific questions to ask, please feel free to email me instead! :)

<p>view in my Paris apartment courtyard

9.30pm sunset

this pic needs no explanation

ootd ootd </p> <p>

pierre hardy maccarons

January 19, 2013

New Armcandy from LeVonne (Jan 2013)

Hi hi!

So excited to feature Le-Vonne's latest arrivals.  This batch of armcandy are totally right up my alley, and without further delay, let's get started! 
They are all very well made, and affordable.  Each of the pieces come in their own velvet pouch. 

Firstly, we have this combination of mostly spikey goodness - 

1. Gold Spikes bracelet $11  a relatively slim piece with a mixture of studs and bigger spikes.  very wearable and great for everyday. <strong>

</strong>2. Black Spikes bracelet $12   This is an elastic bracelet, it is very sturdy and has some weight, unlike some of the hollow ones you see out there. <strong>

</strong>3. Colorful Neon Spikes bracelet $12 Great for adding a pop of color(s) to your armcandy emsemble.

4. Spikes braided bracelet Black $12   This has a pull string type closure, and has plenty of room to adjust the size according to your wrist.

and I have this next two pieces - I love that they are more chunky, and the black & gold combination. 

1. Gold Spikes braided with Gold Chain $15 - <span>A bracelet which can stand out alone without any accessories.  This is something I would wear all the time.  

</span>2. Black braided with Gold Chain $11 - A more wearable version without the spikes.  It kind of looks like you are wearing two pieces.  Goes with anything you wear. 

A couple more pictures:

Hope this sharing has been helpful and thanks for looking!

Here are some useful links to get you started: </p> <p>
Le-Vonne Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 
December 12, 2012

The YSL Rose Gold Arty Ring [and a matching manicure]

Hi hi!

Last Monday, Net a Porter had a random one day only free shipping on all orders, and I took the chance to place an order for the new YSL Arty Ring in rose gold hardware.  Well, it took me the whole day to decide to purchase another Arty Ring.  In the end, the rose gold and good price factors won me over.  Besides it is becoming quite a classic, no?  And the total price of what I paid for this ring from net-a-porter ends up being a good $80 cheaper than if I were to get it in the actual store in Singapore. 

The stone itself has specks of gold in it.  The navy deep blue stone looks cool and dark depending on the angle and the lighting conditions.  I ordered mine in a size larger than my current red love Arty, so that I could wear it on my middle or index finger. 

Here's a close up:

And I did a manicure to match the ring - kind of look like the stone, right?   I love how it looks on my hand... the rose gold matches my skintone, and it fits my middle finger just nicely (slightly big though).  I got a size 8 btw, and my red one is size 7.  I don't really fuss about the sizing, but I always decide on a size larger than what I think I am... you can fit a bigger ring on other fingers, but there's nothing much you can do about a smaller ring. 

Here's what I used to create the manicure - Chanel Blue Satin and OPI Man with the Golden Gun topcoat. 

Here's a color comparison with my current red Love Arty Ring, you can really see the rose gold of the other ring.. 

I really love my latest YSl arty ring.  I hope I don't make this into some kind of a 'collection' habit!  :o

That's all, and thanks for looking!

December 04, 2012

New Accessories from LeVonne!

Hi hi!

In the month of November, I received several new pieces from LeVonne, and I am absolutely loving the pair of spikey stretchy bracelets that came along in the package!  They are dramatic and pretty wicked, and on the times that I wore them out, I never fail to get questions about these bracelets.  They aren't too tight, and are pretty versatile - I think they go with most outfits, you can wear them with a dress or if you are wearing something casual, plain and these bracelets add a certain kick to the overall outfit. 

But there are other goodies which I would like to share with you too: 

Here we have the Skull Bangle - USD9  

which I have matched with the hamsa bracelet also available from LeVonne. 

I personally recommend the Skull Bangle if your wrist runs smaller.. it took me a bit of a struggle to put on, so I got my younger sis to model it for me.  I really love the tiny skulls on the bangle.. and I wish it comes with a proper clasp which I could open and fasten easily.  It also comes in silver. 

And here, we have the Bow Crystal necklace USD9.90 (currently sold out at the store) 

This is a delicate piece, very feminine, and has adjustable clasp.  I love that the bow is fixed on the chain, so you don't end up with the bow shifting sideways throughout the course of wearing it.   It is super cute, and adds a nice touch to your outfit. 

here's another look at the bow necklace and the skull bangle 

The skull cuff with the spike bracelets (shown in silver, and black tin) USD7.00

and here we have Heart to Heart Crystal Bracelet (silver) USD13 

A pair of interlinking hearts, not personally my type (too girly!) , but I think it is very feminine just like the bow necklace.  Here, I match it with a charm bracelet. 

and lastly, we have this trio of crystal silver rings USD8.00 each,  I like to wear them stacked.   They come in two sizes, in 6 and 7. 

LeVonne is a Singapore based fashion accessories store, and they are always expanding their range of products.  Right now, you can also enjoy free registrered international shipping.  Christmas is right round the corner, and if you are looking into buying presents for your friends, I think you should check out what LeVonne has to offer.   I am also working out a possible giveaway for everyone, looking forward to hosting that as soon as details are finalised!  Stay tuned!  

Useful links to get you shopping: 

LeVonne Store

LeVonne2012 Twitter  

<a href="http://web.stagram.com/n/LEVONNE2012/" target="_blank"><strong>LeVonne2012 Instagram 

</strong></a>Levonne Facebook

ps. the owner, Linda, is very helpful and if you have any questions regarding the pieces, she would be glad to show you how to wear, and give you tips on maintaining your accessories too! 

Hope this entry has been helpful, and thank you for looking!

July 11, 2012

Chains, Studs & Spikes

Hi hi!


This is a little collective haul of some very very affordable accessories I had purchased from Forever 21, and a hairband that I bought from TW.   I like to browse Forever 21 accessories, and I tend to only go for their bangles.. and lately they have lots of neon, studs and spikes stuff which I like - and best of all, they are really cheap.. and I can just grab and wear without any guilt...and besides if you pick the right pieces, they hold up very well together with my other armcandy too. 

This set is the latest couple of bangles I bought at F21, over the weekend, they had 20% off all bangles... so yup, I think one is $11 and the other is $19.  Super spikey and sharp!  And the other one is just a really nice combo of bling, gold and giant studs. 

And then we have this trio of oxidised silver round bangles - which are a bit big for my wrist and so they make a lot of clinking and clanking when I move my hands.   But I like the mini studs..and they make for good layering too. 

This is actually a necklace... that I saw on a mannequin, and I hunted it down in the store..and I think it would make a good layered bracelet by itself, if I wear it two times around the wrist.  This is $13 if I remember correctly.  I like the combination of silver, black and hot pink.  And the chain doesn't scratch my skin, and it's actually quite comfy to wear, albeit a bit heavy. 

And lastly, this is a hairband I bought in TW, and I think it costs me about $10-12.  Now I wish I have gotten a couple more in other colours.  It has little studs, and together with the black slim band, looks so sleek, and if I pouff up my hair a bit, and put on this hairband... hmmm.  Feminine yet quite a statement - I think so anyway. 

Here's how it roughly looks like on my hair... just colored it recently, so it's super glossy jet blue black.  There is a lamp in the corner of the pic, where it shines on my head, and makes my hair look 'greenish'...ah well. 


Of course, I won't wear ALL of these together... the trick is to keep a fancy variety of styles, and not to overdo EVERY part of your accessories.  If I am wearing an armful of wristcandy, I would totally skip the hairband, or wear a simpler outfit, carry a monotone bag...you get the drift.  :) 

That's all, and hope you enjoyed this entry.  Thanks for looking!

May 02, 2012

We Love Arm Candy!

I don't know where and how it started but of late it's been getting to be sort of  little hobby to collect pieces for my wrist.  Sure, I have always fancied statement pieces on my wrist, and I probably wear bracelets and bangles more often than a necklace - but there seems no better time or season to get a arm party started and going.

And why call them arm-candy, arm party?  To me, it's a party, because, the more the better.  And they all look so pretty together, the term candy is certainly apt.  I like a great variety of these arm party, from designer to the cheapy pieces, from sleek and chic to hardcore studs and leather.  An eclectic mix of armcandy is really the charm and appeal of these accessories for me.

In this entry, I want to show most of what I have in my armcandy stash - most of which I have acquired lately.   And together with armcandy, I also wear rings - only that I prefer and tend to wear rings only on my left ring finger.  It seems to be the only place to wear rings without them getting in the way of things.   I will also be showing you some of my combination so of armcandy - though I must say that I usually just grab a bunch of whichever I feel like wearing for the day (I throw them all in my bag, and wear them on the way out).


First, we have the designer pieces usually I buy these from Shopbop.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, McQueen, Juicy Couture

The studs and 'base' pieces - I always add a studded piece to the mix, and also something that is almost all black to sort of anchor the whole combination together.  I bought the multi-wrap bracelet from Shopbop (very Chan Luu), DIY leather studs made by my gf, black jade bracelet I bought at the market near my house, and the two colorful pieces are from ASOS.

Seasonal cheapy pieces from H&M - you can count on H&M to stock the trendy seasonal pieces for below $10.  The quality isn't always the greatest, so if you see something you like, and will want to wear for a long time to come, buy a few of the same piece to stock up!  This season, there are lots of kitschy colorful jeweled pieces, along with some woven chain bracelet stuff which seems to be all the rage these days.

These just arrived recently courtesy of my gf from HK.  Again the mixture of woven threads and silver parts is just very trendy this season.  Loves them, and they are also quite affordable.

The sentimental pieces - My T&Co. ball tennis bracelet which I bought for myself so many years ago.  My 21st birthday white gold bangle with screw details which is a gift from my late granny, a real gold bangle that I salvage from my late auntie's jewelry stash (incidentally today is also her death anniversary... but let's not get too sentimental here).

Some stacking options

these are my current fave rings

I am quite extreme when it comes to my taste in rings.  I Anything from - big chunk rings to the daintiest most feminine slim rings.  I will pay for quaity rings, and I will also buy the $1 and $5 ones you often find at those push cart stalls.

how some of the rings look like on my fingers

you notice that I am currently sporting extremely long (and fake) nail extensions.  this is one of the reasons why I haven't felt like updating very often lately - typing has officially become a bi**h (and that it's the peak season at work, and I have been spending substantial time at the gym & also just going out with my cronies) -   I will be trimming them--the nails--- to a decent length when I go back for my infills.  I got them done on a whim, and I am quite pleased to go back to sporting these long french tip extensions after several years of natural nails.



that's all, and hope this has been helpful!


Thank you for reading.




July 29, 2011

Haul: I Love to Dress up my iPhone!

I am one of those people [and many of you too I think] who like to switch up phone covers from time to time.  I prefer these rubbery/ silicon type, because they are easy to slip on and out without much effort, doesn't cause any scratches [those hard casing are quite a pain to get off, and I always think the sides of the phone will be scratched if you aren't careful].  Besides these rubbery casings give my phone some friction and grip, so my phone doesn't just 'slip' out of my hands.   Plus if I drop my phone, the rubbery casing absorbs the shock too.

The first is a hot pink Crocs Adrina cover [S$17.95 at Crocs stores].  I really like  the design of this -- have the matching shoes too.  It is really solid despite the jelly like appearance.  I have a  protector at the back of my phone too, so I am not worried about the 'holes' of this cover exposing my phone to potential scratchy situations.

The next one is a Marc Jacobs cover - which I ordered from Shopbop for USD38.  I like the panther motif of the cover, and it is just something quite fun to have.  It is really quite bad cos I always browse shopbop time to time on the lookout for new iphone cases!  Right now I have my eyes set on two more....but I think I shall wait a bit before I make up my mind!

This is the artist credits behind the motif of the MJ phone case.

I really like the front of the casing to be as 'shallow' as possible, as shown in this pic below.  It doesn't get in the way of my gaming action.

As compared to this one that really 'frames' the perimeter of the phone case [this is the one with the white lips motif]

My little stash of phone casings so far.

I know it is a splurge to buy these designer rubber accessories, but I think it is totally worth it,because I am always on my phone, holding it, using it, these covers do a good job of making sure my phone doesn't fall apart!  And they are also an extension of my style/ outfit/ personality, so yup, I think I will continue to buy more when I see new designs.  :)

That's all and thanks for looking!



May 08, 2011

Love My New Rings!

I bought them for S$28 each, at a pushcart stall at Centrepoint, 2nd floor.

Nothing much to say about them, except the fact that:

I love cute skull accessories, everything.

It's blingy not tacky.

It's only S$28 each.

It's sturdy enough, nothing is going to fall apart.

I think it's a Betsy Johnson design.  A knockoff, obviously. Ok, that's kind of tacky.  Haha.  But so pretty to wear just for fun!

Yea to bargains!

ooooo, and update: I bought this foundation after all!!

CLICK HERE if you have not read about my RAVE entry.


Thanks for looking!

October 26, 2010

Jewellery Tag: A Selection of my Faves

Hi hi, I invite everyone to do this tag, show us some of your fave fashion/ jewellery accessories!

FYI, in case anyone is wondering, the blue and black polka dot fabric ribbon I got it at Spotlight.

I am just sharing a bunch of random stuff which I often pull out and wear. Most of them are rings, a couple of necklaces.

1. Tiffany & Co. sterling silver beads bracelet (abt S$350) , and detachable heart shaped pendant sold separately abt S$240

This is a 'new' discovery, combination which I am currently obsessed with.  I normally wear the heart pendant, bday present from my gf, with my longer necklace, but now I think it looks cuter on the bracelet.  I wear my T&Co. stuff almost everyday, so they are rather 'beaten' looking, which is the way I like them actually.

2. Tiffany & Co. oversized oval key (abt S$350 and 20" chain abt S$250)

I like how I can wear the chain double round my neck, with the key for a more 'formal' look.  Usually I just wear the necklace long and loose.

3. Key necklaces in general.

Other than the one shown above, I also have a couple others, which I believe I bought at Forever 21 for less than $10.

4. Bling Rings

This huge fake one I got at ebay years ago as some kind of a joke.

Assorted rings.

The one with the dark blue stone is a cheapo one which I think I took from my youngest sis's stash, another bling one with a little dangling ball, which I bought in Hong Kong and on my little finger, is a real diamond one from the ex.

Wicked double Skull Ring from Talisman (Far East Plaza), S$15

This is my latest addition, it is cheap, it is skull, and really quite Mcqueen. So I likey.

Double-sided ring which I bought at a flea market for about S$4

And lastly, another bracelet/ bag charm.

This is a LE Fendi charm bracelet which was from 4 or 5 years back.

That's all, and everyone is tagged to do this tag!  Leave a comment below if you have done so!

Thanks for looking.  :)

November 24, 2009

Question of Taste: To belt or not?


I was goofing around with this outfit, the top I just got yesterday at Zara.  Do let me know if I should wear the belt with the outfit.  I might wear this to a dinner event on Sat evening, it is formal, but I don't want to be too dressed up, so I thought this is a flattering and simple getup without trying too hard.  My mom suggested I wear this belt because the metal parts match the studded details of the top.  And the whole time I was laughing so hard trying to "pose" because my brother is the camera man, and you can imagine how bemused and disdainful he feels while I boss him around to get a decent shot.  So, credits to him~  Haha..

*Ok clearly I need to wear a black bra on the actual day.

*This is when I was laughing uncontrollably and that's why the pics are blur. My failed attempt at striking one of those VOGUE poses.

The belt is an elastic band, and it is covered with 'brass metal plates overlapping one another' and it is of the same color/metal as the studs. I tucked the top in, so that the belt fits neatly at the waist.  Do you think it cuts too harshly across my frame?

Just a detailed shot of the shoulder detail.

Well ladies, what do you think?  Option A or B? Leave your comments etc below, and thanks for your input!  Thank you!

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