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April 27, 2014

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks & NEW Vernis [Swatches, LOTD & Review]

[So I had taken a bunch of pretty pics of my products - and I can't find the SD card now....] this explains the abrupt start to my entry on the featured shades of the new DIOR ADDICT Fluid Sticks & newly formulated gel finish vernis.   First off, I love the new revamped Vernis... they have better brushes, the formula is just beyond impressive.  Glossy, long lasting and the new flatter brushes so easy to apply!  I have since acquired a few more of the new vernis, and I am really enjoying them.  Now I am wondering what do I do with my old Dior polishes!  Hahha. 

- See my preview & more information on the new Dior Addict Fluid Sticks in this entry here.

I have the chance to play with the new DIOR Addict Fluid Sticks for a few weeks - they have great colors, the formula is really something new, very liquid, not sticky, and the color pay off is impressive.  Comparing these to the new Lancome Lip Lovers, I would say that the Dior ones are more intensely pigmented, and this is especially so if you compare the lighter shades.  

Here are the four IT shades I have for the Fluid Sticks - Aventure, Pandore, Mirage & Artifice... 

They look similar in my swatches, with the exception of Mirage which is a warm nude beige.  
Pandore is a warm bright red.
Aventure is a tomato red, slightly more muted than Pandore, almost coral in tone. 
Artifice is a warm tangerine shade. 

As you can see in this complete set of swatches, the second row with the red/ bold shades all look very alike, with very slight nuances in the shades of red/ corals/ and bright pinks. 

The applicator molds nicely to your lips, and deposits enough product for you to apply a coat of colour on upper and lower lips.  If you want to build up the color, you have to dip again to build up the colour.  And yes, this lippy is very buildable in terms of colour and this means greater flexibility in terms of the performance - you can wear it as a stain, all the way to a glossy lacquer full intense color pay off.  
I find that the Fluid Sticks have decent payoff... about 4 - 5 hours for something so liquid and light. 

And here are swatches of the four IT shades for the new vernis.  I realise that they all contain this super ultra fine shimmer (more like glassy specks) that lend the glossy shine to the colors.  I am very impressed by the new formulation, and I find the new formula to be quite long lasting too.  
I took these pictures with my iphone because I think they are more true to color... in my own camera.. the brighter shades all look the same!  

And here are some close up swatches of the matching pairs for the IT shades:  no prizes for guessing which is my fave IT pairing!!

wearing the same makeup in all LOTD, old FCUK dress and messy unkempt hair.  

I love Artifice - super wearable orange lippy! 

Aventure is a happy cheerful warm red pairing which I like. 

The Mirage pairing is quite surprising - a warm nude with a purple polish.  What are your thoughts?

And my fave.. Pandore! 

Overall, I love the new Dior releases - so very colourful and exciting!  The packaging of the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks are so sleek and luxe - and they glide on the lips so beautifully.  Have you picked up any of these beauties yet?

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks & new Vernis are now available at all Dior counters and stores.  

Hope you find this entry helpful and thanks for reading!

September 30, 2013

Dior Vernis & Rouge in 999

Hi hi! Today I have a couple of gorgeous iconic Dior Reds to share with you.  Both are numbered/ named 999 - an intense creamy true red.  Rouge Dior is an ultra-nourishing, long-wearing formula, in a haute couture color. This extraordinary lipstick does what most long-wearing lip colors do not. It dresses your lips in voluptuous, long-wearing color, while simultaneously providing definition, moisture and nourishment to the lips.</p> <p>

This is a glamorous pairing, and the lipstick is truly a classic shade of red. 

I have included two videos at the end of this entry, in order to appreciate the history of Rouge Dior's haute history and background, and also a behind the scenes of the Rouge Dior campaign starring Natalie Portman who is sporting 999 in the film. 

The color is intense, and provides true color payoff with just one swipe. 

The nail polish has a creamy formula and again, in one brush stroke is able to cover my entire nail with the rich red. 

Here's a quick glance:

And an overall look: 

I had gone for a clean face using all Dior products, with long lashes to accenturate the eyes and a flush of color on the cheeks. 

Will include a list of all items used soon: 

Here are the two videos: 

Rouge Dior - 60 years of attitude 

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/WlPuNLSD71w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

Rouge Dior - the making of

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/kfV5qUliSAY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
May 04, 2013

Make-up artistry by Lancôme: Lessons in Colour Layering

creates the most electrifying mix & match colours. Three products, a multitude of shades in harmonies of fuchsia,
orange and pink, for infinite combinations... Anything is possible, simply follow your desire!

Thanks to the perfect affinity of their formulas, there’s simply no limit to the ways you can superimpose Rouge In Love and Gloss In Love. Associating their textures seems to create a magnifying glass effect which amplifies the expression of their pigments. Vernis In Love takes on the challenge of creating the most daring manicure imaginable.

Love your lips!

Apply Gloss In Love alone using the applicator tip to perfectly define the lip contour. Then kiss the Rouge In Love stick, placing it against the centre of your lips. Accentuate contrast effects by selecting a lighter shade for the central part of the lips: the lively pink of Flash n’ Fuchsia gloss collides beautifully with the fiery orange of Doux Farniente lipstick. Play around with the most daring of duos for a voluptuously plumped pout.

Petal Effect

Even the most delicate flowers assert their originality by pairing very pale tones with very dense pigments. Select two contrasting lipstick and gloss shades to recreate this surprising effect. Apply a light veil of a gloss such as Blink Pink then define the entire lip contour with the intense red of Under The Rose with a brush. Simply press your lips together to melt the two colours: a guaranteed petal effect!

Burning heart

Dress lips in softness with an initial layer of Rouge In Love before applying gloss to the centre, accentuating the cupid’s bow. Fall In Rose enhances lips’ intensity and goes beautifully with Under The Spotlight gloss. This heart of gloss at the centre of lips is sure to grab the spotlight!

Mouth-watering tone on tone

Choose two fairly close shades of Gloss In Love and Rouge In Love. For peachy-toned lips, first suffuse lips with shine using Peach Show gloss, then enhance the lip border by applying Rose’mantic lipstick with a brush. When you press lips together, the two textures blend to create an all-new orange shade that’s deep, lacquered and simply mouth-watering.

Two-tone kiss

With the current trend for mixed nail colour, why not apply the same principle to lips for an energised look? Just like a nail varnish base, apply an undercoat of Just Strass Gloss In Love to boost your lipstick’s colour. Apply a lighter, more luminous shade like Rose Flaâneuse lipstick to the lower lip and contrast with Be My Date! <span>on the upper lip. The quintessence of colour block make-up... 


April 14, 2013

Collection Avant-Première de Chanel: Starlet, Paparazzi, Cinema & Provocation

This entry features 3 new Chanel shades from their latest collectiom, the Collection Avant-Premiere - centred around movies and stars...hence the names, and the very classic and glamorous shades.  All the formula on these polishes are richly pigmented, I applied 2 coats in each of these pictures which show the full color intensity of the polishes. 

Do note that these polishes are part of the permanent collection.  Though there are news that Starlet is LE.  Provocation is a re-release from last year's Fashion's Night Out collection the Twin Sets.  (click here to see my full review and swatches) 

These are the 3 I bought to complete the collection. 

Cinema - tomato red, creamy.  A very soft focus glamorous red.

Paparazzi - warm plummy rosy shade with gold sheen

Starlet - peachy pink with fine shimmer 

<strong>Swatches here

all are 2 coats, no top coat. 


I think Paparazzi is my fave, it is quite unique (to me).


comparison of Chanel reds in my collection

Pirate - most cool toned, almost jelly consistency

Cinema - creamy, soft red, not as intense as Dragon, looks neutral toned compared to Dragon and Coromandel

Coromandel - one coater (but I applied 2 coats here), brightest, with slight sheen

Dragon - looks slightly cool toned here, but more neutral in real life, brighter than Cinema

I must say that Cinema applies brighter than it actually looks in the bottle. 

Hope this overview has been useful.

Next on my Chanel list are the Les Beiges collection!  I want the brush and the powder! Then the summer polishes....

Sorry that I haven't been able to blog much lately except spamming nail polish swatches, a little out of sorts and can't seem to get down to 'serious' blogging about makeup products and new launches.  I will be fully back soon! 

Thanks for reading, happy Sunday!

January 05, 2013

Dior Spring 2013: Nail Polishes in Gris Trianon, Rosy Bow & Tutu


As you have read from my earlier entry, the only items I picked up from the Dior Cherie Bow spring collection are the nail polishes.  I can't resist - the names and the cute pretty shades draw me in immediately when I first saw the collection.  (collection information here)

Gris Trianon is described as a soft grey, Tutu is a delicate pink, and Rosy Bow is brighter pink with a hint of coral.
Honestly, all three shades are not unique, if you own enough OPIs and Essies, you would have some of these shades in your stash.  Especially Gris Trianon (the Germany and Holland collection feature some grey-nude shades which are definitely in the same family, though not dupes).  Tutu is a dead ringer for OPI Mod about You.  Rosy Bow is a med-toned pink which if you are a pink lover, you would have some variants in your collection.  But I sort of collect the pretty ones, and this trio is superbly pretty...so I must have them! 

It is also interesting to note that Dior has know printed the names and numbers of the polishes on the front of the bottle instead of the bottom (just like Chanel does).  I much prefer this way of labelling. 

All swatches here are done with Nail Tek II base coat, and Seche Vite topcoat, and 2 coats of polish.   I had a quick look at the Dior counter just to make sure that the polishes are not of the streaky kind - they look thick and creamy in the bottle, and I am glad to confirm that fact with my swatches here.  All three are opaque in 2 coats - but do apply the two coats evenly, or else you might end up with some unevenness. 

Gris Trianon - grey nude, neutral toned grey.  I don't have something like this from Dior... and last year's nude releases are nowhere near.  The nudes were truly skintone nudes, in various shades of beiges and tans.  But this is a grey, yet not a black and white grey like Illamasqua DWS (that's my idea of the perfect shade of grey). 

Tutu - baby pink!!  Milky, white pastel pink.  This applies smoothly, and makes my skin look tanner than it really is.  If you have OPI Mod about You, you don't need this.   Very opaque like a ballerina's leotard, I would imagine. 

Rosy Bow - a bright warm-ish pink, totally reminds me of OPI's Pink Friday.  Formula is great on this too, and I think this is a very flattering pink for light to medium skintones.  I think I will start wearing this first. 

A quick comparison of Gris Trianon - just by looking, you can tell which family of nude it falls into. 

I found it to be very similar in the undertone to Chanel Frenzy & Deborah Lippmann Waking up in Vegas, so I am showing them side by side. 

Not the same for sure.  Frenzy is much lighter, and Waking up in Vegas is also slightly lighter but very similar. 

I think I might even do a alternate manicure with all three shades this week.  

What are you planning to get from Dior's Spring collection?  Please share! 

Hope these swatches have been helpful, and thanks for reading!

November 01, 2012

Chanel Holiday 2012: Le Vernis 637 Malice [Photos & Swatches]

You need Malice...as I have told many of my girlfriends. 

It has the perfect consistency as far as Chanel polishes go.  It can be a one coater if you are in a hurry, and the color is just perfectly on trend this season.  A deep burgundy/red with the most subtle sparkling shimmery red bits. 

I like that it is not as dark as Strong, and also more dimensional than Rouge Noir.  

Together with Provocante, Malice is also my top picks for the dark vampy shades for nails this fall season. 

It is also the only item I picked up from the Chanel Holiday 2012 collection.  

If you want to see more from this collection, do check out the following links:

Front Row Beauty reviews the Chanel Harmonie de Soir Quad  (click click)

The Beauty Look Book reviews and compares Malice to other similar vampy dark reds (click click), all the eye products (click click), and all the glossimers (click click)

Thanks for looking!

October 05, 2012

Dior Holiday 2012: Diorific Vernis 751 Marilyn [Photos & Swatches]

Hi hi!

This holiday season, Dior releases 4 nail polishes that are packaged in luxe vintage bottles, with a gold cap, and a round glass bottle. Retailing for $40 each, they are $3 more than usual Dior polishes.  The one which I am featuring today is in my opinion, the most iconic of them all, in terms of the color, and even the name - Marilyn.

It is a true creamy red, and the formula is very smooth.  I wore this twice, and it didn't really stain my fingers.  2 even coats give you full color payoff, and I think this is a shade that will suit most skintones.  It is really an ornamental collector's piece that looks very beautiful sitting on your makeup counter, as I have shown here.  The color itself is not ground-breaking, to be honest.   

I will not be doing any red comparisons...some of you might be tired of all the reds in my stash, I think I shan't bore anyone with the reds!  But I always have a bunch of them in my collection, because, sometimes, you just have the mood for a certain red, and it is nice to have choices. 

This is how the bottle looks like up close.

The brush applicator is the regular nail polish brushes... and totally unlike the usual Dior ones which are round and fatter.  I am guessing they are using a different nail polish manufacturer for this serious of nail polish, and hence the different brush.  Regardless, this brush is much easier to use and apply.

2 coats. 

Pardon my messy application! 


Hope this has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

I have more nail polishes coming soon, stay tuned!

Happy Weekend! 

September 21, 2012

Comparison of Chanel & Dior Taupe Brown Vernis

Hi hi!

Just a quick comparison and overview of my Chanel & Dior taupe brown nail polish.  I have accumulate a bunch of these in my stash for the past couple of years from various collections, and so I will quickly show you them side by side.

First off, these I often find these colors very easy to wear, they might look boring to some people, but I personally think that they are more 'classic' than the typical reds and pinks.  They (like the nudes) don't clash with your outfit, and don't take unnecessary attention away from your accessories and outfit. Whenever I wear a taupe brown (browny nude/ beige) you know, the more tanned nudes, I always get compliments and questions on what shade I am wearing.  OPIs and Essies have several dupes too...but that's another story altogether. 

The shades featured in this entry, and their availability

1. Chanel Particuliere - Permanent

2. Dior Trench - current season, Dior Nudeskin launch

3. Chanel Khaki Rose - Chanel's FNO special collection from 2 years aho

4. Dior Dune - Current season, Dior Nudeskin launch

5. Dior Bengale - current season, from Dior Golden Jungle collection 

6. Chanel Khaki Brun - same as Khaki Rose


Formula on all these is fantastic, I have showed them with 2 even coats, no topcoat, and pictures are taken when the polish is semi-wet, which explains the ultra high shine. 

First set of comparisons - the lighter browns, in particular Dior Trench and Chanel Khaki Rose.

I had first thought that Trench and Particuliere would be a total dupe of each other.. but Trench is slightly paler.  Khaki Rose is warmer in tone.  Dior Grege (not featured) is way paler, so I didn't include in this entry.  Dior Dune is the darkest among all I am comparing.

another angle to show you the nuances of each shade

Just Khaki Rose & Trench.

Second set with the darker taupe browns.   Khaki Brun contains some olive green tones, Dior Bengale is browner than Dune which looks more cool toned, even a bit of purpley undertone in shown in the pictures.  

I think they are all different, but of course, I would consider them to be in the same family, and if you have a favourite, you defintely don't need to own all of them. 

a last group shot!


I hope you find this helpful....and thanks for reading!

September 05, 2012

Four Dior Nude Nail Polishes: Charnelle, Grege, Trench & Dune

Hi hi!  

Dior recently released a collection of four nude polishes, designed to suit every skintone and to appeal to your nude polish preferences. 

The lightest shade, Charnelle, is a sheer pinky beige, and if you apply it carefully, you get a even finish in two coats.  It is meant to be rather sheer and miky. 

My favourite two among these would be Grege and Trench - the medium nude which looks browner than Charnelle.  Grege is an almost close to my skintone color, and something I would wear anytime, anywhere.  It really reminds me of Essie Brooch the Subject, and Deborah Lippmann Fashion. 

And Trench, I have previously featured here - is a dupe for Chanel Particuliere - I can do a follow up comparison entry if anyone is keen.  It is slightly taupey, but no hint of purple.. it is just a milky light nude-y brown shade.  Both Grege and Trench applies true to color in 2 coats. 

Finally the darkest shade, Dune, is a deep brown shade, that kind of reminds me of Dior Bengale.... again, I would do a comparison entry if anyone is keen. 

Overall, I am a fan of nude creams, and I always get suckered into a nude collection. I am very happy to add these shades to my collection. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the swatches and photos! 



Jope this entry has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

August 05, 2012

Chanel Fall 2012 Vernis: Frenzy, Vertigo & Suspicious [Photos & Swatches]


This entry will feature all the Chanel Fall 2012 vernis, I bought all 3 of them - the colors were too yummy to pass up.  There is Frenzy - nude grey, Suspicious - bright pop of deep reddish pink and Vertigo - dark sooty purpley brown.  I won't be doing any comparison swatches in this entry, but I have paired each shade with the Chanel Mat Velvet topcoat for some variety. 

Firstly, we have Frenzy - you are looking at 3 even coats for full creamy opaqcity. 

This is natural glossiness, without any topcoat. 

with matte topcoat

I love the muted matte look.  

Vertigo, with topcoat

2 even coats for full color payoff. 

The shimmer and sheen in this is very subtle, so it looks almost just like a purpley black brown shade. 

I am thinking it looks like a darker version of Paradoxal (I should have painted Paradoxal next to Vertigo...but oh well).

without topcoat

Vertigo - matte

Suspicious is really a deep reddish fuschia, but it is looking a little warmer (more red) in my pictures

You can get away with one coat if you are in a hurry, but I painted 2 even coats. 

I didn't use a topcoat, but after Seche Vite, it is very glossy and ultra smooth. 

and with the matte topcoat - looks like of like marzipan. 

My fave would be Frenzy, followed by Suspicious. 

Which of these shades have you picked up?

Hope these swatches have been helpful.  Thanks for looking!

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