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July 26, 2013

LOTD: Nude Eyes & Berry Lips

[finished writing up this entry, when I accidentally hit CTRL Q instead of T to open new tab...don't even ask me why]

So anyway, I was saying...this is a very quick and easy look to go..the eyes look suitably 'awake' and the complexion is brightened up by the use of the berry red lipstick.  This is my second look featuring key products from the Shiseido AW2013 makeup collection.  (Click here to see the first look) 

Let's just go through the look - which features the Luminizing Trio in BE213 NUDE - 3 natural earthy shades, retailing for S$51.

And to check out a rich warm autumnal look, click here.

I dusted some color on the browbone, followed by the lid color - which is applied quite high up on the crease. Then I warmed the eyes a bit with the crease color. The overall eyelook is very natural, with just a hint of color.  Overall, this is quite a useful highlight and blending palette which you can also use in conjunction with other existing eyeshadows. 

In this pic below, you can see the satin finish and the subtle shimmer bits on the eyes.  Finally, I also define the eyes by smudging a pencil liner very close to the lashline, and really working it into the lashline.  On the lower lashline, I used a taupe brown eyeliner and set it with the crease colour.  I used a pair of natural wispy lashes to finish off the whole look. 

And one more pic - I quite like this look lately, the eyes is very natural yet defined, very light.  

All products used: </p>

Face - Shiseido Sheer & Perfect foundation, Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer (reviews here), set with Chanel Loose Powder

Cheeks - Shiseido Bronzer (medium) used a bronzer and blush 

Lips - Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD305 Salon

Eyes - NARS Primer, Shiseido Luminizing Trio BE213 NUDE

Liner and Lashes - Ardel 120 on its own, THREE performance liner 05 on upper lashes, Makeup Store Chocolate Cheesecake on lower lashes

Brows - Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Compact Deep Brown GY901 (tutorial here

White Top with Aztec Embossing - Zara

Messy Wet Hair - fresh out of shower 

What's your recent go to look?    Please share!

Hope this has been helpful, and thank you for looking!

July 26, 2013

Shiseido A/W 2013: Ten New Shades of Perfect Rouge [Complete Swatches]


This entry features all ten shades of the Shiseido Perfect Rouge which will be released from the Shiseido A/W 2013 collection this early August.  I have previously given you a sneak peek in this entry here, along with color descriptions and information.   I have been wearing these lippies the past couple of weeks (totally spoilt for choice, believe me) and I love the creamy intense formula of these lippies - while the Rouge Lacquer provides an shiny intense payoff for your lips, the Perfect Rouge are a tad easier to work with, because of the lipstick bullet which moulds perfectly to the shape of your lips. 

Among the ten shades, you will be sure to find a shade or two, or five to suit your preferences and mood.  I will share with you my top picks at the end of this entry.  These lippies go on opaque in 2 even coats, and last me for a good five hours before they fade off (rather eventually I might end, nothing patchy at all).  I also find these very smoothing and moderately moisturising.  Overall, a winner as they are creamy and comfortable to wear. 

Also, a note on this set of swatches - I had taken these pictures on 3 different days, 3 different times of the day (my mistake) but this does not change the actual color of the lipsticks, but you will see that the daylight was playing tricks on my neutral light skintone.  Had contemplated re-doing them for consistency's sake... but I hope you will find these very helpful anyway since the shades are still as accurate as they do! 

Perfect Rouge- $43 each

Firstly, BLOOM PK249 - a warm pink, very wearable.

Here, we have Harmony RD750 - one of my faves - this is a rich red which isn't bright, not orangey.  The slight brown tone makes this particular hue of red very easy to pull off.  If you are worried about bright reds I think you need to give this a try.  

And next, we have Dreamscape RD351 which is a little darker than Bloom.  Very neutral shade that matches most eyelooks.

A bright pop of fuschia pink, Tulip RS452 is reminiscent of previous hot pinks that Shiseido has launched before, I might do a comparison entry if I can get hold of the shades.  I find this shade surprisingly wearable, due to the lack of white pigments (and hence not clashing/ neon).   Notice how the lipstick bullet is able to give me precise lines around the outline - I applied directly from the tube without a lipbrush.

Next, another one of my top pick - Showgirl RD553 - a bright warm red. If you love reds, you will love Showgirl.  It is has a warm orange undertone. 

Here, we have Titian RS306 a dusty rose - which I would pick as my top fave from the natural colors range.  I would prefer to go for something with this cool and soft shade of pink, rather than a warm almost coral pink. I like how this shade makes my lips look smooth.

Blush RD732 is like the warm sister of Titian - the same muted-ness.

Here, we have Pink Mesa PK303 - pardon the slightly messy application here, and the evening setting sun.   The color itself is a brownish pink - which you can see here.  

And Salon RD305 - a cool deep red, with berry undertone.  I love this.  Very sophisticated, and my sis loves it too.  The texture and formula is just amazing, the satin finish, and creamy texture lends itself really well to this type of color.  Wear it as a stain, wear it full on - just perfect.

And lastly, Fresh Lily OR418 - which looks vibrant and multi-dimensional due to the fine shimmer bits in this shade.  This is one of my top picks for a orange lipstick.  

Here's an overview of all ten shades: 

My absolute top picks - if you love my type of colors, you got to check these out when the collection launches - 

Harmony RD750

Salon RD305

Showgirl RD553

Titian RS306

<span>Fresh Lily OR418

<strong>Perfect Rouge- $43 each, available from early August 2013.

</strong></span>Thank you for reading!

July 21, 2013

Shiseido Autumn Winter 2013: 10 New Shades of Perfect Rouge [Photos & Quick Swatches]

This Autumn, Shiseido will be releasing 10 new shades from their Perfect Rouge range - which is mind boggling, given that the range is already packed with a myriad of beautiful shades.  My eyes were literally popping when I had the chance to preview the whole collection, and I still feel like I am spoilt for choices as I play with these new lipsticks for the past 2 - 3 weeks.  As with previous entries featuring the Shiseido AQ2013 collection, this is an entry which shows you quick swatches, I will have one more that shows the lipstick colors on my lips, and a final follow up with LOTDs and such. 

The lipsticks come encased in a sleek black metal packaging, and engraved with the brand name at the base of each tube.  The names aren't printed on the packaging itself, only the numbers - so I will label each of them with the name and number for your easy shopping reference. 

Here's a close up, as you can see, a good selection of natural creamy nudes and pinks, to the bolder hues like orange, vivid pink and reds. 

Each lipstick as this slightly curved tip that moulds to the contour of your lips for easy and smooth application. 

Perfect Rouge gives rich color and silky shine - creating full, beautifully finished lips. 

Coloring and nurturing, Perfect Rouge leaves lips smoother and more moist than ever. 

From the moment you pick it up, you sense the richness and beauty of Perfect Rouge. 

Bloom PK249 - warm mellow pink, sweet and soft.

Harmony RD750 - lush, brownish red, rich and versatile

Dreamscape RD351 - warm brick red with a surprising depth 

Tulip RS452 - a dynamic floral 'pop' of bright pink

Showgirl RD553 - a striking red for bright lights and cabaret

Titian RS306 - soft, greyish rose, romantic and charming

Blush RD732 - a healthy, natural pink, warm and subdued

Pink Mesa PK303 - medium brownish pink, with an earthy warmth

Salon RD305 - chic, cool red, for a casual elegance (LOVES)

Fresh Lily OR418 - fresh, bright orange, vibrant and exciting

I will post lip swatches in one epic entry soon.  Stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading!

January 27, 2013

Shiseido Perfect Rouge & Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer: My TOP Picks [Swatches, LOTDs]

Hi hi this entry features 4 colors I picked from Shiseido's latest Perfect Rouge - I have previously featured the new range and swatches in this entry here.  

I wanted to go for something bold, yet classic, so here we have:

RD142 - the color which is featured in the ad campaign

RD514 - the classic Shiseido RED

RS745 - a beautiful mauvey rosy almost plum shade

RS509 - a sheer version of RS745, it contains silvery shimmer bits

The Perfect Rouge are super creamy, and long lasting.  I love how the colors are so intense across the range, and they offer something for everyone, whether you want beigy nudes, pinky nudes, bold pinks and oranges, etc.  The Tender Sheer delivers super creamy color, and while they aren't as color intense as the Perfect Rouge, I must say that they quite pigmented as well. 

Love the formula of these lipsticks, they are so easy to apply, and you get true color on your lips as what you see in the tube. 

Here's a quick LOTD I did to complement all the lip colors - all products used will be listed at the end fo this entry.

All products used:

Face - Maquillage Styling Keep Base UV, Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation, Chanel Translucent Loose Powder

Concealer - cle de peau beaute concealer

Cheeks - Illamasqua Tremble blush, Shiseido Bronzer 02 medium, Shiseido Luminizing Face Satin Color PK107 (to highlight)

Lips - as listed in the pictures above

Eyes - NARS primer, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in BR209, Shu Uemura Farfarlina lashes

Brows - Shu Uemura brow manicure Ash Brown, brow pencil in Seal Brown 

Hope this is helpful, and thanks for reading!

January 19, 2013

Shiseido SS 2013: Perfect Rouge & Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer

This Spring & Summer, Shiseido is releasing 2 new ranges of lipsticks, the Perfect Rouge & Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer.  There are also a couple of other products due to launch, and I will be sharing everything with you in the next couple of entries. 


Rich, vibrant color envelops your lips with just one lustrous coat.  

Beneath the beauty of this creamy rouge, nurturing ingredients improve the lips' condition with regular use, and the color stays brilliant and true.  Satisfying in every way, from the feel of it in your hand, to the click of the case to the touch of it on your lips.   It is the perfect expression of a woman's beauty, NEW PERFECT ROUGE. 

Features - 

  • Vibrant color, Silky Luster, Plumpness and Moisture Lock effect.  Unique pigment, Red Illuminating Pearl, adds strength and vividness that creates truly brilliant color definition, and the instant you apply it, vibrant color blooms on the lips.  The ideally smooth finish brings a new experience of pure satisfaction.  The Voluminizing Oil refines the texture of the lips for a smooth, even finish. 

  • Perfect design - the package is designed to be the ideal shape and size for a woman's hand to hold.  It makes application easier and even greater pleasure.  The specially designed curved tip of the lipstick fits perfectly and naturally next to the lips.  At first touch, your lips feel comforted by its carefully sculpted shape and angle, designed to create a beautiful finish with just one stroke. 

  • Favourite shades and surprising new colors - Dick Page has earned the trust of countless fashion design luminaries, and his makeup artistry is in high demand backstage at the collecitons.  The makeup shades he creates are loved by women around the world.  Dick Page finds strong inspiration for his color creation from things that surround him in his own life.  He may be captivated by the colors of moss on stones he notices while walking his dog, or a sunset view from his window while on vacation.  He takes these sources of inspiration, reinterprets them in his own way, and expresses their beauty through the colors he creates. 


Next, we have the Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer, available in ten shades. 

The moist, radiant finish of Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer smooths your lips with beautiful color.  The chic, modern red package encases the color and expresses the unique signature of Shiseido.

Here's the fun part, several looks that Dick Page has created, and the products breakdown.  

The main visual

and 3 more looks: 

In my next follow up entry, I will be sharing with you SWATCHES of the lipsticks, and also my top picks!

Hope this sharing has been useful, and thanks for reading!

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