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January 17, 2012

Nails Story: Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air [Photos & Swatches]


I love how pretty this is, and I am glad I managed to get this from ebay (about S$25 after shipping, just search for it on ebay).

Glitter in the Air is a loosely packed glitter nail polish, and the glitter bits are suspended in a sheer baby blue base.  It just looks so soft and sweet, and yet kind of edgy and chic.  Me loves!  It is a little hard to find on major sites where you buy Deborah Lippmann nail polish, but I was happy to get it quite easily enough on ebay.  It was just a spur of the moment purchase, and I am loving it how cute it looks.

I am thinking of buying a frilly girly cupcake stand to house my pretty nail polish...just leave some of them around on display.  When I find the perfect stand, I shall do that.

Photos & Swatches:

No topcoat, no basecoat.

I did apply a thin layer of Sephora for OPI Havana Dreams as a sheer color base for the Deborah Lippmann nail polish.  Havana Dreams is the exact same shade of sheer blue.   I did this layering because I want to avoid any bald patches or streaks when I apply Glitter in the Air.

The overall look is a jelly baby blue base, with some bits of light pink and blue glitter bits (both big and small bits) floating about because they are not too densely packed.




Hope this has been helpful, and thank you for looking!



January 01, 2012

Nails Story: Nicki Minaj for OPI Collection [Photos & Swatches]


I finally got my hands on the Nicki Minaj for OPI collection, and when I saw these online a couple of months back, I knew I wanted ALL OF THEM. Yes, ALL. The colors look awesome together, and are super trademark colors of Nicki Minaj.  I may not be very familiar with her, but I know I love all the colors.  Even the purple shatter polish.

I purchased these polishes (thanks to Amy for helping me get them first) at a flea stall at Scape, it's that huge stall on the outskirts of the flea (just before you enter the flea area) I think the name of the seller is DYON.   They retail for S$10 each.  So never pay S$20+ for OPI at Sephora or other department stores.  Seriously.  Even if they sell at $15 I can accept it, and I would purchase at $15, but more than $20 is kind of insane.  And I am glad we have so much choices in terms of retail locations now... whether at an actual shop, a flea stall, or online.

I was playing with all the colors, and I have swatched them here, first on its own, then with the purple shatter (Super Bass) and then finally with a matte topcoat (on the cream colors) so you can see a variety of finishes.  I will also share my quick first impressions of these polishes, in case you are keen.   I toyed with the idea of also doing dupes... but it would be endless...and so I think I won't be doing any comparisons/ dupes for these colors.


Photos and swatches:

Do it on 'em

Slightly dull lime green (similar shades - who the shrek are you?) and because these polishes are so new, the consistency is a little runny, I would suggest 3 thin coats for full payoff.  Glossy, and smooth.

Contrast of the purple shatter and the lime green is quite pretty, though I wouldn't personally sport this combination myself.

Matte finish gives this color a very M&M type finish.  Which I might wear if I am in the mood for it.

Pink Friday

This is THE color which got me really excited about the collection.  When MAC previously released a PINK FRIDAY lipstick in their collaboration with Nicki Minaj, I wasn't interested, but PINK on my nails, yes, please!

It is not as milky pale as MOD ABOUT YOU, and it is not as dull as Sparrow me the Drama, but it has that thick creamy consistency and formula. I love love love this pink!

I nicked the purple shatter on my pinky as it was drying/ cracking, hence the mess going on near the cuticles.

Don't really like this combo too, it looks messy, and just too much for my preference.  But I do like how the purple shatters, it cracks wide enough for the base color to show.

I love this matte finish to the pink nails and I think MATTE PINK + MATTE LIME GREEN together would make for a fun summery nail combo.

Fly is a vibrant blue green, and it is a brillian shade.  However, my gripe with this shade is that IT STAINS like crazy.  I only wore it for a few mins, and it left my nails looking slightly sick.  But the stain wore off as I swatched the other colors.  I wonder if it would stain even more badly if I wear the color for a few days.

It is the best cream + purple shatter combo for me.  The complimenting cool shades, and yet enough of a contrast makes for a pretty shattered combination.

Now, for the glittery shades --

Save me --- it is a holographic glitter polish, super densely packed, and instead of the usual round sequin holographic bits, it contains ULTRA shiny holographic strips.  Amazing.  I am super  happy with this!   Two coats give you almost opaque payoff, if you want to wear this on its own.

And with purple shatter -- because the purple shatter is slighly sheer -- it doesn't hide the holographic shine underneath, and you get the beautiful purple shade, along with the gitter beauty underneath.   Again, love this combination.

Metallic 4 Life - sheer black base, with different sizes silver glitter bits.  It sounds ordinary or have been done before, but I don't have anything like this in my stash.  I applied 3 thin coats for full payoff.

Shattered it for fun -- which is also very pretty.  A darker purple, and rich intense shade, with the silver glitter bits peeking out.

took these pictures last night, and posted on my instagram feed (follow me there for lots of makeup previews and what I am up to!)

Hope these swatches have been helpful!


Thanks for looking!
December 22, 2011

Nails Story: Butter London, Deborah Lippmann & Stila

A sneak peak of my order from revolveclothing.com - they ship internationally for orders above USD100.  I placed my order last week, and it came in less than 10 days.

You can view the prices in SGD, or USD.

Shall swatch these goodies gradually over the course of the next two weeks.  Stay tuned.  :)




December 21, 2011

Nails Story: GOSH Purple Heart [Photos & Swatches]

While browsing Watsons in Hong Kong, I came across GOSH cosmetics, and bought this nail polish which looks very interesting --- it gleams different colors depending on the lighting and angle... mainly it is a gun-metal shade.. but it also has a purple, green and blue undertone.

Can't remember how much it is though.... but it is a pretty 'unique' colour, and I thought I would just grab one to try out.

Two coats give opaque colour payoff, and the formula is quite smooth and creamy.


Photos & Swatches:



Thanks for looking!



December 19, 2011

Nails Story: Festive Reds with Illamasqua's Untold & Ruthless Duo

I received this Illamasqua Nail Varnish duo set during our little Christmas exchange dinner from Jennifer last week.  It's awesome doing the gift exchange among the six of us, because we all got one another exactly the items that we know our secret santee would love to have.

This duo set consists of Untold and Ruthless - both are bright reds in completely different textures and finish.

Untold is a ultra glossy creamy bright red.  It is a jelly finish - but NOT SHEER - I got opaque payoff in two even coats.  It is not streaky, and has that glossy jelly finish.  Almost see-through ... but yet it's opaque. Am I even making sense?  Haha.

Ruthless is a dense red glittery polish that also gleams golden in the lighting.  One coat gives you a good glittery finish, though I applied two coats for the pictures in this entry.


Pardon my rather shapeless and short nails here... and my cuticles are kind of dry (haha forgot the cuticle oil trick before I took the pictures)  but I did just got off a plane yesterday so that's my excuse for crappy nails condition.


More photos and swatches below:


Thanks for looking!


Happy holidays!




December 12, 2011

Nails Story: Deborah Lippmann's Some Enchanted Evening

I realised this is sort of a filler entry, seeing as I ain't at home right now... and it is hard to post certain types of entries... I have a ton of stuff to show, and swatch, and the lighting and setting around me is perfect, but I kind of want my whole stash with me to do some comparisons, and etc etc..ah well.. this is probably the mindless ramblings of a beauty blogger who must swatch, take pictures etc before the products actually get used... anyway, I just got sidetracked with my Deborah Lippmann swatch series, and this evening, I shall resume with Some Enchanted Evening, which is a pink glittery polish in a clear-ish base.

I promise I will be back with lots of entries tomorrow and Wed!

It is so densely packed, and applies very well, you don't really need to 'place' the glitter bits in order for them to fall nicely.  It looks pretty on its own (swatched it with two coats) and is also awesome for layering.

It is perfect for layering over most nail colors too,

seen here with Essie's Brooch  the Subject (nude) and Bobbing for Baubles

One of my faves from Deborah Lippmann for sure.   I got mine in a set of three from Barneys NY.


In Singapore you can purchase Deborah Lippmann from Luxola.


Hope this has been helpful.   Click here to see other Deborah Lippmann nail polishes I have featured.


Thanks for looking!


November 28, 2011

Nails Story: Leopard Prints!

Hi hi!

I change my nail colors so often, it's hard to keep up on the blog, but I always snap a picture of my new nails on instagram..or sometimes on twitter... just in case you want to see what my nails are up to.. haha.

Anyway, I bought this Sally Hansen nail polish strips back in June during my US trip, they are leopard prints --- which I have yet to see in our Watsons... finally tried them.. and if you remember from my previous Sally Hansen entry on the same product, I only use one pack of nail strips each time.  There are 2 packs in each box.  I use a pack of 8 strips.

I cut each strip in half --- which is perfect for applying on two nails...so each box you can get 2 manicures out of.  The remaining nail strips once the seal on each pack is broken will eventually 'dry out' and will not stick anymore.  So don't open anymore than necessary.

Loving my leopard print nails!!  This time I did not apply any topcoat over.  Just leave them as they are, I think they will last and look good for at least 5 days... and then the tiny cracks or chips will start to appear.

I love these nail strips... and I do highly recommend them.  The designs and quality are way better than the Sephora ones I have seen.

I took a few pictures of my nails in the morning sunlight today, and you can see how they really look like in real life.

[All pictures in this entry are taken with my iphone4]

I used the remaining strips on my sister.. who has a smaller and shorter nail bed... and as you can see they fit her nails just fine too.  :)


That's all, and thanks for looking!!



November 13, 2011

Nails Story: My First Gelish Plus Manicure Flea on 19 Nov!

Hi everyone!!  This is a rather exciting entry... all about nails, nails and nails!

Before I go on about the party, just would like to share with everyone that Kim and myself will be doing manicures at the Scape flea this coming Saturday 19 Nov from 2pm onwards...both Kim and I will be doing basic manicures, while Kim would also be doing Gelish manicures.  Jerlaine and Jennifer would also have a stall next to us, selling clothes from $5 onwards.

Click HERE for Kim's entry about the event.

Here is a quick poster I have done to share the details:

Yesterday we had a Gelish Manicure party at Kim's house, and all of us (Jennifer, Amy, Kas, Jerlaine and myself) all got treated to some Gelish manicures done by Kim and it was also a little surprise birthday party for Amy whose birthday was on the 11/11/11. We spent almost the whole day at Kim's house, got our nails all done, and had one of the most fun afternoon, choosing colors, designs, and just lots of makeup, nail, and random all kinds of topic chat.

Just want to share some pictures of what happened during our Gelish Manicure party yesterday:

(all pictures taken with my iphone4 because I didn't have my camera with me)

Kim has her place all set up for doing home manicures (you can visit her blog and FB page to book your appointments if you wish)

and we took turns to have our Gelish base colors painted and treated...and just lounged around.  Kim was really hard at work!

Note: Gelish manicure refers to the brand name of the gel nail polish--- you apply it like a regular nail polish, except that it had to be cured using the UV lamp...and it is chip-proof for about 2 weeks.  It is not as damaging as doing gel extensions and there is minimal filing away of your own nails when you need to soak off the gel polish.  Kind of like the CND Shellac nails.

After a few hours....we are lmost done!

And meanwhile, we had the surprise birthday for Amy....

All our pretty nails!

I have my fave combination of colors and designs... dots...nude, and skulls, with a french tip.



Hope to see you at the flea on the 19 Nov from 2pm onwards!



November 13, 2011

Nails Story: Essie's Cocktail Bling Collection for Holiday 2011 [Quick Swatches]


I don't know about you, but I am going crazy with the recent Essie collections, I have been collecting a small stash of Essie shades, which seem to have better and better consistency... and there is no exception with this latest one!  I do wish I can swatch them on all my fingers, but I cannot do that at the moment...and you will find out why in a later entry.

This is the Essie Cocktail Bling collection, and I had initially only ordered Brooch the Subject from Nail Vibe

but, I saw the mini set of the same collection containing almost all the other colors, and for only $16... I had to grab it --- I mean... I saw this mini set on sale at the Smoochiezz sale at Jurong Point earlier today.   Mini polishes are cool with me, since I don't ever will run out of any colors anyway.  Morever, I am fully aware that the colors in this collection are not unique at all.  What is amazing about this collection is that the formula on these polishes are super opaque and thick.

For excellent photos and swatches (and color information), do click on this entry by Ommorphia Beauty Bar.

I will only be doing "quick as a glance" swatches on my trusty nail wheel.

I love the nude shade, it most reminds me of Deborah Lippmann's Fashion but thicker and more opaque.


I hope you enjoyed this entry, and thanks for looking!



November 13, 2011

Nails Story: ORLY's Mineral FX Fall 2011 Collection [Photos & Quick Swatches]

I had placed orders for two ORLY Mineral FX collection shades a couple of weeks ago from Nail Vibe , and I received them recently in my mailbox.  Only one of these shades is mine though.. the other one is for my sister.  What stood out to me in this collection is the high sparkle glimmer factor.... and I tried to pick shades which are more unique in my opinion.

Collection information taken from scrangie and you can read her review and proper swatch pictures HERE

The innovator in color and texture, ORLY is the first to create a nail polish that provides high impact, prismatic color infused with minerals. The daring color palette reflects smooth, metallic shimmers embellished with holographic sparkle and burnished gold undertones accented with ultra rich jeweled hues. Mineral FX draws inspiration for these shades from the richness and depth of the tones found in precious metals and rare minerals.


Rock Solid i
s a shimmery gunmetal base with bigger holographic bits which really blings and stood out in natural daylight.

Rococo A Go-Go --- which my sister ordered --- is a deadringer for Zoya Valerie

* I compared both the Orly and Zoya shades... and they do look super alike... though if you want to be very technical about it, you can go into the nuances of the sparkle and compare sizes and shapes of the bits... but the bottomline is, they are both 95% similar and you don't need to own both at all.


Love both sophisticated and fun colors!


Thank you for looking!



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