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About Me

My name is Sophia, and I am in my early 30s. I am from Singapore and I am the sole writer of this blog.

About this Blog

I started this blog in 2006, I like to use a wide range of brands though I seem to have a growing preference for higher-end brands in recent years. I also like to share interesting things I have come across about makeup and beauty.

Currently The Makeup Blogette receives 39,000 unique views monthly or 2,238,932 views and counting.

My Makeup Style

I like classic looks (neutral tones on eyes, anything goes for lips & cheeks), though occasionally I try out dramatic/ statement looks.  I believe that a flawless base is the key to achieving great makeup looks.  I also believe that if you don't have great skin to start with, fake it with a good foundation routine, and even greater skincare.  I am currently loving Clarins & Lancome skincare products, and Vichy NormaDerm for tackling with breakouts.

What Cameras do I use?

Most of the pictures you see in post 2010 entries are taken with my Canon G-11.  Previously I was using Canon Ixus 80.  I do post some pictures which are taken with my iphone4 which I will state in that particular entry.  I have stopped watermarking my pictures as of 2011, because I think watermarks are ugly in general, and does not prevent people from stealing my pictures if they wish to.  I just take it as a compliment that my pictures are even worth stealing in the first place. I might look into getting a Canon EOS next year, not just for blogging purposes, but I also like photography in general.

My Favourite Makeup Brand(s)

It is hard to name just one, but I like NARS, Chanel, Illamasqua and the ocasional Guerlain, Dior & Urban Decay item.  I own quite a stash of MAC items, but recently I have stopped catching up with their collections, and I much prefer to splurge on a few really outstanding items.

Where to find me

Twitter (link button above!)  Email (stated above!)  Instagram (makeup_blogette)

I have no official Facebook fan page, and currently have no intention to start one at all.  The Makeup Blogette remains my personal hobby and property, so as such, I don't believe in having a Facebook fanpage for it.

Final Disclaimer

I bought/ paid for all of the products mentioned in this blog. I am not affliated to any company. If certain products are sent to me for review purposes, I will say so and express my honest opinions about them. In any case, I will only review and showcase the products which I have personally tried and tested, and enjoy using. I do not get paid to review anything.

No ads, no paid links etc please.  I am in charge of all content and pictures here.

I am not a makeup artist, nor do I have any professional training in makeup.




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    Email |
    March 18, 2014

    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta [Photos & Swatches]

    Hi hi!!

    I ordered the Hourglass Radiant Magenta recently from Net A Porter (hurray for free shipping!!) and this is described as a golden fuchsia, it doesn't look that radiant, on me, this turns out to be quite a warm pink shade.

    I am loving all the Ambient Blushes, and using them very often lately.  They look really nice on the skin, and gives a long lasting flush of color.  When I use these blushes, I find that they blend so well into my skin, nothing that is powdery nor overly shimmery.  It just looks like skin. I highly recommend these Ambient Blushes if you can get your hands on them! 

    A groundbreaking hybrid that combines the customized lighting effects of Ambient Lighting Powder with a spectrum of breathtakingly modern hues for seamless, soft-focus, and multidimensional color. 

    Close up and swatches: 

    That's all for this quick entry, and thanks for reading!

    Email |
    March 15, 2014

    URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder

    Hi hi!!  

    I recently bought the new URBAN DECAY naked skin ultra definition loose finishing powder ($50 for 8g, in 5 or 6 shades) and I AM LOVING IT.  I shall share with you the pros and cons of this product, and hopefully you will be suckered (just as I am) to pick up this product for yourself.  Luckily, the pros all related to the actual performance of the powder, and the cons are more of the packaging.  

    I am using the shade NAKED LIGHT - which is the palest shade they do, and it looks quite a light to medium shade in the pot..I wish there is a lighter shade they do... but apparently not.  

    Some product info: 

    What it is:
    A loose powder with a luminous, demi-matte Naked finish. 

    What it does:
    Blur flaws, set makeup, and cut shine with this weightless formula that feels amazingly silky on the skin. Designed to be virtually invisible, Urban Decay’s high-tech, light-reflecting formula fools the eye with optical blurring, seemingly airbrushing away imperfections and creating a soft-focus effect that looks professionally retouched. This creamy, buildable, jet-milled formula applies beautifully, never looks chalky or cakey, and won’t settle into fine lines. 

    Close up of the soft, silky, ultra fine powder - 

    There's really no point in me swatching it, you can't really see it, as it blends into my skintone but I hope you can tell the area which the powder has been swatched over, it is visibly smoother to see, and also feel in my experience. 

    Here are a few iphone snaphots I took when I was wearing  this powder, a little pre-birthday outing, chilling out by Keppel Bay.  No doubt the natural sunlight is good as far as lighting is concerned, but I am really impressed by how the powder renders my skin flawless almost immediately after using.  I have used so many loose powders before, and most of them will set and look flawless after a certain amount of time, but I must say that this UD powder has an instant retouching smoothing effect... but let me list the pros and cons below: 

    1. Immediate flawless and smooth skin appearance, including minimising the look of pores esp around my nose.
    2. Sets your foundation, makes it last the whole day.  This I can really attest to.  Makeup looks relatively fresh throughout the day.
    3. Has just enough coverage (very light but it's definitely THERE) the perfect amount of light coverage you need to set AND finish your foundation at the same time.  
    4. Oil control factor is decent, and I don't see myself feeling nor looking greasy after the usual 5-6 hours. 

    1. $50 for only 8g of product sounds really little/ too pricey - most loose powder comes in 15-30g capacity FYI... but I am guessing that because the powder is so lightweight, 8g is gonna last you a long time anyway. 
    2. The tiny opening of the powder itself - I like that it has 4 holes from which the powder is dispensed (nothing really spills or fly everywhere) but there is no puff provided, and my current powder puffs are all soo big to fit in the pot... so I usually have to tap the powder out into the cap and then use a brush or a powder puff to apply. 
    3. Speaking of application, I think I prefer using a brush to dust this on my face - if you have a powder puff, I think you might end up using more product than necessary.

    This feels very similar to MUFE HD powder, and also NARS translucent setting powder (both the loose and pressed versions) -- BUT while those are all white transparent, the UD one actually has some coverage, and because it comes in different shades, there is no worry of looking ashy if a white powder (albeit it being transparent) if you have a darker skintone.  
    So if you enjoy the NARS powders- but feel that you need to use a separate product to set prior to it, I think the UD powder actually is able to combine the two steps of setting and finishing quite nicely indeed.  (for my thoughts regarding Setting VS Finishing - click on this entry here). 

    I hope that this mini rave and sharing has been helpful, and thanks for reading!!

    Happy rainy (at last) Sunday!

    Email |
    March 14, 2014

    Diorsnow Fresh Reveal Colour Correcting Powder [Photos & Swatches]

    Last week, I purchased the new Diorsnow Fresh Reveal Colour Correcting powder in the shade 003, which contains a pale icy blue section.  I use these powders as a finishing/ touch up powder, they give your skin a subtle glow, and just enough coverage.  I believe this range, or rather this product in particular is an Asian only release, and they are limited edition, so grab yours quick if you like these color correcting face powders.  
    This retails for S$90. 

    Here are some close ups: 

    Swatches - as you can see, 003 is slightly brighter as compared to 001 (but I doubt they would look that different IRL when applied on the skin). 

    Here is a LOTD where I applied the powder as a finishing powder. 

    I really recommend these powders!  They are quite luxe and versatile in my opinion. 

    Hope this entry is useful, and thanks for looking! 

    Email |
    March 02, 2014

    Dior My Lady Blush Palettes in 002 and 003

    Hi hi!!!

    I am so happy to be able to get this pair of Dior My Lady blush palettes... which I had first seen on RougeDeluxe and this is part of their Spring 2014 collection, BUT released as a Japan exclusive at that time... but now, I have been informed (well, I checked) and I think these blushes will be launched in SG around April... so if you want these beautiful blushes.. definitely keep a lookout.  

    I managed to get the blushes through my friend Farahdean while she was in Tokyo... and I knew I had to get both of them.. It was just too difficult to get only one!  Luckily both are still in stock, and I have been admiring them for a couple of weeks before finally getting to taking pics and swatching. Yes, they look too beautiful to be used... but they must be used!  I never believe in keeping stuff for the sake of admiring, or adorning my dresser (the state of my dresser is always a warzone anyway).  So having swatched, and just based on my first impressions, they are very smooth indeed.   But more on the quality later on. 

    Each blush comes with 10g of product, which is pretty hefty, and consistent with some of Dior's LE face powder releases.  The silver classic casing is quite heavy, and not made of the usual dark blue plastic that their quints are made of.  If you own the Dior Nude Tan bronzers (the round silver casing) this is the same type of heavy metal packaging.  I LOVE IT.  The blushes also come with their own mini kabuki brushes, which I never used...cos they are too dense and not suitable as a blusher in my opinion. 

    The embossing and detail on these blushes are just exquisite and super pretty.  You can see the 'ribbons' on the blush, and the interwined design of the Classic Dior 'Cannage' print.  
    You can pick up each color individually if you want, but I think the idea of the blush palette is to swirl your brush in and get all the colors at the same time to give your cheeks a healthy flush and glow.

    The blushes only come in numbers, I am not too sure of the names (not stated on the boxes) but they are numbered 002 and 003... and now, the makeup junkie in me is screaming is there an 001??  and if so, how and where can I find it!  A little search on the internet - prompted by Eliza, and I found that 001 is a transludent skin tone sort of face powder, in the same exact print and packaging, and it was a release from at least a year ago (boo!) refer to this entry which I came across here

    So anyway, here's how I would describe the colors: 

    002 is a warm pink, it has a creme finish, and there's no visible shimmer at all. 

    003 is a cool pink, with the slightest hint of lilac... and it contains very fine silvery shimmer. 

    A close up of the two beauties:

    And swatches on my hands - 
    The colors are quite pigmented but extremely soft.  

    Slightly powdery, but nothing too crazy.  

    I love love the Dior My Lady blush palettes... and if you have the chance, you must have at least one of these!   Definitely collectors' items... and definitely very wearable too. 

    Hope you found this entry helpful, and thanks for looking! 

    Email |
    February 21, 2014

    Haul & Pics: BeautyAsia 2014

    Hi hi!!

    Earlier this week on Monday, I went to check out the Beauty Asia Fair 2014, and now I am sharing with you my experience and also some exciting news. The beauty trade show is essentially for people who are in the beauty industry - think facial salons, hair salons, nail salons, etc etc... there you will find suppliers, vendors, exhibitors who set up store looking for someone who will retail their products, equipment here in Singapore or to purchase their machinery, tools to use in their salons.  It is not a 'shopping' heaven as what some people might think (some people have the misconception that it is like a IMATS - but that's really a misconception).  

    Last year, when Hakuhodo set up a booth at Beauty Asia, they were looking for potential retailers, but this year, they are actually selling their stock - and I think this is probably the most exciting part of the trade show for us - as beauty junkies.  But fret not if you couldn't make it to the fair this year - Hakuhodo will be setting up a stall again at Takashimaya from 27 March -- for TWO WEEKS - you can shop til your heart's content then.  

    Another popular section of the fair is also the nail supply, nail polish etc etc - again, these booths are set up to be meant for nail salon owners, manicurist, techicians - hence the wide variety of gel polishes, tools, and stuff that the regular person (myself included) would not use at home.  You can stock up on your Seche Vite, grab some discounted polishes, but that's about it.  I wanted a few polishes from the new OPI collection, but they are selling the whole display with all the colors - so I ended up coming home and placing my order with Tammy instead.  

    I also picked up a salon grade powerful hairdryer - not that I needed one, but it was quite cheap and really professional quality - hopefully this can cut down further my hair drying time at home.  I haven't use it yet though. 

    Shall share with you pictures I took at the event - I only took pics of stuff which I felt were relevant and interesting to me... and certainly in no way show the actual scale and variety of the other booths available at the show.  Just an FYI! 

    Needless to say, I spent the most time at Hakuhodo - I was there in the late afternoon - no crowd, and very very pleasant relaxing shopping experience. 

    I picked up four Hakuhodo brushes, and have included the brush numbers for your easy reference. 

    I got to stock up on my J5523 - it's only S$19 and puts my pricier MAC217 to shame.   Now I have several of these brushes for me to do my eyemakeup. 
    I also like the G5522, which is slightly tapered, and sometimes I like to use this type of brush too.
    I got the J116 as a finishing powder brush for around my undereyes area.  

    This little gadget also caught my attention - it is like a clarisonic type of face cleansing tool, called the POBLING - a sonic brush cleaner that vibrates and the brush head is so fine and densely packed, it is supposed to cleanse and remove makeup all at the same time.  
    I almost bought this.  

    The PNC booth was quite huge and packed with people! 

    and lots of China Glaze and OPI goodness: 

    Hope you find this entry interesting and helpful, and thanks for dropping by! 

    Email |
    February 15, 2014

    Tom Ford Lip Conditioners: In the Buff & Firecracker

    Hi hi!

    I will be sharing with you a couple of Tom Ford Lip Conditioners in this entry.  I got them at Selfrifges, and I picked two classic colors for myself.  A nude, and a bright orangey red.  These limited edition lip conditioners come in the original TF lippy white packaging, and hence very "collectors" worthy. 

    The lip conditioners have a light texture that is quite moisturising and comfortable to wear.  There are 8 shades in this collection, and I think you can find at least one or two to fit your preferences...currently I am contemplating making another purchase, but I am happy to get this pair of a classic nude and orangey red to try. 

    Here are some close ups: 

    In the Buff has some golden shimmer, very subtle, and adds just a touch of golden sheen to your lips.  On me, the color just muted out my own lip color slightly, and it is a very easy to wear 'almost nothing' kind of color. 

    Firecracker is more intense, and fits into the everyday red kind of category.  It is a cream formula, and when I wiped off the swatches on my lips, there's a pinky red stain remaining, which actually looks quite nice.  

    swatches on my hand:

    and on my lips:  

    I think you can see how In the Buff contains the golden shimmer in the lipstick bullet itself..I like how the square tip of the lipstick allows for precise application (which is important when it comes to the brighter shades).
    Here you can see how Firecrack is quite vibrant on first swipe. 
    I hope this has been helpful, and thanks for looking!

    Email |
    February 09, 2014

    Haul: My First Picks from Charlotte Tilbury

    Hallo!  I finally took the plunge and made my first Selfridges (and certainly not my last) order early this week.  THE ORDER ARRIVED IN THREE DAYS.  Yes, there's a crazy shipping of £25.00 but there's also VAT deductions on the items.  So, that means if you do some math, if you order enough items the deductions actually offsets the shipping (sort of break even, so to speak), and so I did that.  
    I had initially just wanted the new Tom Ford lipsticks (that's another haul entry), but since I am at the site, well, I should take the chance to get myself these Charlotte Tilbury makeup that I have been eyeing for quite some time. And I am impressed by the quality of her products so far (though a sample of her Magic Cream broke me out somewhat) but the makeup items... gosh.  Loves.  

    Here's a quick rundown of the stuff I bought: 

    "Inspired by the ultimate, rock chick 'bedroom eyes', Charlotte Tilbury has created a revolutionary, no-nonsense liquid-eye pencil: it has the silky smooth glide of a liquid liner with the soft, sooty, pigment-rich result of a kohl. Rock'n'Kohl melts onto your skin for an easy, one-slick line that blends then sets. Channel your inner rock'n'roll muse with sexy, smoked-up rock chick eyes in an instant that stay put all day and all night."

    I got mine in Bedroom Black (£19) - it is very creamy and sets matte.  It does smudge on me.. but usually after I put on my falsies, liners don't really smudge anymore.  I got this because the whole Rock & Kohl liner is so much a part of the Charlotte Tilbury aesthetic, I had to get one from her line. 

    "Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. Charlotte Tilbury has de-coded the secrets to iconic, mesmerising eyes with these colour-coded eyeshadow palettes. Each one contains four harmonious colour ways that offer a complete 'desk to disco' eye colour wardrobe and an easy to use application ritual that is fail-safe to follow."

    I got my palette in Dolce Vita (£38) it is a warm smokey neutral palette, and my, I had a hard time choosing which look to go for.  There are a few neutrals which I would have got... if I need more eyeshadows (hahaa!) but I shall start with this. 
    I wore this palette (along with everything else) and I am very impressed by the weartime.  The glitter part did not fade not fall all over my face.  The glitter bits stayed and sparkled beautifully THE WHOLE DAY.  The rest of the eyeshadows are creamy, intense.. not the smoothest (think Tom Ford) but very fine enough and blends like a dream. 

    at this moment, I am also eyeing 
    The Sophisticate
    The Vintage Vamp
    The Golden Goddess

    I didn't have time to take proper LOTD pics yesterday.. so shall post LOTD another time. 

    "This is Charlotte Tilbury's fail-safe recipe for perfect lips. Thislipstick is enriched with a breakthrough, secret ingredient, the Lipstick Tree, an anti-oxidant that naturally protects lips from UV damage and external pollution leaving them cashmere soft and irresistible. Blended with special waxes and clever light-diffusing pigments for pert, full-bodied, ultra-brilliant lips that ensure you leave a lasting impression.  K.I.S.S.I.N.G is Charlotte's signature range of ten lipsticks curated with modern and classic icons in mind. It is a capsule colour wardrobe of backstage nudes to red carpet reds made to suit any skin tone."

    I got Bitch Perfect £23.00 - a pink nude beige, that's not too pale.  I might get the reds from the line next time (trust me there will be a next time).  The name is perfect, the color is perfect.   The texture of the CT lippies remind me of the MAC Amplified lipsticks, quite thick and cream, and pretty long lasting too. 

    There's nothing like a couple of good old haul entries to end this Sunday huh.  :)

    Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for looking! 

    Email |
    February 09, 2014

    Bath & Body Works in Singapore

    On Saturday I went to check out the new and first Bath & Body Works store in Singapore.  It is located at Marina Bay Sands Shoppers (next to Sephora!) and I shall share with you what I found at the store, and what I bought there. 
    I love the BBW candles, room sprays/ fragrance in general.  I am not so much into their body care, or much of their fragrance collection.  

    Some of my fave scents include (and I mean room fragrance...not so much as a perfume)
    Peach Bellini 
    Island Margarita
    Warm Vanilla Sugar (as a handwash, not as a room scent)
    Peach Market
    Japanese Cherry Blossom

    When I posted pics of the store on Instagram, many of you were super excited about the opening, and I hope the prices below are helpful.  Personally, I don't think that the prices are too high/ marked up (maybe just a few dollars more.. but come on.. it's understandable!).  Considering the fact that we actually have a legit brick and motar store here in Sg, and you get to shop for yourself, that's really a priceless experience.  The store is well stocked, and the feeling of being there really make me feel like I am buying my stuff while I was in SF (where I went to the BBW store).  You get to smell and test the goodies in real life before making your purchase (instantly), no waiting for shipping, paying for shipping or having to get someone else haul for you overseas.  

    You can follow BBW on FB for updates (that's how I know they are opening the past weekend)
    Bath & Bodyworks Singapore Facebook Page

    Limited Time Promo
    All New Signature Collection items 
    Buy 2, get 1 Free
    excludes Gift Sets, Daily to Go Single Items.

    Signature Collection Prices
    Shower Gel $20
    Body Lotion $20
    Fine Fragrance Mist $22 
    Body Cream $20
    Body Butter $25
    Bubble Bath $22
    Shimmer Mist $22
    Cream Body Wash $20
    2.5oz EDT $50

    Home Fragrance 

    14.5oz Candles $32 (the 3 wick ones, MY FAVES)
    4oz Candles $18 (tiny!)
    Mini Candles $8 (even tinier!!!)
    Wallflower Diffuser $10
    Wallflower Bulb $10
    Concentrated Room Spray $9 (MY FAVES)
    Scentportable Clip $5 
    Scentportable Fragrance Disk $5 (MY FAVE for car and cubicle purposes)
    Home Fragrance Oil Warmer $25
    Home Fragrance Oil $9 

    Other prices:
    PocketBac $5
    Handsoaps  2 for $12 

    The most exciting thing about the store was the Sweet Shop collection of candles, and I couldn't resist getting a couple of them.

    and these are my loots:

    I picked the two sweet shops candles that sound the most delicious - 

    Everything in this collection smells like a cake shop... and I thought I already passed the phase of getting these baking type scents, but I just couldn't resist these.  
    They even come in these cute caps.. instead of the shiny smooth silver ones. 

    my fave handwash scent!  I like the little scrubby bits, and makes washing my hands so nice and fun. 

    adding another room spray (I already have most of them..these are very concentrated, and a little bottle like this lasts a long time).  
    I got Mahogany Teakwood --- aka  the smell of Fierce in the Ambercrombie Fitch stores. Bro loves this, of course. 

    Hope this entry has been helpful, and thanks for looking!

    Email |
    February 03, 2014

    MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

    Hi hi~

    This entry is dedicated to MAC Lady Danger, which I think is one of MAC's 'famous' lipsticks - it is a warm orangey red that has a matte finish, but it's not one of the dry matte lipsticks... I found the texture to be quite creamy and the formula is easy to wear on me.  I actually have this brilliant lipstick almost a year, when I back to MAC a bunch of lipsticks... and this is one of the few that I picked out.  No wonder this is such a popular shade.  With a color like this, I often find that I don't need much else on the face and this color just makes me look fresh and radiant.  Today I wore it out with just a clean face, no eyeshadows, just neat brows and a little warmth on the face.  The lipstick itself doesn't run nor slip around due to its matte formula, and is pretty long lasting. 

    Here's a lip swatch, photobombed by my strands of hair... 

    (Today I also purchased MAC High Energy pro longwear lip pencil to go with this lipstick, and several other warm reds/ oranges in my stash.)

    and on the rest of the face: 

    I am wearing most Shiseido on the rest of the face.  Will post details of these other products soon. 

    Everyone needs MAC Lady Danger!

    Hope you find this entry helpful, and thanks for looking!

    Email |
    January 30, 2014

    Hourglass ICON Lippies & Femme Nude Stylo


    This is an impulsive purchase with the help of my friend Eliza - and I am really loving these Hourglass lippies!  They are releasing so many great stuff, I really wish they make a comeback to Singapore.  If they retail at Robs, or Tangs, or Sephora.. I am sure they will be so much better received this time round...all the ambient powders, foundations, and lippies! 

    Femme Nude Stylo 
    A seductive collection of nude lip crayons delivering a full-coverage formula and satin finish. Enclosed in a luxurious retractable stylo, Femme Nude enhances the natural sensuality of your lips by adding fullness, dimension and balance. With six shades to choose from there’s a nude for every mood. 

    I got mine in No04 - A pink beige nude, with a touch of deep rose.

    Opaque Rouge 
    A richly pigmented, silky smooth and velvety matte lip color that delivers extended wear without flaking or dryness. For optimal staying power, clean lips of other oils and balms. Allow to set for 30 seconds to one minute. 

    I got mine in ICON a deep deep red. 

    Femme Rouge 
    A lustrous, long-lasting and refillable cream lipstick that hydrates and softens lips. The silky, richly pigmented formula defines and shapes the lips as it moisturizes for a plush cushiony effect.  Using a lip brush, apply the lipstick from the outer corner to the inner corner, and repeat from the other side. For a bold statement, apply a neutral lip liner over the whole pout to create a base for your lipstick.

    I got mine in ICON - a true cool toned red. 


    Overall look: 

    The Femme Nude in 04 is a nice pink nude that is easy to wear.  I like the crayon style, and it is also quite creamy. 
    Def a great color that suits all kinds of makeup looks. 

    Femme Rouge in ICON is a a creamy formula that looks opaque after 2 coats.  I had to use a lip brush to define the edges of my lips..and apply mostly with the lip brush.  The lipstick is shaped too angular for me to do a precise application straight from the bullet.  The formula is smooth and it is really a classic red. 

    Opqaue Rouge is intense and BOLD.  It is a deep dark red that sets budge proof after about a minute.  The application can be tricky, and it is best if you work fast.  It also sets into any dry patches of your lips.. so be sure to exfoliate and moisture your lips well prior to application.  But this is really a bold and elegant shade which really caught my eyes. 

    Hope you find this helpful and thanks for reading!