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July 12, 2015

Sephora Haul - Beauty on the Fly

Hi hi!! 

Long time no see... and I have been... busy..and also, sometimes I lack the mood and mindset to blog.  It seems a lot easier to take the lazy girl's way out...ie to snap pics and post them on instagram.. but for this haul, I think I want to keep it old school.  Take pictures of a bunch of stuff I recently got, and just post them up here.  Some of them I have used already, but mostly not.  

Before we go any further, there is a little story behind this haul.  Back in June when I was still on vacay, Sephora contacted me, and asked if I want to spend $400 for their "Beauty on the Fly" campaign which is happening about right now... and of course, I said yes! Who would say no to a chance to shop for free, right?  Like the borderline shopaholic that I am, I started listing stuff I want to get mentally.  And when I collected the gift card last week, I was like, okay, I need to set a date, meet my fellow beauty junkie good friend, and we shall go shopping at Sephora and mutally enable each other to buy a ton of stuff we don't really need.
So, I just want to get this out there.. this is really a haul courtesy of Sephora.. but I got to choose whatever I wanted to get, and now I am sharing them with you.

Shopping with 'travel' in mind is easy.  For me, it is never about using teeny tiny samples of products which I have never used before.  Heaven forbids if you get a bad skin reaction to the strange new skincare sachets you thought was a good idea to bring along simply because they don't take up space in your luggage.  I always tend to keep deluxe sized samples of stuff which I have used before and that I know work.  In the past, I think that these awesome samples, or miniatures were only gifts with purchase, and also depending on how nice your BA at the brand counter is to you.  But now you can literally purchase these samples yourself and most of the time, they are already packed in a set for your convenience and several of these sets here will illustrate my point.  

I found myself wandering around the ION store and when you are shopping semi-randomly, you realise just how much stuff they carry.  I will say 100% of the time, whenever I step into Sephora, I already  know what I want to buy.  I head straight to the shelf, grab my stuff and go to the cashier.  That day, I had a good look see around my fave shelves, checking out new and undiscoevered stuff, and added more items to my overflowing basket when I was lining up at the till.  That infamous 'aisle of doom' is well stocked with travel-sized products from head to body, to wipes to deodorant.  Most of the items are between 30-50ml, so even if you don't have any hold baggage, you can still carry them into your carry on bags.  

My problem with products like these is that in terms of value for money, you are actually better off buying full sized.  But in the name of travelling... we just have to compromise on that, right?  And even if you arent going anywhere, getting mini-sized products is still a good way to try out new products before you decide to plonk down more money on the actual full sized products. 

Having said that, I got myself a bunch of minis, some full sized products (it would seem excessive to spend $400 on mini bottles of stuff, right?) and also a couple of stuff which I just want to indulge in.  And I think I did pretty good. And would you believe it, there's only ONE makeup item.  The rest are all skincare, hair, and general toiletries. 

Here's what we got:
Starting with the face and general cleansing, 

I got the GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser - S$59 - and I am curious to try this, because I already own the Youthmud cleanser and I am loving that.  So I am interested to try the other versions from GlamGlow.  I haven't used this yet.. so I will report back soon. 
Next, I also got the Soap & Glory cleansing wipes (I think this is S$10?) and I think cleansing wipes are good for travel.  This I have used the same night I got home, and it took me two sheets to get my face of makeup off.  It is not a very soaking wet wipe..but other than that, a good basic cleansing wipe. I sort of wished I got the First Aid beauty wipes though. Maybe next time.  
Then I went to the Clarins counter,and check out what sets they got.. and I found this travel kit -- I already own quite a few Clarins travel kits.. but this is new to me.  Inside the pouch, you have a moisturiser (the hydra quench, which is GREAT), the foaming cleanser (this is LOVES), a tiny tube of sunscreen, and a bottle of body shampoo (I hope I don't get addicted to this and want to keep having it in my shower though.).  I think this kit is around SG$40.  Good value, and this is one of those things you wanna try some products from the brand.  Plus the pouch is really cute, right?
And along the aisle, I threw in a tube of the First Aid Beauty (around S$10) Oatmeal mask.  When I am travelling, I sometimes like to use a mask to detox my skin, and make it extra clean and soft.  I haven't used this yet.. but I am curious to try. 

And in this section, we move on to HAIR... I must say most of my fave hairproducts are exclusively found at Sephora.  The Living Proof line is really awesome, and I have liked everything I used from this brand.  
So I got the Living Proof volume and body travel kit - S$39 which comes with the shampoo, conditioner, thickening cream and a thickening spray.  This is good for a week's use.. for one person.  And I got the travel sized Prime Style Extender (S$15) - I have finished the one I have.. and I like this too.. quite similar to the PHD cream which is my HG hairproduct.. it sets my hair nicely and is very lightweight, even though it is a 'primer' but I feel that you can use it on its own too, to tame your hair and add a bit of texture. And I also got the Instant Texture Mist (S$10?), the bottle is super cute, and sometimes I use a texture mist to add some volume and texture to my hair after a long day, and I am still out.  It gives instant freshener effect.
And speaking of Texture Mist, I also got this mini Original Mineral texture mist ($10?) it smells like orange, and I tried it in store, and I think it is quite good. This is a brand new in Sephora, and I think they have nice products - I have a kit from a Net a porter beauty box.. but I haven't tried those yet.
Lastly, from the hair section, I randomly threw in the Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo ($8?) I think I might have used this once before.. it smells fresh and quite voluminising. 

And finally, the last few items.. which are the most splurgy ones.. When I saw that the NARS sharpener ($10) are back in stock at Sephora, I had to get one... even though I already have a NARS one.. and many others (the MUFE one is pretty good too).  So I got one of that.
Fresh Cannabis Santal is one of the scent which literally lingered on my mind.  This 100ml bottle retails for S$144 and I wished they still carry the 30ml ones though.. or even the roller ball ones (they have the roller ball but just not in this particular scent).  I love this scent, and I know this is not for everyone.  It is slightly woody musky manly, and reminds me of the Tom Ford private blend in Santal Rose (did I get the name right?) but at a fraction of the price.  It is not the most long lasting, but I love it , and I use it almost like a casual body spray.  In fact, that's how I use all my Fresh perfume.  They smell awesome, lightweight, and provides a good base for me to layer on my actual perfume.  Very indulgent, and very excessive, but that's how I roll. 
And lastly I picked up the new Shu Uemura brow powder palette (S$53).  I got mine in the shade sealbrown/stone grey and I am curious to try any brow product from Shu Uemura.  I have their new sword brow pencil.. and a few other new releases.. but at the moment, I won't be featuring those yet.  Shall use this brow palette this week and report back soon! 

All in all, it was a pretty fun shopping trip.. and I got to check out the sheer variety of travel sized goodies available at Sephora.  They are always there though.. so anytime you think you want to try out something, or get something for your next vacay, you should totally check out these goodies.  For me, I am not sure when's my next vacay, but in the meantime I shall explore what's new out there.  Thanks again to Sephora for this mini shopping spree!

I have a few blog entry ideas in mind... a top ten of stuff I like, current faves, and do you want to read/ look at pics from my EU trip?  Or how about my shopping haul from London/ EU?  Let me know! 

That's all, and thanks for reading!!! 

March 18, 2015

Haul: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Hi hi!!

Finally managed to sit myself down and get on a blogging roll... and while I have a few backlogged entries lined up.. I thought I will start with something quite current.. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet aren't new products by any means, I think I have swatched them in store before late last year, and recently I just pushed my sister into getting one for herself - she loves anything matte, non drying, saturated and bold.. and these Bourjois lippies are just right up her alley.  I didn't get them myself until a recent JB trip.  Given the exchange rate, and the fact that these were going at buy 2 and the second one is half off.. I ended up paying barely SG$14 each (compared to SG$25.90 at normal price here, sometimes they are 20% off at Watsons).  So anyway, we got a few to try out for fun - and ended up wiping out the shelf.  I went for the bold reds...I usually find that such saturated matte lippies wear a lot nicer as a bold shade (as opposed to the 'natural my lips but better' colors).  

I would compare these Bourjois lippies to the Giorgio Armani meastro lippies, and also like a more liquid version of Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet - they are very lightweight, packs on full on colour intensity, they are not drying at all, and I really think the finish and formula is really sophisticated.  

The two shades I picked are 
03 Hot Pepper - a hot warm bright red
08 Grand Cru - a deep dark true red 

They come with doe-foot? applicators.. and you can see they are quite velvety and silicony in terms of consistency.  When applied/ swatched, they have a slight sheen, but they dry down to a soft matte finish. 

swatches here

I find these very buildable - the first layer is a smooth stained effect sheer and pretty.  Then you can build them up to how it looks in the bottle. 

and overall look - pardon the slightly icky face.. I wasn't really prepared to take so many LOTD/lippie pics this afternoon! 

Bottomline:  These are really affordable quality lip products - a good dupe to the high end comparable ones which I mentioned earlier in this entry.  My sister and I can vouch for the staying over.. they stayed on over a meal (you can touch up only just a bit on the middle part of your lips..but everthing else is intact).  These do stain a bit. as expected for something so intense.  But if you want an easy fuss free bold lip... definitely consider these.  No wonder they are so hyped among the UK bloggers! 

January 10, 2015

Chanel Spring 2015: La Romanesque, Tenderly & Desirio

Before I start, I want to thank everyone for your lovely comments and feedback to my 2014 round up entry!  It is so heartwarming to have readers who have read my blog for ages to take the time to leave your comments, in a way, it's kinda like keeping up with an old friend - something familiar and relatable.... and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I guess that's why I feel like my blogging mojo is back today, and I managed to post quite a few entries up.  I really can't be updating during the week, and I really hate to schedule blog entries... so I will just post everything whenever I am done with composing them.  Hope you have enjoyed the spate of new entries!

I picked up three items from the recent Chanel Spring 2015 makeup collection.  The first item that really caught my attention is the Rouge Allure Velvet in La Romanesque.  It looks a bit blah in the tube and in my pictures it look even more blah, kinda like a dull pink/ almost even orangey in certain lighting. On the model in the ad campaign though, it is a vibrant shade of deep rosy pink. Once applied it is a beautiful rosy purpley pink.  The color is deep but yet velvety soft.. and I really love the Rouge Allure Velvet formula.  This is no exception, so I had to get this.  

I also got the polishes in Tenderly and Desirio.. but I won't be swatching them for the blog (partly cos I am sporting some gelish nails too..so I can't take proper nail polish swatches) but I did try them at the counter - Desirio is a rich creamy pink that is very similar to La Romanesque while Tenderly would take 2 coats or even 3 thin coats to look nice and even.  The Camelia blush thing that came with this collection is beautiful, but I didn't feel the urge to haul it.. partly cos it seems to blend into nothing on my skintone... and it look kinda like too dusty for my liking.  Perhaps if it is in a warmer peachy shade I might have been more suckered.  

A close up pic:

on the rest of my face, I am using 

base - Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation, set with Izu loose powder
cheeks - RIMMEL LONDON Santa Rose blush
lips - Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Romanesque
eyes - MAKEUP STORE Spirit
brows - Innisfree Eco Gel eyebrow 
liners - MAC Fluidline Eye pencil in Black Brilliance

Note that the foundation actually takes some time to set into a more flawless finish that diffuses the look of my pores. Loving this foundation more and more.  Long lasting and nice natural finish. 

I really love the lippie, and I can't wait to try out the polishes!

Hope you find this entry helpful and thank you for reading! 

January 10, 2015

Rimmel London Santa Rose Blush

Hi hi!!

I have heard of this Rimmel London Santa Rose Blush online... and well, I don't know why I never search for it in our local Watsons or Guardian.. but I get this idea that whatever we have here in our Rimmel range is completely different to what 'they' have in the UK or EU.  So I ordered the Rimmel blushes on Feelunique (which might be cheaper) plus I ordered during the Boxing Day sale event.. I ordered two.. of the same blush, cos I was worried that one might get broken in transit (or depending on my luck, BOTH might even get broken.. but luckily they all arrived in good condition!). 

When I first saw the blush, I thought, oh, okay it looks quite natural, like just a tad darker peachier than my own skintone.  I was worried if it would even show up on me enough.  Even when I swatched it, I thought it looked too 'natural' and like nothing.  

But before I go on more about the color, let's look at the packaging, it is so cute, and so small!  I sometimes put one in my makeup bag, just so I can touch up if I need to, you know, whenever you feel like a fresh coat of blush (and not so much because everything is all worn off). 

Here's the swatch on my hand, I think you can see how natural it looks.  There's a slight rosy sheen, and it is one of those blushes that's kinda like NARS Madly, Lovejoy.. but perhaps softer and a bit sheer.  

But when I applied it onto my cheeks, there's where the magic happens.  It shows up a lot more on the cheeks.  I love how it adds color, but in a subtle way..If there is ever a 'my cheeks but better' color, Santa Rose would be it.  Now it ranks almost as high up there as NARS Madly, Lustre as my all time fave blushes.  It is one of those neutral blushes that goes well with whatever makeup looks you wear.  

Bottom Line?  I LOVE IT.  

What's your recent fave blush?  

Hope you enjoyed this entry, and thanks for reading!

December 03, 2014

LOTD: NEW Urban Decay Full Frontal Lip Stash

Hi hi!

This is another Urban Decay entry, featuring this awesome cute collection of their Revolution lipsticks in mini sizes.  Included is also a lip pencil, which is one of those that prevents color feathering.  The Revolution lipsticks are intensely creamy and pigmented (much like the NARS Audacious lippies), but I don't own any of them - well, I have one which I never use, cos it is a pale baby pink.  So this collection really calls out to me... owning 6 of the shades in a mini (read: less guilty) size totally justifies this purchase.  This set retails for SG$60.. a little steep.. considering that each lipstick is only ONE gram... but, in the name of research and experiment, I had to buy it.  

The shades here are 

Ladyflower (NEW) - bright rose pink
Crush (NEW) - POW WOW bright pink, this is gorgeous!!!
Illicit (NEW) - sheer baby pink

Gash - Deep red
Liar - Nude
F-Bomb - Bright red 

Ozone lip pencil - clear shade, to prime and prevent feathering (FULL SIZED)

 Lippies close up - 

<strong>and swatches: 

</strong>No lip swatches, I did them and during editing, I realised that I didn't apply them very nicely... they look okay in an LOTD, but not fit for up close.  
Hope these swatches help, and I did take pics of the overall look at the end of this entry:

This is a great gift set, and I have purchased extras... for some pressie exchange this season!  
I hope they still have stock of this... heard that the quantity is quite limited.. so I hope you do manage to get your hands on this neat collection! 

Thanks for reading! 

October 19, 2014


Hi hi!!

Just a rambly LOTD entry featuring a bunch of new products I got recently, mainly the Makeup Geek eyeshadows and Inglot face powders.  I must say, I always get into a mini rut each time I feature new products.  The new stuff would be still on my table, and I would be reaching for them for a couple of weeks before I do a tidy up and open new stuff to try out.  The rotation goes on and on.  
I find that I always try to assemble a 'cocoa mirage' type of palette whenever I pick a customisable eyeshadow palette.  Been hearing so much about the MUG eyeshadows that one day Mabel and I decided to place an order for it.  Can't remember the prices of each one, but I am pretty sure they are less than SG$10 each.  I picked 6 shades - all neutrals, no surprises and I am really impressed (though not surprised) by the pigmentation.  Of the six colors I picked, I guess Vanilla Bean is the only dud for me.  Perhaps it blended in right into my skintone, and didn't seem very outstanding.  I love Latte and Cocoa Bear - matte smooth creamy ones.  There's some powdery fallout, and they could have been more finely milled, but I am not really bothered by those issues as I love the warm rich colors. 

Random, but I just want to share with you this makeup 'get ready with me' video I came across, it sums up everything I love in a look. click here! 

I have already started using them before taking pics of brand new eyeshadows, but these come in refill pans which you can pop into any magnetised palettes.   

swatches = 

and close ups: 

and here, are the new recent INGLOT face powders I purchased recently - these are from their HD range, and I must say, they are very finely milled and smooth.  I have been using the two contour face shading powders all week, and I just dab my brush between the two of them... and so I am actually using a mixture of both contour shades.  I love this, very soft and very great for subtle contouring of my face. 

I love both the fusion blushes, they look intense in the pans, but they go on very smoothly and blend out into wearable natural colors.  Love these blushes too. 

here are swatches of the face powders - 

Here's the color placement of the 4 MUG eyehadows I used in my LOTD: 

And this is the final look - 

I went for a natural healthy look on the lips, using the lipiglass from the MAC Brooke Shields collection.  Love this peachy natural shade that's really my MLBB color. 

On the complexion, I used a recent new foundation - Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet - which as the name states, gives a velvety matte finish.  It goes on smoothly, I wasn't too WOW by it initially when I got it, and I was distracted by other new foundations to try out, but i recently got back into using it, and paid more attention to how it works.  I like if you have oily skin you might love this foundation for the smooth matte finish (but not flat out matte) I tried doing some blending with my fingers instead of a brush just to have a closer feel of the formulation, and it is really velvety you can almost get away without setting with powder.  I will follow up with a proper application and review of this foundation soon. So far so good!

Hope you find my first impressions on these new products useful and thank you for reading!

October 04, 2014

LOTD: New MUFE Eyeshadows!

Hi hi

Recently I went with a few of my girlfriends to check out the new MUFE eyeshadows at the MUFE Pro Store at Armenian Street (wooots, thanks to Sarah!) There was a mind boggling range of 210 shades in total, in every color you can imagine and also in a variety of finishes.  I did not swatch every single shade, but I played with a bunch which I felt were interesting.  It was tempting to go for 'unique' colours, but but but... I did want to get stuff that I would use anytime I want to use eyeshadows.  These days, I am into rosy browns... and so I went for a trio that would work very well together and also on their own.  

I also purchased a couple of MUFE pro palettes - I am planning to do a major depotting project later this year, so the palettes will come in handy then.  
So this trio with the casing is enough for now. 

The eyeshadows are $18 or $26 each.. I can't recall.  But regardless, I don't recall them being super pricey either way. 

Here are the swatches of the three shadows I got:

And I quickly put together a LOTD for this entry: I love everything because they are so soft and so pigmented.  I like to use a fluffy brush for the eyeshadows, as they pack on color and do some soft blending at the same time.  

I have been loving this MAC Fluidline Eye Pencil and Lancome eyeshadow primer.  Highly recommend both!  But I am not sure if the MAC eye pencil is permanent or LE... MIGHT be LE.. don't quote me on that! 

and more swatches here: 

A close up of the eye look - 
I am using a pair of MAC lashes here, I have them for years.. but found them too straight...until I use my Shu Uemura S Curler to curl the lashes. 
So now.. I think I can wear them more often finally!  They are number 35 in case you are wondering.

On the rest of the face, I am wearing mostly DIOR... and that entry will be posted soon  --- CLICK here to read my review of the Dior Star foundation! 

Hope you find this entry helpful and have a great weekend ahead.  
Btw the MUFE eyeshadows are now available at Sephora too (180 shades) and the full range available at their Pro Store. 

Thanks for reading!

August 16, 2014

Four Beautiful MAC Matte Lipsticks

Hi hi!!

I have been on a MAC Matte Lipsticks kick lately...sort of rediscovering them.. after straying all over the place with a lot of NARS, YSL, some Chanel and Dior...well, everything else really.  Haha.  So the other day, I was clearing and de-cluttering some of my old makeup, and I kept aside enough MAC empties for me to exchange for 4 MAC lippies.  

I immediately zoom in on the bright shades - refer to my previous MAC exchange here - that I got Lady Danger and that was the start of my discovery into some of these awesome creamy matte lippies.  
I had a few on my mind - such as Candy Yum Yum, and some of the retro-matte shades - which are even 'matte-r'.  
Then a couple of days ago, I purchased Kinda Sexy - it is one of those famous MAC nude lipsticks that many people talk about but I have never gone to check it out in real life. 

These matte lippies are very very long lasting, and the bright shades tend to stain the lips a bit, which doesn't really bother me, since I will take of all makeup at the end of the night.  The color payoff of all these are just really impressive. 

So here we have 

1. Flat Out Fabulous - a deep pinky purple - along the same lines as my Shu PK376, NARS Funny Face - that rich intense not quite pink not quite purple, yet so brightening and flattering on me.  I love these deep rich shades.  And it is so matte - just really chic in my opinion.

2. Candy Yum Yum - think along the lines of NARS Schiapp, Chanel Diva (which I bought but have yet to use!), and I recently got Kelly Yum Yum too.  A very bright intense cool toned pink. 

3. Relentlessly Red - a neon shade, that leans between Red, Coral, Pink all at the same time.  It is like a amped up version of Chanel Genial (if you remember this brillian shade or Rouge Allure)  I love this.  A bit drying and certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but this is very long lasting, and I love it on me.  Sometimes I apply a little balm after applying this shade just to add a bit of 'glide' to the formula, not so much as to add shine. 

4. Kinda Sexy - a warm nude that's super flattering.  Not too nude. I love this. And it is a creamy matte like Lady Danger.  

Swatches on my hand - 

And on my lips - 

Matte lipsticks tend to settle in your mouth lines... but I don't mind.  I kind of like the lines of my lips.  They look quite cool.  Haha. 

And here's how two of the shades look on me overall - Flat Out Fabulous and Kinda Sexy. 

Also played with some other nude lipsticks when I was at the MAC counter the other day so I snapped a pictures of the swatches:

I am loving these lippies lately!  

Which are your recent fave MAC lippies?  Please share! 

Hope you like this entry, and thanks for looking!

July 05, 2014

Giorgio Armani Sun Fabric Sheer Bronzer 100

Hi hi!!

This entry features a new bronzer that I bought....last month?  Again, I am trying to get through new stuff that I bought...and trying to feature them on the blog.  I usually start with what I have been using the most recently, and well, let's start from there.  Makeup hasn't been the topmost piriority these days - but I do sucked in ocassionally by some of the gorgeous releases this summer.. a bronzer here, a new foundation there, another lippy there.... but I haven't felt the urge to actually blog about them.  Perhaps I am stuck in a makeup rut... all I wear most of the days are just my base, cheeks, and lips... nothing on the eyes.  I have been doing a lot of wardrobe updates and clothes shopping though (many of you might have notice my weightloss in which I lost significant clothes sizes - so that has been really fun lol, the shopping I don't mind at all!) so if you like to see fashiony type entries... do let me know!  

So anyway, I can't say no to the Giorgio Armani Sun Fabric Sheer Bronzer -the name alone sucked me in.  It sounds the the perfect kind of bronzer that's easy to use, it is sheer so you can slap it on and look sun kissed immediately.  Plus the texture of this bronzer is just amazing...everything you expect and associated with GA products.  Very soft, very fine.. and just really awesome to use.  I don't actually use the brush that comes along with the compact... I usually use a large fluffy face brush to light dust this all over my forehead and the sides of my cheeks.. and on particularly lazy days I also use this on my cheeks in place of an actual blusher. 

Here are some close ups of the bronzer - I believe there are 2 or 3 shades available in SG.... and I got mine in the shade 100 which is the lightest.  It reminds me of the Chanel Les Beiges in shade 30 which I also own... and also the new summer Chanel Les Beiges in shade 200 (which I realise after I checked my pictures folder the Chanel one has a more pinky undertone) and this GA Bronzer in 100 is really a nice earthy tone bronzer that isn't orangey nor too warm. I likey.... 

a quick swatch: 

and you can see that I have been using this bronzer... for at least a couple of weeks.. and the grooves on the bronzer are starting to look less defined.  I also noticed that the initial few applications, the bronzer contains a bit of shimmery bits... but that could be a faint overspray...the more I use it, the less shimmery bits there are, and now it is just a smooth satin finish barely there kind of sunkissed glow.  LOVE IT> 

Here's how I casually and messily dust the bronzer on my forehead and cheeks.  If you are fair to light skintone, this is a great shade match for you. 

and overall look - very natural.. and very healthy.. I like to use bronzers like this to add some warmth to my skin.  Not as in actually contouring.  
To read in more detail on how I apply these natural bronzers/ face warmers, you can also check out my recent entry on the Chanel Les Beiges for Summer 2014. 

Hope this overview has been helpful and thanks for looking! 

June 13, 2014

Chanel Summer 2014: Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powders

Hi hi!!  
Probably about a month ago, I purchased both the new Chanel Les Beiges powders from their summer 2014 collection.  I have enjoyed their regular Les Beiges powders, so getting both of the new (and limited edition) ones is a no brainer for me.   The first immediate difference I could see upon application is that the regular ones are not as 'shimmery'/ glowy as the new summer ones. I do love the Les Beiges are lovely for adding a healthy glow to your skin, I use the lighter shades as face powders, and the darker ones as a face 'warm' bronzer.    And, the new ones has all these gradient stripes...that makes them even more covetable in my books!  I can't remember, but I think these are S$80 each, and might still be available at Chanel counters.  They often restock, so do check back. 

Check out my review of the 2013 regular Les Beiges powders here.

Bottomline - I love the Les Beiges powders, they are soft, fine and so easy to use.  Versatile, smells awesome, and lasts pretty well on me.  

Here's the official product description:

Lightweight, multi-stripe powder offers a palette of effortless effects. Acts as a highlighter, sculpting powder, bronzer and blush — all with a sheer, natural finish and broad-spectrum sun protection. 

A few more close ups: 

Swatches on my hand - I swirled all the stripes together.  As you can see, the shade 200 (the brown one clearly) is a couple of shades darker than my skintone, it is not too orangey nor brown.. just a darker beige.  Very very neutral and flattering on me.  
The shade 100 when swirled together is pretty much my own skintone, and if I pick up only the darkest (that peachy pink) shade is a very natural blush color on me.  So, it's quite versatile.  The palest shade is like a subtle cheek highlighter. 

I find that using a soft fluffy brush applies the product best. 
Here I am using my Chikuhodo cheek brush. 

Using the shade 200, and locating the hollow of my cheekbones... this is not really contouring, just subtle dimension.  I also do the same all over my forehead and jawline. 

See, so nice and natural, right?  Of course, I have maybe 200 other face powders/ bronzers that are the same... but I am a sucker for these powders, so need to get it. 

and next, I am picking up the darkest shade in the 100 to apply on my cheeks.  I also swirl all the colors together to blend everything for a finished look. 

and here is the completed result.  Very natural, very healthy glow. 

and the overall look. 
all products used listed below:

face - Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion, Suqqu Loose Powder
cheeks - Chanel Les Beiges as featured in this entry
brows - Guerlain universal brow kit
eyes - Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage 
lips - NARS Larger than Life gloss in Priscilla 
liner - THREE flash performance in 08 

Hope you find this entry helpful, and thanks for reading!

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