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October 27, 2013

Smile for Halloween & Some Updates

Hi hi!!

Just catching up this rather relaxing Sunday, and hopefully a preview of future posts to come at the end of this entry. 

So over this weekend, we did our usual Halloween parade around Clarke Quay and Zouk (contemplated going to walk about Orchard but we decided not to, and also due to some time constraint) - so anyway the back story to this year's Halloween preparation, none of us really had any time to actually sit and plan the looks, but we did manage to meet and go to the costume store just 2 days before the weekend, quickly picked out our coordinating outfits.  As usual, we went for the 'Victorian' antiquated look...that seems neutral enough to go with any crazy faces that we were planning to do.  

So we did some online image searches of Halloween faces (and trust me, it can get a little gory but I was looking at the inspired looks in a very technical way, and so I wasn't too creeped out, even though I am not one to watch horror movies).  We didn't manage to do any makeup trials, but I guess by now, each of us are quite adept at doing our own faces.. I did a mni trial on myself on Sat morning, but in the end, did a completely different thing.  

my early morning trial - excuse my super pale face 
the trick is really not to be careful, and you aren't aiming to look pretty at all


If you are out of ideas, and want to look impactful, just do a pale face, contour the hell out of it by using black eyeshadow, and do a mega smokey eyes and smuge your red lipstick everywhere, you are pretty good to go.  But of course, we went a little further.... and we came across this Chelsea Smile special fx tutorial and lots of images everywhere, and decided that we shall go for it.  

putting on the final touches

we also paraded at the supermarket lol</p>

the obligatory mirror OOTD

Cousins, brother, sisters   :)

This is so funny! </p>

(products used are in bold, in case you are curious to know what we used) 

I bought some plasticine wax thingy from MUFE... but it was rather hard to work out especially on the awkward area on our faces... that I ended up using the usual latex & tissue paper method to create the slit and texture.   For our faces, we didn't want to look clownish with a pure white face, so I mixed the MUFE white cream paint with my Guerlain Papure liquid foundation, so everyone looked suitably ashy and pale.  I also filled in my brows lightly, but my siblings flattened their brows.  

For the actual colors, it was a mixture of MUFE Aqua Shadow Pencils in the shades 0E (black), 8E (deep green), 6E (navy blue) and NARS eye paint in Black Valley ---  don't be afraid to pile on the cream base colors, they are waterproof and will ensure that your makeup won't melt off through the night.  These cream bases were set with various shades of purple, brown, and black eyeshadows from my Lorac Pro Palette, and my MAC eyeshadow palette (carbon, poison pen, top hat, copperplate etc).  For the blood, we use Illamasqua Sangers lipstick as the bloody base, as well as GA Maestro in 400 for touch ups.  For the fake blood,  I simply mixed some red food coloring together with those Chinese cough mixture ('pi-pa-gao') for a sticky dark blood red effect.  I also 'sprayed' on the blood onto the sides of my face using a toothbrush for that splattered look. 

Don't forget to douse yourself and the outfit in your most intoxicating perfume (we used lots of Chanel Chance and YSL Parisienne). 
We had our own set of various formations for photo-taking ops (and there were plenty) but the overall guideline for our Halloween looks has always been look scary, not slutty - and not cartoony either - it just has to be creepy with the use of makeup and watever we could find...it's too easy to just wear a monster mask and call it a day.  

In other blog news, I am looking forward to posting some beautiful Christmas/ Holiday collections from Shu Uemura, Guerlain and Dior this coming couple of weeks.  You have already seen my NARS coverage, and I really hope to play with the rest soon.  I also have a couple of foundation entries coming up soon.  I think this year I have been quite good with reviewing foundation on a monthly if not fortnightly basis...I think I have been able to try out almost every new foundation released this year. Heheheh.   Ohhh and also I need to post an official Illamasqua introduction, cos I have a range of products from almost every category to share with you!  I also have a brush set review coming up, and another current skincare update to do.

I also have new haul items to share with everyone, such as Marc Jacobs stuff, Hourglass, some skincare and random bits..shall slot in  these entries whenever I can.

I will also be judging a whole load of products for a certain beauty award in the coming month ahead, so that should be quite exciting indeed.  Will try to show sneak peeks if I can. 
I am still clearing out the last bits of the stuff from the makeup sale...and thanks to everyone who emailed me. I am thinking of doing such a sale once a year...instead of monthly blogsales...I think I can always get a stall at some flea... and you can shop my stash then, sounds good?  Doing the sale at my friend's condo is good because she didn't have to transport her stuff here and there, and the function room was very conducive for shopping, plus the location is relatively central.. but but but didn't expect to run into that nasty problem with a certain someone who complained to the management (a fellow beauty blogger we found out, and I think I am 99% sure I know who) and actually on that sale day, everything went so smoothly and orderly...seriously..not sure what's her problem.  

Scene of the makeup sale!  My sister was our efficient cashier for the day!  :)

My daily schedule is a little blown off with my current work duties that require me to get up at 5am, and I am pretty up tied up the whole day til evening... I am hardly at my computer, and I need to sleep early so I can get up the next day. 
Also started driving rather regularly these days, and running into a few hiccups here and there....geesh..I love driving, but I really hate the $$$ and hassle involved.  But the convenience is priceless and in the whole scheme of things, I guess I should be very very careful on the roads and just be nice to everyone.  

Thanks for reading and have an awesome week ahead! 

October 29, 2011

LOTD: Painting Our Faces for Halloween

So, I did mention we aren't doing any Halloween walkabout or parties this year, but still it's fun to break out the paints, eyeshadows and brushes to paint our faces for Halloween night.  My siblings drew their own faces with this picture of Lady Gaga and tattoo artist Rick Genest as an inspiration, while I just did some simple super smokey eyes, and contoured my face.  Instead of using my neutral shades, I just used blacks and greys.

My sister is a talented and skilled artist, and she basically drew their faces like as if on canvas....and the results look way better in pictures than in real life, honestly.


I have posted a ton of Halloween entries in the past couple of years, take a look if you have only recently started following the blog!


Halloween Look BRUISED

Ghoulish Halloween 2009

Ghoulish Halloween 2010

Two Halloween LOOKS



So, we are just going to walk about the house like this...and maybe go downstairs for supper later.   Wonder what the neighbours will say?


Thanks for looking!



October 28, 2010

Halloween LOTD: Wide Eyed Dead Doll

Hi hi,

another Halloween LOTD!  I kinda like this one. And the wide eyed effect is very much emphasized with the white liner, and the harsh flash lighting... not photoshop!  (kinda reminds me of the Bad Romance makeup tutorial which Michelle Phan did sometime back).  My LOTD is loosely based on MissChievious' tutorial but I think I kind of made my look more intense.

Products used:

Face - Max Factor Lasting Performance liquid foundation, MUFE pan stick foundation white

Contouring - MAC Cooperplate, MAC Top Hat, MAC Carbon eyeshadows

Eyes -26 warm palette, MAC Nocturnelle eyeshadow

Brows bleached out with concealer and the white pan stick

Lips - MAC Carbon eyeshadow

Veins drawn on with my bro's 0.4 ink pen, some of the fat lines are drawn with MAC superslick liners *fail*  the ink pen worked a lot better.

I did my hair same as hers, but somehow that wasn't the look I am going for. So I let them all loose again.

Yay! So looking forward to Halloween this year!

Costumes - check.  Transport - check. Hair - check. Makeup supplies - check. Cronies - check. Cameras - check! Itinerary - check!

We are all set!

October 26, 2010

Halloween LOTD: a very typical one

Hi hi,

I am still playing around with Halloween looks, while the rest of the gang have more or less decided what they want to me, I am clueless.

So here, I just did a very blah--typical kind of gothic/vampy/ vampiry/ bloody look.  It is  not overly gore, not overly gruesome, and just perhaps a little too clean.

I think I need to do more 'research' to find inspiration.


Products used:

Sticky flaky skin --- DUO Lash Glue

Foundation --- Max Factor foundation, MUFE Pan Stick in white, Laura Mercier Loose Powder

Lips --- MAC Feline to line, Chanel's Dragon (rouge allure lacque)

Blood --- MAC Feline as base, Chanel's Dragon, and MUFE artificial liquid blood

Eyes --- Sleek Graphite palette, MAC Carbon, MAC Plummage,  MAC Smut, MAC Sweet Chestnut

Contour --- MAC Carbon, MAC Poison Pen, MAC Plummage

If you have suggestions for any other looks, let me know in the comments below!

October 18, 2010

Halloween Haul: We Paint Our Faces with these Brushes!

Hi hi,

This period of time marks the start of Halloween season, lotsa of makeup, face painting and all that fun stuff!  You might remember my Halloween craziness from last year, and this year, we hope to top that mad fun!


Hopefully.... we've got our costumes, and are currently doing our 'research' for themes, makeup, getting supplies etc.  I still have my MUFE supplies from last year (just the fake blood and white cream face paint)  while the rest of the gruesome shitnizzzz are all DIY materials which you can make at home.  Think fake scars. gaping wounds, stitches etc etc.

This year, I especially look forward to using the wacky lashes, OCC lip tars and more crazy makeup items which I have accumulated since then.  And with all these makeup going on, and lotsa face painting, I bought some art brushes, because I don't want my own MU brushes to get all stained. Some of my synthetic brushes are already stained from my OCC lip tars (especially the blue RX and Anime!).  So, I bought several art paint brushes at Art Friend today.  These synthetic brushes make fabulous eye liner brushes, concealer and lip brushes.

They are all available at art supplies stores like ART FRIEND, and cost between S$3 -- S$5.  At Art Friend you can also find face paints etc.  I will be using more stage/pro makeup products because those are better quality and photograph a lot better than the kiddy ones they sell at these craft stores.  I really want the colors and effects to last and pop through the evening/ night.

Comparing the brushes to my own makeup brushes from MAC and Sigma:

These definitely make great cheap alternatives to makeup brushes!

I also bought some face paints for trial, to see if they will apply well and look good.  These cost between S$4 -- S$6 each.

And we played with makeup a couple of days back, though it is still way too soon to say for sure this is how we are eventually going to look.

Just getting into the whole spooky Halloween mood.

Anyone of you going to get all dressed up for Halloween this year?  Do share in the comments below!

Thanks for looking!  :)

March 07, 2010

LOTD, Little Haul, Rambling on and on...

Hi! Lotsa of things to cover in this entry, so bear with me:

I got one more lip pencil from the MAC Too Fabulous collection, which is this baby pink color.  I think this is a great base to have under pink lipsticks, thanks to lissasioux, who mentioned it would go great with the very cream YSL RV in #19... and so I was sold on it.

On Saturday, I also got a new brush, this reminds me of the Louis Young foundation brush... and I think Amy (purplio) might be interested.  It is called No2., and it is a pointy synthetic brush.  I haven't washed it yet---- will post updates on this brush soon.  I also put it next to some of my brushes, to get an idea of the size.

It retails for S$25.  I don't think I have seen this brush at Palz before, I think it might be new.

I am trying out this concealer palette which Liana gave me recently.  It feels very smooth, and it comes with a little pan of powder to set your concealer.  I think this is perfect for bringing out for touch-ups when you are out the whole day.

I will do a more detailed review entry later on.

And random... but this what happened to my NARS Laguna when it dropped at work a few weeks ago.  I am just glad it didn't smash into smitherreeeens.  Just need to be careful and store it flat.

Well, anyway, in today's LOTD, I used mainly the Stila Eyeshadow (La Douce) which Kas gave me this week.  It is a nice olive brown/ green color, and grea for all over the lids color.  It blends up into the crease very nicely and smoothly.

On my cheeks:  NARS Laguna, NARS Nico, and NARS Mata Hari

Lips: In Synch, and Revlon's Pink Pout

And the brother makes a cameo in this entry!

We were going out to watch AIW - 3D.  Which is so fun to watch, and reminded us of all the Halloweeen madness from last year, esp the Red Queen and Mad Hatter.  Remember my Queen of Hearts LOTD?

That's about it, and thanks for reading!!

P/S:  There might be one more giveaway this week.  Keep posted.



November 08, 2009

Featured on Temptalia

Click here to see more.




November 01, 2009

A Ghoulish Halloween

[As I am typing this entry, I am staying home for the next and possibly tomorrow too as I am making the painful decision to put my little darling to sleep later tonight. For the past few weeks, she had been brave, she fought and struggled, but now now now, nothing will bring her back. But I know she will be in a better place soon.  Just a little update for those of you who have been so concerned, and sending me your thoughts.]


I have created a facebook album, and this is the public link, so you can see all 129 selected pictures from that night.  I can't possibly spam this entry with pictures.

For other halloween related entries, click the following:

Featured on STOMP's website

Featured on MissChievous website *she got our names wrong though. :p

preview pictures

2 deadly dames makeup

Queen of Hearts makeup

halloween makeup haul and special effects

Honestly, I didn't expect this whole halloween thing to turn out so massive. It was a rather last minutre spur of the moment decision, and we just went for it.

Basically, my sisters, her friends, and myself got dressed up and decided to go all out for Halloween this year.  We have never done it before, and it was a brave attempt. Everyone chipped in with their expertise and help in getting the materials, costumes, suuplies etc.  We started preparing at about 5 ish, and didn't leave the house til 10.30pm.   Lotsa of makeup , lotsa of hair, lotsa of everything.

Our destination was Zouk, and when all 8 of us got out of the car, everyone in the costume Q let out audible gasps of 'WOW' , and it didn't help that we completely bypassed the snaking Q and went straight to the entrance and got in without having to stand in line. It was hard moving about because on top of the crowd inside, we were constantly stopped to have our pictures taken.  I think the size of our group and how we were all elaborately dressed up really made an impression.

Then we went to Clarke Quay about 1ish, and it was another photo op there.  Tourists, strangers, were all completely amazed, calling out to us and complimenting our effort and looks and the whole time we all kept our deadly faces straight, looking very aloof but gamely stopped to have our pictures taken with them.

Frankly it felt really exciting, and I guess the disguise really allowed us to act all cool and and confident, but inside we were giddy from all the attention.  :)  After parading about Clarke Quay and having BK fries and coke, we finally went home for the night.  :)

Thanks for reading~

November 01, 2009

Halloween Preview: Villainville


Took so many pictures last night, and tons of strangers took pics of the our whole entourage.  In the process of sorting out the pictures etc, but here is a teaser/ preview picture.  Full deeds of the night will be revealed in the next entry.


This is only half the party, there were 8 of us, all dressed up in similar fashion.  Can you see where we got our looks from?  My brother with the zipper look, my cousin with Misschievous' Corpse Bride look, me with the Queen of Hearts look, and my sister with a two-faced rotten look.



October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun: 2 more looks

Hi!  Another entry which I tried out some special effects stuff, one is the MAC Halloween facechart called Deadly Dame, and the other is a trick which I learnt from Michelle Phan's seductive vampire tutorial and also makeupbyrenren's half dead zombie tutorial. What is cool about the latter is that she uses toilet paper to create the scar/ flesh thingy, and since I couldn't find any wax paste from MUFE, I thought this would be a good idea to try out.  Besides, it is kind of a waste of lash glue if I want to create a huge patch of rotting skin and wounds.  As for the MAC facechart, I actually own most of the products listed, and my gf who has quite  deep  eye sockets would be perfect to recreate this look.

Pictures time!

<img src="file:///C:/Users/ng/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg" />

This is the Deadly Dame look, but I think eventually I won't draw the lines below the eyes, somehow they look 'wrong'.  I might add a bloody slash wound across the face on the actual day, and also darken the eye sockets. Hair is done by my sister, using the mask and hairpieces.

The hybrid of half dead zombie plus seductive vampire look.  I had fun making the wound!  Colors all from the 78 and 28 palettes.  They do come in handy for situations like this!

It's 9ish now at night, I am thinking of trying out one more 'gore' zipper look on my bro, but we'll see how that goes.  I think these pictures give you some clues about our costumes and persona.... Well, more images and updates etc over the weekend!  Thanks for reading!

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