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August 25, 2012

Rouge Dior Nude 459 Charnelle [Photos & Swatches]

This entry features Dior's latest range of lipsticks, called the Rouge Dior Nude (will be launched Sept 2012 - click here  and here for collection information).  The shade which I have is 459 Charnelle, a very soft natural beige shade with a hint of rosy pink.  Though in the first picture it looks rather peachy orange due to the morning sunlight.  It also has a very nice scent that I remember Dior lipsticks used to have (waaaaay long ago when their packaging was blue, and gold and all hexagonal).  Nice memories then.  :)  

The lipstick will retail for S$45 each, and comes in a total of 10 luminous shades.

Below is a more true color representation: 

There is a slight sheen to this lipstick, and it is also described as a lip blush, which means it gives your lips the more natural and enhancing look, very soft and light in the texture.  It has a semi-matte look, nothing too shiny or too creamy.  

official description

“CHARNELLE”, a coral-tinted rose: the fusion of disarming charm and absolute elegance as imagined by Monsieur Dior.

I really enjoy wearing this lipstick it is easy to pull off, something that I can just apply without looking into the mirror.  It feels very lightweight indeed, and didn't dry my lips out. 

you can see in the lip swatches how the lipstick just enhances my own lip color

and a quick look featuring this lipstick

I will be picking up another shade from this range, Grege from this collection when it launches.  

“GRÈGE”, or the flagship colour of the New Look imagined by Christian Dior in 1947, the association of nude beige and luminous grey that is oh so very Dior.


That's all, and thank you for reading :)



July 28, 2012

Burberry Beauty Light Glow 06 Tangerine [Photos & Swatches]

Let me preface this by saying, I don't need a new blush....but I think I need a Burberry blush.  It's one of those things you need to have, to complete a look.  I will be featuring some Burberry Beauty makeup soon, and I think I should complete the collection by choosing a blush which I think I would like.  It didn't help that Sabrina from The Beauty Lookbook recently posted an epic overview of all her Burberry blushes, and with more input from my girlfriend, I narrowed my choice down to either Blossom or Tangerine.  When I was in store (at Tangs Orchard), I think I Tangerine won me over with its muted neutral peachy tone.  It is a shade I could pull off no matter what eyeshadow look I am using.  

The texture, as many of you would know by now, is simply divine.  It is so soft and so light, just like the eyeshadows.  I don't think I will run out and buy more, seeing as I really don't need a new blush... but I am very very happy with my choice, and I will be featuring it in a (near) future LOTD.  

The blush retails for $61 and is made in Italy. 

you can see the soft texture of the blush

a heavy swatch and a more blended look

it is quite pigmented.

just a natural warm touch of color

The color doesn't quite match the name Tangerine - you would expect something orangey..

but this is super wearable with a soft matte finish. 


Can't wait to use it.  That's all, and thanks for looking! 

April 18, 2012

Dior Vernis 231 Bikini Nail Lacquer [Swatches & Comparisons]

It's been a busy year for Dior so far, because they keep releasing one after another pretty suckering me in shades!  I think I haven't bought a Chanel nail polish this year so far (well, excluding those in the permanent collection of course, opps!).

Bikini is part of their upcoming Summer collection which I have previously mentioned here. (link !!)

It is a salmony type of coral color, kinda like medium-rare salmon... which is a weird analogy.  It isn't bright, like Butter London's Trout Pout, it isn't straight out orangey like Dior's Rivera, and it isn't pastel orange like some of Essie's pastel corals, or Chanel's June.

Very wearable, and very on trend for this season.  The formula on this creamy shade is excellent as usual, and two coats give you full color payoff. Dior polishes usually last a good 5 days for me, without any chipping or tip wear.

The other shade from this collection is also calling out to me (Saint Tropez!!!), and I shall wait patiently for that to be available come 1 May 2012.




It is quite hard to take pictures of the color without it looking too bright, because in real life, it is slightly muted.

and you can see the muted-ness of Bikini aganist other brighter Dior polishes

(Bikini is the second one from left, fyi)

quick comparisons

and the nail wheel with other brands' coral shades

it is actually quite similar to Chanel's Orange Fizz.


That's all, and thanks for looking!


What's on your Dior Summer makeup wishlist?

July 07, 2010

Summer Blushes: Sweet Corals!

Ok this is a repost.

The previous one had a ton of spelling errors and wrong product labels.  Instead of editing it, I shall re-do the whole thing, and so here we go again.

Coral is a HUGE trend this summer!  And I have been liking it on my lips, my nails, and now of course, my blushes.  I must say the bulk of my blush stash is mainly pinks, and a growing number of bold reds and plums.  I also have a bunch of peachy ones... but I think that coral blushes are a nice combination of pinks and peachy/ orangey --- at least that's how I see it.  Almost like a cooked salmon kind of color.

So to mark this special blush trend, I shall showcase a few of my coral blushes.

Most wearable for everyday:  Mac Instant Chic -- super easy to blend, and you can be as heavy handed without going overboard.

Most POP of color: Illamasqua Hussy -- I know this falls more into the pink category, and the site describes it as a bubble gum pink.  It is also soft and creamy, and you just need a tiny amount.  This product also has impressive lasting power.

Most likely to make your cheeks POP: NARS Gilda -- As many of you have noted when my gf wears Gilda :) a true coral blush, and it has enough pink not to turn out only orangey.

And some swatches:

Ok, that's all, and I hope this is better now. 
I am just curious, when is NARS coming to Singapore, if ever at all?  All those talk and rumors earlier seems rather certain, and til now, no news.  :(

Thanks for looking.


July 02, 2010

Product Feature: Eyeko Nail Polish and Graffiti Eyeliner Pen

Hi everyone,

I got this neat package in the mail today from Eyeko!  I am quite excited to receive them, because I have often checked out their website, and hankering after the nail polishes. I have a couple of their Fat Balms which I purchased when I was in London 2 years back.

Anyway, Eyeko "means LOVE in Japanese and is started by Max and Nina Leykind in London in 2000.  Some of their best-selling products include the 3 in 1 eye cream, nail polish, and also the grafitti eyeliner pens.

Let's take a closer look at what I got.

The Eyeko 'Graffiti Eyeliner Pen' is a felt-tip liquid liner, I got it in Natural Brown.  The tip is very sharp which makes it easy to control the application and how thick you want your lines to be.  It is supposed to be smudge-proof, fade-proof and long lasting.  I will test this liner out tomorrow, and post an LOTD or something. :)

It is also available in Navy Blue, Fierce Purple and Jet Black.


Next, are three nail polishes, and I got them in Coral, Posh and Tea Rose. I have swatched all of them, and they apply very creamy and 2 coats give you true color.  The brush is also very smooth, and the color is true to how it looks in the bottle.  I also like the firm brush, and it is not flimsy despite the skinny bottle.  I also think the label is also cute on the bottles... they are all different!  These are also LE shades, so grab the whole set if you are interested!  Click HERE to shop.


It is not as neon shown in the the picture, but I would say it is an orangey red, a vermilion color. Think OPI's Atomic Orange which I showed recently.

Tea Rose

I think this is a muted pink color though it looks slightly brighter in real life. Very wearable! It looks like a cream version of OPI Japanese Tea Garden which I have shown here.

And my fave, Posh!

I know many of you would be thinking You Don't Know Jacques, etc etc all the greige colors. Posh is a lighter and milkier toned greige.  Posh is very taupey and mauvey, so definitely not a dupe for Mink Muffs which is very brown.  It is also more taupey than Metro Chic. But it is darker and creamier than Chinchilly.

Remember this little comparison entry?  Maybe Posh looks a little like Color Club's High Society.

I will prolly take better pictures of everything when I actually wear them out or something.  I hope this has been helpful, if you are thinking about getting Eyeko products!

Just a note on shipping:

  1. International orders outside of UK and EU will be shipped by Royal Mail Airsure at a nominal charge of US$7.50. You can track your package 24 hours after you have received the tracking number and follow your parcels progress all the way!
  2. All orders over US$55.00 will be shipped for FREE using Royal Mail Airsure.


p/s: I was sent Eyeko products to try out.  All opinions expressed are my own honest ones.


June 17, 2010

Nails Story: Hot Pink Summer Nails Swatch Fest!

Hi hi,  today seems to be a nail polish spam day... I just was in the mood to play around with all the colors... and just compare them.

p/s in case anyone is wondering the little compact case in the above pictures is a mirror compact which the  bro got for me during his recent Korean trip! Woots!

I read the comments for the coral/ orange swatch fest, and it seems like hot pink is a fave summer color, and in the previous nail swatch entry, both the hot pink colors were popular too.

Sugar High does not picture well here, it looks very red, but in real life is true to the color in the bottle.

One of my all time fave hot pink.

Super impressed by this candy hot pink color~ I haven't used Sugar High before!!  Opps!!!

What are your fave pinks from this entry?  :)

If you have any color suggestions leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for looking!

June 16, 2010

Nails Story: Corals & Oranges Swatch Fest!

Hi hi,

I seem to be accumulating quite a stash of corals and oranges kind of color lately.  I think I am always wanting to look out for the perfect shade of coral, or orange, but they always turn out to be too bright, or too red, or too watever, and this is what I end up with.    Corals/ Orange nails are great for summer, nice pop of color on both your finger and toe nails.

First, we have a blindingly neon Japanese Koi from China Glaze, it is slightly 'see-through' but the color runs opaque after 3 even coats.   The picture is showing it more red though.

Next, this is China Glaze's How Street It Is, which seems like an exact dupe for Japanese Koi, except that it is not so kah-pow neon, but still a bright deep orange, and it is also slightly thicker in texture than Japanese Koi.  2 coats should give you a true opaque finish.

Just a comparison of the two colors side by side.

Here, we have OPI's Atomic Orange.  This is a pretty intense color.  It is not  so bright like Koi or Street.... and maybe less red as well.   And how cute is the name?

Chanel's Orange Fizz has a pink undertone, and I think the pink tone makes this a 'coral' type of color?  Very soft and vibrant colour.  I believe this is a permanent Chanel color, in case anyone is interested in getting this.

China Glaze's Peachy Keen is very hard to photograph.  It is actually more pinkish in real life.  A pretty hard color to pull off, even on my nails... and I think I can usually wear anything on my nails without my skincolor looking 'off'.

Next, we have Essie's Haute as Hello, which is from their Summer 2010 collection.  I got this in Hong Kong... it is supposed to be a matte shade but not as matte as the OPI shades... I feel like this is a 'matte' version of Chanel's Orange Fizz.   I think I will be wearing this on my hands next.

Another Essie color, very pretty, light and creamy color, Van D' Go.  A soft pinky peach colour.  The consistency of this color is also very smooth, and 2 coats will give you true opaque color.

Lastly, we have a true orange color, from the LA Girls matte range called  Matte Orange.  To be honest, I have not used any of the LA girls colors and I feel really bad about them... I just don't reach for them, though I dunno why.   The color is lighter in real life than the picture shows.

What are your favourite summer nail colors?  And which are your favourites from these shown?

Hope this has been helpful --- my description is very mediocre, but at least the pictures are more helpful?

Thanks for looking!

May 19, 2010

LOTD: Applying & Blending Cream Products (feat Maquillage Stick Foundation & MUFE products)

OK, this entry will feature all the products which were mentioned in THIS haul entry.. mainly the MUFE products which I bought yesterday.   A few of you are curious about the application and texture of the Aqua creams and HD blusher, so I thought I would do a super quick look with the products.  I am not a professional, obviously, and I am just sharing with you how I would use the cream products.

At the same time, I am also trying out the Maquillage foundation and blending it using my fingers instead of a brush.  Note that in this look, I am not going to set my foundation at all---- in line with the whole cream/ dewy look.   I am keep powder products to a minimum here.

Step ONE: Already applied foundation and concealer.  Everything blended out with my fingers.  I am only concealing my dark eye circles and not the blemish spots -- too lazy for that.  The concealer I am using is the MUFE No1 palette.

I pumped the HD blush on my finger tips and dotted it all over the area of the cheeks I want the color.  I can be more generous with the amount I used, cos it is such a natural flush color.  Then I spread it out lightly, and then rub gently into my cheeks.  Easy!

STEP TWO.  Applying the Aqua Cream.  I used mainly my finger tips again, and then blended it out with a MAC 226 for more precision.  I am using mainly the #15 all over the lids and #14 just a little on the crease.   I did not use any base like TFSI.  Seriously, it blends so easily, and the finish is just like any look you would get with an eyeshadow.  LOVE this product.  Can you imagine popping it into your bag and doing your MU anytime, you know, like if you have no time to do your makeup, and want to do it when you reach your office or something.. or when you are travelling you don't want to risk breaking your powder eyeshadows in transit etc etc.

UPDATE: I am touching my eyelids now, and it doesn't feel creamy, or sticky..... and so I think that it is unlikely to crease at all.

STEP THREE: Applying the lip color.  Pretty much self explantory in the pictures shown below.. and I tried out two lipsticks for effect.  I know many of us are nude/natural lipstick fans, so I tried one end result with GOSH Darling, and the other one for my 'summer trend' bright lipstick end result.


On  the rest of the eyes, I used a brown liner, applied false lashes, and also smudged a little Aqua Cream #15 under my eyes for subtle definition of the eye-shape.  The only powdery stuff I used is some MAC Solar White e/s on the browbone to highlight.   I also used whatever is remaining on the smudgy brush to fill in my brows quickly.

Yes, I am wearing Geo Lenses in this entry!  Thanks to Amy again, for helping me order!  :)

Well, that wraps up this entry, and I hope it has been helpful to you!

Thanks for reading.

May 09, 2010

LOTD: Subtle Smokey Eyes with MAC Melon Pigment, and a few more goodies!!


This my LOTD.  I love the combination of eyeshadows here.   I applied MAC Melon Pigment (thanks to Kas for giving me a sample!) all over the lids using my Sonia Kasuk brush (after I primed my lids with TFSI).  Then I used my MAC 226 brush to apply MAC Buckwheat e/s on both the outer and inner corner.  I blended everything with a MAC 224 brush, so you can't really see the different patches of colours.  But the end results is a subtle smokey eyes.

Since this is for work, and I just slap on the liner, and left out the lashes.

I am also liking my new lipstick combination!!  A nice nude peachy coral shade.   I am using Illamasqua Sonnet Lipstick (which is matte and a little drying), and Maquillage's PK715 on top for a subtle sheen.

And I also like my cheeks combindation!!  I used MAC's Joie-du-Voire (whatever the spelling) cream blush, and then MAC Instant Chic on top.

I used a new face primer in this entry, but I shall ramble about all that in a later entry this week.  I think I should even do weekly favourite products!  Cos I rotate my stuff so much, my faves change all the time.  I might also do a more detailed step-by-step entry for this LOTD (no promises! I realised whenever I 'promise' I always end up not blogging about it! Opps!)

And I twittered about  my nails last night, a few of us (Kim, Sarah, Amy) we were all twittering about our nail colors and designs, so I thought I would post a couple of picturs here.

I use OPI Black Onyx as base, and the Majorca Majorca glitter polish which I got from the door gift bag (from the event I went to last week).

Love this combi, as I have not done a French Tip in a long time -- too lazy.

I am totally lemming this pair of shades (by Grey Ant).  I think it is USD$280+ Yay, or Nay?  Kinda reminds me of the Prada ones, but I tried them at the store before, the Prada shades don't fit my face good.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this LOTD entry, and thanks for reading!

December 27, 2009

Nails Story - Chanel's Orange Fizz

So I bought this nail polish yesterday... I like Chanel nail polish.. they are very smooth.  I usually get the LE ones, such as the silver one from their 2007 Spring/Summer range, or the Blue Satin..

The color I would be wearing on my nails for the next few days is Orange Fizz.  It is quite orangey, but not neon orange like CG's Japanese Koi, or OPI's Atomic Orange..or CG's How Street is it.... the list goes on...me likey.

Note:  I didn't actually pay the full $32 for this nail polish...(you know the usual voucher, and rebates $$) and so I paid $10... which is more reasonable.  :)

And I saw in the news earlier this evening, there is a report about nail polishes (in Taiwan?) that contains harmful chemicals that if you inhale the fumes too much, you will get cancer or something, and manicurists are advised to wear face masks etc.... well, they didn't mention brands, or is it made in china brands or watever... surely our OPI, CG are safe from such harm, right?  And for the crazy prices I paid for my Chanel nail polishes, I went to check the boxes and labels... and felt a little comforted in knowing they are 'made in France', hopefully they are not so hazardous?  Geesh.  And I asked Sara to smell the Chanel nail polish remover yesterday...cos there is a very nice scent... :p

The colors are also more vibrant in real life than the soft glow effect shown in this picture.

Thanks for reading!

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