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December 09, 2013


This entry will focus on the overview and comparison swatches of all the 3 URBAN DECAY NAKED palettes.  Firstly, in terms of quality, all are equally good, I won't say that one is better than the other.  Sure, there are a couple of shades in each palette that are more prone to fallout, but this is consistent across all of them, and if you are familiar with UD shadows you will know that they are all intensely pigmented, but some of the more shimmery shades are prone to fallouts... just like most other brands.  

Urban Decay has strike the right (neutral) chord in makeup lovers everywhere.. with their NAKED range, which has quickly expanded to base products (love their NAKED foundation, found their NAKED bb cream greasy and icky though), nail polishes (which I skipped), eyeshadows and also cheek palette!  I think that the NAKED family completes the UD aesthetics - they do crazy colors impressively and they also rule the neutrals.  So anyway, here's the comparison, and I hope you find it helpful! 

Detailed swatches of NAKED3 here - link link link 

<strong>NAKED - 12 <span style="font-size: 1em;">gorgeous bronze-hued neutrals

</span>NAKED 2 - 12 taupe-hued neutrals.</strong>

NAKED 3 - Experiment with 12 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals—from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with rosy red micro-glitter.

Here are some detailed swatches: 

I think  the different undertones of the palettes are pretty obvious,  NAKED1 is quite golden bronzey, NAKED2 is quite a mixture of both warm and cool (I don't think it is ALL cool toned), and finally the NAKED 3 which is clearly more pink (which gradually becomes darker and warmer towards the end). 

and one more to juxtapose all three: 

A lovely reader recently asked if I would be reviewing/ comparing the NAKED3 palette, and I am glad to provide this little comparison here.  There are certainly better pics out there (just check out the YT gurus like xSparkage, Temptalia etc)... but here's just my two cents worth. 

The important question is, do you need the NAKED3 palette?  If you already have the previous two, do you need this latest one?  Do you need?  Maybe not.  Do you want? Most probably yes. 

For me, they are all different, as already stated in the description of each palette.  

Here's the situation:  If you have already bought the first two palettes, like myself, from a couple of years back... I think adding this one more shouldn't make much of a difference, you get an extended variety of neutrals, and secretly you know you want to complete the collection, right?  It is not like I bought all three at one go (which would cost a total of $250 at one go, sounds crazy yah?)   Think about it, each of the NAKED palette costs about $85-88, which actually makes it the same price point as a CHANEL quad.. that contains....yup, 4 colors.  And you are getting 12 beautiful, quality eyeshadows here. 

But, if you don't have any of the NAKED palettes, and you are standing there at Sephora, you can't decide, which ONE should you get?  Then you have to consider which is your style and preference.  Personally for me, I think that the most versatile palette is the NAKED2.  It has some warm and also cool toned neutrals.  If you don't really care which is warm or cool, I guess any of these NAKED palettes would totally suit you.  All are extremely wearable, and extremely versatile. If you want a casual light makeup look, just use the lighter shades.  If you want to go all out and create dramatic looks, you can do all that cut crease, smokey eyes using the contrasting colors in each palette.  Yes, the hype will make you want to run out to Sephora and be the first to grab the palette, but but but, note, all NAKED palettes are permanent... and you can take your time to pick and decide (while they restock in the meantime).  See, the voice of reason still remains in me!  :p

I haven't actually used the NAKED3 yet, and I hope to do one look with it today...so I will post it asap when I am done.  

If you want to hear a very technical review of the NAKED3 palette, especially the shades description, do check out xSparkage's video on it. 

<strong>When you can get the NAKED3 palette - 

The palette officially goes on sale on the 12th of December 2013 at all Sephora stores, however, Sephora will be having a presale event on the 11th of December 2013 only at Sephora ION from 7pm onwards. There will be GWPs tied to those who are the first 3 customers in line and the first 50 customers in line as well as White Card Members as shown below:

Be the first 3 in line to purchase a NAKED 3* palette and walk away with a NAKED Vault, a limited edition set containing the NAKED, NAKED 2 and NAKED 3 palettes for the perfect 3some! What's more, be the first 50 in line at Sephora ION to purchase a NAKED 3* palette and stand to receive a complimentary deluxe-sized gift* from Urban Decay! Exclusively for White Card Members, enjoy a complimentary Urban Decay Lip Junkie* with purchase of a NAKED 3* palette (*While stocks last, first-come, first-served basis; stocks may be depleted fast).</strong>

Leave your comments/ questions below! 

Hope this is useful, and thanks for looking! 

June 11, 2013

Chanel Le Vernis Taboo [Swatches & Comparisons]

Hi hi!!

Finally, Taboo is here... after a few months of looking around, and detecting its presence at our local counters.  Thanks to MabelI managed to get it when I was totally stuck at work everyday the past week.  It is a brilliant shade of deep metallic purple base, with multi color shimmer bits of red, purple and some blue.  Some of the larger sparkling bits actually do show up after application.  It is perfectly oqaque in two coats.  I am very happy to add this to my collection. 

I am also receiving many requests to review the Chanel Les Beiges collection, which is currently available at the ION and MBS chanel stores, but will be available at all Chanel counters over this weekend.  I will be waiting a while to get the Les Beiges...and will definitely post my review and thoughts once I am done.  Meanwhile Mable has a very comprehensive overview of the collection, so be sure to check out her blog and YT channel!

Close ups:


The inevitable comparison to Malice - one of my fave Chanel polishes - 

Actually, I think I might prefer Malice - the smooth intense formula and that rich red.. 
Taboo might be in the same famliy of deep rich metallic purples like Illamasqua Baptise and NARS Purple Rain.

Hope this entry has been helpful, and thanks for looking!

March 21, 2013

NARS Spring 2013: Seduction Blush & Dressed to Kill Lipstick [Swatches & Comparisons]

Hi hi!  

I got 2 items from the NARS Spring 2013 collection to show you today.  For collection information and more swatches, click on this entry.  The collection has been out for some time, and feature some very gorgeous and bold eye colors.  But I am trying to stay away from stuff I wouldn't be using (do I need 5 green/ blue eyeshadows?) and pick up MORE stuff which I know I would use more often.  I can always justify another red lipstick (top excuse - my sis is always wearing them anyway) or another blush (when you just have base and blush only on most days, blush suddenly becomes the focus of your face, after the brows). </p> <p>The lipstick in dressed to kill was given to me during the NARS preview and it is a fuchsia red with gold shimmer.  It has a satin finish. 
I am sorry I don't have actual looks with both products (shock horror, no lip swatches too!), but I will try to post a quick look over this weekend! 

A comparison with Joyous Red (from Fall 2011 I think) which is also a reddish lipstick with gold shimmer.  Of course, they are not dupes, but just to show you the finish and texture.. Joyous Red is also one of my fave reds of all time. 

As you can see, the gold shimmer is hardly visible when swatched, and also when applied on the lips.  There is a slight sheen, but nothing that screams glittery, which I really appreciate.  

Dressed to Kill is quite on the cooler side of the red spectrum, so if you are wary about this type of red, do try it out in store! 

Next, is the blush in Seduction - I knew I wanted it the minute I saw images and information online.  On the NARS site, it is described as a Sangria shade which is a deep wine color.  There is a also a sheen to ths blush, a bold shade certainly.  I ordered mine from SAKS.COM during the CNY period when they were offering free intl shipping (cos I had also wanted to restock my NARS ORAN candle).

I am glad I ordered this blush.  It is a deep berry shade, and very intense.   Best applied with a light hand, definitely. 

I had to compare Seduction to Mounia which is one of my earliest NARS blushes, and long since discontinued.  Both are rather intense reds, but nothing bright in the same family of their infamous Exhibit A. 
Both has that sheen, and fine smooth texture. 

Mounia is warmer, and redder while Seduction has a more rosy berry tone to it. 

Here in this pic you can see the nuances of the two blushes better - 

L - Seduction
R - Mounia 

What did you get from the NARS SS2013 collection?  Please share!

Hope this has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

December 24, 2012

Illamasqua Sophie Powder Blush & all my Illamasqua blushers swatched!

I had ordered Illamasqua's Sophie blush online sometime back... a long long time back. Out of the 17 blushers they listed on their site, I have accumulated 12 Illamasqua blushers over the years, with a couple which are probably discontinued.  I will be showing you all swatches at the end of this entry. 

I love Illamasqua blushers because they are extremely pigmented, and they are very long lasting. Most of their blushers are matte - I only have 2 shimmering blushers from them - including Sophie.  The other one is Ambition.   I think I prefer their matte blushes - they blend into the skin beautifully, and even the palest pink shows up intensely on me. 

SOPHIE is described as a Golden Coral Shimmer.  The shimmer bits are more obvious in the pan and they don't really translate onto your skin.  Unless you pile on a lot of the blush - but then the coral would be too much... so when you apply this lightly, the shimmer bits don't actually get picked up.  

how it looks like overall - note you just need the tiniest amount when using these extremely pigmented blushers.

<strong>and an armful of all my illamasqua blushes and one lone bronzer swatched - 


close up by sections - 

Tweak - deep hot pink

Panic - true red (discontinued)

Ambition - neutral brown pink, shimmer

Sophie - golden coral, shimmer

Lover - Soft Apricot 

Tremble - Soft lilac pink 

Chased - Bright rose pink 

Hussy - Bright candy pink 

Bronzer Writhe -  Golden tan 

Rumor - Soft matte brown, contour shade

Katie (one of my faves!) - Soft Candy Pink

Naked Rose (one of my faves!) - Natural beige Pink 

Hope you find these swatches helpful, and thanks for reading!


September 25, 2012

Nails Story: Some Color Comparisons

Hi hi!

This is a random entry comparing a few sets of similar nail polishes I have in my stash. And also to show off the amazing quality of my iphone5 which I bought yesterday (I got a 64GB, Black one, and for less than $2 LOL LOL LOL) so anyway, all the pictures in this entry and the next are taken with my iphone5.  So happy that it is able to capture the shimmer and shine of all the different colors!  Totally can use it during events, and take lots of awesome pictures, and with my bottomless pit of the storage...woots!  I didn't think it was possible to make a better camera than the iphone4, but it is possible.. and I am still really impressed, and just super happy with my new phone. 

So anyway... yes, first up, we have a pair of bright reddish orange - one from Deborah Lippmann Lara's Dream and Chanel's Holiday.  I recently purchased Holiday - and then I realised, oh man, it is so similar to Lara's Dream.  Not sure if it is apparent in the picture, but Holiday is slightly redder.  I also prefer the formula of Holiday. 

The angle in this picture makes the two look like total dupes.  Well, I would say that they are 95% dupes.

Next, this set of comparisons, I gotten a couple of questions from girls asking how the Chanel Delicatesse compares to the Essie and the OPI shade. So here they are. 

Essie All Tied Up - pinker and contains tiny tiny gold shimmer 

Chanel Delicatesse - Creamy, browner

OPI Schapps Out of It! - Brighter than Delicatesse, contains very very tiny silver sheen 

And here we have the greys, my fave comparison!  

Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather - Dark warm grey

NARS Galion - Blackened mysterious grey

NARS Storm Bird - Pearlie looking medium rich grey

YSL Stormy Grey - Medium cool toned grey with a subtle sheen 

Current Fave is Storm Bird 

The dark purples - all Chanel.   (2 coats, no topcoat)

Paradoxal - brownish purple with a super pretty purple-y sheen

Provocation - Creamy berry purple 

Rouge Noir - Blackened red purple, the darkest of all

Hope you find this entry helpful!

Thanks for looking!

September 21, 2012

Comparison of Chanel & Dior Taupe Brown Vernis

Hi hi!

Just a quick comparison and overview of my Chanel & Dior taupe brown nail polish.  I have accumulate a bunch of these in my stash for the past couple of years from various collections, and so I will quickly show you them side by side.

First off, these I often find these colors very easy to wear, they might look boring to some people, but I personally think that they are more 'classic' than the typical reds and pinks.  They (like the nudes) don't clash with your outfit, and don't take unnecessary attention away from your accessories and outfit. Whenever I wear a taupe brown (browny nude/ beige) you know, the more tanned nudes, I always get compliments and questions on what shade I am wearing.  OPIs and Essies have several dupes too...but that's another story altogether. 

The shades featured in this entry, and their availability

1. Chanel Particuliere - Permanent

2. Dior Trench - current season, Dior Nudeskin launch

3. Chanel Khaki Rose - Chanel's FNO special collection from 2 years aho

4. Dior Dune - Current season, Dior Nudeskin launch

5. Dior Bengale - current season, from Dior Golden Jungle collection 

6. Chanel Khaki Brun - same as Khaki Rose


Formula on all these is fantastic, I have showed them with 2 even coats, no topcoat, and pictures are taken when the polish is semi-wet, which explains the ultra high shine. 

First set of comparisons - the lighter browns, in particular Dior Trench and Chanel Khaki Rose.

I had first thought that Trench and Particuliere would be a total dupe of each other.. but Trench is slightly paler.  Khaki Rose is warmer in tone.  Dior Grege (not featured) is way paler, so I didn't include in this entry.  Dior Dune is the darkest among all I am comparing.

another angle to show you the nuances of each shade

Just Khaki Rose & Trench.

Second set with the darker taupe browns.   Khaki Brun contains some olive green tones, Dior Bengale is browner than Dune which looks more cool toned, even a bit of purpley undertone in shown in the pictures.  

I think they are all different, but of course, I would consider them to be in the same family, and if you have a favourite, you defintely don't need to own all of them. 

a last group shot!


I hope you find this helpful....and thanks for reading!

July 28, 2012

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense - My Current Collection & Comparisons

Hi hi!

As mentioned in this entry, I will be doing an overview - seeing as I think I have more or less completed my collection so far, I think I already have all the colors which I wanted, and unless there is a new collection coming - these 13 gorgeous pots will keep me happy for a long time to come. 

I first came across the ETKs when they first launched in Hong Kong early last year.  Started with 2, and gradually throughout the year, I purchased more and more during my travels and when kind friends helped with ordering and purchasing.  The quality of the ETKs are amazing, and the colors are intense and long lasting.  I normally use them dry, with a fluffy brush like the MAC 217.  There is a little fallout, but it isn't very serious, and you can easily just sweep off any bits with a powder brush.  I like to use the darker blackish shades as a base to make a pale eyeshadow look pow-wow, as shown in this tutorial HERE. 

Product Description

This innovative hybrid texture, which is not a powder, nor a cream acts like a smooth, lasting color film. Each shade is intensified with a second pigment for a multi-dimensional effect. In just one swoop, create a wet, shimmering smokey eye. Base color covers eyelid, and second pigment adds drama to the contour. 

The technology: Color-FilTM,  for the first time in an eyeshadow. A new high resistance bi-polymer enables the formula to perfectly fit the color to the eyelid with cushiony suppleness, for a never seen comfortable long wear.

Twenty four hour color wear, crease proof, flake proof, waterproof and sweat-proof,  Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadows slide on, stay on, but wipe off in an instant. Apply wet or dry with fingers or the Armani large eye contour brush.

My ETK Collection

Left to Right

Row 1 #02 Lust Red, #03 Purpura, #04 Pulp Fiction, #05 Gold Blitz

Row 2 #06 Khaki Pulse #09 Rock Sand

Row 3 #13 Black #15 Cooper Black #17 Silver 

Row 4 #21 Obsidian Grey, #24 Smokey Cooper, #27 Oxidised Silver, #28 Rose Platine

#09 was gifted to me during an Armani event,

#17 is LE from last Christmas collection,

#21 is LE from the Bronze summer collection

#24, #27, #28 are LE from the latest Aqua Collection

Row 1 #02 Lust Red, #03 Purpura, #04 Pulp Fiction, #05 Gold Blitz

Row 2 #06 Khaki Pulse #09 Rock Sand

Row 3 #13 Black #15 Cooper Black #17 Silver 

Row 4 #21 Obsidian Grey, #24 Smokey Cooper, #27 Oxidised Silver, #28 Rose Platine

not going to crowd the pic with ample shade names annotations but here they are

Left to Right 

Row 1 - #13, #24, #15, #02 

Row 2 - #03, #27, #04, #09, #38, #05

Row 3 - #21, #17, 07

Row 3 is the sort of random ones... 

Row 1 are the blackish tinged ones 

Row 2 we have the reddish taupey shades, and the golden metallic browns

As you can clearly see, none of them are really the same, and none of them look the same when applied on my eyes. 

Left to Right 

Row 1 - #13, #24, #15, #02 

Row 2 - #03, #27, #04, #09, #38, #05

Row 3 - #21, #17, 07

and one with annotations, in case you want to save the image in your camera roll for easy reference :)


Sabrina from The Beautylookbook has an excellent comparison entry here

Iris from Rouge Deluxe has a very informative comparison entry here too

and to see all of my eyes to kill related entries, click here

Honestly, if I have to only keep one type of eyeshadow products, I will keep all of my ETKs.   

Shall end this entry with some sneak peek pictures of a special Giorgio Armani press event I attended earlier in the week. 

It was a lovely and elegant afternoon, totally enjoyed the good company, and basking in all the new upcoming fall makeup pieces.

The event was for their new Maestro foundation.  

I will be featuring this new foundation in a couple of weeks. 

Hope this entry has been helpful, and thank you for reading! 

July 01, 2012

NARS Purple Rain Nail Polish [Swatches & Comparisons]

I purchased NARS Purple Rain in TW, and it is a gorgeous metallic rich purple, that leans slightly warmer, but yet not a plum shade.  You will see that, in the comparison pictures, I can't seem to get enough of this type of color. 

The consistency on this polish is awesome, it is almost a one-coater (like most of my NARS polishes, actually) and it is super smooth.  The multi-color shimmer is quite visible, even in the shade.  This color is very flattering on my skintone, and I love this both on my fingers and toes. 

I seem to be posting nothing but nail polish entries lately....and I have plenty of makeup stuff to showcase, but at the moment, I am in the mood to play around with my new colors.  I haven't been wearing makeup very often lately, and so photo opportunities are harder to come by.  But we will get them up soon! 

Here you can see the shimmers bits...it's gorgeous. 


it is very very close to Illamasqua Baptiste (which is just a tiny bit cooler in toned) I would say they are 95% match!

That's all, and hope this is useful!

Thank you for reading!

July 01, 2012

Dior Fall 2012 Vernis 615 Bengale & 605 Amazonia [Comparisons]

Hi hi, 

I have decided to compare both the Dior polishes which I showcased in this entry, to the Chanel Les Khaki collection from 2010.  They aren't by any means dupes, but if you want some see some shade differences within the same color family, or if you own the Chanel collection, this might be helpful in helping you with your future purchase. 

I also compared the duo to a couple of other nail polishes. 

Dior Bengale VS Chanel Khaki Rose & Khaki Brun

Bengale is the deepest true brown, it doesn't have that milky hue that is seen in Khaki Rose and Mink Muffs. 

another shot, in the shade

Amazonia vs other 'jungle' green

put these shades together, and you have army uniform.  hehe.

I hope these swatches have been helpful, and thanks for reading!

June 24, 2012

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #21 Obsidian Grey [Photos, Swatches & Comparisons]

This was ordered directly from Barneys.com (they are still offering free intl shipping til end of the month, hurry up!).  Recently (is it for summer?) Giorgio Armani released a collection of 4 new shades of these ETKs, and of them all, Obsidian Grey caught my eyes - Obsidian Black was totally tempting me, but after seeing swatches and comparisons online, it looks too much of just a black for me to get it (and also considering that I already own 02 Lust Red and 13 Black, I don't need another black variety). 

Obsidian Grey is a beautiful dark metallic grey that is shot through with specks of teal, blue, green and some pink/purple bits.  It catches the light wonderfully, and is one of the more dimensional shades of the ETK range - they are all quite multi-dimensional but this is especially so.  I am glad I bought this.  It would make for a great smokey eyelook just on its own, and darken on the outer corners with #13 Black. 

product description:

The formula is composed of an unprecedented association between binder elements and pearls that creates an exceptional luminosity depth and intensity of the eye color. Twenty four hour color wear, waterproof and sweat-proof, the Eyes to Kill eyeshadows slide on, stay on but wipe off in an instant. Applied wet or dry with fingers or a brush, the Color-Fil color matrix blend and layer endlessly without creasing or flaking.


swatches in direct sunlight & indoor shade


Each ETK is unique in its distribution of colors, especially when you get those with 2 distinct shades in one pot, for example, #4 Pulp Fiction has a combination of red & dark grey hues, and some pots might have more red than grey, resulting in an overall pinkier/redder appearance, while others are mostly a grey metallic shade. The same goes for #3 Purpura, a combo of gold and purple. So, in comparing Pulp Fiction and Obsidian Grey - it really depends on each individual pot that you already own.  I think mine has quite a balanced combo of the red/pink shade and the grey shade, so the overall effect is quite a warm toned dark grey.  It is certainly nowhere near a dupe next to Obsidian Grey. 

I have placed Obsidian Grey together with a few grey/silver types for comparison's sake, so you get an idea of the different textures and finishes. 

The good thing is, ETKs are now readily available at our local DFS, so if you want a first hand swatch, you don't have to go overseas, or depend on photo swatches.  There is nothing quite like being able to play with them in person. I fell in love with them since the whole range first launched in March last year, and til now these are still the staples in my stash for whenever I want a fail-proof eyemakeup look. 

Hope this has been helpful, 

and thanks for looking!

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