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About Me

My name is Sophia, and I am in my early 30s. I am from Singapore and I am the sole writer of this blog.

About this Blog

I started this blog in 2006, I like to use a wide range of brands though I seem to have a growing preference for higher-end brands in recent years. I also like to share interesting things I have come across about makeup and beauty.

Currently The Makeup Blogette receives 39,000 unique views monthly or 2,238,932 views and counting.

My Makeup Style

I like classic looks (neutral tones on eyes, anything goes for lips & cheeks), though occasionally I try out dramatic/ statement looks.  I believe that a flawless base is the key to achieving great makeup looks.  I also believe that if you don't have great skin to start with, fake it with a good foundation routine, and even greater skincare.  I am currently loving Clarins & Lancome skincare products, and Vichy NormaDerm for tackling with breakouts.

What Cameras do I use?

Most of the pictures you see in post 2010 entries are taken with my Canon G-11.  Previously I was using Canon Ixus 80.  I do post some pictures which are taken with my iphone4 which I will state in that particular entry.  I have stopped watermarking my pictures as of 2011, because I think watermarks are ugly in general, and does not prevent people from stealing my pictures if they wish to.  I just take it as a compliment that my pictures are even worth stealing in the first place. I might look into getting a Canon EOS next year, not just for blogging purposes, but I also like photography in general.

My Favourite Makeup Brand(s)

It is hard to name just one, but I like NARS, Chanel, Illamasqua and the ocasional Guerlain, Dior & Urban Decay item.  I own quite a stash of MAC items, but recently I have stopped catching up with their collections, and I much prefer to splurge on a few really outstanding items.

Where to find me

Twitter (link button above!)  Email (stated above!)  Instagram (makeup_blogette)

I have no official Facebook fan page, and currently have no intention to start one at all.  The Makeup Blogette remains my personal hobby and property, so as such, I don't believe in having a Facebook fanpage for it.

Final Disclaimer

I bought/ paid for all of the products mentioned in this blog. I am not affliated to any company. If certain products are sent to me for review purposes, I will say so and express my honest opinions about them. In any case, I will only review and showcase the products which I have personally tried and tested, and enjoy using. I do not get paid to review anything.

No ads, no paid links etc please.  I am in charge of all content and pictures here.

I am not a makeup artist, nor do I have any professional training in makeup.




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    April 17, 2014

    LOTD & Application: YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush!

    Hi hi!!

    So this is such an overdue entry, I had pictures for these ready to go, but kept forgetting in the midst of my backlog and loss of mojo for a few weeks - I think this is how I am going to start my next few entries, please bear with me.  Hope you find them helpful nonetheless! 

    So here's a recap of the swatches of these YSL goodies, and a more detailed feature entry is up here - click click

    In this entry, I have used No 4 on my lips, and No 2 on my cheeks as blush.  I will be showing you the application process. 

    Because of the air-whipped formula, I decided to try this over my face which has already been set with powder.  I figure that it should sit well over (instead of the traditional way of cream on cream, then set with powder method) - and I am glad to say that applying the YSL Kiss & Blush over powdered skin did not cause any cakiness nor patchiness at all.  I started by dotting the product in the general area where I want the color to spread, then I use a synthetic buffing brush to LIGHTLY blend and even out the dots. The result is a soft diffused color that did not emphasise my pores.  And it dries/ sets nicely so I would say as a blush this lasted me a good 6 hours before some fading happened.

    Of course, you can always build up the colour intensity and add more if desired. 

    Here's an overall look.  Because I did this a few weeks back... I forgot what exactly I used (pretty sure it's a YSL combo cos I like to matchy matchy as far as brands are concerned - Touche Eclat liquid foundie plus the compact to set, and I think I used Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette).  

    Bottomline:  This is a great extension to the YSL lippy range, and something that packs more if you aren't a fan of their powder blushes (which I think could be softer) and more versatile than their current cream blush pots.  The color range is impressive, and you will be sure to find something you fancy!   p/s shu uemura has their gelato in tint (also lip and cheek multi-purpose colors) which have been launched and which I have been loving as well... very similar in terms of formula I must say.  I will be featuring those shortly too! 

    Have a fabulous long weekend!   See you soon! 

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    January 31, 2014

    YSL La Laque Couture Spicy Collection [Photos & Swatches]

    YSL will launch La Laque Couture Spicy Collection which features 5 new shades and an extremely brilliant top coat which can give a glamorous look to any nail polish.  I will be sharing with you swatches of the entire collection in this entry. 

    YSL La Laque Couture Spicy Collection

    • 41 Eau de Rose - pale beigy nude, two coats, not streaky at all. I like the pastel peachy undertone.
    • 42 Safran Sultan - mustard spicy yellow, slightly muted
    • 43 Opulente Cannelle - rose wood shade, very universally flattering.
    • 44 Ambre Gingembre - I call this the curry shade, a warm ginger latte type color.  Very interesting, very unique.
    • 45 Piment D'Ailleurs - pink deep rose red, again, very flattering across different skintones.
    • 46 Poivre Noir - deep darken red with just a tiny hint of purple
    • 47 Feuille d’Or (Top Coat) - a golden broken glass bits effect, quite smooth, and buildable to your preferred density

    All colors are shown without topcoat and basecoat.  Two coats for each color, and one coat of 47 Feuille d’Or  on the accent nails.

    The formula on all the color shades are very smooth, and glossy. 

    Hope you find these helpful, and thanks for looking!!

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    September 28, 2013

    Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen [YSL, Sulwhasoo & Biore]

    Hur hur on the cheesy entry title, I know... but whenever I think of sunscreens, this Baz Luhrman song comes to my mind.

    Just a quick entry to share with you 3 sunscreens I am rotating and using.  Sunscreens these days serve a variety of function, not just to protect your skin against the harmful sun damage, but also act as a makeup base, even out your skintone, keep the oil at bay and so on.  I have recently been using (not at the same time) these 3 sunscreens and I have been loving them for all different purposes, because, obivously they are all very different.  I group them loosely into the sunscreen category, because one can point out that the Sulwhasoo is technically a BB cream - but they all contain 50SPF PA+++ which is why I am going to talk about all of them in this entry. 

    Here's my overview of each of the sunscreens: 

    YSL UV Shield (guessing this to be in the $70 range):  I have this for sometime before I started using it around 3 weeks back.  It is a clear base, very heavily scented and the formula is quite creamy & emolient (note: not heavy).  I like to use this as a sunscreen/ makeup base.  It helps all other foundations I use over it even easier to apply, and it helps my skin feel hydrated the whole day.  I just wish the scent isn't so strong though, but other than that, I love this YSL UV Shield.  And extra bonus - it also contains anti pollution properties that guards the skin from daily urban aggressors. 

    Sulwhasoo Snowise BB Base (got this at Duty Free, around $60 ish):  You know I love the Snowise range, and this extension to the range is just perfect.  The same soothing slightly herbal scent is just awesome, and as a BB cream it gives rather sheer coverage (great for good skin days actually) but usually I would apply my foundation over it for more coverage.  Other than that, I think this is fantastic as a lightweight BB cream with good sun protection, and skin brightening properties. 

    Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence (around $18.90):  Another clear sunscreen, this is on the other end of the price range as compared to the YSL one. I am amazed at how quickly it absorbed into my skin, and I use this only on mornings when I need to go out of the house without any makeup, and when I go jgging.  It is so lightweight, and true to the name, it does not feel oily/ creamy at all.  I think this is great for girls with very oily complexion.  And it is really effective as a sunscreen especially for our humid weather.


    Hope this quick overview has been helpful!   It is difficult for me to comment on the exact effectiveness or go into all that technical details, but I am certain that all three I mentioned here are my current faves, so it is worthwhile to mention them and share with you, in case anyone is looking for sunscreens in general.  :)  

    Currently in a blogspam mood.... there should be more entries coming hopefully by the end of today.

    Thanks for reading!!

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    September 08, 2013

    NEW YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes [Photos & Swatches]

    It is not everyday that not one, but TEN brand new YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE GLOSSY STAIN REBEL NUDES land on your desk, all for my swatching and review pleasure.  

    I have also previously posted swatches & review of all the YSL Glossy Stains I own, in this entry here

    The Product Story: 


    A renewed promise of freshness, shine and hold.  With no undercoat and no sticky feeling.  An infusion of natural colour in a stroke, to vibrate and shine.  The radiant smile of a woman who refuses to compromise.  A battle between beige and boring. 

    2012 - Rouge Pur Couture Vernis begins to revolutionise lip makeup.  A shock signed Yves Saint Laurent.  A revelation.  Applied with a brush.  The lasting quality of a lipstain together wit the extreme shine of a gloss and the sophistication of a lipstick.  A texture even lighter than liquid silk.  Soft and shiny, fresh.  With the added value of supreme hold.  LIke a calligrapher, it meticulously defines lips with a perfect stroke of colour.  31 shades like a sublimely nuanced manifesto.  Day or night, no more taboos, no more compromises. 

    2013 - Act 2 of a major technological revolution.  For women who want to wear nude shades that are bolder, more radiant and vibrant than ever before, Yves Saint Laurent launches Rouge Pur Couture Vernis Rebal Nudes.  Luminescent lip colour thanks to an exclusive new formula.  

    Eight blinding nude shades, including Nude Provocateur, Violine Out of Control, Corail Mutin, Fuchsia Tomboy... because at YSL, nudes are never boring.  They are presented in a multiple variations of colour and light.  Rouge Pur Couture Vernis Rebel Nudes affirm, define and underline.  Colour becomes a luminous vibration, a wave loaded with all-new pearl pigments. 


    Rouge Pur Couture Vernis Rebel Nudes is an exceptionally innovative lip makeup.  Not only does it benefit from the Lifeproof Colour Emulsion technology, but it is also enriched with the latest asset, all-new pearl pigments, for unique coloured radiance and unprecedented luminosity. 

    The high-performance formula is paired with an equally revolutionary brush, concealed in the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis Rebel Nudes bottle.  With its wide designm it ensures good retention of the product and even application in just one stroke.  The pointed tip maximises the precision of the lip's outline.  Its special, instantly recognisable slant charges up just the right amount of colour and makes application even more precise.  The polyamide bristles are set firmly in a smooth base.  With ample bristles that are very compact, the brush has a sponge effect, offering an even distribution of the colour. 

    SWATCHES & COLOR DESCRIPTIONS:  (I have also included matching YSL Lacque Couture shades for layering purposes)

    101 Nude Provocateur - sheer beige nude  (No22 Beige Leger)
    102 Corail Mutin - orangey coral, with slight golden sheen (No 21 Taupe Retro)
    103 Pink no Taboo - pinky coral (No 21 Taupe Retro)

    104 Fuchsia Tomboy - warm bright pink, with slight golden sheen (No 12 Rose Renaissance)
    105 Corail Hold On - quite similar to 102, but more peachy pink (No No 25 Rose Romantique)
    106 Beige Anarchist - warm sheer beige (No 12 Rose Renaissance)

    107 Naughty Mauve - Mauvey peachy pink, very unique with a golden sheen (No 22 Beige Leger)
    108 Violine Out of Control - pale violet, slightly sheer, very wearable purple (No 25 Rose Romantique)
    109 Fuchsia Fugitive - Reddish Pink with golden sheen 
    110 Reckless Pink - pale sheer pink with golden sheen 

    As with the YSL Glossy Stains, the Rebel Nudes also leave behind stains on your lips, making them long lasting. 
    And I tried to minimise the stain as I swatched all ten shades in one go.  Not easy, believe me. 

    And here are some pictures of the application process - really like how the brush moulds to my lips. 
    All the ten shades are on the sheer side, thought the reddish pinks are more pigmented. 
    The sheer nudes are great if you want a long lasting gloss/ sheen to your lips, and also to make your nude lipstick last longer.  I do find that applying this Rebel Nudes over my regular lipstick extends the wear time. 

    and a comparison of all the ten shades - note that the color payoff depends largely on your original lip color.  
    In close up pics, you can see the sheen on some of the shades, especially 107, 109, and 110.  

    My top picks are 104, 107, 109, 110. 

    Hope you find the swatches helpful and thanks for looking! 

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    September 08, 2013

    LOTD: Some YSL & Rockstud Loving

    Hi hi!

    I decided to do a all YSL look when I headed out on Saturday to celebrate my niece's fifth birthday.  I was swatching the new YSL Glossy Stains Rebel Nudes earlier that morning, and I picked out my fave among them to wear - complete swatches here.  

    I had chosen 107 a wearable reddish shade with a golden sheen.  It is very long lasting, and not drying at all on my lips.  
    The rest of my face is also YSL - I used the brand new UV protection SPF 50 PA+++ - love the creamy and light texture, and it makes for a great base pre-foundation.  I think this combination of the UV base and the Teint Touch Eclat might make me fall in love with the foundation at last.  I have been having mixed feelings of the foundation on its own, but after trying it out with a couple of other YSL makeup bases, I think I have found an awesome way to work wear the foundation.  

    The YSL City Drive palette from their Fall collection is really lovely.  It has a couple of wearable smokey browns and it is a palette which I can easily reach for to create my everyday look.  A little boring, but hey it works. 

    All products used will be listed at the end of this entry.

    If you are distracted by a certain shiny stud bracelet I am wearing in this LOTD, and perhaps will be shown in many LOTDs from now on, they are my latest addition to the armcandy collection - the double leather Rockstud cuff from Valentino.  I LOVE IT at first try...after sleeping on it, I decided to go back for it and make my purchase.  It is a worthy investment for me as far as accessories are concerned. 

    Close up of the rockstud & my perhaps overly glowy complexion - but I swear, I didn't look so shiny in real life. 

    Ooooooo love! 

    and how about a super shiny glowy almost duckface?   But I think this picture shows the smooth base combination (and like I mentioned earlier, I didn't actually look this shiny in real life, I blame it on the hot and bright sunlight in front of me).  

    All products used (all YSL unless stated)

    face - UV Shield High Protection Skincare SPF50 PA+++, Teint Touche Eclat foundation B20, Touche Eclat compact foundation to set

    concealers - Touche Eclat 01 under the eyes, Kevyn Aucoin SSE SX07 for spots

    cheeks - Clarins Mosaic bronzer, NARS Torrid blush, YSL Boreal highlighter

    lips - Glossy Stain Rebel Nude 107

    eyes - City Drive Palette Classy, The Face Shop pencil gel liner, falsies

    brows - Shiseido perfect brow compact GY910, NARS brow gel 

    grey tee - H&M

    armcandy - Valentino double Rockstud cuff 

    Hope this has been helpful and thanks for reading!

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    September 06, 2013

    LOTD: Fraîcheur Rosée & Reckless Pink


    A LOTD entry in which I can ramble about the products used in this look - very clean and girly, and super long lasting, given yesterday's rainy, slightly humid weather.  

    sidenote - I really really do love the new Lancome Hynose eye palettes - they have such a beautiful sparkle, and the pigmentation on these palettes are just amazing.   You can really customise how smokey or how natural you want your overall eye looks to turn out.  In this entry, I have decided to go for a rather taupey pink eye look - defined by black pencil liner, very flawless luminous skin with slightly bronzed cheeks.  I kept the lips quite natural and slightly glossy, as you can tell in the picture below. 

    I will list all pictures used at the end of this entry.

    The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation - I used Shade 04.

    This is my 3rd or 4th time using the foundation, and I am always happy with the results of GA foundation.  This Luminous Silk provides a lightweight medium coverage - after it sets, the look is very smooth and flawless.  I did set my face with the SUQQU chiffon feel loose powder, and also finished the overall base with NARS Light Reflecting pressed powder.  (a potent combination to make your base last and look perfectly smooth I might add). 

    ps I did not use a primer or makeup base with this foundation. 

    The Face Shop Pencil Gel Liner in black - my friend Jerlaine introduced this liner to me, she says it doesn't budge at all after it sets... and I tried hers out..and was impressed by the pigmentation, and how well it glides onto the eyelids.  So I made my purchase ($16.90, comes in 3 shades) I think I want to buy the dark brown one next.  So far, I didn't notice any smudging action under the eyelids when I use this liner, and I am happy to find a cheaper alternative to the NARS larger than life black pencil which I usually use if I want a simple black liner (well, not like I am running out of that anytime anyway). 

    MAC MSF Comfort - one of my all time fave bronzer/ blush in one.  It gives this orangey warmth to my cheeks which I like! 

    You can also see the Lancome Fraîcheur Rosée palette here, I just applied the taupey pink shade, and added a little definition to the outer corners.  The overall look is very natural with some added depth. 

    Just a close up of the base - 

    I had used the GA Maestro Eraser under my eyes (note how seamlessly it blends into my skin), the GA Luminous Silk foundation, MAC Comfort MSF (it's LE if I am not wrong)  I am liking this sort of slightly glowy healthy looking skin lately - which looks natural, but we all know, it takes a lot to 'look natural'... the combination of base & cheek products.  

    And I applied all powder products with my Hakuhodo Yachiyo brush (bought during their recent fair here, I bought only 3 pieces, including this Yachiyo brush, unlikely to do a haul entry - maybe I will mention when I am rambling about other stuff in a later entry)

    The Yachiyo brush is just super soft, and dense enough for you to do various cheek and face work.  I LOVE IT and it's only $48, quite a steal for this great performer. 

    This is my first time using the new YSL Rebel Nudes Glossy Stains, and I am using the shade 110 Reckless Pink - a very sheer pale pink with the most beautiful golden sheen.  I will feature all the new Glossy Stains in a later entry.  They are very long lasting, and works well on its own, and also over lipsticks. 

    And one last pic! 

    All products used:

    face - Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation 04, Suqqu Chiffon Feel loose powder, NARS Light Reflecting pressed powder

    concealer - Kevyn Aucoin SSE 07, Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser 02 

    bronzer/ blush - Clarins Mosaic bronzer, MAC Comfort MSF

    lips - YSL Glossy Stain Rebel Nude 110 Reckless Pink

    eyes - Lorac eyeshadow primer, The Face Shop pencil gel liner in black, Lancome Fraîcheur Rosée palette, falsies, Lancome Star eyes mascara for under the eyes 

    brows - Shiseido perfect brow styling compact GY910, NARS brow gel 

    Have a great weekend! 

    Thanks for reading!

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    August 19, 2013

    Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation [Review & Application]

    Hi hi!

    This is one of the several foundations which I have been testing out in the past month or so.  I usually rotate a couple of new foundations at the same time... it sort of gives me the chance to compare and see the results of each foundation better when I switch things up a bit.  I am sure many of you who follow the UK youtubers are familiar with the hype surrounding the Wake Me Up foundation.  I, too was sucked into this hype, and I bought the foundation, matching concealer & the stay matte transparent powder to complete the whole Wake Me Up routine. 

    First off, I will just start off by saying that I love this foundation!  And if you are interested to find out why, read on! 

    The foundation has a slightly thick texture when you dispense it out of the pump.  I am using the shade 100 Ivory which is the lightest shade - but my experience with Rimmel foundations are the even the lightest shade 100 Ivory isn't really super pale as the name suggests.  I would say this is a beige-gy slightly warm shade.  Thankfully though, it blends into my skin and matches it quite well.  You can't really see a layer of foundation over my skin due to any color mismatch. 

    Here's the application process - note that I didn't apply any face primer prior to the application of the foundation, and also for the purpose of this review, I am just using my fingers to apply the foundation.  I do find that using a brush gives the foundation a smoother application, and faster too.  But in pictures you are not going to be able to tell the results of the different methods of applications anyway.  

    start with bare face 
    I start off by dotting the foundation all over my face, and once I do that, I start blending and 'mashing' the foundation into my skin.  It absorbs easily and blends quite smoothly.  It is very light and creamy, and you have plenty of time to blend each area of the face without feeling like the foundation has 'dried' up.  

    application & blending

    blended - as you can see, even though it looks a little dark in the 2 pictures above, it does blend into my skintone after all.. 

    applying the concealer 

    blending the concealer 

    using the stay matte powder

    finished look

    My thoughts:

    The finish of the foundation is a velvety smooth finish, and I would say the coverage is a good medium.  Of course, if you prefer a lighter coverage, you can use less product, and spread out the foundation all over your face or on areas where you need coverage. I guess this is the main star selling point of the foundation - that factor that gets everyone raving about it.  The foundation does have a very refined and smooth finish that one normally associates with high-end (more expensive) foundations.  It gives my face a slight radiance and looks fresh throughout the day.  It is also worth nothing that even though I used it without any primer, it didn't settle into my pores.  Phew! 

    When used with a primer (such as a thin layer of bb cream/cc cream) the lasting power of the foundation is about 8 - 10 hours, while used on its own, the lasting power is about 6-8 hours.  So it really depends on your needs and whether you want to do the extra step of priming your face. 

    The Wake Me Up concealer, though, I am not so impressed by.  I don't think that it gives that much coverage as I would expect from a concealer, and I think the shade isn't bright enough for me to use as a undereye highlighter.  It just blends into nothing on my skin, and looks invisible without much coverage in my opinion.  I am using the shade 020 True Ivory - again, I am not very familiar with the shade range, I have a feeling there might be a lighter shade availble... but perhaps on someone darker, the concealer might be more obvious (and more brightening). 

    I also used the Stay Matte powder to set the foundation and concealer.  I find that the powder can look slightly patchy if you apply with a too-heavy hand, but it does look quite matte and sets the foundation nicely.  I don't think that this is a must-have powder, especially if you already have your own existing setting powders.  Besides the packaging of this powder is quite notorious, the cap doesn't screw on, it just covers....and so this is one item which I will keep safely in my drawer because I don't want to risk the cover from falling off the packaging.


    A great performing drugstore price foundation. Definitely worth the hype. It might remind you of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation, and the Clarins Extra Firming foundation.  That similar creamy but light texture with a fresh, smooth and radiant finish.  Do you need the concealer?  For me, I would say no, but if you like a matching routine, the concealer is not necessarily a bad product by itself.  It's just that I can't actually see it..and I don't actually see it covering up anything on me. 

    All products used in this look:

    base - Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, concealer, stay matte powder

    cheeks - Diorskin Nude Tan 003 Zenith, NARS Lovejoy 

    brows - Urban Decay Naked Basics, set with Mac Browset in Biguile 

    lips - Rouge Volupte Shine in No 13 applied with a lip brush.  The YSL Rouge Volupte Shine is really the bomb when applied with a lip brush.  The color is so smooth and even, and you can get a really precise application. 

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    July 15, 2013

    YSL Fall 2013: Rouge Pur Couture 54 Prune Avenue [Photos & Swatches]

    Hi hi!!

    YSL Fall 2013 collection includes this dark vampy prune shade, in the Rouge Pur Couture formula - 54 Prune Avenue - it isn't TOO dark, and you can be very versatile in how you want to wear this shade - as a berry stain or an intense glam bold lip look. 

    The Rouge Pur Couture range has intense colors, with a creamy satin finish.  I have several of these in various shades - and they are all pretty long lasting.   Here's a closer look at the lipstick - 

    A swatch - sorry that the lighting is very cool toned though - 

    and a lip swatch - 

    overall, in natural daylight.  I like wearing such lip colors when I have a very clean face, and some light eye makeup.  You can pull off this look, with a little bit of confidence! 

    For more details on this look, click on this entry here

    Do check out this gorgeous lipstick when the collection launches!

    Hope this has been helpful, and thanks for reading! 

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    July 13, 2013

    LOTD: YSL Palette City Drive Classy


    Finally a LOTD!  I feel a little out of touch with doing LOTDs... cos I haven't been using a lot of makeup (esp eye makeup and lashes, the full works) for a long time.  Most days I prefer to focus on the brows, base and lips.  So if I seem a little 'rusty' in this set of pictures,  you know why! 

    This is a look featuring the YSL Palette City Drive - which I have previously mentioned here - it is a very versatilie palette and I love it.  I think that this particular quad has a better formulation than most of their existing ones, the colors go smoothly and very buildable to an intense payoff.  I love the mixture of browns and the silvery gunmetal shade, which I have used to define my lower eyelids. 

    Here's a close up of the look - 

    And the finished look, featuring a dark plum YSL Rouge Pur Couture in No54 - very vampy, and I personally would wear this look out at night, or just out for shopping.  It just looks a little more glam even when you are wearing something casual. 

    I also toned down the look - not with pale nude lips - that would be too cliched, so I blotted off the deep plum shade, and applied YSL Rouge Volupte No7 over it.  The end results is a rather pinky lips (if you are familiar with No7 it is a very Barbie Pink) which sort of clashes nicely with the overall look in my opinion. 

    All products used: 

    face - YSL top secrets flash radiance skincare brush, Touche Eclat liquid foundation, Touche Eclat compact foundation

    concealers - touche eclat concealer, shiseido natural finish cream concealer shade 2B

    lips - YSL rouge pur couture 54, YSL rouge volupte 07

    cheeks - Chanel Les Beiges Shade 30 to bronze, Guerlain blush duo Pink Punk 

    lashes & liners - Faux Cils mascara, Ardel 120 layered with EYEmazing Natural Black 101, Heavy Rotation Black Liquid Foundation

    eyes - Lorac eyeshadow primer, City Palette Classy 

    I hope this entry has been helpful, and I highly recommend you checking out this palette!  

    Thanks for reading!

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    July 07, 2013

    YSL Fall 2013: Palette City Drive Classy [Photos & Swatches]


    This fall, YSL beauty releases two pure chromatics palette, and I got this neutral one here, called Classy.  The packaging is the same, except that on the packaging the YVES SAINT LAURENT is emblazoned across the cover - which looks kind of edgy if you ask me.  

    The colours in this palette mostly lean a little cool, with the gunmetal grey shade providing a surprising touch of colour.  I really wanted to incoporate this shade into my LOTD, which I will post in a later entry, but I will provide a sneak peek of the eyelook detail here.  I will go into the details of what I did to create the look in my LOTD entry, so stay tuned for that. 

    I think each of these palettes retail for about S$82.. available at Tangs Orchard or their ION store. 

    Here's a close up of the palette - quad:

    Swatches, without any primer - which look a little tame, but I was quite impressed by the formula upon application (with primer).  This is one of the better YSL Pure Chromatics palette I have tried out.  All the colors work very cohesively together, and you can create a very natural or smokey look. 

    Here's a quick close up of the eyelook - I will show a full face LOTD later on... as you can see I have used the gunmetal shade just on my lower eyelids.. I also blended the rest of the brown shades quite high up on my crease, and used a little of the pale champage shade just under my brow bone.  The overall look is a subtle smokey with a pop of color under the eyelids.  Lashes are a must for this look, in my opinion. 

    All products used will be listed in that LOTD entry (link!) 

    Hope this has been helpful, and thanks for reading!