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March 21, 2013

NARS Spring 2013: Seduction Blush & Dressed to Kill Lipstick [Swatches & Comparisons]

Hi hi!  

I got 2 items from the NARS Spring 2013 collection to show you today.  For collection information and more swatches, click on this entry.  The collection has been out for some time, and feature some very gorgeous and bold eye colors.  But I am trying to stay away from stuff I wouldn't be using (do I need 5 green/ blue eyeshadows?) and pick up MORE stuff which I know I would use more often.  I can always justify another red lipstick (top excuse - my sis is always wearing them anyway) or another blush (when you just have base and blush only on most days, blush suddenly becomes the focus of your face, after the brows). </p> <p>The lipstick in dressed to kill was given to me during the NARS preview and it is a fuchsia red with gold shimmer.  It has a satin finish. 
I am sorry I don't have actual looks with both products (shock horror, no lip swatches too!), but I will try to post a quick look over this weekend! 

A comparison with Joyous Red (from Fall 2011 I think) which is also a reddish lipstick with gold shimmer.  Of course, they are not dupes, but just to show you the finish and texture.. Joyous Red is also one of my fave reds of all time. 

As you can see, the gold shimmer is hardly visible when swatched, and also when applied on the lips.  There is a slight sheen, but nothing that screams glittery, which I really appreciate.  

Dressed to Kill is quite on the cooler side of the red spectrum, so if you are wary about this type of red, do try it out in store! 

Next, is the blush in Seduction - I knew I wanted it the minute I saw images and information online.  On the NARS site, it is described as a Sangria shade which is a deep wine color.  There is a also a sheen to ths blush, a bold shade certainly.  I ordered mine from SAKS.COM during the CNY period when they were offering free intl shipping (cos I had also wanted to restock my NARS ORAN candle).

I am glad I ordered this blush.  It is a deep berry shade, and very intense.   Best applied with a light hand, definitely. 

I had to compare Seduction to Mounia which is one of my earliest NARS blushes, and long since discontinued.  Both are rather intense reds, but nothing bright in the same family of their infamous Exhibit A. 
Both has that sheen, and fine smooth texture. 

Mounia is warmer, and redder while Seduction has a more rosy berry tone to it. 

Here in this pic you can see the nuances of the two blushes better - 

L - Seduction
R - Mounia 

What did you get from the NARS SS2013 collection?  Please share!

Hope this has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

February 17, 2013

OPI Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection: My Vampire is Buff & Polka.com [Photos & Swatches]

Hi hi!

I purchased two colors from OPI's Spring collection - Euro Centrale, the rest of the colors look gorgeous, but nothing that I MUST have.  I went for the nudey white, and the glitter topcoat in the collection.  For complete swatches of the whole collection, do check out The PolishAholic.

You can get OPI, China Glaze, Essie polishes from my fave trusty local seller, Tammy (Timtam) at her online store here.  (link link link)  She is very fast with replies and shipping. 

<p>My Vampire is Buff - an off white nude shade - This is two coats, and my kind of color, I am a sucker for anything which is a variant of nude/ white.  I like the formula of this, it is quite smooth, and I don't find it too streaky.   And I love the name.  Heheh.

Polka.com is a glitter topcoat, very densely packed with blue and hot pink glitter bits.  I layered it over My Vampire is Buff - this glitter reminds me of Pibble Polish Faithful Friend (without the square glitter bits though, but totally along the same lines).  

Another angle to show the reflection of the glitter bits.  It is really pretty. 

A quick comparison of my fave OPI nudes with My Vampire is Buff:

I tend to lean towards the creamy nudes (as opposed to the sheer french manicure nudes from OPIs, such as Sweet Heart), and I am glad to add My Vampire is Buff to the collection. 

Hope this has been helpful, and thanks for looking!

January 21, 2013

YSL Spring Look 2013: La Laque Couture 35 Bronze Pyrite

Hi hi!

Today I am sharing with you one of the two polishes which will be released with YSL's Spring 2013 collection (the collection is due out early Feb at their ION store, and maybe a week later at Tangs Orchard). 

Bronze Pyrite is a very metallic pale olive shade (why it's called bronze, I am not sure) but it certainly has the pyrite element - a search on google image on 'pyrite' yielded pictures of similar hued mineral substances.  Which is part of the inspiration for this collection - featured earlier in this entry.   It is a pretty unique shade in my stash, leaning in between silver and olive.   It also looks slightly different under different lighting situations, at times it's really pale and metallic, and when indoors, the shade becomes richer, and more dimensional. 

The consistency is perfect, it is opaque in one coat - which is a good thing when these very foiled metallic polishes are concerned.  The paddle shaped brush allows for a very self-leveling application, and the brush strokes are not very visible when viewed from a distance.   

This is another set of pic I took on a different day, it was cloudier and the color looks more olive-y and has a slight green tinge. 

Just to compare another YSL 'Bronze' shade nailpolish - Bronze Aztec - which is way darker, and contains multi-color shimmer.  Both shades are just gorgeous, and the formula is impressive. 

I am very happy with my YSL polishes, and I definitely see myself picking up Jade Imperial when the collection launches. 

Hope this review and swatches have been helpful, thanks for looking!

January 19, 2013

Shiseido SS 2013: Perfect Rouge & Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer

This Spring & Summer, Shiseido is releasing 2 new ranges of lipsticks, the Perfect Rouge & Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer.  There are also a couple of other products due to launch, and I will be sharing everything with you in the next couple of entries. 


Rich, vibrant color envelops your lips with just one lustrous coat.  

Beneath the beauty of this creamy rouge, nurturing ingredients improve the lips' condition with regular use, and the color stays brilliant and true.  Satisfying in every way, from the feel of it in your hand, to the click of the case to the touch of it on your lips.   It is the perfect expression of a woman's beauty, NEW PERFECT ROUGE. 

Features - 

  • Vibrant color, Silky Luster, Plumpness and Moisture Lock effect.  Unique pigment, Red Illuminating Pearl, adds strength and vividness that creates truly brilliant color definition, and the instant you apply it, vibrant color blooms on the lips.  The ideally smooth finish brings a new experience of pure satisfaction.  The Voluminizing Oil refines the texture of the lips for a smooth, even finish. 

  • Perfect design - the package is designed to be the ideal shape and size for a woman's hand to hold.  It makes application easier and even greater pleasure.  The specially designed curved tip of the lipstick fits perfectly and naturally next to the lips.  At first touch, your lips feel comforted by its carefully sculpted shape and angle, designed to create a beautiful finish with just one stroke. 

  • Favourite shades and surprising new colors - Dick Page has earned the trust of countless fashion design luminaries, and his makeup artistry is in high demand backstage at the collecitons.  The makeup shades he creates are loved by women around the world.  Dick Page finds strong inspiration for his color creation from things that surround him in his own life.  He may be captivated by the colors of moss on stones he notices while walking his dog, or a sunset view from his window while on vacation.  He takes these sources of inspiration, reinterprets them in his own way, and expresses their beauty through the colors he creates. 


Next, we have the Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer, available in ten shades. 

The moist, radiant finish of Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer smooths your lips with beautiful color.  The chic, modern red package encases the color and expresses the unique signature of Shiseido.

Here's the fun part, several looks that Dick Page has created, and the products breakdown.  

The main visual

and 3 more looks: 

In my next follow up entry, I will be sharing with you SWATCHES of the lipsticks, and also my top picks!

Hope this sharing has been useful, and thanks for reading!

January 15, 2013

YSL Spring Look 2013 [Collection Information & Photos]

<strong>YSL Spring 2013, available in Singapore from Feburary 2013.

The inspiration behind the collection</strong>

“Pink quartz, amethyst, pyrite, malachite, azurite, jade, each possesses a hypnotic beauty. When you hold them in your hands, these precious stones diffuse energy and light, like galaxies. Their crystalline purity and voluptuous opalescence were the departure point for the creation of the Spring Look 2013 for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. Nature touches me profoundly in all its forms. It produces sublime emotions. It offers me an endless source of inspiration, revealing the force of life, the power of creativity. Nature provides rich colors that I can play with.

And it is through these colors that I express myself. Tensions, contrasts and chromatic clashes: each association of color tells a story, reveals an attitude, a look, expresses an emotion.

Light, movement, vibration, force and seduction: the Saint Laurent woman affirms herself in color. Magnetic colors for Spring 2013.” 

Gems fascinate with their magnetic beauty and their mysterious power of attraction. The Spring Look 2013 is a palette of mineral and crystalline colors,
inspired by the brilliance of precious stones. Audacious, the Saint Laurent woman takes hold of this pure energy and relishes her arty allure. Opalescent complexion, eyes sculpted in quartz and malachite, lips in garnet, topaz or ruby, nails lacquered in jade. For Spring 2013, the YSL woman plays 
a seductress of multiple facets. She bewitches with the wink of a smoky azurite eyelid. Hypnotic beauty. Temptress, she plays with a clash of colors.

“After an acid pop trend in 2012, the Spring Look 2013 is a return to calm. I wanted a palette of colors in halftones, pastel but intense, fresh and powdery, almost milky. To use as a play of harmonies for a chic Parisian look or contrasted to show-off a rock attitude.”
Lloyd Simmonds



Le Teint Touche Éclat B30 Touche Éclat Radiant Touch N° 2 Crème de Blush N° 9


Y Facettes Palette
Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils N° 21, Green Emerald


Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres N° 30, Mauve Fusain


La Laque Couture N° 34, Jade Impérial    




The new Pure Chromatics harmony, in its jewel box of fine Y facets, shimmering like the reflections of a thousand sequins, captures the same intensity of light diffused in the prisms of precious gems. At its heart are four mineral essences, radiating energy and iridescence:

Malachite. An intense, profound green. Fluorite. A powdery, iridescent rose. Amethyst. A fresh, smoky violet. Azurite. A metallic, lustrous blue.


Pure Chromatics. A revolutionary experience challenging preconceived ideas: water does not dilute color but intensifies it, rendering it infinitely vibrant.

Magnetic pigments

Formulated with pure water and no chemical solvents, Pure Chromatics wet & dry eye shadows offer a concentration of nacres and pigments much higher than traditional shadows. This technology infuses color with radiance and purity, exceptional wear and unequaled intensity.

Water, a color catalyst

Pure Chromatics wet & dry eye shadows benefit from a unique manufacturing process: the formula is directly injected in its liquid form, then water evaporates. This process allows a much higher concentration of pigments and nacres for longer wear and greater chromatic intensity.

Art and light

<span>Once wet, the nacres and pigments fuse to create a cream texture. The lamellar pigments lay flat, for optimal light reflection and a mesmerizing, metallic effect. 



<strong>1 PALETTE,


Couture Quartz.

“With a single palette, 4 colors, an application wet or dry,
Pure Chromatics offers infinite nuances and effects. Each woman can create her own YSL look, from mischievous to sophisticated and sensual.”
Lloyd Simmonds

Parisian Rocks. <span>“Rive Gauche” style.

Intense, violet amethyst is blended on the eyelid and shadowed with blue azurite in the crease.
A touch of pink fluorite beneath the arch of the brow sculpts the eyes in sophisticated style. </span>

Smoking Jade. <span>Smoky “easy to wear”.

Subtle, green malachite is twisted with blue azurite towards the exterior of the eye. Melted with a touch of pink under the brow arch for a perfect day look. </span>

Couture Quartz. <span>The eveningwear look.

The eye is outlined in blue sapphire crayon,
smudged into the base of the lashes. The lid is dressed in smoky azurite and amethyst, stretched to create
an “almond” eye for intense seduction. </span>


</span>“Play, paint, express: these are the possibilities offered by Pure Chromatics eye shadows. A chrome effect, a smoky halo or intense liner: everything is permitted. Applied with a fine brush, they become eyeliner. With a wider brush, they lacquer the eyelid. And if you apply several coats in the same direction, the color becomes even more brilliant. Used dry, the Pure Chromatics shades melt to create a silky, satin halo. Wet, they multiply their chromatic intensity and reveal a long-lasting iridescence. Play with contrasts by combining the two effects; the result is hypnotic and so YSL.” 







This spring, two new and precious colors complete the YSL La Laque Couture wardrobe:

Bronze Pyrite N° 35.
A collector metal “jewel”. NEW SHADE
Jade Impérial N° 34.
An “arty” jade green.

Two Y-conic shades that add a rock touch to the 30 timeless references of the YSL Vernithèque, inspired by the couture heritage and contemporary creations of the House of Saint Laurent. Radiant, fresh, hypnotic, La Laque Couture in arty stone colors is the latest, must have for spring 2013. Exercise your power of attraction to the very tips of your nails.


Exclusive to YSL, these two new nail colors benefit from La Laque Couture’s high-precision technology:

Pure Color. High concentration of lacquers.
Extreme Shine and Resistance. High-tech polymers combined with micro-mirrors create a resistant film and assure lasting shine.
Care. Enriched in rosehip oil and Coralline extract,
a source of calcium, the formula reinforces, protects and embellishes nails.
Fast Drying. The “structure memory” formula allows for rapid drying in only minutes.
Patented Brush. Polish adheres perfectly to the brush for an intense result and a flawless application. Like a caress, it glides onto the nail, delivering a fine, uniform film.

“Research has pushed the frontiers of technology and innovation with new textures and pigments. Giving birth to La Laque Couture Bronze Pyrite: a truly metallic shade with mineral particles so fine that the lacquer is perfectly homogeneous and the nail as smooth as polished stone.”


And the complete collection: 


Available from Feburary!  

I love love mad love the nail polish! 

December 24, 2012

LOTD: Shu Uemura Unmasked Palette Pink

Hi hi

Today, I am doing a look featuring several products from the Shu Uemura Unmasked and Blossom Dream collection (more information here).  It is turning out to be a very matte warm smokey look.  I am quite impressed with the soft and very blendable matte colors from the palette.  I didn't use any of the pink shades from the palette (though I did try to use them as blushers, which worked just as well).   The warm matte smokey look went surprisingly well with the orange lips, as you will see in the pics below later. 

Here are some close ups of the products and swatches: 

Unmasked Pink Palette  - 

I think you can see the texture of the eyeshadows here, even in the swatches - they are very soft, creamy looking.  It is so finely milled you can't really any powdery fallout or particles at all. 

When I was blending the eyeshadows, I didn't have any issues with chalkiness, and all the colors are very pigmented. 

Here are swatches of the blush and the lipstick: 

The lipstick can be a little tricky to wear depending on your skintone - but your best bet would be to apply it from the tube, and blend out the edges around the lipline.  The formula is also a little tricky, because it might get streaky - so careful layering is needed. 

The blush is very soft and has a subtle pearlised glow.  It is very easy to wear, and suits light to medium skintones. 

Swatch of the bright orange lipstick on my lips. 

All products used - all shu uemura unless stated otherwise

Face - instant glow skin perfecting cream, smooth fit fluid foundation 774, set with Chanel ultra-fine loose powder

Lips - rouge unlimited Bright Orange

Cheeks - MUFE Mat Bronzer, glow on P Soft Coral 

Eyes - NARS Primer, Unmasked Palette Pink, THREE Eye Doll pencil 07 (mad love the THREE pencil!!) 

Lashes - Natural Volume 01 

OMG -- just realised in this close up pic of my eyes, you can see clearly the only shimmering product I used on my eyes in this look - the THREE eye doll pencil which my gf gifted me.  Look at my lower eyelids. The little pink and golden bits peeking through my lower lashes. 

And the rest of the look - I am very amazed by the quality of these matte shadows - they look really smooth, and blendable.  There are two other palettes in this collection, I am not quite sure how they would perform, but I am very happy with the rich browns and pinks in this particular palette.  

That's all and hope you found this entry helpful.  

The collection will be available in Jan 2013. 

December 24, 2012

Shu Uemura 2013 Spring Unmasked & Blossom Collection [Photos & Information]


The beginning of a colorful dream, the beginning of shu uemura </span>

“when I opened a make-up box in Hollywood, I felt as if I had uncovered hidden treasures in a pyramid. it was this rush of excitement that made me determined to become a professional make-up artist.”

Shu Uemura

A few years later, he established his first cosmetic company and created the “unmask” cleansing oil and colorful cosmetics that would become shu uemura’s trademarks. in 1983, Mr. Shu Uemura opened the doors of his professional make-up artist’s atelier to the public in Tokyo, Omotesando district. the stylish space featured more than 3000 professional products such as high quality skin care products, make-up, and accessories. the sleek, black and white space showcased the kaleidoscope of colorful make-up, and open tester tables encouraged women to touch, play, and enjoy. the revolutionary offering of personal cosmetics from a professional’s selection sparked a sensation. 

"There are as many colors as there are women...”

From the moment colors are added to her purified canvas, beauty blooms from her face. A unique personal beauty lies within you and blooms like spring flowers along with your hopes, dreams, and ambitions, just like Mr. Shu Uemura’s color- filled dreams in Hollywood.

Shu uemura’s spring/summer 2013 collection is a return to our roots: a celebration of the re-opening doors for all women to the shu uemura atelier.

The atelier’s <span>secret color recipes are now shared with the entire world. Soothing shades in every possible combination sparks off infinite beauty inspirations to fuel the dreams that exists in every woman. 


For spring/summer 2013 shu uemura Chief International Make-up Artist Yuji Asano evokes the magic of dreams. a colorful array of pastel floral shades and diverse textures are inspired by glorious budding flowers that bloom when dreams comes true.

Combining matte and shiny textures in one make-up design, shu uemura enlivens the face with a fresh, awe inspiring and totally original beauty. the limited edition packaging features vibrant new interpretations of the legendary unmask logo design. 


eye shadow palette (limited edition)

Re-discover the joy of shu uemura’s professional atelier with three new special edition matte textured refills in charming pastel shades for your palettes. now everyone can easily achieve pro-level make-up gradation, color payoff, and ultra-smooth matte texture.

“matte texture gives a more soothing, warm, and soft impression than pearl or glitter textures. even when exposed to a strong light, matte texture maintains true color. pale, soft, and warm colors are best suited to matte textures.”

drawing pencils (limited edition)

play with pearly colorful eyeliners to draw defining lines. shades match eye shadow colors perfectly for both monochromatic color coordination and vibrant enhancement.

pearly gold

define with a glamorous pearly golden accent.

pearly white


glow on (new shades)

<span>5 new shades in pearl and matte texture for a complexion abloom with fantasy. from blissful pink to vibrant oranges, the range is newly enriched with vibrant dreams and feminine delight. 



The prelude to a beauty dream begins by adding an alluring tint to lips, the ultimate symbol of femininity. a combination of nudey pastel colors and 4 dreamy limited edition shades are offered in two different textures. 

professional make-up tips from atelier by Yuji Asano

“by applying two different textured lipsticks, dimensions of the lips are more enhanced. the contrast of each texture is enhanced and it reinforces the dimensional effect by applying the matte texture to the corners of the mouth, in the center, apply the shiny texture. dimensional <span>lips look intellectual and effervescent.” 


<span>Gloss unlimited (limited edition)

Rebirth of gloss unlimited </span>

This new shape memorizing lip gloss is designed to create unlimited mirror shine with “3D shape-memory technology” to give lips a high shine veil that maintain voluminous shine.

New applicator traps gloss inside the circle and slant oval shaped applicator fits perfectly with the lip shape to achiever precise application in one stroke by gradually evening out the gloss on your lips providing a new and sophisticated gloss experience.

The comfortable, light texture melts into lips through a moisture active complex formula that includes a new lotus flower extract nourishes and protect fragile lips and a special rich blend of botanical oils for moisture comfort. lips feel moisturized all day long.

Fresh, playful colors and nuance colors, 3 shades to mix and match different textures and colors to match your many daydream fantasies. 



False eyelashes (limited edition)

<span>Two dreamy lashes maximize your colorful make-up fantasy festivities. Dramatize your look with fluffy, colorful feathers or accentuate your eyes with feather-light lashes! 

<strong>Available January 2013. 



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