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August 07, 2009

Look of the day: Smokey Brown with Pink Cheeks

HI!! Just a super quick post before I run out of the house (and I am already kind of late).

Everything MAC unless specified:

EYES: Tempting e/s, Mylar e/s, Magnetic Fields e/s (LE), Carbon e/s   BROWS: FLING brow pencil   LINERS: Russian Black (LE), MUFE No 19 Aqua Liner

CHEEKS: Azalea (Pro), Daft Pink (LE)

LIPS: Ever So Rich Cremesheen (LE)

False Lashes from SASA


FACE: MUFE Mat Velvet+, set with MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder, and finish off with MUFE HD Powder

Oversized shirt from French Connection worn with leggings.

*Updated pictures I randomly took in the ladies.   HA HA.  Studded flats from TOPSHOP.

Updated:  I swatched like crazy at MAC just now, and a fewthings that caught my eye, in no particular order (I was good though - didn'tbuy anything).

Love That Look eyeliners (the purple one Rave, and the brown one -- SUPER PRETTY), Dazzleglass in Via Venetto?, Creme de Nude, Colour Crafted lipsticks, and all the moisture lip tint thingy  --- weird texture, if you ask me.

Woot to the long weekend because it is National Day!  Here is a BIG cake!

I am outta here!!!

August 01, 2009

Updated: thoughts about foundation and flawless look etc..

Ok, this is a sort of update on foundation applications - some stuff I learnt along the way.

Remember my raving about the MUFE matte loose powder and mat velvet+ foundation??  Yes, they are awesome products, but do you need to run out to buy them??  No, esp if you already have your current foundation routine.  But I just want to share a technique which I learnt from wayne goss (goosmakeupartist) --- check out his tutorial on full coverage foundation rourtine and powder tutoorial CLICK HERE.

In that video, he demo how to apply a full coverage cream foundation, then he demo this PRESS AND ROLL method of applying powder.  He used MSF natural for the press & roll method, and he says it is good for covering pores, and make your MU last whole day.  So, I tried the press & roll method out when I got my MUFE powder -- and it is really true, about giving your face a very flawless finish.  And you use your brush at the end to buff away any excess powder or patchy area.

So... if you have been using a brush for your powder, you might want to consider using the PRESS & ROLL method.  Try out this method using your current foundation products, and see if there is a difference.  I tried this method with my MSF natural and also the MUFE loose powder, both give me the same flawless effect.

Hmmm... anything else?  I use my MUFE HD powder only if I have the time and can be bothered to do so.  Personally I would not use it as a setting powder, but more for a overall smoothing effect after the MU is done, like before you leave the house.

That's all, and thanks for reading! 

July 27, 2009

July Faves (makeup products)

hmmmm -- I don't think this will be a regular feature but just whenever I feel like it.

**  There are also stuff which I accquired too much recently for me to justify it being part of this list....

This doesn't mean that I don't like my other stuff, but just that these 10 items are the current flavours of the month.

I bought so much during Color Craft, I feel bad to say that I haven't got to using much of Smooth Merge, Daft Pink and Style Demon yet.

But if I have to really narrow down to 10 items, and these are what I have come up with.   And it's all about the blushers!

  2. MAC 116 BRUSH


* Think I forgot Natural Flare eyeshadow from Color Craft....

I would like to feature nail polishes too, but I can tell you which colors I keep coming to.

  • CG agent lavender
  • CG secret periwinkle
  • OPI FOR SEPHORA metro chic

I will feature another 10 faves soon!  :)

July 26, 2009

Belated LOTD (Purple and Teal) & Rambling


So due to my forgetful nature... I left my MAC charger at work over the weekend, and couldn't use my macbook, and had to use my little PC notebook, which makes uploading of pics rather troublesome (cos phone isn't sync to the PC, etc etc yah dah yah dah...) and well, I guess everyone is spared/ or missing my usual slew of weekend entries.

In my previous crazy lash entry, you might have noticed my purple eyeshadow look, and here is the full breakdown with pictures.  No prizes for guessing which purple I used.  I also checked out ION again, this time I spent almost the entire day there, exploring the basement levels which I thought were more exciting (other than Sephora on the ground floor of course).... Tried so many snacks, drinks and all sorts of concoctions.  I think the basement food stuff were all so Jap oriented, they even have a store selling all the lovely boxed Jap pasties/ sweets. I am all for globalisation and the whole world being a global market place and stuff, but isn't part of the fun of travelling also being able to find things that you can't back home?




Anyway.. I digress and ramble again. Back to the topic of this post - Pictures first. 

On the face: I may have found a new holy grail (how I hate to use such a cliched term) foundation combination as I have raved about in my review - MUFE Mat Velvet+ & MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder

Eyes: Base- Dior Show Cream Shadow 'Glam & Gitz',  NYX Jumbo Milk

Colors - MUFE No92 Purple, MAC Aquavert, MAC Solar White, MAC Vanilla

Liners - Loreal Superliner Carbon Black, the same Dior cream shadow to smudge the liners.

Brows - MAC Fling eyebrow pencil

Cheeks: Improvise, and Nuance Mineralised blushers

Lips: Barry M's 146 lippaint, which I later switched to MAC Creme Cup later in the day.

And here is a pic of the outfit, a FCUK dress which I got at clearance price $39.90.  Yea to sales.  And yes, that's my fake hair.. haha.  On hindsight, I think the fakeness of the hair would look better if I am more dressed down (ie, jeans/leggings with tee combi). 


In case you are wondering if there is a 2nd round of haulage at Sephora,  I am proud to say I didn't cave in, and bought only one more Burts Bees hand cream, this time in the Almond Cream 'flavour'.  I think I am addicted to the smell, and how it is not oily at all, yet rich.   I also ALMOST ALMOST caved in to the Givenchy Phenomeno mascara...I applied it to my fake lashes at the store... and then looked like I have really thick and sooty looking lashes... which is kind of wicked.. and it is weird how each time I tried this out at the store, and then I would get random compliments from strangers on my makeup... so is this a sign that I should get it???  The price seems kind of ridiculous though.. esp for something that I am applying on my FAKE lashes.  DUH~

That's all, and thanks for reading!!


July 23, 2009

Look of the day: Very Natural

Super quick look after my foundation review, going for a quick dinner (aunt's bday).

On the face: MUFE mat velvet+ & MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder 02

Cheeks: Illamasqua Panic Powder Blush (applied with MAC 131 brush)

Eyes: Illamasqua Sirens Palette (obviously I only used the 2 neutral shades, applied very lightly with MAC 217 brush), Maybelline cream liner applied only to the outer corner.  No lashes, no mascara. I either use falsies, or just go natural....because mascara is just not fun to put on IMO.

Lips: MAC Creme Cup lipstick (new LOVES)

That's all, and thanks for reading!

July 23, 2009

Review: MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation & MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder

Phew! What a loooong title!

This is going to be a review/tutorial of the MUFE Mat Velvet+ Foundation (S$65) & MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder (S$48??) which I bought at Sephora on Tuesday.

I have been using this combi since I bought it on Tues.  And I got to say, I am loving both products.  Everyone should own some MUFE foundation in their stash.  Here, I am going to show you how I use it, and some pictures.  But here, we have a bare naked face. 

And here, we have the product.  I am showing you a comparison of the Mat Velvet+ next to my MAC Select Cover up Concealer in NC20.  You can see the similarities in texture.  The MA said that Mat Velvet+ can be used a concealer, hence the comparison.

L is MUFE, and R is the MAC concealer which you can see, is a little thicker.

And if I smear the products, this is how they look like. On top is the MAC Studio Sculpt just for the sake of comparison.  You can see how the Mat Velvet+ and Studio Sculpt is as 'opaque' as the concealer.

And here is how I apply the Mat Velvet+.  Since I am anticipating rather thick consistency, I try to sheer out the foundation by spraying my 187 brush with Fix+.

Even coverage, I didn't use any concealer, nor primer for this review/tutorial.  I also have not set my face yet.  You can clearly see the redness and spots on my face has almost totally disappeared and even out. LOVES.  And I don't need much concealer by this stage.

Then--- I think this is definitely my FAVE product of the moment.  The powder, which comes with a puff.  I have seen YT videos on the Illamasqua pink loose powder, and have been kicking myself for not ordering it earlier... since then I have been sort of hankering loose pink powder.  I believe it is the key to having a radiant looking skin.  And with the 'super matte' in the product name, hey, I am SOLD.

*BTW on my nails is OPI for Sephora Metro Chic.

I used the PRESS & ROLL method to apply this loose powder.  It is amazing, both the technique and the product itself.  I can see instant smoothing and mattifying effect -- as you can see in the pictures below.  It finishes off the foundation perfectly, and make my pores disappear. And we like that! 

Say hello to matte and smooth skin!

And for the tutorial (by one of my FAVE guru gossmakeupartist) who demo the PRESS & ROLL method perfectly -- CLICK HERE.

Would I repurchase?  Yes to both!!  But not in a long time, because I will take forever to use them! Relatively good value compared to their more expensive HD range (foundation $75, and HD powder $55)


All in all, I say... if you are checking out Sephora this weekend, you know where to go and check out MUFE, and you know where I will be.  :)

Hope this review is remotely helpful, and leave a comment if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!

July 22, 2009

Overview: Liquid Foundations

Hi Hi!

Just a quick entry on liquid foundations.  I started using them when I wanted more coverage. Personally I find that I need to touch up my foundation when I used to be a 2-way cake user (BTW my fave is the DIOR Extreme Fit power foundation).  So... when I make the big switch to Liquid Foundations (prolly the same time I bought the MAc 187 brush), I bought MAC Studio Fix Fluid.

Note that this is not in any way a full review of every single foundation.  I am just giving my opinions of each one in terms of their texture and durability.

Here is a group picture:

*note that in my last few posts, pics are taken with my lousy iphone camera--- it's just much easier to upload without compromising

too much on quality to my amatuer eyes.

From L to R:

Silky Girl Skin Perfect spf30++ 01 Light: I like this, but something about the tone doesn't suit my face, so I mix this when I am using the Maybelline foundation. Super cheap, and great as a everyday foundation.

DIOR Extreme Fit spf15++ 020: My fave foundation. Color is perfect for me.  This is an empty bottle, but I have a brand new bottle which I bought at the airport duty free ($56 duty free?)  I just LOVE Dior foundations.  But I have been rotating my foundations so I am not opening the new one yet.

MUFE HD Foundation in 120: ARGH.  Everything about this foundation is perfect, except the color, as you all know. So usually my sis uses this foundation if she is doing her MU at home.  But I mix the studio sculpt and now it is OK.  Very lasting too.  Definitely will get one in my correct shade when this runs out. Seriously, you need the tiniest amount of this.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15 spf 15: Great basic foundation. Great color. Easy to blend, and buildable coverage.  :)

Maybelline Pure Fluid Mineral 020 Beige Eclat spf18:  I also have a backup of this.  But there is so much left in this bottle.  LOVE how it blends.  Not the longest lasting though.

Clinique Superfit 63 Fresh Beige: Super light, but unlike the MUFE HD foundation, which is also light in texture, this doesn't have much coverage. You need to use a lot to achieve medium to full coverage, from my own experience.  I feel like I have used so much already even though I just got this recently. Good product, but don't think I will repurchase.

MUFE Mat Velvet+ Oil Free, Water Resistant: Newest addition.  I haven't used it.  But it is super thick... and the MUA said I can use it as a concealer too.  I have good vibe about this.

Lying down in the centre, we have MAC studio sculpt foundation NC15 spf15: Due to launch in SG this Sept.  I like the scent of this... for some strange reason.  Ha ha.  And the texture is unlike anything I have tried before.  And of all the foundations, you use the least product for this.  Medium to full coverage. Smooth finish. And the only foundation I apply with my fingers.

BEST Drugstore: Maybelline

BEST High-end: Dior

BEST starter/mid range: MAC

I usually apply foundations with a MAC187, seldom the MAC109 cos it tends to shed like crazy for cream/liquid products.  I also use the Beauty Blender sponge.  I bought a Rimmel 16 hour foundation before in the lightest shade 001 Ivory or smth but it was still too dark for me, so I gave away to my friend.

Yea.. that's all... and hope you find this helpful. And questions, please leave a comment.  I might do a overview of primers etc soon.  :)  Stay tuned!

July 21, 2009

I died and went to makeup heaven (almost)

Location: Sephora, ION

Was innocently on my way to ZARA via the Wheelock Place underpass, and saw this strange unfamilar opening, that leads to ION.  And so, we have to go there, right?

After a few steps, this is what I saw:

This is a Spanish Label, and if you like Pull & Bear, this is funkier, and I think nicer, better, It is just COOL ok... it's all over the place when I went to Barcelona and in Paris, but so excited Bershka is finally coming to SG.

I was soooooo excited, I didn't even bother going in to TOPSHOP.....

Then I saw this cute signage:

I think this is COTTON ON, except they just sell the shoes.  Next, we have.....

A frikking stand alone shu uemura store! The last time I saw a free standing one was back in the days at Scotts.... when I was in secondary school.  Everything was so brand new in the store, none of the testers had been swatched. 

Then another new exciting makeup brand KORRES!!!  Those on YT would have heard LisaSz09 and Lollipop26 talking about their liquid foundation.  I almost bought one ($65) but the staff wasn't very insipiring so I changed my mind.

Then..... what else.... I went one floor up.... to the ground floor.. and smack in my face, I saw the tell tale STRIPES.  Are you ready????






Please ignore the random ugly men standing around the front.  What the heck are they doing there anyway???

OK, Seriously.. The size of this store, is like... maybe Topshop and Forever 21 combined at Vivocity.  I am not kidding. YES, i think facebysarah mentioned there is a MAC counter there??  TRUE.  And it is located near the entrance.

They have SMASHBOX, TWO FACED, GIVENCHY, BURTS BEE etc etc  etc etc.... This is one Sephora which makes me feel like I am back in EU... for a moment.  It is so spacious...and of course, I had to haul to commemorate this special occasion.  But more store pictures, which I took covertly of course.

MUFE!! Please ignore random stranger in the picture.  This is what you get for taking sneaky pictures.

BE counters... which is near the SMASHBOX corner.

And for the uninitiated (ie those not in SG) this is what ION looks like.   Think it's the CARTIER grand opening, lotsa crowd.. but I steered far away to avoid being spotted by paparazzi

(as if right?? LOL)


Yea...... so.... I just had to share this exciting event.  Ha ha.  And I didn't even expect to be here.

Now.. back to my original story... of how I died and went to makeup heaven -- SEPHORA.

Spent such a long time swatching, and walking and just basking in the general presence of so much beauty products.  My friend says I am sooo high, I think I even got her infected.  Yes, my excitement is THAT contagious, cos she bought some stuff too.  LOL.

But the staff are so NEH....... they are so new, and they don't know what the heck is going on, like don't know how to match foundation colors for my friend, I HAD TO DO THEIR JOB!!!  Grrrr... anyway.. I don't care.  Here is my (not so little) haul.

BURT'S BEES  Banana Hand Creme ($18)  HUGE TUB.  They have lotsa hand salve thingy, but the smell of this BLEW ME AWAY.  Imagine those banana milk, banana chewing gum you tried as a kid?  Imagine this as a rich hand cream.  DELISH!!!

We also have SEPHORA concealer palette ($25), which looks like a cheap cousin of the MUFE corrector palette (think it's $59).  I doubt this has the industrial strength of my BEN NYE palette, but I think my sister would like this product.

Then the GOOD STUFF --- MUFE. I bought their foundation again, this time the MAT VELVET+ in the lightest shade 20 ($68).  This is like concealer... thick foundation.  But I like the coverage.  And then we have the SUPER MATTE LOOSE POWDER I got this in the PINK SHADE 2($45), it comes with a powder puff, which I think is way cool cos I can pressed it into my face for a flawless finish. Will review these babies asap.  And it is a HUGE tube.. cos the tester is kind of small (like BE mineral veil size) but the actual product which I got is bigger (10g).  HAPPINESS.  I was kind of tempted by the illamasqua one.. but for now... this is a way more accessible product for me to purchase.  :)

*UPDATE: I forgot to give my two cents worth on SMASHBOX. I have their blusher and eyeshadow trio...and this photofinish primer which is rubbish IMO, and also a mattifying primer which is also RUBBISH.

But if you have to get something from SMASHBOX... get their eyeshadow trio in TWILIGHT - I have this, it's white frost, carbon matte black, and a frost silver trio.  SUPER PRETTY and great for sexy smokey eyes.

Pass on the foundations - you are better off with the MUFE ones, or the regular MAC ones.

Good to try the PRIMERS - cos they do get rave reviews.  I am just sore I don't like them.  The silica gel thingy is just wrong on my skin, I don't know.

And also their famous O-Glow thingy...

They have this LE eyeshadow trio thingy in a palette... and each retails for $65... the packaging is kind of like NARS.  The rubber black box.  Pretty.

PASS PASS don't get their liner cake stuff - they are too dry and don't work as cream liners at all.

All in all, now that I am home... I am recovering from my 'high'.... haha.. I will definitely go there again this SAT.

Oh and I got FAKE HAIR at Far East Plaza for $25, obivously it is synthetic hair.. it is like a hairclip with long wavy hair/ponytail which I can attach onto my own hair.... and Hey presto!  Instant luscious locks... so glam.  Ha ha.   Will show this in a future look of the day perhaps over the weekend.

Hope you are getting as excited as I am!  Thanks for reading!!!

July 18, 2009

Look of the Day: Outfit and fresh face


Sunday morning: Errands, chill out, and slight depression pre Monday blues.  Nonethless, we try to make the best out of this. I usually pick up my laundry, have breakfast at the market, do random errands (replenish toiletries etc).  Maybe random trip to Ikea, Daiso, or impulse movie watching.

On my face:  Was playing around with my foundations, and I mixed MUFE HD liquid foundation and MAC studio sculpt.  I think both colors balance each other, and I think I can start using my MUFE again cos I think the color is kind of too dark for me.

Cheeks: Intenso (the shimmery side) and Improvise.

Eyes: Wash of Vanilla all over the lids, Wedge on the crease (but it's so light, I don't think anyone can see), and Maybelline Black cream liner.

Lips: Not wearing anything.

Outfit: Old Navy polo tee, Cotton On Denim shorts * I am loving this pair of shorts.

July 17, 2009

Look of the Day: Purple again!

Hi hi.

Did SOOO much this morning! Worked, talked, talked, talked, and had a dental appointment.  Ha ha.  Now my teeth are so clean, I am almost afraid to eat.

Nonetheless, I will be spending the rest of this day working.  And tmr I can play.  Woot!

On the eyes: MUFE purple liner as base, MUFE 92 purple eyeshadow, MAC Poison Pen to blend, and Vanilla for highlight.  It is BRIGHT, but subtle, cos I didn't spread the purple too high up my lids.

Brows: Mac Fling Brow pencil * LOVES!

Cheeks: Improvise blusher - I think somehow peachy cheeks look nice with purples.

Lips: not wearing anything.

Face: Clinique foundation, BE Mineral Veil

Nails: Turquoise (Barry M), Do you Lilac It (OPI)

*Pardon the oiliness going on my face, I took this pic AFTER I came home, it had been a sweltering morning!


Random SEPHORA Update: I read in some mags that Sephora is going to open in ION this year?  Apparently it is going to be 5 times bigger than the Taka branch, and will stock Smashbox... Is it too much to hope that NARS, urban decay, FRESH, Cargo et al will follow suit???? Can my made in US & Paris beauty insider cards be used here?? LOL

That's all, and thanks for reading!

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