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April 27, 2014

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks & NEW Vernis [Swatches, LOTD & Review]

[So I had taken a bunch of pretty pics of my products - and I can't find the SD card now....] this explains the abrupt start to my entry on the featured shades of the new DIOR ADDICT Fluid Sticks & newly formulated gel finish vernis.   First off, I love the new revamped Vernis... they have better brushes, the formula is just beyond impressive.  Glossy, long lasting and the new flatter brushes so easy to apply!  I have since acquired a few more of the new vernis, and I am really enjoying them.  Now I am wondering what do I do with my old Dior polishes!  Hahha. 

- See my preview & more information on the new Dior Addict Fluid Sticks in this entry here.

I have the chance to play with the new DIOR Addict Fluid Sticks for a few weeks - they have great colors, the formula is really something new, very liquid, not sticky, and the color pay off is impressive.  Comparing these to the new Lancome Lip Lovers, I would say that the Dior ones are more intensely pigmented, and this is especially so if you compare the lighter shades.  

Here are the four IT shades I have for the Fluid Sticks - Aventure, Pandore, Mirage & Artifice... 

They look similar in my swatches, with the exception of Mirage which is a warm nude beige.  
Pandore is a warm bright red.
Aventure is a tomato red, slightly more muted than Pandore, almost coral in tone. 
Artifice is a warm tangerine shade. 

As you can see in this complete set of swatches, the second row with the red/ bold shades all look very alike, with very slight nuances in the shades of red/ corals/ and bright pinks. 

The applicator molds nicely to your lips, and deposits enough product for you to apply a coat of colour on upper and lower lips.  If you want to build up the color, you have to dip again to build up the colour.  And yes, this lippy is very buildable in terms of colour and this means greater flexibility in terms of the performance - you can wear it as a stain, all the way to a glossy lacquer full intense color pay off.  
I find that the Fluid Sticks have decent payoff... about 4 - 5 hours for something so liquid and light. 

And here are swatches of the four IT shades for the new vernis.  I realise that they all contain this super ultra fine shimmer (more like glassy specks) that lend the glossy shine to the colors.  I am very impressed by the new formulation, and I find the new formula to be quite long lasting too.  
I took these pictures with my iphone because I think they are more true to color... in my own camera.. the brighter shades all look the same!  

And here are some close up swatches of the matching pairs for the IT shades:  no prizes for guessing which is my fave IT pairing!!

wearing the same makeup in all LOTD, old FCUK dress and messy unkempt hair.  

I love Artifice - super wearable orange lippy! 

Aventure is a happy cheerful warm red pairing which I like. 

The Mirage pairing is quite surprising - a warm nude with a purple polish.  What are your thoughts?

And my fave.. Pandore! 

Overall, I love the new Dior releases - so very colourful and exciting!  The packaging of the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks are so sleek and luxe - and they glide on the lips so beautifully.  Have you picked up any of these beauties yet?

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks & new Vernis are now available at all Dior counters and stores.  

Hope you find this entry helpful and thanks for reading!

May 31, 2013

Lancôme Gloss in Love [Complete Swatches & Application]

Today, Lancôme launches their brand new Gloss in Love, a collection of 12 shades of lipglosses.  For more information & photographs, please click on my previous entry here

The new Gloss in Love retails for S$40 each at all Lancôme counters. 

Ever since its 2012 launch, Rouge in Love has become the cult lipstick of every colour addict.  Synonmous with feminity, freshness and resolute modernity, this ode to colour extends an invitation to express oneself.  A statement of pure joie de vivre... Its unique pigmented formyla couple with exceptioanl hold makes it a must-have for lips. 

Rouge in Love, Vernis in Love -- today the IN LOVE universe is enriched with a brand new generation of gloss.  A genius of shine and comfort houses in a case that opens with a click - Gloss in Love. 

I was initially given the signature shade in 385 to try out, the texture is very smooth, and glossy.  There is a slight stickiness to them, but nothing too crazy.  The shimmer bits in some of the shades are really quite gorgeous, even if I am not really a fan of shimmering glosses.  The overall packaging is sturdy, and the click to open your gloss packing is something of a novelty to me. 

Here are some close ups of the actual gloss: 

The applicator is really something I love about the gloss.  It tapers and curves to fit your lips perfectly making application a breeze. 

An overall look I did sometime back with shade 385.  (I am sorry I don't have the names at this point in time!) 

Close up shots of the application, so you get an idea of the pigmentation and texture: 

I would say these glosses are quite pigmnented as far as glosses are concerned, especially some of the brighter shades.  A couple of the shades in this collection are best suited as glosses that go over any lip color (such as the 200 a clear crystal multicolor hue).  
Lasting power on these glosses are about 2 - 3 hours, and the brighter shades leave behind a healthy rosy stain, a bonus if you ask me. :)

Complete swatches here, with the exception of one shade: 

Everything else side by side 

My top picks</p>

391 - brilliant pink, least shimmery of the lot 
144 - vibrant orange, super flattering 
312 - a beautiful nude, makes my lips look full 
146 - pale peachy nude
200 - clear shimmery crystal, goes with any base lip color. 

Go check out the Lancôme Gloss in Love today! 
I hope this has been helpful, and thanks for reading!

p.s  currently blogging from my sister's macbook pro... takes a bit of getting used to, and all my info and pics are in my own mbp, i am woe-ing the fact that it currently won't start up, and I will be bringing it to the repair centre later. :(</p> <p>
May 04, 2013

Make-up artistry by Lancôme: Lessons in Colour Layering

creates the most electrifying mix & match colours. Three products, a multitude of shades in harmonies of fuchsia,
orange and pink, for infinite combinations... Anything is possible, simply follow your desire!

Thanks to the perfect affinity of their formulas, there’s simply no limit to the ways you can superimpose Rouge In Love and Gloss In Love. Associating their textures seems to create a magnifying glass effect which amplifies the expression of their pigments. Vernis In Love takes on the challenge of creating the most daring manicure imaginable.

Love your lips!

Apply Gloss In Love alone using the applicator tip to perfectly define the lip contour. Then kiss the Rouge In Love stick, placing it against the centre of your lips. Accentuate contrast effects by selecting a lighter shade for the central part of the lips: the lively pink of Flash n’ Fuchsia gloss collides beautifully with the fiery orange of Doux Farniente lipstick. Play around with the most daring of duos for a voluptuously plumped pout.

Petal Effect

Even the most delicate flowers assert their originality by pairing very pale tones with very dense pigments. Select two contrasting lipstick and gloss shades to recreate this surprising effect. Apply a light veil of a gloss such as Blink Pink then define the entire lip contour with the intense red of Under The Rose with a brush. Simply press your lips together to melt the two colours: a guaranteed petal effect!

Burning heart

Dress lips in softness with an initial layer of Rouge In Love before applying gloss to the centre, accentuating the cupid’s bow. Fall In Rose enhances lips’ intensity and goes beautifully with Under The Spotlight gloss. This heart of gloss at the centre of lips is sure to grab the spotlight!

Mouth-watering tone on tone

Choose two fairly close shades of Gloss In Love and Rouge In Love. For peachy-toned lips, first suffuse lips with shine using Peach Show gloss, then enhance the lip border by applying Rose’mantic lipstick with a brush. When you press lips together, the two textures blend to create an all-new orange shade that’s deep, lacquered and simply mouth-watering.

Two-tone kiss

With the current trend for mixed nail colour, why not apply the same principle to lips for an energised look? Just like a nail varnish base, apply an undercoat of Just Strass Gloss In Love to boost your lipstick’s colour. Apply a lighter, more luminous shade like Rose Flaâneuse lipstick to the lower lip and contrast with Be My Date! <span>on the upper lip. The quintessence of colour block make-up... 


May 04, 2013

Lancôme Gloss in Love [Photos & Information]


“Ever since its 2012 launch, Rouge In Love has become the cult lipstick of every colour addict. Synonymous with femininity, freshness and resolute modernity, this ode to colour extends an invitation to express oneself. A statement of pure joie de vivre... Its unique pigmented formula coupled with exceptional hold makes it a must-have for lips.

Rouge In Love, Vernis In Love... Today, the In Love universe is enriched with a brand new generation of gloss. A genius of shine and comfort housed in a case that opens with a click: Gloss In Love.

Fuchsia, pink and orange: the shades combine together to form countless glistening looks. Enjoy total freedom to experiment with the most daring of combinations for infinite variations, teaming up the gloss with the new Rouge In Love and Vernis In Love shades. Lancôme thus creates the most mouth- watering made-to-measure
“In Love” make-up imaginable, perfect to play with and to highlight the colourful spontaneity of your personality. Discover it this summer; you’ll be hooked all year round.

The cherry on the cake? Its super-smart applicator defines lips without ever changing their natural shape! With its ultra-simple applicator for results worthy of a make-up artist, Lancôme once again offers a concentrate of technology and pure joy to every woman, whether she’s a make-up expert or a colour novice. Because happiness is the most seductive beauty of all.”

<span>- Youcef S. Nabi President 


Gloss In Love,
Stunning colours in high-shine

Infused with intense pigments and light-trapping mother of pearl, this is the dream gloss of every woman who simply wants it all. Dazzling lips, swathed in a marvellous cocoon effect, all in a case that opens with a click, featuring a super-smart applicator... The must-have accessory for every woman on- the-go. Feeling every bit as delightful on lips as it looks, its ultra-comfort texture moisturises lips for 6 hours. Simply brilliant!

12 In Love shades

Pink Carat, Flash’n’Fuchsia, Under the Spotlight, Glittermania... Forever sparkling light is the order of the day.
From the softest of shades to pure pop tones, Gloss In Love is created in a palette of vibrant pinks, oranges and fuchsias to play with to
your heart’s content! Not forgetting Just Strass, an ultra-iridescent flashy white to layer on or to use as an undercoat, transform any shade of lipstick and gloss... Spring <span>2013’s absolute must-have! 


A high-comfort gloss: women’s dream, made reality by Lancôme

Combining shine, even colour and comfort: Gloss In Love achieves this seemingly impossible feat.
Its secret: at the heart of a magnifying glass-effect crystalline base, the breakthrough association of two polymers
one glossy, one flexible to form a supple, shiny three-dimensional network on lips’ surface. Pigments and mother-of-pearl to shine through to their fullest potential, allowing for radiant colour with this new-generation absolute-comfort and non-sticky texture, able to moisturise lips for 6 hours. 

A sensual fragrance

Gloss In Love exudes a subtle scent of mouth-watering vanilla, lifted by a fresh fruit cocktail. Addictive! 

A two-in-one applicator

A precise and simple application: Lancôme creates its first ever double-sided applicator. In a single step, made up of two strokes, it defines lips without flattening them or detracting from their natural shape.
1. The lower lip side: its curved side hugs the lower lip’s surface, applying the texture with shine.

2. The upper lip side: simply turn the applicator around to discover a high- precision tip to enhance the upper lip contour with all the dexterity of a make- up artist. Unprecedented! 

Colour... in a click

A two-in-one applicator

A precise and simple application: Lancôme creates its first ever double-sided applicator. In a single step, made up of two strokes, it defines lips without flattening them or detracting from their natural shape.
1. The lower lip side: its curved side hugs the lower lip’s surface, applying the texture with shine.

2. The upper lip side: simply turn the applicator around to discover a high- precision tip to enhance the upper lip contour with all the dexterity of a make- up artist. Unprecedented!

Imprinted with the words Gloss In Love its crystal bottle reveals the formula within, pure colour and mother-of-pearl. Then comes the click... Just press down and the cap is gently released, making it even easier to use. A signature sound infused with addictive chic. 



Gloss in Love comes in 12 delectable shades and will be available at all Lancôme counters for S$40 each, from 1st June 2013 onwards. 



February 28, 2013

NEW Dior Addict Gloss [Photos, Information & Swatches]

At all Dior Counters, 1 April 2013.

“Colour is indispensable to beauty. Lipstick is a fashion accessory.”

Colour. Every single colour. It was obvious to Christian Dior.
In the creative backstage frenzy, Dior Addict is a declaration of love for fashion, and an electric whirlpool of colour.

2013, new colour manifesto: Dior Addict Gloss is the new touch of shine and fashion. This creative, addictive accessory lets you have fun with the latest trends. Ultimate shine plays with different effects, turning heads and attracting attention. 

With a burst of laughter and a slick of gloss, the Addict icon plays with her reflection; edgy, sparkling and casual. In front of the mirror, she has fun creating her own colour manifesto. It is a passionate and magical game that carries her into the glossy whirlpool of 24, new, totally fashionable shades. Texture effects, style effects, and amazing mirror-shine lips.

An object of desire

Style has been captured in a vibrantly colourful and dazzling bottle. Witness a magic, psychedelic merry-go-round of vivid and elegant shades. Dior Addict Gloss: a new weapon of seduction to delight the lips of every fashionista, and give an incredible energy boost to your look. Each colour has its own fashion effect, making it beautiful and unique, addictive, and as sexy as a pair of stilettos.

A magic formula...

... provides lips with incredible shine and complete comfort. Its secret: the Mirror Shine Complex, an unrivalled procedure perfected by the Dior Research team.

Polarised crystalline micro-particles organize light reflection by sliding beneath a layer of mini mirror plaques. Thanks to the way in which they rotate, these micro-particles ensure optimal light diffusion, creating the magic of a perfect mirror.

The gel treatment formula, enriched with spheres of hyaluronic acid, plumps and hydrates for an even more intense, full-lipped effect.

<span>Lips are bathed in light and enjoy an almost indecent degree of comfort for an all-round colour explosion. Irresistibly attractive; this is a highly desirable pout.


Color Party

A staggering range of colours created by Tyen offers, to the nearest shade, a vibrant and spectacular "Color Party."

<span>Whether extravagant or demure, avant-garde or classical, daring or discreet, lips display a seductively fresh, pop look.


24 shades. 3 special effects.

A sparkling backstage “colorama”.
-The Shimmer effect: a star effect that accentuates the mirror shine of Dior Addict Gloss with stylish, glittering appeal
-The Pearly effect: extremely fine mother-of-pearl particles bathe the lips in a soft intensity -The Pure effect, like a shot of pigment; from the milkiest nudes to the most avant-garde lacquers.

Glitter Fever

The "Shimmer" shades
A fun, sensual collection for lips that do as they please, both night and day. Meticulously dosed glitter is carefully chosen to match the gloss, for a spectacular shimmering effect. Stylish, tailored shine for your lips.
The Dior Addict icon's fashion manifesto. 



4 It Shades – 4 Stars    

"Spring Ball": a cool, soft, nude shade is both delicate and light, with all the glamour of Monsieur Dior's cherished ball gowns. 

"Princess": a bright, vivacious and joyous pink with all the mischievous elegance of a princess dressed by the Couturier. 

"Délice": <span>a vivid, racy coral winks suggestively, inducing desire like a voluptuous scent... 


" D i a b l o t i n e
": This strong colour insolently displays the sensual red of a fiery temptress, or, of a Trafalgar dress, straight out of a Dior show. 




<span>Mix and match: new possibilities abound to make your look more sophisticated and to accessorize your style.

4 shades of Dior Addict Lipstick and 4, more sophisticated shades of Dior Addict Extrême, are recreating the 4 "it-shades" of Dior Addict Gloss. </span>

With a subtle glimmer thanks to their texture blended with fine, mother of pearl particles, these shades deliver delicate colour and delicious volume. Shine is present yet acquires a patina in this sensual blend. In hues of chic beige, tender pink and fresh orange, this delicate spectrum provides softness.

Pur Manifesto

<span>The "Pure" shades

Play with light and vary the shine effect with a wardrobe of finishes. Bright red becomes a translucent cordial; pinkish- beige charms with a milky effect, and bright pink dazzles with a vinyl lacquer finish.
Voluptuous, full lips for an iconic French kiss. 



<span> ***************


Yesterday, we had the chance to preview the new Dior Addict Gloss, and the makeup artist was on hand to demonstrate the mix-and-match lip combination - using complimentary shades, you can create a more dimensional and interesting lipstick look, and nothing crazy like a color-block look..it's more like a subtle ombre effect.  Definitely something to try out. </p>

Hope this sharing has been helpful! </p>

There will also be 4 nailpolishes released to match the 4 IT shades, click here for more photos & information!

At all Dior Counters, 1 April 2013.  
Dior Addict Gloss S$44 each

December 14, 2012

NEW Loreal Shine Caresse Swatches

Spotted the new LOREAL Shine Caresse at Hong Kong Sasa, Watsons, Colormix etc yesterday, and quickly did a quick swatch of the shades available. I have seen them online on some UK blogs etc, and also here at Rougedeluxe (Iris)'s entry from way back in Oct (link link link!)

These retail for HKD99 each, around SGD16.50. 

They feel and look like the YSL Glossy Stains, to be honest.  I didn't purchase any of the Loreal ones... since I already own 5 of the YSL glossy stains... I don't think I could ever start on these.  I am into matte creamy reds lately, as you might have noticed. 

Swatches here:

And as you can see, these leave a stain after I wiped them off, which makes me think that they really do perform like the glossy stains.  Some of the shades have very fine shimmer to them.  Really pretty, and the shape of the applicator is also similar to the YSL ones. 

Hope you find these helpful.  I think these are making their way to Singapore soon.  

Thanks for reading!

November 29, 2012

TOM FORD Haul: Cherry Lush Lip Gloss & Bordeaux Lust Nail Lacquer

When Tom Ford beauty finally arrived at Tangs Orchard last week, I spent some time at the counter swatching and picking a couple of items which I think I 'needed'.   I have already showed what I bought in that introduction entry, so this entry will show some swatches of the red gloss and dark red nail polish I bought. 

Both items are intensely pigmented, very very smooth, and there's just this certain weight and sturdiness to the whole packaging and feel of the items.  I think if I ever want to splurge on more TF goodies, they would have to be the brushes and the perfumes. 

All the glosses are very pigmented.  They are slightly sticky, but very very smooth.  I would compare them to the Illamasqua intense gloss in terms of the pigmentation.  It has a very lacquered hi-gloss appearance, just like how the model wears it in the promo images. 

For $62, this is certainly a very expensive gloss.  But you do get the pigmentation of a lipstick, and also the shine of a gloss... and depending on how you wear it, you can achieve several different looks, especially if you pick the right colors (ie the dark, deep, or bright shades - the nude glosses are lovely, but you could always go for the nude lipsticks in the TF range). 


It has a rather stiff brush applicator. 

And two looks which you could achieve with the gloss.  one layer is a sheer shiny stain, and two layers is a dramatic true cherry red pop. 

I picked Bordeaux Lust because it seems to have the best formula among the reds.  I had wanted one that matched the gloss, but the formula and finish didn't impress me, and for S$45, both color and formula had better be good. 

You need to apply 3 thin coats for best results. I noticed some bald spots with 2 coats... but after 3 thin coats... you get a beautiful extremely glossy black cherry red color.  It is not as dark/black as Chanel Rouge Noir, and certainly deeper than other deep reds like NARS Jungle Red. 

Hope these swatches have been helpful, and thanks for reading!

August 09, 2012

NARS Teaser: Turkish Delight [Photos & Swatches]

This week's NARS Teaser is their famed lipgloss in the shade Turkish Delight.  It is a milky pale sheer pink that will look good on its own, or over a lipcolor.   In this entry, I am showing the gloss on its own... After a month of NARS teasers, I think many of us can't wait for NARS to hit town (we are looking at OCT/ NOV, at Tangs Orchard, in case you are wondering).  Let me know what are your top NARS picks!

Product description:

Serious shine and sexy color in sheer, semi-sheer and creamy formulas. Extremely wearable and versatile shades may be worn alone or over other lip formulas for added dimension.

* Ultra-smooth, non-sticky, comfortable wear

* Enriched with Vitamin E to help lips feel supple and hydrated

* Iconic NARS shades

To create a natural, supple look for lips, try blending Turkish Delight over your favorite lipliner or lipstick. The creamy texture results in beautiful shine.– ARTHUR BOSTON, NATIONAL MAKEUP STYLIST| - | Lip Gloss gives a full, pouty, 3-D effect, especially when applied to the center of the lips. Less is more when it comes to Lip Gloss. I prefer to apply with my finger and tap the color on so it's not too thick.


Photos & Swatches

It looks sheer, and a little 'streaky' so I think I will most prob wear this over a nude lippy for extra shine. 

The texture is very smooth and not sticky. 

It has a slight rubbery scent as many reviews you come arcoss about NARS lipglosses would point out.  

But the scent isn't in your face, it goes off after a few seconds. 

A simple look featuring Turkish Delight.

Products breakdown will be mentioned in a separate entry. 


That's all, and thanks for reading!

For my other NARS Teaser installments, click here.

What's your absolute NARS must haves?

August 05, 2012

Chanel Fall 2012 - Glossimer 297 Sweet Beige [Photos & Swatches]

One of the items I bought from Chanel Fall 2012, the glossimer in Sweet Beige (I blame it to the 20% off at Metro that got me feeling just a bit more impulsive).... but anyway, it is a really pretty shimmery nude gloss that is quite intensely pigmented.   Chanel glosses are not sticky, and the shimmer bits are just quite gorgeous..across the whole color range.  It is nice to keep a couple in your collection, because they are really quite fine in quality, and contains abit of product given the price you pay for them. 

Lip Swatch

And here's how it looks like as a whole look. 

More details on this look in a later entry if you are keen on what products I used (mostly Chanel). 

Highly recommend you getting Sweet Beige~

That's all, and thanks for reading!

August 25, 2010

Half Face Experiment: Applying The Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation

Hi hi!

Decided to try out the Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation today.  I will be doing a half face application, so you can see the difference, and also, for me to check and scrutinise the texture of  the foundation.  Then I am also showing a couple of other Lancôme products.  I won't be doing much colors in this entry, and will just let the aura do the magic.  Because if your face/ foundation looks flawless, really, you don't need much else.  :)

If you would like more information about this foundation, please click HERE to see my earlier entry on its properties.

The shade I am using here is BO-02. I am using my fingers simply because it is the fastest way to apply a liquid foundation without streaking (and partly my other foundation brushes haven't been washed, and I don't want to mix any products which may interfere).

The foundation blends very easily, something which I have already noticed when I first swatched the product.  Although I could see the slightest bits of shine (liquid reflectors) in the bottle, it is not something which is glaringly obvious once applied on your skin.  The texture is light, and I don't feel like I have applied anything on my skin.  If you are worried about liquid foundations being thick, I think that with new technology, liquid foundations in general have improved tremendously, and most of them shouldn't make you feel like you are wearing a mask.  And you can simply set your foundation with a light dusting of powder, and you are good to go.

Can you tell the difference?

Obviously, the side of my face which is bare looks reddish, spotty and just quite raw.  I have not used any concealer yet at this point, so you can tell the foundation gives good even coverage.  I would say this is a medium coverage foundation. On a scale of one to ten, I would say this is something like 5 or 6. To draw some comparisons,  the feeling of this foundation is akin to NARS Sheer Glow, and also the Maquillage Long Lasting Stick.   My pores are still slightly visible, but after I set my face with powder, almost everything is all smoothed out (except for a couple of spots).

Next, I tried out the Multi-Lights Touch Corrector Bare Skin Perfection for under my eyes.  It looks very much pink toned, which is suitable for brightening my undereye areas - do note that my dark undereyes aren't very serious, and I am able to use this as a concealer.  If you have darker undereyes, you might want to use a real concealer first, and then followed by this product to highlight and brighten the undereye area.   I also used it to even out the little bits of reddness around my nose.

I shall fast forward a little, and applied the foundation on the other side of my face, and set with my La Mer loose powder with a large powder brush (SS150).   I used a brush cos it gives a lighter application rather than the powder puff -- again --- because I don't want to interfere with the original texture and appearance of the Teint Miracle.  You can also see that the foundation blends well into my jawline, so it is a perfect match.

And somemore fast forward, I applied a little contour on my cheeks and eyes (using NARS Laguna & MAC Sculpt and Shape powder, MAC Personal Style blush--- all cool toned contour colors) and slapped on some eyeliner.   Then I applied a lipgloss, also by Lancôme, which is the Crĕme De Brillance in shade 06 (Rose Nu).

I am sure you are familiar with the doe-foot applicator from Lancôme which makes it easy to fit to the shape of your lips.  This gloss doesn't have any scent, and is not sticky at all.

And here is the completed look -- I am wearing false lashes from Palz, pictures taken with and without flash.

I am feeling rather good about this foundation so far!   I intentionally left out any highlighting products for this LOTD (eg, NARS Nico, or any of  my MAC MSF) because I want to see if the aura and inner radiance will come through my skin, and not from other products.  Do you think there is any difference?

Shall report back on its longevity in time to come.

And if you want to try out/ preview this foundation, click HERE to find out how!

Hope this has been helpful, and thanks for looking.


ps: Lancôme products mentioned in this entry were given to me for review purposes.  All opinions are my own honest ones.

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I like classic looks (neutral tones on eyes, anything goes for lips & cheeks), though occasionally I try out dramatic/ statement looks.  I believe that a flawless base is the key to achieving great makeup looks.  I also believe that if you don't have great skin to start with, fake it with a good foundation routine, and even greater skincare.  I am currently loving Clarins & Lancome skincare products, and Vichy NormaDerm for tackling with breakouts.

What Cameras do I use?

Most of the pictures you see in post 2010 entries are taken with my Canon G-11.  Previously I was using Canon Ixus 80.  I do post some pictures which are taken with my iphone4 which I will state in that particular entry.  I have stopped watermarking my pictures as of 2011, because I think watermarks are ugly in general, and does not prevent people from stealing my pictures if they wish to.  I just take it as a compliment that my pictures are even worth stealing in the first place. I might look into getting a Canon EOS next year, not just for blogging purposes, but I also like photography in general.

My Favourite Makeup Brand(s)

It is hard to name just one, but I like NARS, Chanel, Illamasqua and the ocasional Guerlain, Dior & Urban Decay item.  I own quite a stash of MAC items, but recently I have stopped catching up with their collections, and I much prefer to splurge on a few really outstanding items.

Where to find me

Twitter (link button above!)  Email (stated above!)  Instagram (makeup_blogette)

I have no official Facebook fan page, and currently have no intention to start one at all.  The Makeup Blogette remains my personal hobby and property, so as such, I don't believe in having a Facebook fanpage for it.

Final Disclaimer

I bought/ paid for all of the products mentioned in this blog. I am not affliated to any company. If certain products are sent to me for review purposes, I will say so and express my honest opinions about them. In any case, I will only review and showcase the products which I have personally tried and tested, and enjoy using. I do not get paid to review anything.

No ads, no paid links etc please.  I am in charge of all content and pictures here.

I am not a makeup artist, nor do I have any professional training in makeup.




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