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About Me

My name is Sophia, and I am in my early 30s. I am from Singapore and I am the sole writer of this blog.

About this Blog

I started this blog in 2006, I like to use a wide range of brands though I seem to have a growing preference for higher-end brands in recent years. I also like to share interesting things I have come across about makeup and beauty.

Currently The Makeup Blogette receives 39,000 unique views monthly or 2,238,932 views and counting.

My Makeup Style

I like classic looks (neutral tones on eyes, anything goes for lips & cheeks), though occasionally I try out dramatic/ statement looks.  I believe that a flawless base is the key to achieving great makeup looks.  I also believe that if you don't have great skin to start with, fake it with a good foundation routine, and even greater skincare.  I am currently loving Clarins & Lancome skincare products, and Vichy NormaDerm for tackling with breakouts.

What Cameras do I use?

Most of the pictures you see in post 2010 entries are taken with my Canon G-11.  Previously I was using Canon Ixus 80.  I do post some pictures which are taken with my iphone4 which I will state in that particular entry.  I have stopped watermarking my pictures as of 2011, because I think watermarks are ugly in general, and does not prevent people from stealing my pictures if they wish to.  I just take it as a compliment that my pictures are even worth stealing in the first place. I might look into getting a Canon EOS next year, not just for blogging purposes, but I also like photography in general.

My Favourite Makeup Brand(s)

It is hard to name just one, but I like NARS, Chanel, Illamasqua and the ocasional Guerlain, Dior & Urban Decay item.  I own quite a stash of MAC items, but recently I have stopped catching up with their collections, and I much prefer to splurge on a few really outstanding items.

Where to find me

Twitter (link button above!)  Email (stated above!)  Instagram (makeup_blogette)

I have no official Facebook fan page, and currently have no intention to start one at all.  The Makeup Blogette remains my personal hobby and property, so as such, I don't believe in having a Facebook fanpage for it.

Final Disclaimer

I bought/ paid for all of the products mentioned in this blog. I am not affliated to any company. If certain products are sent to me for review purposes, I will say so and express my honest opinions about them. In any case, I will only review and showcase the products which I have personally tried and tested, and enjoy using. I do not get paid to review anything.

No ads, no paid links etc please.  I am in charge of all content and pictures here.

I am not a makeup artist, nor do I have any professional training in makeup.




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    October 12, 2013

    Chanel Makeup Relevations

    Just sharing a cute Chanel video, I don't understand all they are saying, but the Chanel language of makeup is universal...right?


    Email |
    September 21, 2013

    Chanel Le Vernis Cosmic & Magic [Swatches & Comparisons]

    A while back, I bought this pair of Chanel polishes from their 
    Fashion's Night Out 2013 (CHANEL Fall 2013 Nuit Magique) collection.   A beautiful pair of sparkling soft black & deep creamy navy blue shades...not that they are super unique, but I have collected all the FNO chanel sets since 2010... so I guess I can't pass this up. 

    A closer look:

    Cosmic is a soft black, super glossy and contains glassy silvery shimmer bits. 

    Magic is a deep one coater navy blue which has a slight tinge of green


    this is 3 coats of Cosmic - I think this is going to be my fave black. 

    just a quick comparison to Chanel Blue Rebel - I would say that they are 95% similar, indeed, if you just look at both shades, they are identical... but Blue Rebel is 'blue-r' and has a thinner consistency.  It also contains a slight grey tinge. 


    That's all, and thanks for looking!

    Email |
    July 27, 2013

    Review: A Chanel Face Routine ft Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powders

    Hi hi!

    This would be a review of the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powders - as well as an overview of how I incorporate them into my foundation routine.   

    I currently have 3 shades of the Les Beiges powders - I bought 20 and 30 whilst I was in London, and I have shade 10 coming my way.  These powders are rather sheer, as the name stated, and are meant to sort of enhance your face, give it a healthy glow, and depending on what shade you use, you can also use them as 'bronzers' too, in a natural way. 

    Here's how I use or would use each of the powders - 

    ** swatches of 30 and 20 here

    ** my haul entry here

    shade 30 - which is 2 shades darker than my usual Chanel B10 foundation tone - I would sweep shade 30 all over my forehead and at the side of my face.  Note that I am not using this to contour, I don't contour on a daily basis if ever at all.  I find that just by warming the sides of my face I can already get a more 'contoured' less flat face look.  I find that shade 30 is a good and natural warm bronzer shade.  It did not oxidise on me, and I would say the color look fresh and noticeable on me for a good 6 hours before fading, after which I should probably touch up. 

    shade 20 - is my exact shade match, a tad peachy, which I would use if I need to tone down a foundie which is too stark for my liking, it is so sheer, that I can't really see it on my face unlike 30.  I also use 20 to blend overall the face, and also as a finishing touch.  I have been using shade 30 way more often than 20 on a daily basis... because I use my usual setting powder for foundations, and 20 seems a tad unnecessary anyway.  But still, it is good to have.

    shade 10 - is also my shade match, but a tad lighter. I haven't got my hands on this yet (still with Mabel which got it for me at Duty Free!! Yay!!!) I look forward to using this as a touch up powder, since it has more brightening tone than 20. 

    note that I say both 10 and 20 are my shades, because I can fall in between both - they aren't necessarly darker or lighter than each other, but I do think that they have a slightly different undertones which suit my skintone anyway. 

    Here's an overview of my Chanel routine.  On most days, I do mix and match brands depending on my mood, obviously. 

    Applying the foundation 

    I mix the Chanel Sheer Illuminating base with Mat Lumiere B20 - I find that it is easier and faster to mix the illuminating base into the foundation, rather than layering them.  My other Chanel bases are B10, somehow I have gotten a little lighter in Chanel foundations, or maybe Chanel foundations have gotten darker, or maybe they oxidise over time but now I am a B10, and I feel like I need to brighten up my Mat Lumiere.   The sheer illuminating base is a very good white sheer liquid for brightening up any foundation you want.  Plus it smells LOVELY. 

    Mat Lumiere is very long lasting, and has a velvety matte finish. 

    So once I created this mess, I will proceed to application & blending.   I usually use a brush, but fingers will do fine too. 

    The application - nothing super exciting.. 

    I think I have already set my face here, with the Chanel Natural Finish loose powder.  Note how my face is totally even out, but it looks flat (as in it is the same color throughout...not very flattering).

    So here, we are going to warm my complexion.

    I would just slap it on my forehead near the hairline in light buffing motion, and then move to the side of my face, from my ears, to the side of my face.  Because the powder is sort of sheer, I don't have to worry about being too heavy handed or going all over the place.  You won't end up with any streaky mess like for example if you go overboard with an actual bronzer.   

    I am using my fave touch up brush which is just a fluffy Hakuhodo retractable brush.  It is easy to clean and fluffy enough for all my face and cheek work.  I am not one to fuss about with precise face brushes for bronzer or blush or watever....(I have no time to switch brushes with my daily morning routine anyway) and I am really going for just a natural fresh face daily. 

    I hope you can see where the color shade 30 has been deposited in this picture below... and say HELLO to the stray hair across my hair.  Very nice indeed! 

    And now, for shade 20, which is really for demonstration purpose.. I just dust on onto the centre of my face, but not like you can see it in action.  It is my skintone color.  This is useful as a touch up powder.  

    And the overall look. I haven't applied blusher I think... but you can see how the shade 30 has warmed up my skin, bring about some sort of a cheek contour. 

    And then I slapped on some rosy blush (Chanel's blush/bronzer palette from a couple of summers back), applied a bright pink lippy, fill in the brows and I am done.  This would be my daily fresh look, even when I am feeling less than awake.  I like the healthy glow that the Les Beiges powders promise, and I can say that I am quite happy with my purchase of all the different shades.  

    I didn't get the brush that comes with this collection, even though it is supposedly super soft (and yes it is really soft, I have fondled it a couple of times in store) and I didn't get the healthy glow cream (glowy creams aren't really my thing, I much prefer glowy powders for my normal to oily skin). 

    and a couple more finished look: 

    all products used: 

    Face - Chanel Mat Lumiere B20 mixed with Sheer Illuminating Base

    Powder - to set: Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder B10, Les Beiges 30 as a bronzer, Les Beiges 20 as a general face powder

    Cheeks - Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Rose

    Lips - Chanel Rouge Allure Genial 

    Brows - Shiseido Brow Stylin Compact Deep Brown GY901 


    Like I mentioned, the Les Beiges powders are great for enhancing your complexion overall, the effect is very subtle.  Because they don't exactly last the whole day, you can bring them out to use as touch up powders (they aren't so finely milled and comes with the big mirror inside for nothing you know?).  While I can't say that these powders are a staple in my collection (because I already have my stash of fave flawless finishing powders and natural bronzers) I just like the idea of the Chanel Les Beiges collection.  The packaging and scent also suck me in...let's be honest.   And I am always in need of some kind of powder to touch up or slap on my face anyway... so I felt totally justified to get not just one but three.  

    I hope that my review has been useful, and thank you for reading!

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    July 27, 2013

    Haul: Chanel Jersey & New Skincare Sampling

    Hallo!  So, I finally caved and bought Jersey.  It's a scent which I have been yearning for everytime I go to the Chanel store, I would spritz it all over me, and just revel in its comforting scent for the rest of the day.  The Les Exclusifs de Chanel fragrances are EDTs, but they are very long lasting, and smells so elegant and chic.  They are pricey (and I am kicking myself for not getting this while I was in London Heathrow) but anyway, I decided that I will suck it up and buy it.  I got the 75ml bottle (S$230) - it also comes in a huge 200ml bottle ($415 I think) but I think a 75ml bottle would last me a long time anyway.  

    The description of Jersey (Aromatic Floral Powdery)

    Jersey had only been used for sailors’ sweaters and men’s undergarments until, in the 1920’s, Mademoiselle Chanel made it the instrument of a new elegance for women. Like Mademoiselle, Jacques Polge has also revealed the chic and feminine treasures of a material considered to be masculine and modest: lavender. 

    He has chosen an exceptional essence and given it the sensuality of musk and the deliciour richness of vanilla. And so it is that lavender has been 
    transfigured and become deliciously sophisticated. Successfully transformed, it has lost its masculine connotations.

    Note that the Les Exclusifs range of scents are only available at Chanel flagship stores at MBS, ION and maybe the Chanel store at Ngee Ann city. I do own another scent in this range, Beige and til today it is still one of my all time fave scents. 

    Whilst at the Chanel store, I also asked the friendly BA for a sample of the new Chanel skincare range - the LE JOUR, LA NUIT, LE WEEKEND.  She was kind enough to give me a set of generous samples, and I will be giving you an update mid-week I hope.  So far I have only used Le Weekend once, and it is prolly the only one which I would be keen in purchasing ($149, while the other two are $115 I think).  


    Morning Reactivating Face Care

    Energizes skin so it can adapt to its environment throughout the day. Grasse Jasmine Extract invigorates the skin, while Salicylic Acid gently and gradually exfoliates to visibly minimize pores. Your complexion appears smooth and radiant, and ready to face the day.


    Evening Recharging Face Care

    Soothes and moisturizes skin to encourage nightly recovery. Frankincense Extract calms skin to prepare for the process of overnight repair, while Hyaluronic Acid helps restore skin’s plumpness and hydration. Your complexion appears supple upon awakening, with no signs of dullness.


    Weekly Renewing Face Care

    Enhances renewal and replenishes hydration to give skin a much-needed weekend break. Combined with relaxing Rose Water, a gentle Glycolic Acid Complex is gradually released for ideal exfoliation and lasting moisture. Skin is softer and more luminous for the week ahead.

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    July 16, 2013

    Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup: Collection Superstition


    The symbols of good fortune that Gabrielle Chanel loved most inspire Fall’s enchanting colour collection.

    In vibrant shades from coral to intense pink, new LE BLUSH CRÈME DE CHANEL
    sets off sumptuous khaki tones of eyeshadow, mascara and polish.

    Coordinating lipsticks seamlessly pair with the new blush for a playful colour match.

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    July 13, 2013

    Products Empties [July 2013]


    Another installment of product empties - these are products which I have been using mostly since March/ April.. and I don't think you will be unfamliar with most of them.  They are some of my most fave products! 

    Firstly, let's start with Hair stuff - 

    John Frieda Luxurious Volume hair shampoo (I am already on my second tube of this)
    It is a light-weight shampoo great for my fine hair, it does give my hair some volume and looks fresh throughout the day.  Some voluminsing shampoo can be very stripping.. but I find this gentle and effective.
    ** Definitely a keeper in my shampoo rotation ** 

    Style Aromatherapy Moroccan Argan Shampoo
    This left my hair super soft and silky, but can be a little rich, so I use it every other day.  I really love it for its conditioning properties. 

    Tresemme  24 Hour Body shampoo (mini bottle I bought in London for my trip) 
    Very lightweight, and similar to the John Frieda shampoo but cheaper.  I would love to lug this home, cos I don't recall seeing this in Singapore. 

    Lush BIG Shampoo (this is my 4 or 5th tub) 
    I love love this stuff.  This is like a weekly hair exfoliating for me.  It is very clarifying and I use this once a week or fortnight to really scrub my hair. 
    I need to buy this again soon! 

    Davines Lovely Curly Enhancing Shampoo (travel size I got in a Bellabox) 
    This is a nice shampoo, even though I don't have curly hair.  Generally I enjoy all the Davines hair products I have tried out so far. 

    Face cleansers/ makeup removers 

    Chanel Foaming Mousse Cleanser (sample tube)
    This is nice and foamy and washes my face very well without being too drying.

    Simple Moisturising Facial Wash (another Superdrug purchase, cos I need to replenish my cleasners mid-trip)  
    A great basic cleanser, and good for dry skin.

    Shu Uemura skin purifier (clear brightening gentle cleansing oil)
    Cleansing oils are an essential part of my makeup removal, and I always have one or two in my inventory.  Of all the different Shu cleansing oils, I think this is my fave.  It is very effective and gentle.  I am currently using the green one now. 

    Skincare (using up a bunch of everything all over the place, I have reviewed them extensively before, so I shan't go into details) 
    I am currently on Clarins White Plus Luminesence range, and will have a proper overview entry on that up soon. 

    Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturising Balm 
    I love how thick and creamy this is.  My face feels well protected and moisturised. 
    Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream
    another fave eye cream, very thick and rich, really moisturising for under my eyes.  I am paranoid of undereyes aging!

    Lancome Geneifique (both the old version and the new improved Advanced formula)
    Both are great serum, great for layering, the advanced formula is richer, and I do feel like it is more powerful than the older formula. 
    Sulwahlsoo Snowise serum - realised I have a few drops of it left, so I finished it.  Snowise is one of my most recommended whitening/brightening skincare range. 

    Lancome Blanc Expert Derm Crystal serum - this really makes my skin clear and radiant. 

    Random tiny bottle of Bioderma - which I probably kept around on my table to clean off swatches on my hands and face and also to wipe my table top and drawers which have gotten some makeup stains after some massive photo  taking and products swatching. 

    More mini goodness - I was very kindly gifted a selection of Lancome and Shiseido skincare minis for my trip, and I have used up all the Lancome ones, with a few Shiseido products on their last usage. 

    I have a full size tube of the Shiseido Super Corrective Eye Cream in the works for a full review soon, stay tuned!  The product is quite creamy and keeps my eye area very moisturised and smooth.  So far so good! 

    Lancome Genefique cream, serum, etc... these are some of my holy grail skincare products - I will always go back to using these when I am done.  But for now, I am reviewing other brands.  

    Khiehls Midnight Discover eye cream - this is my second tube.  My sister LOVES this... so she was the one using it most of the time.  Everyone I recommend this to, loves it too.  A great all round eye cream, it is lightweight and brightens up tired eyes.  I can't emphasie this enough. 

    Always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish doing a products empties entry!  

    Hope this gives you an idea of what I have been loving and using.... thanks for reading! 

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    June 26, 2013

    Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder [Photos & Swatches]

    Hallo!  Today I shall be featuring two of the Chanel Les Beiges powders... I got mine in the shades 20 and 30.  I bought mine while I was in London (click here to read all about my Chanel experience).  In Singapore, we get 10 and 20 for now with news of more shades adding to the collection later on (no dates as yet).  
    I managed to swatch almost all the shades in Paris and London, they carry up to 60 with some locations starting from 20 and mostly up to 50. Swatches of these other shades at the end of this entry for your reference.

    Here's the official description and function of the powders from the Chanel site 

    Inspired by the passion for freedom of Gabrielle Chanel, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio has designed LES BEIGES, a new spirit of makeup that is simple and intuitive. Free like a breath of fresh air. Spontaneous like the perfect getaway. Enveloping like a caress of light. 
    LES BEIGES reveal the healthy glow of each woman and provide a sensation of lightness, well-being and freshness.

    All year round, LES BEIGES compact powder gives your skin a fresh, healthy glow.

    Each woman’s intuition guides the brush as it sweeps across the face to create a personalized healthy glow. Its two luminous and natural shades reveal a sheer, dazzling glow.

    The fine, lightweight and antioxidant powder shields the skin from environmental stress and sunlight thanks to its SPF 15 / PA++ sun filter. Its ultra-protective formula, enriched with cotton flower and white rose plant cells, becomes one with the skin to soothe it better. It is gentle on all skin, even the most sensitive.

    The Healthy Glow Sheer Powder also features the iconic CHANEL compact case, dressed for the first time in beige, the timeless and exclusive beige that Gabrielle Chanel loved so much. Its big mirror, with a larger inclination angle, and its half-moon powder brush made of natural bristles make application even easier.

    LES BEIGES: Natural is a style

    shade 20 is my skintone match and I would use it as a finishing powder, or setting powder depending on the base that I use for the day.  
    shade 30 is obivously a shade darker, and I intend to use it to warm up my complexion, like a bronzer like how I use my Guerlain and Dior bronzers. 

    I might eventually get shade 10 as well, just for the sake of it. 


    Take the powder with the half-moon brush for a light, sheer finish or with the retractable kabuki brush for a smooth, even finish. Apply to the entire face, working from the middle outwards with large sweeping movements.

    Wear the powder on its own for a naturally enhanced complexion or over foundation for extra touches of radiance or over LES BEIGES Cream.

    Choose your shade depending on the desired result for a fresh or peach effect.

    The packaging is beige, which is so super chic and I am just totally suckered... I think all chanel packaging should be like this!!  So classic!

    Besides the usual velvet pouch, the compact comes with a semi rounded flat brush and a large mirror inside.

    Here are both shades - I will only be swatching them in this entry, and I will definitely follow up with a detailed review, and also a Chanel foundation/base routine using these powder. 

    The powder is very finely milled, as expected, and they smell like most other Chanel foundations - floral fruity scent.  I can't wait to try this out and share my thoughts with you!

    and the other shades for your reference (taken with my iphone in natural daylight) 

    Hope this has been useful, and stay tuned for my review soon.  I decided not to get the kabuki brush, because I wasn't sure how well it will wash, and I already have a Chanel kabuki brush...and I am still waiting to decide on the Glow Cream... because I already have the CC cream (I know they are different) and other Chanel bases.. I do have a sample of it which I will trial and make my decision.  
    I believe Les Beiges is a permanent addition to the Chanel makeup range.  

    Have you gotten yours yet?

    Hope this entry has been useful, and thank you for reading!

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    June 26, 2013

    My Visit to Chanel at Covent Garden


    One of the highlights of my recent trip is to visit the Chanel pop-up beauty store in London.  When I first saw glimpses of this beautiful place in one of the Pixiwoo sisters' vlogs from last year, I know I have to go there in person if I ever go to London again.  And I was not disappointed. Although it is stated as a pop-up store, it is actually located in a actual store (as opposed to a tent set-up) and it is also a permanent fixture.  The store is located at the Covent Garden piazza (link) - like 100m away from the underground station.  You can't miss it. 

    I was very lucky that the Chanel london cab was parked outside the store (apparently it is not always there), and of course, being all touristy, I took a picture next to it after I made my purchase.  I didn't stay nor linger inside for too long, I was there bright and early, got my stuff and then we went on with the rest of the day.  The staff was friendly and did allow me to snap some pictures, so I shall share them with you here.  I can't comment too much on how helpful they were, seeing as I already knew what I wanted, and didn't require too much of their 'expertise'.  But the two girls who talked to me were quite friendly and warm, making small talk and all.  My purchase was wrapped nicely in a paper bag lined with red Chanel tissue paper... so chic! 

    Here's the outside of the store - there were a couple of burly smartly suited guards outside whom I managed to exclude out of the picture.. hehe.  The store itself is rather square shaped, with the other side looking out to the piazza and market place.  With all the clear windows, the whole place was very brightly and naturally lit.  

    There was also makeup demonstrations going on throughout the day, here in the morning slot, the makeup artist was showing off the summer collection... but it was a little too early (11 ish) and nobody was really looking..opps.  

    Here's near the entrance, as you can see there are makeover counters, and the store has all the full range of Chanel beauty, fragrance and skincare products.  I was only there for one thing, and you know what - the Les Beiges collection.  

    More store display: 

    The main makeup display features their current summer collection (of which I did not get any, shock horror!) the butterfly cut outs was really cute, and the colors made everything look so cheery. 

    Here are the Les Exclusives perfume collection - I was this tempted to get Jersey - but I restrained myself. 

    Another interesting display of a cube of Chanel Chance perfume near the back window. 

    And and and this is the exciting part - there is a winding staircase leading down to the basement, where the Chanel nail salon is located.  You can get a manicure here for 30 pounds.  I didn't do it of course...but look at the wall decorations, all lined with giant Chanel vernis! It is a very cosy space, and really a nail polish heaven for me. 

    Here's a pic of me as we strolled to the Parliament Square... see how my lipstick matches the red phone booth. Hahah.  I was breaking out quite badly on my chin (boo!!!) so don't mind the mess.  I am wearing GA Lip Maestro 402 on my lips.. celine shades and H&M shirt. 

    Ending this entry with my touristy pic and loots in hand.  

    I will share my haul in a later entry.  If you are heading to London, and if you like makeup, you definitely must go to this Chanel boutique..I love it, and even though I could have gotten my items for a lower price at duty free, it just feels more special buying them at the shop.  Just like how I almost bought my Chanel WOC at Rue Cambon (which turned out to be such a fail, I really despise Paris cash machines tsk tsk) okay, I digress... let's not even go there.  

    Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Thank you for reading!

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    May 27, 2013

    Five Timeless Chanel Polishes

    Just sharing this little video with you!

    Looks like I need to add Black Satin to my collection. :)


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    May 04, 2013

    CHANEL Powder Blushes: Malice, Fleur de Lotus & Rouge

    My friend Pearl loaned me a few of her Chanel blushes recently, and I couldn't resist taking photos of them.  They are all gorgeous, and I really need to look into getting myself a couple...soon.  I have several Chanel powders and bronzers, but no Joues Contraste yet (cos I always think they all look really pretty  but nothing very unique - does Notorious count?).

    I believe they are all limited edition blushes, though I have spotted Malice at the counters as recent as last week. 

    The texture is super fine, and I think it really depends on whether you can find a unique shade or something that really catches your fancy.  They are slightly powdery, but goes onto the skin very smoothly.  I haven't used Rouge yet, but Fleur and Malice are really something very sweet and feminine.  

    Close ups: 


    Happy Sunday!

    Thanks for looking!   :)