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Posts for September 2012

September 30, 2012

Ozotic NailPolish in 903 Sugar [Photos & Swatches]

Earlier this week, Susan from The Subtle Shimmer sent me an Ozotic nailpolish to feature on the blog.  The shade which I will be showing in this entry is 903 Sugar, which is from their range of Sugar shades.  I think there are 4 or 5 shades in this range, and mine is a sheer blue with more ultra fine shimmer bits of pink and purple. 

The description:

Inspired by 'adding a tiny drop of food colouring to icing sugar' hence the sugary sweet looking colours!

903 is blue with just a little more

Wear over black or white or on its own


The shades are available for purchase on Star Trinkets [ http://www.startrinkets.com/ ] for S$19.80 each. The price includes postage for Singapore addresses, but there is an additional S$2.50 charged per order for Registered Mail.  Star Trinkets ships internationally.

The shades are also available for purchase on the piCture pOlish site [ http://www.picturepolish.com.au/ ] for AUD$13.00 each. International shipping rates are available on the site.


In this entry, I have layered Ozotic 903 Sugar over White, Light Pink, Light Blue and Black.   Here's a quick overview. 

You can see that 903 Sugar is the most impactful over a black base.  All the subtle shimmer, the multi-color shimmer bits and sheen show up most brilliantly over the black base.  

Over the white base, it makes the white look more sparkly, though you might encounter uneven patches if applied too thickly. But under bright lights, it is really beautiful, and very clean and crisp.  

Over the light pink, the pink and purple bits of the polish seems to blend into the pink, and even the blue too.  You can just see how it lightens the pink shade, and also add more sparkling dimension.  

On the black shade, which I think would be many of your fave combo, 903 Sugar truly shows up its full potential.  It looks a lot more complex, and all the multi color shimmer is fully shown off. 

And you know what's the good thing about these sheer shimmery topcoats?  They help to salvage a less than perfectly painted base color, if you have streaks, or bored with a flat creamy shade, these shimmery topcoats masked any imperfections, and also jazz up a dull looking manicure. 

Close ups 

I wore it over the white and blue bases last friday.  It was really sparkly and sort of brightened up my dreary friday.  I also had a few colleagues asking me what I was wearing on my hands.  


Overall, Ozotic 903 Sugar is a highly versatile layering shimmer coat, I personally won't wear it on its own, cos I don't want to see my nail base peeking through the polish.  But it works well over the range of bases I have shown here, and I think if you like these multi-dimensional shimmer topcoats, you will love to give the Ozotic polishes a try. 


For more information, check out the following links: 

piCture pOlish Facebook 

More Nail Polish

piCture pOlish Online Store 

Star Trinkets Online Store for Sg buyers

The Subtle Shimmer 

* will update with links of other shades feature by other nail bloggers soon * 


I hope this review has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

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September 30, 2012

October Blogsale

Please read all terms & conditions carefully before you comment

  1. Open only to buyers in Singapore.
  2. All prices and sale are final.
  3. Prices include normal postages.
  4. Add $2.40 to your package if you want registered postage.  
  5. Registered Postage is FREE for purchases above $40. 
  6. I am not responsible for loss of package if normal postage is chosen.
  7. Please make payment within 24 hours. 

Leave your comment strictly in the format, please don't dm me!



Total Amount: 


Smashbox Eyewish Palette

Brand New $45

REVLON Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad

Left 510 Precocious Right 525 Siren

Used ONCE, $8 each, $15 for BOTH



LEFT TO RIGHT: Cotton Candy, Macaroon, Peach Parfait 

Used about 3 times each.

$8 each, all three for $20



MUFE GLOSSES #01 & #05 





















September 29, 2012

Giveaway Winners - Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive Palettes

Information below!  

I will be contacting both girls via email very soon! 

Congrats and thank you to everyone for taking part!

September 29, 2012

A Lovely & Charming Evening at the Re-opening of Pandora's Raffles City Store


Last week, my sis and I were invited to the re-opening of Pandora's store at Raffles City (#01-37) and we had a really fun time creating our own Pandora Charm bracelets and making up a hefty wishlist of stuff we want to have!   Shall show you lots of pretty armcandy and rings that caught our eyes in this entry. 

The event opened with a short speech by one of Pandora's creators, who told us about the brand philosophy and concept.  As many of you already know, Pandora is famous for their charm bracelets which you build and customise yourself.  The pieces are hand-finished and modern, made from genuine materials at affordable prices (manufactured in Thailand).  The line has also extended to rings which you can stack and mix and match, and also earrings, which you can add on your own pair of charms.  Pandora jewelry is sold in more than 65 countries, and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I don't own any Pandora bracelet yet (and I have a scary feeling it's one of those things  that if I start, I won't stop until I have completely filled up the whole bracelet!), but I have a few Pandora rings which I bought in the US last year. 

So anyway, back to the store event.. 

Love the ceiling lamps!  

and a ballerina performed, and continued to fleet about the store as guests and media mingled

I immediately helped myself (well, more like the staff) to the bracelets which were on display.  Among them are pieces from the Fall and Holiday collections.  

This season, Pandora goes wild with animal murano glass charms.  The on trend murano glass charms is perfect for adding a touch of feminine prowess to your look.  The new collection is decorated with the recognisable patterns of wild animals.  Prices start from S$56. 

For their AW colection there are new faceted charms (which you will see later in my customised bracelet), the faceted Murano charms are highly reflective, and they are finished with a inner ring of sterling silver to ensure each charm sits perfectly on Pandora's signature bracelets.  They are available in red, blue, pale pink, black, white and purple.  Prices from S$76. 

They will also be launching the Ornamental Gold Charms, with lattice patterns and enamel detailing.  This range showcases Pandora's committment to superior craftsmanship and design from luxurious materials.  The radiant precious metals adds a touch of warmth to the cold season, and the intricate lattice patterns cast playful shadows, exuding timeless sophisticated feminity. Prices from S$329

For the festive season, there is also the starred pave clips - the clips are made from sterling silver, and decorated with star motifs set with shimmering cubic zirconia gemstones.  This adds sparkle into your charm bracelet.  Prices from S$95.

Here are some of the already completed pieces showcasing the new designs. 

and here is the most enjoyable part of the event, my sis and I spent a good amount of time there just trying out the charms, and picking out a whole bunch we would want to have on our future Pandora braclets. 

You pick out the charms, the staff will line them up on the metal holder, and also arranges them in a strategic way to show off each design, and the clips will hold the pieces in place, so that your charms will always be perfectly positioned on the centre of your wrist when you wear the bracelet.  Meryl and I both picked out the white faceted charms, they are just so classy and elegant! 

a close up of a section of my completed bracelet

I love love the Paris trunk case!

and my sister's creation

while waiting for our bracelet to be assembled, we got totally smittened by this set of rings!

We want we want!

Our completed bracelets, thrown in some Pandora rings too (I was already my own set)...and our matching watches... heheh.

and my sis showing her hubs her 'I want these rings for my birthday' expression.  :)


All in all, it was a fun evening out, and checking out the Pandora store at Raffles City. 

They are also located at 

Great World City #01-39C

ION Orchard #B1-09

Millenia Walk #01-82

Takashimaya Dept Store Level 1

Tampines Mall #01-27

Raffles City #01-37C

MBS #B2-77 & #B2-K15

Hope this has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

September 29, 2012

Armcandy from LeVonne, So Cool & Affordable!

Hi hi!

Several weeks back, I was contacted by Linda from LeVonne to select and try out pieces from her online jewellery store, and after browsing her Esty site, I immediately had my eyes on several pieces, and she is super super generous to send me a whole bunch of them, including the super awesome bracelet stand to display some of my armcandy! 

Everything in her store is under S$20 (mostly under $15 even), and you just need to pay S$0.50 for local postage, and USD$2.50 for international orders. 

Every item is packaged in all these cute black velvet pouches, and the pieces are fairly well-made (think Topshop and some of the better Forever21 pieces). If you are into dainty trendy stackable armcandy, rings and hair accessories, I think you will like the designs at LeVonne.  

I shall showcase the pieces I have, and some options for stacking.  If you follow me on instagram you would have seen some of these #armcandy #armparty pieces.. heheh. 

Here are the rings - we have the 3 flowers stack, which are a little too girly for me, but they fit me well, and remind me of the Marc Jacob Daisy.  The other 3 rings I like to wear them together, one has the peace sign all round it, another one with diamonte stones, and one with the sparkly peace sign.  I actually like that the rings don't have that weird opening for adjusting to suit different fingers, because I often find the gap very pinching, if you know what I mean.   But they feel smooth and sturdy, and fitted my ring finger nicely.  

Next, we have the exciting stuff, the bracelets!  I got a hamsa, lips, evil eyes, studs and a charm bracelet.  Skull bangle is my own. 

The hamsa and lips bracelets have a 'drawstring' adjust and fitted my wrist nicely.  

The evil eye & stud bracelets are elastic ones. 

Here are some modeling shots.  Wrist model is my younger sister, while I did the photo-taking.

I really love the stud bracelet!  And here is the lips bracelet, which some of you told me you like. :)  

It really is kind of funky, and I think it is a very great layering piece. 

and shown here layered with my existing pieces... 

I love multi-wrap bracelets.  Not sure if you can see among there, there is a LOVE bracelet, it is also from LeVonne, they have other wordings too, like Faith, Dream etc.. 

And now to the display stand, I can fill it up with lots more armcandy, now I am so inspired to create a proper display place in my shelf to properly store all my accessories.   I will show you when I am done it up!  A collection and storage type thing.  I highly recommend the display, it is very well-made, and able to hold lots of bracelets and bangles.  My only question is, if I want to reach the pieces in the middle of the display, I have to remove everything on the outside, and that's a bit of a hassle, no?  But this allows me to see everything I have, and I can sort of visualise what I want to stack together for the day.  Silly me, haha, so you should display your bracelets or bangles with an opening/ clasp in the centre of the display, and store the non-opening pieces at the edges, this way, you don't have to literally turn everything about whenever you want to decide what to wear.   Thanks to Linda for the tip! 

Overall, I really recommend you go checking out LeVonne, they do have some nice funky items, and if you are like me, you like to wear lots of armcandy, you will definitely like some of their stuff. 


Ending this entry with some useful links to get you shopping: 


Levonne Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Vonnecom  (link link)

Levonne Twitter https://twitter.com/LeVonne2012 (link link)

Instagram LeVonne2012

LeVonne Esty Store   (They are based in Singapore, in case I didn't mention earlier). 

</p> </p>

I hope you find this entry helpful, hope some of these caught your eyes, and do leave me a comment if you have any questions

Thanks for reading!  

September 28, 2012

NEW Makeup Store Bon Bon Collection [Photos & Swatches]

Available November 2012 

I had the chance to preview a range of Makeup Store products lately, and I shall be featuring them in several upcoming entries.  Let's start with their Winter Collection, the Bon Bon collection. 

INDULGE! Girls just want to have fun, right? This season is all about fun in the sense of colors and savory goodies and it’s making the models almost skip jump down the runway. Cupcakes, macarons, pain au chocolat… treats that no one can resist, and shouldn’t resist for that matter! Say hello to lovely pixie and doll faced vixen looks. A pouty lip with sugar on top is just impossible to refuse. Add a splash of cherry and pistachio to those smizing eyes and the tastylicious sensation is a fact. Sugar cute is the way to go so give in to that sweet tooth of yours and color yourself happy this winter! And hey, have another cookie - you are definitely worth it!

Quote from Mika, creator of Makeup Store: 

I really enjoy watching Katy Perry's music vieo "California Gurls" and thought it could be really fun to create a look around the feeling the video gave me.  In the end, Bon Bon ended up as a combination of the fun and a little crazy California Gurls and the more old-fashioned styled pastry shops where you'll find cupcakes in punchy colours like red and green. 

The products in this range: 

3 Microeyeshadows in Cinnamon Bread, Cupcake and Pistachio Biscotti S$27 each. 

Micro eyeshadows are highly pigmented, give rich colors with a long lasting result.  I must say the texture is really soft and fine, but for a great pop of color, I would use them over a base.  Blend the eyeshadows with the Makeup Store mixing liquid for waterproof makeup to use your fave color eyeliner.  Or apply on top on Hi Tech Lighter for a more intense look. 

Swatches without base

One of the products which totally impressed me is the Eyedust, which are really finely milled loose pigments.. much like the quality of Illamasqua pigments.  Here we have Chocolate Fondant S$29, and Strazz in Fandango. 

Stardust provides a beautiful shimmer and has many different uses.  You can apply it with a dry brush, or mix with a small damp brush and apply for more intense and highly metallic effect. 

Next, we have Eye Pencil in Chocolate Cheesecake ($27), Lipstick in Cherry Pie (S$29), and Lip Gloss Wang in Geranium ($31).  

The pencil feels really soft and blendable, and I like the taupey shade!  Can't wait to use this. 

Both the lipsticks have very great payoff, and the lipstick kind of reminds me of NARS Joyous Red, and the gloss is nicely pigmented and doesn't feel too sticky.

and finally, a pair of nailpolish (yay!!) in Nesja and Silje ($22 each) Love the formula, it's very smooth and very very glossy. 


I had lots of fun swatching and playing with the products at their Paragon store, and I hope to feature the products I have soon!

Makeup Store is located at

Paragon #03-20

Vivocity #01-02

Raffles City #B1-33

313@Somerset #04-10

Hope this entry has been helpful, and thank you for looking!

September 25, 2012

Nails Story: Essie We're In It Together [Photos & Swatches]

Hi hi

Essie recently launched a Breast Cancer Awareness collection of four shades of pink.. I was tempted to get all four.. but I am not a huge pink wearer and I had been hauling much polishes... so I thought.. I should just pick one which I think I would love.  And I am very impressed by this pink.. it contains the ultra fine shimmer that some of the Essie polishes have.. and in my opinion, these fine shimmer is not really to add a certain texture to the look, the shade doesn't look shimmery, but instead it looks ultra creamy, but yet super glossy.  

The color can tend to be a little patchy if you apply it unevenly, and I used 3 coats in this entry just to make the color pop.  But I think 2 coats will be sufficient. 

The shimmer are in purple and blue... and together they make the pink look quite cool toned, and adds a little dimension. 

Again, pictures in this entry are taken with my brand new iphone5, and you can see how it captures the shimmer, and whether it is under natural or artificial lighting, the pictures turn out awesome! 

Attempting a macro-shot.

in natural lighting

in artificial daylight lighting

Love this pink!

Thanks for looking! 

September 25, 2012

Nails Story: Some Color Comparisons

Hi hi!

This is a random entry comparing a few sets of similar nail polishes I have in my stash. And also to show off the amazing quality of my iphone5 which I bought yesterday (I got a 64GB, Black one, and for less than $2 LOL LOL LOL) so anyway, all the pictures in this entry and the next are taken with my iphone5.  So happy that it is able to capture the shimmer and shine of all the different colors!  Totally can use it during events, and take lots of awesome pictures, and with my bottomless pit of the storage...woots!  I didn't think it was possible to make a better camera than the iphone4, but it is possible.. and I am still really impressed, and just super happy with my new phone. 

So anyway... yes, first up, we have a pair of bright reddish orange - one from Deborah Lippmann Lara's Dream and Chanel's Holiday.  I recently purchased Holiday - and then I realised, oh man, it is so similar to Lara's Dream.  Not sure if it is apparent in the picture, but Holiday is slightly redder.  I also prefer the formula of Holiday. 

The angle in this picture makes the two look like total dupes.  Well, I would say that they are 95% dupes.

Next, this set of comparisons, I gotten a couple of questions from girls asking how the Chanel Delicatesse compares to the Essie and the OPI shade. So here they are. 

Essie All Tied Up - pinker and contains tiny tiny gold shimmer 

Chanel Delicatesse - Creamy, browner

OPI Schapps Out of It! - Brighter than Delicatesse, contains very very tiny silver sheen 

And here we have the greys, my fave comparison!  

Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather - Dark warm grey

NARS Galion - Blackened mysterious grey

NARS Storm Bird - Pearlie looking medium rich grey

YSL Stormy Grey - Medium cool toned grey with a subtle sheen 

Current Fave is Storm Bird 

The dark purples - all Chanel.   (2 coats, no topcoat)

Paradoxal - brownish purple with a super pretty purple-y sheen

Provocation - Creamy berry purple 

Rouge Noir - Blackened red purple, the darkest of all

Hope you find this entry helpful!

Thanks for looking!

September 25, 2012

Dior Holiday 2012: Grand Bal Collection‏ [Photos & Information]


Grand Bal Noël Christmas 2012

"Now that Cinderella's fairy godmother no longer exists, the couturier must be the magician" – Christian Dior 

In a swirl of shadows and light, the Dior heroine leads the ball dance. She wears her glamour like a second skin. For the Christmas 2012 makeup collection, Tyen reinterprets the spirit of Dior grand balls with a contemporary elegance and a cheeky twist.

They were a constant theme beating at the heart of Monsieur Dior’s fashion and life. From the extravagant parties in Granville, his childhood home, which gave him a glimpse of his destiny in couture, to the follies of the Parisian balls in the roaring 20s, the couturier was profoundly fascinated by transformation. From the catwalk to the red carpet, his ball gowns have become every woman’s desire.

A 18th-century look, revived and modernised. Fleeting and flamboyant, the Grand Bal embraces the fantasy of Christmas. 

Palette Grand Bal – Carnet de maquillage    

The dance card held by 18th-century girls – to help them remember their list of dance partners – meets the essential beauty kit of today’s party girls! This object of desire reveals a pearl eye-shadow duo in platinum and gold, that shines like silk and is as preciously adorned as an evening gown. Two shades of gloss complete this sumptuous accessory, sealed by a deep black eye liner. 

Poudre Or

Delicate skin dares to adopt subtle golden tints beneath the Diorskin powder puff, a loose powder to be dusted onto the cheekbones, shoulders and neckline... The sensuality of elegant evenings with a stylish scent of seduction. 

Palette 5 Couleurs

Through the darkness, the eyes dazzle with light. A dramatic halo, a mirrored texture, shifting reflections that flutter like butterfly wings... The 5 Couleurs unfurls its multiple shades. The Dior Grand Bal heroine wears her masquerade right on her skin. 

False Lashes

For the first time Dior has created a collection of false eyelashes. Adorned with delicate silver drops or soft gold sophisticated Swarovski crystals, the gaze is shaded in mystery and sparkles with glamour, to defy the imagination. A fatal attraction.

Like a gold thread etched beneath the lashes, the new Diorshow Liner Waterproof underscores the eyelid. Applied in generous flat tints or as a drop of light at the corner of the eye, it leaves its lustrous bronze imprint. 


Diorific Collection Grand Bal

A voluptuous texture, a glossy shine... The Diorific Grand Bal collection reveals a waltz of glowing couture shades in their precious jewel-case: festive red, brown with a sophisticated gold sheen, nude beige or falsely demure rosewood... Smoothed, shaped and sheened, the smile is perfectly designed. Captivating. 

Rouge Serum

Dior’s super-smooth Rouge Serum sheathes the lips in tender colour. In golden nude, sparkling rosé, ruby red or fresh pink, lips flush with life. Glow in its purest state. 


It seeks to unsettle and distils its sensuality. Alone or as a topcoat, tinted in gold lamé or ceremonial red, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss lacquers the smile, transforming the sweep of a ball gown or boosting a super-slim silhouette. A little shot of glamour. 

Diorific Vernis

More than an it-colour, Diorific Vernis is an it-accessory; an object of desire and a collector nail lacquer. In an exceptional collector’s edition that bridges fashion and finery, Dior re- launches this gem of a varnish.

In a range of ultra-luxurious colours, Diorific Vernis is a jewel on the skin that the heroine of the Dior Grand Bal mixes or matches with her lipstick, to suit her outfit or mood. Red for the lips, sparkly black for the fingers; pearl-white on the fingertips and pink on the lips; glossy golden varnish with brown lip shade... She is ready to go to the ball. Never has her extravagance been more desirable. 


Dior Grand Bal Palette $112

Diorskin Poudre Libre $76

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow $94

Dior Christmas False Eyelashes $45

Diorshow Liner Waterproof $35

Diorific Collection Grand Bal $49

Dior Rouge Serum $50

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss $41

Diorific Vernis (Xmas Look) $40 

Diorshow Liner Waterproof in 548 Gold will be available at selected Dior counters from 1 Nov 2012. All other products will be available island-wide from 1 Nov 2012. 








September 22, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Heaven!

Hi everyone!

I finally have the chance to take pictures of these beautiful golden YSL brand new products.  Good lighting, and good timing are hard to come by these days, and before I go into detail for each of the product, I shall leave you with a very quick pictorial overview of goodies coming your way in the next couple of weeks. 

Here we go: 


Happy Sunday!


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