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Posts for November 29th 2012

November 29, 2012

LOTD: YSL Northern Lights 2012 Collection

Hi hi! 

I did a look featuring the 3 products which I reviewed in my previous entry.  The eyeshadow quad is really gorgeous, and I used them wet in this look.  
I love a smokey blue eyes anytime, it is smokey without shouting COLORS and in this case, the overall look is quite sophisticated. 

Here is the color placement of the colors I have used: 

<strong>and a close up of the eyelook:

</strong>Some tips on using the colors 

1. For more intense color and application, I used the colors WET.  This ensures intense color payoff, especially on the lids, and when you want to line your eyes with the eyeshadow. 

2. Use the same color DRY over the areas where you have used it wet (let it settle a bit first) - this ensures that you add the shimmering texture back to the intensity of the eyeshadow, so you get a more multidimensional look. 

3. Use the colors dry when you want to blend the edges of the colors.  For example, I used the burgundy shade dry so I could still have the color, but it's great to blend it up to the crease. 

Play around using the eyeshadows wet/ dry to achieve your desired effect.  Just remember, wet means more color payoff, dry means ease of blending, and giving the colors more texture. 

Hope this bit helps! :)

and a close up of the cheeks - I used the radiant blush duo in 07, and also the Polar Night face highlighter.  As you can see, the blush is really not noticeable.. though I do like the soft glow that the face highlighter gives. 

<strong>The overall look:

All products used (all YSL unless stated otherwise)</strong>

Face - Touche Eclat foundation, Touche Eclat highlighters to brighten under the eyes

Eyes - NARS Primer, Artic Night Palette, Waterproof black pencil liner 

Lips - Glossy Stain 07

Cheeks - Polar Night face powder highlighter, Radiant Blush Duo 07

A close up of the nails I am sporting:

Part of this collection also includes the La Laque Couture in #33 Premier Neige topcoat, but this will not be available in Singapore (a shame, because it is really quite gorgeous).  It reminds me of the Northern Lights holographic topcoat which I have, but here I tried to dupe the general look with my Inglot glitter topcoat (XL06), painted over NARS Tokaido Express.   

Do check out Eugenia (Ommorphia) who has an excellent entry featuring the Premier Neige topcoat.

Hope you enjoyed the look, and thank you for reading! 

Happy Friday! 

November 29, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Northern Lights 2012 Collection [Photos, Review & Swatches]

Hi hi! 

This entry features 3 pieces from the YSL Holiday 2012 collection - the face highlighter, the blush duo, and the eyeshadow quad.  I was also given a glossy stain, but I will leave that for another entry where I feature all the glossy stains in my collection. 

First of all, the packing on the face and eyeshadow palettes are gorgeous.  Instead of the regular black velvet pouches, you get a silver sequin pouch.  The quality of the pouch is pretty decent and totally holiday-bling appropriate.  

First, we have the Artic Night palette - which can be used wet or dry.  The pigmentation is way better when used wet.  My fave shades in this palette is the burgundy shade with the blue/silver sparkles, and the deep midnight blue with the same silver/blue sparkles.  All the shades work well together, and you will see this palette in a look in the next entry. 


The radiant blush duo in 07 is a pale peachy shade, with golden sparkles.  The lighter shade is a little gritty, and I found it to be prone to some fallout.  If you prefer creamy matte blushes, this is not going to be for you.  But if you like some shine and a subtle color to use on your cheeks, you will like this blush duo, and it works very well to balance out the deep hues in the Artic Night palette.


Here, you can see that even with some heavy swatches, the color barely shows up on my hand.  I recommend that you check this out in person before you make up your mind about it. 

And lastly, we have the Polar Light palette, which is a beautiful pearlescent white face powder with the finest pink shimmer.  It is very easy to use, and you don't run the risk of looking like a glitter ball.  I found that I could be quite generous in dusting this on my face, and not fear that I would look too glowy.  It might run a tad chalky on someone with a very warm or tanned skintone though. 

Overall, among these 3 products, I highly recommend the eyeshadow quad - great selection of colors and the colors are stunning.  I also recommend the face highlighter, if you like pale pearly pink face highlighters, you will love this too. </p>

Hope this overview has been helpful, and thank you for reading.  My LOTD entry is coming up next.  

Happy Friday! 

November 29, 2012

LOTD: Clean yet Striking with Notorious & Cherry Lush

Hi hi!

I had thought of putting this LOTD together with the haul entries for Chanel Notorious and Tom Ford....but ended up posting it separately here, and also shall take the chance to just ramble for a bit (at the end of this entry, in case some of you aren't really interested).  </p>

It's a very very simple look - because I had wanted to try out the products on my face, instead of just showing swatches on my hands/ lips which doesn't really mean anything nor very helpful... cos we wear makeup on our faces... not backs of our hands, no?  

Here's what I did - 

  1. Apply Giorgio Armani Face Fabric on my face, did not set with powder, and no concealer at all

2. Fill in the brows as usual - I think I am getting quite good at faking that I have groomed brows... when I can't remember when's the last time I had them professionally groomed. 

3. Used Chanel Notorious to 'sculpt' my cheers and a little on my nose.... and then some more on my crease before I applied the falsies. 

4. Applied and built up Tom Ford Cherry Lush gloss on my lips. 

5. Applied Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in No5 on apples of my cheeks - or else I would end up with 'too cool toned' cheeks. Heheh.

This is pretty easy to achieve, and makes one look very groomed, and lady-like, without trying too hard.  Besides, everyone would think that you are really confident and classy to rock some red lips.  

and a really in your face shot which I took with my iphone5 and heavily filtered for the heck of it. 

and added some lashes, but I think I prefer this look without the lashes.  Surprise huh.  Love how 'contoured' my cheeks look, thanks to the Chanel Notorious. 

Okay, here's the rambling part, not quite sure where to start - so let's do an IN and OUT list: 

<strong>What's IN 

</strong>Going HK soon, for a whole entire week.   I have been there countless times, but never a whole entire week.  Yay! 

Enjoying the absolutely fantastic TANGS beauty hall.  Seriously, I have been going there like 3 - 4 times a week, whenever the brands invite me to visit the counters.  

Yankee Candles.  OMG.  I wanted Red Velvet, and I bought it, and also Gingerbread... but I think I need back ups of Gingerbread!!  My room smells like some Christmas bakery every night.  It might smell sickeningly sweet to some, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 

Catching up with friends. 

Going for long morning walks. 

Blog is turning 6.  Lately, I have been thinking, and seeing how so much has changed, and so much has remained the same here.  I still feel extremely fortunate to be able to feature all the brands I love here, meeting awesome people behind the brands and having a very appreciative audience to blah blah to. And everything is still the same, looking the same the day I  decided to set up this blog to ramble about makeup and random stuff.  The Makeup Blogette has never ever existed for brands, for free products, for all the stuff which seems to get some other bloggers really caught up with.  That's why I never feel the need to fulfil weird 'sponsored' obligations.  The minute it stops being fun, is when I will stop.  And so far, it's been nothing but fun, and that should be the way.  

Body pampering - bought this set of Laura Mercier mini hand creams (30g each tube) consisting of my fave LM scents.  LOVE LOVE I can't say how much I love the LM body line.    And I also bought the philosophy gingerbread man hot salt scrub.  Smells divine!  And makes your skin REALLY SMOOTH. 

I love scrubs.  Especially yummy ones.  I got the Laura Mercier creme brulee sugar scrub while I was in Taiwan earlier this year.  It also has a warming sensation when you massage it onto your skin.  The same goes for the gingerbread man.  Both are equally exfoliating, but the Laura Mercier one feels slightly smoother (I tried and tested!) and after a good scrub I like to use a good body oil cos that's when your newly scrubbed skin is best to absorb the goodness of the oil - current fave, Caudelie divine oil.  Everyone needs this!  

<strong>What's OUT

</strong>BAD PR.  Seriously.  Please don't waste our time.  I could have really shame everyone involved...but moving on!  

Hot weather. 

Blog backlog. 

Waiting for my Shopbop order. 

(let's keep the OUTs really short, and focus on the INs!)

November 29, 2012

TOM FORD Haul: Cherry Lush Lip Gloss & Bordeaux Lust Nail Lacquer

When Tom Ford beauty finally arrived at Tangs Orchard last week, I spent some time at the counter swatching and picking a couple of items which I think I 'needed'.   I have already showed what I bought in that introduction entry, so this entry will show some swatches of the red gloss and dark red nail polish I bought. 

Both items are intensely pigmented, very very smooth, and there's just this certain weight and sturdiness to the whole packaging and feel of the items.  I think if I ever want to splurge on more TF goodies, they would have to be the brushes and the perfumes. 

All the glosses are very pigmented.  They are slightly sticky, but very very smooth.  I would compare them to the Illamasqua intense gloss in terms of the pigmentation.  It has a very lacquered hi-gloss appearance, just like how the model wears it in the promo images. 

For $62, this is certainly a very expensive gloss.  But you do get the pigmentation of a lipstick, and also the shine of a gloss... and depending on how you wear it, you can achieve several different looks, especially if you pick the right colors (ie the dark, deep, or bright shades - the nude glosses are lovely, but you could always go for the nude lipsticks in the TF range). 


It has a rather stiff brush applicator. 

And two looks which you could achieve with the gloss.  one layer is a sheer shiny stain, and two layers is a dramatic true cherry red pop. 

I picked Bordeaux Lust because it seems to have the best formula among the reds.  I had wanted one that matched the gloss, but the formula and finish didn't impress me, and for S$45, both color and formula had better be good. 

You need to apply 3 thin coats for best results. I noticed some bald spots with 2 coats... but after 3 thin coats... you get a beautiful extremely glossy black cherry red color.  It is not as dark/black as Chanel Rouge Noir, and certainly deeper than other deep reds like NARS Jungle Red. 

Hope these swatches have been helpful, and thanks for reading!

November 29, 2012

An Invite to Burberry Vintage Gold Experience

<p>Sign up! 
November 29, 2012

Chanel Notorious Sculpting Veil


Finally, I got to try out Chanel Notorious... had it in my box for quite a while, but I had wanted to give it a go before I mention it on the blog.  Notorious is a sculpting powder, first seen in the Chanel Fall 2012 runway.  The models were sporting this extreme greyish cheek color, and the same color was also dusted across the eyelids.  They were also sporting crystals encrusted eyebrows.  

As seen here on Miranda Kerr: 

and here, on another model 

It is a satiny taupey cheek/face color which I think mimics the natural color of shadows on one's face.  I supposed if one gets carried away with the application, one might end up look dirty... or like maybe the makeup was applied while one was still sleeping..opps.  Either way, I was quite intrigued to try it out.  That and the fact that Notorious was getting some kind of reputation for attaining one of those elusive hard to find Chanel items.  I don't want to be kicking myself for not getting it while I could.  (though I could probably use one of my 100000 taupey eyeshadows to substitute, but that's another story altogether). 

Here's another closer look, and swatches:

and how I actually use it: 

1. use it to contour the sides of my face - used NARS Yachiyo brush, the tapered ends makes for a precise application, and fluffy enough to blend

2. use it to contour the sides of my nose - which I honestly don't bother with on a daily basis - I used my dome shaped hakuhodo brush 

I know the RED GLOSS is extremely distracting, more info on that in the next entry. :)

I am still getting the hang of it, seeing as I usually use a bronzer (ie warmer) to do all these things... I have 2 indepth entries on how to 'bronze' and contour for fair girls like myself...  (links here and here) - lots of useful info there! 

The Chanel Notorious retails for S$67, and available at the Taka counter, and the Chanel stores at ION and MBS. 

Hope you find this helpful, and thank you for reading!

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