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Posts for November 25th 2012

November 25, 2012

TOM FORD Beauty at Tangs Orchard

(image credit)</p> <p>

Hi hi!

Last Friday, we went to the newly opened Tom Ford counter at Tangs Orchard.  You can't miss the counter.  It is right in your face when you enter Tangs from the main entrance.  There is a fragrance section, and the makeup section.  Parts of the counter isn't really ready yet (think wooden beams and sticky floors) but everything is for sale, give or take a couple of items which for some reason, are not in stock yet.   According to the brand reps, all the items which are available for the Asian market is available at the Tangs counter.  I tried to look for the black orchid lippies, but was told, it's not available in Sg, along with a couple of the blushes. </p>

The feel of the counter is very luxe, as the brand is, and everything is made in dark wood, the products are all very well laid out, and there are two counters behind where you could sit and have the BAs try out the products on you. 

We (including Sarah, Mag and my gf) spent a good while at the counter swatching most of the products.  Strangely enough, I didn't swatch the foundations, but here they are. 

And here, we have the nail lacquers.  

I played with several of the nail colors, and was told that the cap is for me to rest my finger on as I paint my nail.  hmmm I didn't know that! 

I also swatched several of the red lipsticks, and given my recent lipstick hauling, I decided to be good and take my time to decide.  I didn't buy any of the lipsticks, beautiful as they are. 

And the blushes.. They are all super smooth and finely milled.  You won't be disappointed with the quality, except that the price tag of $85 might put some people off. 

And the eye color quads, which are so raved about.  I believe these are two of the most famed ones.  These retail for $100 each. 

And a quick price listing, for anyone interested. 

And my very very controlled haul.  Well, to be honest, everything is lovely, but nothing was really screaming my name, so it is not as if I had to restrain myself.  I am also on an eyeshadow and blush ban at the moment.  Heheh. 

I will feature these two items soon enough. 

Hope this entry has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

November 25, 2012

LOTD: Cool Smokey with Lorac Pro Palette with Step by Step pictures

Hi hi! 

This is the second look which I have done with my Lorac Pro palette.  It is a rather cool-toned smokey eye look which I have been sporting the past couple of times I went out, though I went for a more natural set of lashes as opposed to these full on fluffy lashes I used in this entry.  To be honest, I think I prefer the Lorac Pro palette than the Naked palettes! </p>

Here is a recap of the Lorac Pro palette and quick swatches: 

I also took some pictures as I did my makeup, and it is really easy to achieve.  

Hope the pictures & description below are clear enough! 

You just need 2 brushes.  A large fluffy brush, and a smaller denser fluffy brush. 

Use the large fluffy brush (like a MAC224) to apply the lid color, and apply the crease matte shade.  I also use the same brush whenever I need to blend out harsh lines. 

Use the smaller brush (like a MAC217) to apply and blend the lid and darker colors.  Always start with a little, and add more color if needed. 

The completed look: 

All products used: 

Face - YSL le Teint Touche Eclat, Chanel ultra fine loose powder (no concealer)

Cheeks - Shiseido bronzer, MAC Azalea (pro only) 

Eyes - NARS pro primer, Lorac Pro palette, Solone Smoody liner black, benefit pin up girl lash

Lips - Boots No7 Nude lipliner all over my lips, Clarins Color Quench lip balm 01 

Hope you find this LOTD and step by step helpful, and thanks for looking!

Happy Sunday!

November 25, 2012

Essie Winter 2013: My Top Picks

Hi hi!

I picked 3 shades from the Winter 2012 collection. The other colors are beautiful, but not very unique.. and I think I have a soft spot for Essie glitters.  They last very well, and always somehow manage to look quite like something different.  

The first one, which I picked up simply because it is such a beautiful electifying blue shade.... but..hmmm in actual fact, I hardly wear blues like this in real life!  Maybe I would wear it for a day, and then I would clean them off. 

This is Butler Please, a creamy marine cool blue.  It has a neon finish, drying semi matte.  A glossy topcoat is compulsory! 
The color here is quite accurate to real life, but when I snapped a picture with  my iphone, the color looks darker, and absolutely popping. 

This is the iphone pic. 

Next, we have Leading Lady - a raspberry red, and the consistency of this, I can only describe as a JAM... it is a little thick, but easy enough to apply.  It is densely packed with matching red glitter bits.  I painted 2 coats to achieve this intensity. 

Don't mind my dry cuticles though.  I was on a swatching marathon this morning. 

And lastly, my fave, Beyond Cozy - a pale white gold glitter, very opaque because it is so densely packed with glitter bits.  Applies very smoothly.

Love these shades I picked.  

Are you getting any of the Essie Winter 2012 collection? 

I got my Essies from timtam00.blogspot.sg - she stocks the best and latest Essie collections.  

Eugenia (Ommorphia) has the complete collection swatched and review (link link link)  Check it out! 

That's all, and thanks for looking!

November 25, 2012

Review & LOTD: Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation

Hi hi!

This will be a review of the new Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation which I recently received.  I have only recently got to using it regularly, and am ready to give my complete thoughts about it. </p>

Here is a quick description of the foundation:

Revive your skin with light. A revolutionary anti-aging foundation with innovative light technology to eliminate shadows and give skin a radiant, youthful glow. Radiance Reflecting Powder provides a soft-focus effect and luminosity to wrinkles for a more youthful, lifted appearance. Offers a smooth, radiant finish for 12 beautiful hours and a rich moisturizing effect for 24 hours.Smooth Wrap Oil, Hydroxyproline, and Rose Apple Leaf Extract provide abundant moisture to the help counteract wrinkles and firm the skin.

my shade - O 00 very light ochre - which is a very light neutral to yellow tone shade.   It might look slightly lighter than my skintone.. and I could also go for their beige shades (B 00).  

quick swatch on my hand - the consistency is quite cream and thick.

A little of the foundation goes a long way.  I only use 1/2 pump to give adequate coverage to my whole face. 

And applying the foundation on my face - 

I always use a foundation to apply, blend and buff the foundation into my skin.  Here, I am using the Shiseido foundation brush. 

This is how my face looks like after the foundation is buffed into my face. 

Overall thoughts about the foundation:

  • The foundation gives medium to full coverage (but not thick).  I prefer medium coverage for my foundations, so I only use 1/2 pump as earlier mentioned.  On areas where I want more coverage (eg my forehead) I will build up over that area only.  It is best to start with a little, and build up bit by bit.  When I first use this foundation, I kind of went overboard in the amount I used, and the finish ended up a little streaky and patchy.  However, as I cut down the amount of product I used, the coverage and finish is much more flawless and smooth. 

  • It is able to cover most imperfections, if not all, on my face, especially the faint spots and freckles. 

  • Speaking of flawless and smooth, this foundation gives a very smooth, almost matte finish which lasts the whole day (and with blotting twice over a 10 hour day).  I would say that the foundation looks fresh on me for a good 6 - 8 hours.  It did not oxidise on me at all. 

  • The foundation is very long lasting.  It is one of the foundations I would reach for if I am out the whole day. 

  • If you like Chanel Matte Lumiere, Estee Lauder Double Wear (but Shiseido is less heavy), MUFE Mat Velvet+, Clarins Ultra Firming liquid foundations, then you will like the Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation too. 

Overall, I highly recommend this foundation.  If you want something that gives a good coverage, and lasts through a long work day, then this foundation is a steady performer. 

To finish off the whole look, I picked out a few other Shiseido products in my stash. 

I used the Maquillage aura powder to lightly set the foundation (though I normally use my chanel loose powder, which works just as well), Shiseido bronzer, and the lacquer rouge in RS404 Disco. 

Here is the complete look.  I kept the eyes and cheeks simple. Just a simple winged liner, and the bright pop of colors on the lips. 


That's all, and hope this review has been helpful!

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. 

Thank you for reading! 

November 25, 2012

SpaRitual Gold Collection: Rusted Lux & Conduit [Photos, Swatches & Comparisons]


A Special Edition Nail Lacquer Collection</p> <p>

SpaRitual introduces GOLD, a special edition nail lacquer collection that celebrates one of the world’s most treasured metals, valued for millennia across cultures.  GOLD, widely known as an ancient symbol of wealth, has always had the power to captivate; at the heart of ancient rituals and modern desire, it holds an elemental energy forged by nature, radiating warmth from within; a symbol of a better moment in time.</p> <p>
Each of the six GOLD collection nail lacquers is infused with actual 24 karat gold particles that give off an ethereal shimmer. </p>

Shades include<b>:

Gilded Age</b>, a rose gold,

Alchemy, a while gold,

Aurum, pure gold,

Electrum, a golden khaki,

Conduit, copper hued,

Rusted Lux, golden terracotta. 


‘’Spread your inner light with SpaRitual’s special editioncollection, GOLD, as you embrace the symbol of mental growth and general well-being.’’ – Shel Pink, SpaRitual Founder & CCO

SpaRitual is committed to providing spa and nail care products that nourish the mind, body and spirit connection which are also environmentally kind.  As with all SpaRitual lacquers, the 2012 GOLD lacquers are free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Formaldehyde Resin, and are formulated to compliment Slow Beauty practices.

For 2012, SpaRitual’s overarching theme is to honor our precious resources.  Taking inspiration from the earth’s natural resources and elements all the products and nail lacquer collections launched throughout the year will have a direct correlation with this theme including, the GOLD.

<span>The complete GOLD collection is available and will retail for $35 each in fine salons and spas locally. SpaRitual products are also available online at: www.mylife-store.com

Swatches here: 

<p>I have swatched Rusted Lux last week, and it is brilliant.  It is red, and glistening gold at the same time.  3 coats give you full opaque color, but I am also showing you the option of applying it over a red base.  Personally, I prefer the pureness of the color with 3 coats.  The red base seems to make the shade look too red/gold in a chinese new year way which I am not too keen on.</span>

what I used for layering, another Sparitual red. 

Here's how one coat of Rusted Lux looks like. You can see the sheer reddish pink base.

And more swatches: 

The gold shimmers sparkle and shine, and even more so in sunlight. 

Here we have 2 coats of Conduit.  It has a pink toned base, and quite densely packed with deeper golden shimmers. The pink base is very sheer, and not as red as the one in Rusted Lux. 

And a comparison of Conduit with OPI Goldeneye and Sparitual Solstice:

Conduit has a pink toned based, more coppery looking. 
OPI Goldeneye has coarser shimmer bits. 
Solstice is more densely packed, and more golden, and it looks more intense than conduit. 

The SpaRitual polishes are of great quality, the bottle and the brush is easy to use, and you are paying for the sheer quality of their polishes.  I enjoy the rest of the SpaRitual polishes in my collection, and these new ones are no exception. 

To purchase SpaRitual polishes and more, click on www.mylife-store.com to start shopping right away. 

Hope these swatches have been helpful, and thanks for reading!

November 25, 2012

Five L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish [Photos & Swatches]

Hi hi! 

I bought 5 L'Oreal nail polishes while I was in Chengdu a couple of weeks ago!  I was just randomly browsing and shopping before I flew back to Singapore that day, and when I saw these colors...I think I got a tiny bit carried away.  After all, these are not available in locally.  These are mini polishes, and they retail for about S$9 each...which is a little pricey to be honest. 

There was a variety of colors, including some very attractive brights, but I opened the testers, and found these nudes and the lone blue has the best creamiest consistency.  The rest seem to be running a little on the jelly side. 

Some product description:

The wardrobe of gel based colours have been developed by L'Oreal Paris colour creative director Orrea Light; who through her travels and her fashion forward expertise has created 41 sophisticated shades, each telling their own story. Experiment with the perfect selection of mini nail shades; bring out your inner vixen with Color Riche Nail in 'Moulin Rouge' or keep things natural with the 'foundation' for your nails Color Riche Nail in 'Beige Countess'. With one stroke of the patented flat brush, nails can be coated in your favourite colours dependent on your mood or outfit choice.

Here is the patented paddle brush.  They look like the YSL nailpolish brushes... which make application a dream. 

Patented Brush Technology.
  • Precision - The brush helps to bring the formula to the centre of the nail, ensuring colour stays away from the nail bed. 
  • Quickness - The flat brush holds the nail formula so colour is applied to the nails in one stroke. 
  • Flawless - A curved, thin and broad end brush helps to control the flow of the polish for application. 

104 - a nude beige 

204 - a pinky nude 

109 - a taupey nude beige

603 - griege

and 616 - a royal blue, I think the name is Jet Set to Paris.  I can't make out the names of the other shades on the ulta site where I got some of the product info from. 

Hope these swatches have been helpful, and thank you for reading!

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