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Posts for November 19th 2012

November 19, 2012

Meeting Francois Nars: Interview Highlights & The Party


Right after I returned from my trip, I found myself really busy, and seriously spoiled by all the NARS festivities.  On the 14 November, a small group of us had the chance to meet with Mr Francois Nars in person, at his MBS suite, and had a one hour chat with him. It is an understatement to say that I was nervous meeting the creator of the brand which I have been raving about for years and years in this space.  However, all the nerves was put to rest when he greeted each of us, and seemed quite amiable. He spoke candidly, and came across really warm and friendly.  From discussing his inspiration to giving beauty advice, you can't help but be in awe of him.  So humble, and yet so great at the same time. This will go down as one of the highest points of my blogging adventure!

I shall now share with you some highlights of the interview/ chat.  

Is there any product or innovation that you are especially proud of: 

The new Tinted Moisturiser is really incredible, it took us many years to perfect the formula and the shades, I am very happy with it.  It is doing incredibly well in America and many other places, and also in Asia. I am also really happy with the new skincare, we have work many years on the new formula and packaging, and I am really happy with the new technology and the products.  So those two products, for makeup, the Tinted Moisturiser Pure Radiance, and the new skincare of course. 

If there was a product that could instantly make us look made up, what would it be? 

You need a good makeup artist, that could help!  To look instantly made up, I would say, a great lipstick.  Even if you don't wear any makeup, the first lipstick you pick, makes you look made up right away.  It is so easy to use, and gives you an instant makeover.  And you can use it as a blusher too, if you need a little colour. 

How do you stay so fresh looking without any signs of aging?

I definitely try to take care of myself. I work out, I eat very healthy, I am more or less a vegetarian, but I eat fish and sometimes chicken, lots of vegetables and fresh fruits.  In general I don't drink much alcohol, unless for special events.  I use and love skincare.  So that's very important to take care of your skin.  I take multi-vitamins.  I drink (everyday in NY) wheatgrass juice.  It is a great detoxifier and great for the skin.  Drink lots of water.  

How do you stay creative and inspired over the years? 

You know, I have three million eyes, so I try to stay open, always stay fresh, and I am never 100% satisfied with what I do.  I always feel we can make better, we can do it better, we can improve, I can take better pictures, do better products... there is always this 5% that we can always make better.  So that's a drive, that keeps me going.  Always keep your eyes open to the places you travel, wherever in the world, find inspiration in the places you go, anywhere that I am (in NY, Tahiti, Singapore, etc) Going to the museum, theatra, opera, walking down the street, looking at people... nature is also a key ingredient in the research that I do. Everything inspires me. I love Asia, I love coming to Asia, I love the culture, lifestyle, nature and everything here.  So I hope I am going back to NY with all these inspiration.

Which are your 5 must have skincare items?

I love the Aqua gel, I use it in the plane.  The water content is so high, it really hydrates your skin.  I discovered that I love the Tiger Balm in Singapore, it is great for the lower back, neck, anywhere you experience pain.  I love the new face mask, it has a nice cleansing effect. It is great to have after travelling.  A great fragrance, I can't live without having a great fragrance on me. it makes you feel fresh, I love Hermes fragrance and Diptyque fragrance a lot.  Coming next year, we will have the first new NARS fragrance.  And lastly, I love the regular chapsticks.  A great simple lipbalm. 

<strong>Photoshop is so pravalent probably overused.  It sets up unattainable expectations for women. What are your thoughts on Photoshop?

</strong>Photoshop, unfortunately, sometimes is needed.  I think it is almost like plastic surgery, it needs to be used very carefully, and not overused.  In photography, sometimes you have to retouch because there is skin imperfection, sometimes you have a red eye, a blood vessel, little things like that need to be re-touched. I try as much as possible not to over re-touch, in the early years, we have done campaigns, we show the freckles, I would love to do that again, because I like to show things that are very rarely shown on cosmetic campaigns.  I think there are many lies in the industry, I get shocked when I see mascara ads.  We never re-touch lashes in our campaigns.  You have to be as true as possible.  You want to keep it as real as possible.  Otherwise you are lying to the consumer.  

What is the most important beauty advice you can give to women? 

I have probably said it a couple of times before, the best beauty advice is to be loved.  For a woman, if you are in love, you always look more beautiful.  But if you are not in love, there are great products to use...there is always NARS..(everyone laughed).  Happiness makes you look more beautiful. 

At the end of the interview, we left the suite, and I felt a little surreal at the fact that I had just met Francois Nars, not even the breathtaking view of the 53th storey suite could distract me from my happiness! </p> <p>As if all that wasn't enough, that same evening, we were invited to the cocktail party hosted by NARS at 28th Fevrier, a artsy house which couldn't have been more appropriate for the special event.  It was a people watching, who's who kind of party, and I chatted with my pals there, and also observe the happenings around me. 

thanks Pei Xian for sharing this pic! </p> <p>From L to R
Pei Xian (Ms Glitzy), Joey, Mag, and myself.

Here are all the NARS goodies I received that day, and as I am typing this entry right now, the white candle (Oran) is burnning in my room.  I will go through these products in a later entry. 

I will also be sharing the NARS counter launch in a separate entry, and perhaps do a quick haul entry of the MASSIVE amount of stuff I bought during the media priority shopping they arranged for us on the morning of 15 Nov before the counter opened to the public.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone at NARS, especially Candice and Charmine from Shiseido, who took really good care of us, and so thoughtful and giving us the chance to be part of these special journey to launch NARS in Singapore.  I am sure by now, many of you have visited the TANGS counter, admired and hauled your NARS goodies home.  Be sure to let me know what you bought, and what are your fave NARS items! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this entry as much as I have recounting it!  :) 

Thank you very much for reading! 

p/s all pics here taken with my iphone5...awesome much!

November 19, 2012

MUFE Holiday 2012: Holodiam [Photos, Step by Step & Swatches]

has created a spectacular look to light up the year-end holidays with a burst of glitter that takes glam to the extreme! The HOLODIAM collection captures the brilliance of the spotlights and the bold, brash glamour of a woman who is not afraid to take center stage.</p>
‘On the floor,’ she dramatizes her eyes. They come to life with a bewitching smoky black that glistens with subtle holographic highlights. She mixes the HOLODIAM POWDER like a deejay compiling a playlist. The glitter achieves a holographic effect thanks to a technological first: multifaceted pearlescent particles that reflect no fewer than three different colors depending on the refraction angle of the light. The result is an optical phenomenon, a pulsing vibration of intense, ever-changing colors for electrifying eyes infused with mystery. Color turns to light, black turns to glitter. Her cheekbones are accentuated with a simple blush, her lips with a nude champagne shade. And when she wants to take the look to the limit, limited edition false lashes sprinkled with fine golden glitter give her the ultimate glamorous, festive look.</p>


The HOLODIAM collection is a unique celebration of fabulously glittering nights out. To complement the HOLODIAM POWDERS, a new set of FALSE EYELASHES sprinkled with golden glitter completes the HOLODIAM look. Magnifying the unique beauty of the woman whose eyes are adorned with these precious lashes, they catch the spotlight and radiate it outwards. Party lights glint off the iridescent shine of her eyelids, which seem to twinkle with the light of a thousand stars. The fine layer of gold that graces her lashes creates an intoxicating beauty that captivates everyone she meets.

Holiday Collection 2012


• For a 3D and multi reflecting eye liner: Apply Aqua Eyes or Aqua Shadow with a brush No. 2S. Quickly before the

Aqua dries: Superimpose a shade of Holodiam with the brush No. 5SB

• For a waterproof result, apply Aqua Seal as base and dab on a shade of Holodiam powder.

• Leave to dry and spray Mist & Fix to fix Holodiam Powder at the end of the make-up.

• Fluorphlogopite > Synthetic mica with very thin layered structure to increase the reflection and refraction of light.

• Mineral Pigments > are obtained by mineral raw material synthesis, they give intense pearlescent color and chameleon effect.

• Glass base > give a very sparkling effect.

<strong>Swatches in different lighting, and different clarity to show the holographic goodness!  I swatched the four shades over the black Aqua Cream.  They are super fine and smooth!  


Copper----Pink, orange and yellow highlights

White----Gold, green and blue highlights

Plum----Turquoise, violet and pink highlights

Brown gold----Yellow, green and blue highlights

HOLODIAM POWDER, a loose powder that catches the light in a glittering rainbow of iridescent colors, was designed to enhance both eyelids and cheeks. The sleek box contains a thousand different hues just waiting to add drama to smoky or incandescent eyes, or amplify the cheekbones with a flurry of colorful stars. Color becomes light, and even black sparkles.

4 irresistible shades

4 shades combine in enchanting harmony to highlight each and every complexion.



AQUA EYES KIT   (Retail Price $65)

Award-winning, waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof eyeliner that doubles as a vibrant eyeshadow. Dany Sanz originally created this product for performers of water ballet.

This best-selling eyeliner has become a favorite among all women who fear the dreaded raccoon eyes. Formulated to glide on effortlessly and withstand the most extreme conditions, it stays put on eyelids without melting for precise application and intense color throughout the day.

Available in an extensive range of 25 unique and vibrant shades.

False Eyelashes (Retail Price $32)

The eyes take on an unearthly glow when framed in false lashes flecked with the most precious of metals. Channeling the universal appeal of sparkling eyes, these lashes put out an irresistible siren call by a woman who’s ready to set the dance floor on fire.

Aqua Seal (Retail Price $45)

An unprecedented and must-have product that transforms any powdery eye shadow or pencil into waterproof make-up. It also works by diluting the texture, which can then be used as an eye-liner, or to intensify colors and pearl effects. Pour a few drops of Aqua Seal onto the back of the hand, dip the brush into the product and blend with the make-up.

Mist & Fix (Retail Price $48, Available in 125ml & 25ml)

This make up fixer spray is the final touch to your makeup, as it ensures a longer lasting make up and protection for the skin. After makeup application, hold the Mist & Fix spray 40 cm away from the face and mist continuously. Allow to dry or blot with a thick tissue to speed dry. To fix diamond powder and glitter, spray Mist & Fix over skin after application. This will guarantee strong hold and is suitable for all skin types.

HD Elixir (Retail Price $63)

After setting the dance floor on fire, reward your skin with our HD Elixir, a true lifesaver that will hydrate and brighten your complexion instantly. This breakthrough formula contains D-Pantheol and Glycerin to ensure an immediate boost of hydration (+520% after 15 minutes) that lasts throughout the day. Party the night away and rely on HD Elixir to give you that moisture boost the following day!

LAB SHINE (Retail Price $34)

A gloss offering a high concentration of pearly pigments with multiple effects. A combination of Hyaluronic acid and Gold of Pleasure oil moisturizes and makes the lips supple. Beeswax improves the optimal hold of the gloss and provides a non-sticky texture. Labshine offers a multitude of effects through Diamond, Star and Metal effects. This light formula on the lips adds a glossy yet subtle finish and is easy to apply. To maximize the effect add some Diamond Powder, Star Powder or Metal Powder to the Lab Shine.

Aqua Cream (Retail Price $39)

A long-wear waterproof cream eyeshadow ultra-concentrated with colour pigments and pure mother-of-pearl particles. Thanks to its meltaway texture, it glides easily over the eyelid and blends in perfectly. This practical cream can also be used on the cheekbones and lips.

Discover our step-by-step guide and get that glamorous sparkling look for the festive Holiday season!

1. Apply a thick line of Aqua Eyes 0L Matte Black on the top and bottom lash line.

2. Using brush 15S blend immediately on the top and bottom lash line.

3. Using the brush 8S apply Aqua Cream No. 27 MATTE BLACK on the lid of the eye and blend together with the line of Aqua Eyes.

4. Apply Aqua cream No. 13 WARM BEIGE in the crease with and blend well with Aqua cream No. 27 to create a harmonious effect.

5. Apply Aqua Cream No. 4 SNOW on the brow bone to create highlight with brush 10 S.

6. Finish with Aqua Eyes pencil 0L MATTE BLACK in the water line.

8. Apply Holodiam Powder No. 303 on the temples and top of the cheekbones. For long lasting result, fix the make up with a light mist of mist & fix spray.

9. For a more festive look, use glittery gold False Eyelashes from the collection. Spread the eyelash glue on the false Eyelashes, and stick them on the root of the upper lashes. Make sure that the inner and outer corners are well fixed, in order to increase the lasting effect.

Intensify the root of upper and lower lashes with Aqua Eyes 0L Matte black.

7. On top of the black Aqua Cream, apply Holodiam Powder No. 302 using 8N brush in a dabbing motion. Apply Holodiam Powder No.303 in the inner corner of the eyelid.

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