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Posts for November 16th 2012

November 16, 2012

Dior J'Adore Othoniel Auction for AWARE‏


Dior collaborated with Jean-Michel Othoniel, a contemporary artist to create J’Adore Othoniel, an ultra limited edition Amphora with Dior's newly relaunched fragrance. Only one bottle will be available in Singapore, and this will be auctioned at the new counter at TANGS Orchard from $3,900.<span>

Dior is happy to announce that all proceeds from the sales of J'Adore </span>Othoniel will go towards AWARE, to support women rights in Singapore. (www.aware.org.sg)<span>

Bidding will begin next week. Bidding cards will be printed for selected Dior and Tangs members. Bidding will continue till end-Dec 2012.</span>

J'Adore inhabits a mythical land.

Therein François Demachy and Jean-Michel Othoniel crossed paths, and encountered the intense beauty of this fragrance. The land-loving poet conversed with the flowers whilst the glass alchemist turned his mind to gold.

Each of them was on a quest for dazzling femininity.

The Dior perfume creator, "overcome by flowers," freely celebrated his demanding Absolute. The artist, who wanted to "re-enchant the world," appropriated the curves of its amphora- bottle, which represents free sensuality.

The former created a daring composition, and a lavish absolute. The latter graced it with an evanescent and dazzling glass caress.

J'Adore is a story that leads to the legendary island of Murano, where the quest for Magic follows its course.

Flowers rule over the fragrance, housed in a body of glass blended with gold, crafted by hand and by flame. Whether fragrance composition or bottle, each creation inspired by J'Adore is a powerful act.

The perfume creator and the artist's shared desire was to begin with a hint of something raw and sensual - whether velvet petal or soft molten glass - and to end with an ethereal, magical scent. 

One man and his flowers    

Giving someone J'Adore is like handing them a bouquet, says François Demachy. Composing J'Adore L'Absolu meant imagining the pinnacle of its floral sophistication.
It is a construction in which ingredients prevail, and in which, just as in a painting, its depth and its angles, its substance and its movement, its texture and its vibrations are revealed. Each flower is taken to the most authentic expression of itself, exhaling its most sensual facet.</p>

The composition has the audacity of its eclectic equilibrium, in which each note reverberates within a coherent ensemble. This complex composition affirms the identity of each flower. It is an exercise in style, and an extreme harmony, to which its creator has committed his soul and keen strength.
J'Adore Absolute is the sum of a medley of absolutes brought together in a single floral symphony. In a complex procedure, the quintessential scent is extracted from the heart of each flower.</p>

Obtaining an absolute is a long process. The first step is to obtain a concrete from each flower whilst preserving its fragrance. Then, Haute perfumery goes to work, delicately extracting the flower absolutes from the concretes through successive evaporations. Once again, raw material is the starting point that leads to precious intensity. </p>

Seeking balance, and more expressive proportions, François Demachy inaugurated the reign of the "Perfect Ingredient," selected from across the world. Turkish Rosa Damascena, is spirited and smooth. Jasmine Sambuc is seductive and luminous. Indian Tuberose is potent and sensual. Together they create a sensual, striking, lavish perfume.

<span style="font-size: small;">As its name indicates, this Absolute conceals an intense quest. Rigorous and yet free in his use of audacious accords, the Perfume Creator expects a perfect finish, like that of the most beautiful gowns.


Jean-Michel Othoniel is a contemporary artist who has made glass his own.

An initiatory voyage borrowed from a fairy tale, his work leans entirely towards a reality tinged with enchantment, and an everyday tinged with magic.

His coloured teardrops and giant necklaces "set up" a new reality, both baroque in style, and dream-like.  His playful transparencies are delicate challenges calling for extreme technical skill and expertise, which he chooses to entrust to expert craftsmen, whilst orchestrating the whole in painstaking detail. Ephemeral dreams wherein light disappears, his works celebrate a type of beauty that is an immediate source of pleasure, blended with complex meaning.    

Under these auspices the encounter with J'Adore was only natural, and evident. The Amphora alone, echoing the "En Huit" line, evokes the immediate charms of triumphant femininity. The artist appropriated its narrow waist, its winsome curves and its long Masai neck. He dreamed up its femininity and created a timeless, yet living, animated object. An exceptional amphora was born, in a blend of glass and gold.

The golden necklace that caresses J'Adore's neck is sensually undone, unfurling down the arc of the bottle. It is a glass and gold thread that unravels, luxuriantly hugging a curve. The energy thus injected into J'Adore with this simple movement becomes a pledge of freedom. It is a flash of gold in the crystal-clear glass. Ancestral strength found once more. Held in the hollow of the palm, the amphora cannot be stood up. It is a tactile treasure that must be protected. An abstract shape, which is nevertheless sensual and suggestive of intimacy.

Murano Photo / Glass blowers

A mysterious island and birthplace to glass, Murano is a living legend. Just next to Venice, the master glassmakers who officiate in their workshops are the keepers of an exceptional savoir-faire. It was here that Jean-Michel Othoniel encountered the magic of glass.

The myriad hollow pearls from which he fashions dancing garlands and decorates the world, are blown by these maestros. Working as closely as possible with them, he oversees the work, witnesses their secrets and feels the immediacy of a shape. He has been initiated into the searing intensity of glass, and the quest for the supreme moment. His J’Adore l’Absolu amphora took shape in these expert workshops during a moment suspended from time – the glassblowing.

Just as a flower is picked, so the levapallina collected the molten glass that was then blown, in a single breath, by the maestro. The servante then delicately positioned a golden thread, winding around the iconic amphora. Lastly came the bead, adding the finishing touch to this marriage of molten glass and gold, and concluding this perfectly choreographed act.

Levapallina: person who collects the glass
Servante: person who works the glass
Maestro: the glass blower 


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/WepBVVpixa4?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Bottle photo / Othoniel

<span style="font-size: small;">From a single necklace that winds up and around into the air, Jean-Michel Othoniel made J'Adore his own. The iconic silhouette of this mythical perfume becomes a fairy tale in which the Magical is embodied by a suggestively undone golden thread. The thread of a story or a vital theme, it is an invitation to follow the enchanting scent of J'Adore.



J’Adore L’Absolu: The intensity of a floral bouquet glorified by flower absolutes

J’Adore L’Or: The sensuality and harmony of floral and oriental notes

J’Adore Eau de Parfum: A unique bouquet of flowers, both rich and generous

J’Adore Eau de Toilette: The delicacy and radiance of a floral bouquet revealed through flower essences.

The House of Dior would like to thank the Salviati Master Glass Makers of Murano, who opened the doors of their workshops to us on the island of Murano, and who created the J'Adore bottle designed by Jean-Michel Othoniel. 

<span style="font-size: small;"> 


J’Adore L’Absolu & Othoniel

J’Adore L’Absolu (50ml)  S$174
J’Adore L’Absolu (75ml)  S$208
J’Adore Othoniel (one piece available in Singapore)  S$3900 (starting bid)


J’Adore L’Absolu will be launched on 15 Oct 2012 at all Dior counters.
J’Adore Othoniel will be available at Tangs Orchard from 15 Nov 2012 for bidding. 


November 16, 2012


New boutique boasts hallmark features that raise the bar for skincare counseling including a revamp of the 2010 POPAI award-winning shingle tester bar 


Singapore, 9 November - SK-II gears up to cement its retail footprint in Singapore with the unveiling of its newest beauty boutique at the newly revamped Tangs Beauty, upping the ante for women seeking for the solution to crystal clear skin. Spanning 29 square metres, the new boutique is the latest addition to SK-II’s latest beauty arsenal of iconic boutiques and boasts a series of world-class designs coupled with a conducive retail space that dimensionalize the unique PiteraTM heritage at the heart of SK-II.

“SK-II has grown from strength to strength over the years and the opening of our newly revamped beauty boutique at Tangs Beauty is a testament of our commitment to meet the needs of our growing pool of shoppers. At SK-II, we strive to exceed shoppers’ expectations by combining personalized beauty counseling with breakthrough skincare innovations all within an easily navigable space to allow shoppers to browse at ease,” <span>said Miss Loo Lee Lee, SK-II Group Sales Manager <span>Singapore.  


Showcasing the Miracle of PiteraTM

Inspired by the ideal skin standard that SK-II epitomizes crystal clarity, the new boutique is framed by a first-ever 3-D crystal ceiling from SK-II that plays with natural light to express the miracle of PiteraTM on skin, bringing to life the key dimensions of radiance, translucence, youthfulness and luminous glow.

The boutique also flaunts another new feature, Essence Source a display for the iconic Facial Treatment Essence with animating Light- Emitting Diodes (LED) that glorify the miracle of SK-II’s PiteraTM heritage.

Topping off the holistic PiteraTM experience is a series of LED Wall Screens to showcase SK-II’s newest innovations and heritage. 

Achieving Best Shopper Experience

Designed around SK-II’s deep belief that prestige skincare should be both luxurious and accessible to women, the new boutique is steeped in a holistic three-pronged approach to welcome new and existing users to come up close and personal with SK-II’s myriad of <span>beauty innovations. 



</strong>The new boutique flaunts a new dedicated trial fixture, Crystal Play Space the first-ever 3,600mm play space ever introduced at a prestige beauty boutique from SK-II. Helmed by an open concept, the highlight of Crystal Play Space is a revamped shingle tester bar whose design won a silver award at the 2010 POPAI


</strong>Besides driving shopper trials, the SK-II boutique at Tangs Beauty will be the first to showcase SK- II’s expert skincare regimens through a self-guided area flanked by iPads containing step-by- step application techniques to foster greater shopper engagement and interactivity.


Shoppers can also get their skin tested with SK-II’s groundbreaking counseling tool that has recalibrated the benchmark for skincare counseling, Magic Ring. Exclusively developed by SK-II’s Research & Development innovation centre in Kobe, Japan, Magic Ring is equipped with features new to existing skin imaging counseling tools so as to identify your specific Ageless Vector to enable the design of a personalized anti-ageing skincare regimen to optimize your skin’s ageing needs.

Rounding up the holistic SK-II experience at Tangs Beauty is yet another first-ever design to be making its debut from SK-II Red Onyx Flooring pattern, a key distinguishing design element to add that touch of sparkle to shoppers’ browsing <span>experience.


“SK-II’s new boutique at Tangs Beauty is a model example of how we have successfully integrated our deep consumer knowledge to bring an optimal in-store experience to the shopper while leading the way for best-in-class design excellence, epitomized by our award- winning store elements,” explained Vanessa Ward, Design Manager, SK-II, Global Prestige.

SK-II’s new beauty boutique at Tangs Beauty will be officially opened on Wednesday, 24 October. To celebrate the opening of its new boutique, SK-II will be giving away an exclusive Ashley Isham pouch with every purchase of the Best of the Best Christmas Coffret. 




November 16, 2012

Skin Inc Age Revival Serum Features Japanese Apple Stem Cells‏


Available from mid-November 2012. 

Once Upon An Apple </strong>

<span>Three apples changed the world, they say. Eve ate one, another fell on Newton’s head, and Steve Jobs built the third.
Now, Skin Inc has perfected the fourth. And packed it into the world’s best anti-ageing salve. 


From the Tree of Knowledge to the Fountain of Youth, here’s one more compelling reason to bite into the forbidden fruit. Skincare experts have discovered a rare and endangered Japanese species of apple that helps to protect the longevity of skin cells by maintaining its self-renewal capacity at a DNA level. And Skin Inc has bottled this miraculous ingredient into the revolutionary.

Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum. The New Apple Care

Marking a new era in anti-ageing skincare, this product moves beyond dousing skin in active ingredients to literally re-programme skin at a DNA level to fight ageing on its own. That’s right, at the core of Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum is an advanced apple stem cell technology that energises skin to generate new tissues faster, fend off UV damage, and preserve its vitality for longer.

That said, don’t go creating your own DIY apple masks from the grocer’s just yet. The key ingredient in this super age-defence serum is Malus Domestica, a rare and endangered species of apple which dates back to the mid-18th century when the seedling plant was first discovered to possess an incredible ability to remain in pristine condition without shrivelling when stored away for extended periods of time.

To tap into such astounding self-preservation abilities, Skin Inc cultivated this apple through a Plant Cell Culture Technology in the most advanced laboratories of Japan, and encapsulated it to enhance absorption into the deeper layers of skin. The result: a stem cell serum that imbues skin with the self-recovery and self- regeneration prowess of the ‘forbidden fruit’. 

Nature Meets Science

Apple stem cells are not the only anti-ageing actives in this power- packed serum. In fact, Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum marries nature’s finest bounty with high-tech anti-ageing ingredients, including:

ARGAN TREE EXTRACT: Plumps skin with essential fatty acids and resists oxidation more effectively than olive oil. It is traditionally used to treat skin diseases, and is hard to find outside its region of production as it is sold as a luxury item.

HERB EXTRACTS: Brightens skin tone

SOY ISOFLAVONES: Regenerate and replenish estrogen, an important female hormone that stimulates metabolism and cell growth for a thicker epidermis, and smoother and more luminous skin.

COLLAGEN: Refines skin for finer pores and smoother skin texture.

HYALURONIC ACID: Amps up the moisture factor for hydrated and bouncy skin.

TOMATO AND GRAPE EXTRACTS: <span>Super-antioxidants that fight degeneration and soothe inflammation.


7 Times More Potent

Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum is formulated with one of the highest percentages of active ingredients in any skincare serum – 7 times the percentage found in most popular anti-ageing serums.*

Use it daily as a 4-week intensive anti-ageing programme or as a booster serum to power up your customised Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum, and banish fine lines, pigmentation, pores and saggy skin.

After cleansing, simply pump this sleek silver serum applicator once and roll over lines, wrinkles and other areas of concern. Massage into skin gently and follow with Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum for perfectly airbrushed skin.



<strong>$338 for a box of 4 serums at all Skin Inc concept and speciality stores from mid-November 2012. 



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