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Posts for October 20th 2012

October 20, 2012

LOTD: Walking on Eggshells & New Hair!

Hi hi! 

So this evening, I was about to go out... for some comfort food (brownies and icecream) when it started pouring like crazy. That totally put a damper on my plans, and since I was already halfway through slapping makeup on my face, I decided to make an LOTD entry of it.  This is a very natural everyday look which I put together in about 20 minutes. 

Stuff I used:

Foundation - Hanskin Super 3 Solution BB Cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, La Mer Loose Powder

Cheeks - D&G The Bronzer 01 Natural , The Blush 01 Nude

Eyes - NARS Pro Prime, W&W Walking on Eggshells

Lips - Boots No7 Nude Liner, Chanel Glossimer Sweet Beige

Usual brows & lashes


Soft, defined look that makes me look awake. 

I couldn't wash my hair today, it is very flat... I can't wait for it to look messily straight again!

pardon me while I post a couple more pictures to show off my new hair!

to read about what I did to my hair, click here (link link link

That's all, and thanks for reading!

October 20, 2012

My First Pandora Charm Bracelet

Last week I went to Pandora and I assembled my first charm bracelet.  This set costs me a mini bomb, but I love what I picked, and I intend to get one or two every month to complete the whole bracelet.  The bracelet itself is $121, and the charms are from $35 upwards.  Those with the gold bits and gems are more expensive (around $135).  I didn't pick any 'tassle' charms this time round, but a few caught my eye, so I know what I would be getting next.

Charms I chose from L to R:

Pumpkin (a 'stopper') 

Paris Trunk case

Star (a spacer)

Crown (my centre piece)

Star (a spacer)


Handbag (a stopper)

I actually picked a longer bracelet, because I have plans to fill up the bracelet with charms.. and I am also taking into consideration layering potential, I can wear this higher up my wrist above my watch and so on, so it is quite loose fitting. 


That's all, and thanks for reading!

October 20, 2012

Dainty Armcandy, Wicked Earrings and More from LeVonne!

Hi hi

I recently received another batch of accessories from LeVonne, this time a great selection of bracelets, earrings and a couple of rings. 

I have previously featured LeVonne in this entry here (link link link).  

For your information, LeVonne is an online store that stocks accessories all for under USD12.  They are based in Singapore, but international shipping is only USD2.50 per order.  They have a wide range of trendy armcandy, rings and earrings. 

These fine bracelets here are perfect for layering, or wear on its own, they are delicate, and well-made.  The bracelets come with a clasp, which is quite small (to match the fine chain) , and I often need to get someone else to put it on for me.  The wings bracelets are my fave of the lot, followed by the hamsa bracelet.  The skull is cute too, but the little bits of bling stones in the wings and hamsa clinched the deal for me.  They all retail for USD8 each. 

Next, we have a skull string wrap bracelet.  I think these are quite unisex, and a guy would easily pull this off as a girl. 

USD9.50 each.

Here's how they look like worn on the wrist. 

And some layering options.

I love the two rings that Lindy picked for me. 

One is a rose gold spike ring.  It is an open ring, and fits my ring finger perfectly.  USD5.50

And the blingy wings ring is my fave.  It is eye catching, and unique.  USD7.50

Here, I got my bro and sis to model the earrings for me.  All my piercings are closed, and I think these earrings are way more their style anyway.  So they will be rocking these earrings out.  

My brother found the curve earrings too heavy for his liking, and we both come to the conclusion that a girl would be able to pull them off,  you know with the hair around the ears and all... but again, it depends on your style, if you are into the edgy metal rock look, you will love the curved earrings. USD8 a pair. 

The Claw earring is really interesting, it has two parts, and looks like you have a tiny claw coming out through your ear lobes.  I like that it is very small, and delicate. Putting it on takes some deft finger movements, but once you get the hang of it, it's alright.  USD5 a pair, currently OOS. 

This pair of curved skull earring looks really wicked.  It is quite heavy, and I think would be best if you only just wear it on one side for effect.  

Spikes Earring - USD8.  It is my brother's fave pair. 

And below, we have my sister modelling and mixing the earrings. 

I hope some of these LeVonne accessories have caught your eye, and do check out the store! 

Here are some useful links to get you started:


Le-Vonne Facebook

Le-Vonne Twitter

instagram @levonne2012



Happy Weekend!

Thank you for reading!


October 20, 2012

NEW Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Quads‏ [Photos & Information]


Giorgio Armani Beauty is happy to introduce a new range of Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Quads that will be available exclusive at DFS Galleria Scottswalk in December, just in time for the festive shopping season. They will retail for SGD 80 each.

Inspired by the rich colors of the rocks, earth, sea and natural vegetation of the Italian coast, the Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Quad harmonies range from the classic Armani matte shades of grey, black and navy to rich, to iridescent hues of lilac and gold.



The perfect matte. The perfect satin. The perfect match between colors and textures. Color crafting creates eye make-up with higher intensity. Eyes to Kill palette associates 2 pioneer formulas: an extraordinary matte with intense payoff that easily blends with an exceptionally luminous satin veil that morphs with every skin tone, for a crease-proof make-up that lasts for hours.


Real innovation in the formulation of a powder eyeshadow: an instant matte and intense formula that melds perfectly with a satin, pearly veil, producing amplified light effects. Irresistible with its extremely soft, sensorial appeal, the eyeshadow complements the eyes flawlessly all day long.


As essential in make-up as it is in fashion, the unparalleled strength of Giorgio Armani is to choose the right texture for each color. It gives color a substance that enhances it. Each finely crafted color is unique: always wearable, while retaining its own character. And each color flatters every skin tone and signs its style.


A palette of 4 harmonious colors instinctively follows the natural approach to eye make-up. From the light, luminous top of the eyelid to the saturated, deep lash line. Colors and textures mix and layer endlessly and glide on effortlessly for impeccable results. 



The incomparable technology of matte eyeshadows: instant intensity.

A base of silky waxes for glide-on application and even, flawless results. It ensures long- lasting, intense matteness.

It is generally extremely difficult to formulate a matte eyeshadows because the pigments and mattifying ingredients become hard to pick up with a fingertip or brush on application. Their white bases tone down colors.

The Giorgio Armani Laboratories have developed a new formula that reconciles high color saturation with a matte finish by using a coating of soft-touch powders. This technology makes it possible to use an exceptionally high percentage of pure pigments for ever more intense, ultra-saturated color.


The illuminating technology of a satin eyeshadow: the fusion of color and radiance on the skin

Thanks to a translucent binder, the luminosity of the nacres is amplified: a supple, airy light veil flows on like a second skin and holds for hours and hours and adapts to each skin color.

Conventional eyeshadows generally incorporate an opaque white or grey base which dulls the color and doesn’t always compliment the complexion.

But with Color-Fil Satin technology, the color is more intense and can finally express all its richness without a powdery, dull finish. It is radiant and the intensity of the nacres is amplified. The color goes on in an exceptionally fine veil, making layering to infinity possible, in harmony with every skin tone.


International make-up artist and virtuoso of smoky eyes, Linda Cantello interprets Armani elegance by paying tribute to two of the brand’s main bywords: harmony and attitude.

A confirmed color expert, she has developed the palettes to form a perfect balance of strength and softness. Very easy to wear, Eyes to Kill palettes offer women make-up from the simplest to the most sophisticated, for bewitching eyes.

“Eyes to Kill palette colors were crafted like M. Armani designs fashion: to enhance women’s elegance and power of seduction.”
Linda Cantello, international Make-up artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics


“Giorgio Armani is very inspired by nature, and I think there is a reason for that: we look best with the colors we find in nature. Giorgio Armani loves and is able to capture these kind of colors that are neither greys, neither beiges, that are indefinable colors, which is what makes them so interesting”
Linda Cantello, international Make-up artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

Giorgio Armani is inspired by such ever-changing, living nature that reflects its contrasts through harmony: calm and peaceful, yet also majestic and powerful. 



01 – Maestro: Gradation from radiant mineral sprinkles to high-powered rock colors.

Like mineral stratum equilibrium, the legendary glowing Armani greige, secret formulation between grey and beige turns into radiant mica stone. An asphalt matte grey echo to Giorgio Armani’s Pantelleria imposing rocks is easily strengthened by a powerful matte obsidian lava black giving strength to the eye

02 – Terra siena: gradation from sunlight-infused sand to strong earth Italian brown

A dewy beige for a pure mineral light perfectly blends with a shiny bright taupe that brings a touch of bronzed light. Like following the sunset, earth tone turns into a shaded hot brown and ends with a powerful matte earth brown liner, perfectly balanced between darkness and lightness.

03 – Pantelleria: Gradation from light infused faded to deep brown- greens: sun influence on colors.

King of half-tone neutrals, Giorgio Armani introduces the vreige, halfway between green tenderness and Armani’s beige glow. The new greige. It transforms and turns in to a dewy celadon, as a slight echo to Nature’s exuberance. A bright sage green brings light with silver and gold reflections and ends with an intense matte khaki liner, like Mediterranean meadow grass at the end of summer.

04 – Effeto nudo: the Giorgio Armani contemporary interpretation of the legendary Italian “Claroscuro”.

A neutral bright beige highlights the lid with a stray of light while the light matte and sandy taupe designs the eye with Italian attitude. Specially designed for shaping the eye with shadows, the darker matte taupe warms up the finish with a touch of Mediterranean light. A rich tierra tone signs the magical painting.

05 – Mediterranea: Gradation of Mediterranean blue from quiet spring dawn to fall storm sea

This harmony begins with a luminous silver, tinged with a touch of blue that reminds the foam of the ocean. It travels into a light blue grey shade with shiny reflections. The vivid and intense Armani bleu de Prusse fights the coldness of blue and radiates like the sea when spring begins. The palette ends with the legendary Armani blue Marine, color of the sea prior to a storm.

06 – Boudoir – Gradation from dewy coral essence to intense Amazonian mahogany

From a soft coral infused by light, color turns into a bright rosewood that enhance the skin tone & reminds the XVIII century luxurious discovery. A strong matte inspired by the hundred-year-old threes is strengthened by an intense mahogany liner gives strength to the eye.

07 – Saharan blush – Gradation from summer Saharan sky to hot sand brown

Extremely glowing rose turns into an eggshell tone reminding the color of the sun reflecting on the Saharan landscape at sunrise. A bright rose that could be seen in the sky color the palette before ending in a hot brown.

08 – Parma – gradation from dewy lilac rose to an iconic amethyst powder

Two variations of lilac rose tinted with blue reflections remind spring colors from the sky at dawn to the booming flowers. The gradation goes into a sparkling mineral dust before ending in an intense amethyst violet, echo to the home made eye shadows crafted by women in ancient Mediterranean civilizations. 



October 20, 2012

Busy October 2012

Hi hi!

The blogging schedule is a little erratic this month, and I will be quiet for a whole week, and suddenly I just shoot a few entries in a roll.  This is heavy duty exam season at work for me, and while there are random days of just plain 'nothing', some days, I find myself staying at work til late-ish, and by the time I am home, I just want to laze at home, and do absolutely nothing.  And you know there are days when I really just don't feel like doing anything to do with the blog. This also applies for events, and I have been really slack in replying to emails, passing on meetings and product meetings, because I just really want my own time, and some of these events that are taking place over the weekend are just a NO go for me.  And you know I would only attend events and write about products which I personally am keen in.   

So anyway, things are winding down at work (I THINK SO....) and I thought I would just kick start the blogging scheme of things again with my monthly updates, just some random stuff  that I have been quite obsessed with lately.  

Went out for drinks a couple of weeks ago at Cha Cha Cha (Holland Village) totally enjoyed our light dinner, and lots of margaritas.  Then the same time we went to this joint in Chinatown that sells BBQ, Chinese cuisine and lots of beer.  This Chinese place, has become a weekly ritual.  We order a ton of fiery food, have beer and just walk about Chinatown and take the bus home.  Really simple & satisfying indulgence.  The best thing is, you could go there in the middle of the night and the place is still bustling with people.  There is something really enjoyable about eating and dining at unpretentious slightly dingy places, and when the food is good, you know it's a 'keeper'! 

Totally opposite to the notion of 'unpretentious' places, I have also been enjoying a couple of hipster cool chic cafes lately.  Especially in the middle of weekday afternoons.    These places are no stranger to many of you, I am sure... namely CSH coffee bar, and Tiong Bahru Bakery (the Tiong Bahru branch not the Raffles City one). The vibe is good, the pastries are yummy, and it's just really a good place for people watching.  I even brought my comp there once to write a couple of entries, which are still not published yet! (opps!).  Besides that, I also love the Starbucks at Rochester Park.  

My cousin is really into baking lately, we are the lucky receipients of her goodies.  Below is an awesome tart which she made last week, as we celebrated her birthday. 

And this month, I also drove myself to Pine Cakes...and tried out a few slices.  That berry muffin is another of my cousin's creations.  

I have been enjoying Instagram, and spamming pictures there. Sometimes it is really so instantaneous, and I am way more likely to reply to comments there. Lots of active users, and genuine makeup lovers out there and I love the interaction there. 

Shown here are my current fave night time routines, featuring the Kiehl's Midnight Discovery combination, Clarins Double Serum & Clarins nighttime routine (which I will probably devote a separate entry to), my top ten products to repurchase if I (touch wood) lose my makeup collection, and also my fave body oily routine of the moment with Jurlique lavender massage oil. 

I also love doing Instagram tags, such as these, which allow me to go through my stash, and re-discovering gems: 

my fave lipglosses

(I love editing pictures on my iphone! Haha) 

I have several batches of new makeup coming in the next couple of weeks, can't wait to feature and share! 

I also have several reviews and features to blog about too, and I will try to get these up soon. 

Also, I will be travelling to colder climates in the next couple of months, so I have been busy shopping for fall weather.  That's quite exciting.  I already have the essentials, but there's no harm getting a few pieces to update my fall wardrobe! If you are wondering, I will be going to Beijing in November, and spending a WHOLE week in Hong Kong in December! 

Got a few pieces from ASOS, and H&M. Some pants, a pleather jacket, and also the snood which is so cosy! 

I also recently sent in my T&Co. stuff for polishing (for a fee, at the T&Co. store), and they came back after a week, looking totally brand new.  I am very impressed, and highly recommend that you do the same for your jewelry if they are looking dull lately. 

I also made a Pandora purchase lately, started my first bracelet, and I will feature them in a later entry.  It was so fun picking out pieces which I love! 

Played with with a silver and matte black combo manicure earlier this week.  

It looks totally wicked. 

And my other nail polish choices lately...here!  Which is your fave?

Bought two pairs of shades lately, from Shopbop (my second pair of HOH) and a pair of Quay Eyeware from Nana & Bird. 

I think I will definitely do a updated sunglasses collection soon.

Speaking of Nana & Bird, Tiong Bahru Bakery, I love Tiong Bahru.  If I could, I would totally want to stay there. 

Has anyone seen Brad Pitt in the Chanel No5 ad? 

Sigh... so so so #hubbahubba! 

I also bought two new Yankee Candles from their Autumn collection, and currently enjoying them.

The GWC store is all Halloween decked out. 

Super cute! 

I did something a little drastic to my long limp hair yesterday. 

For slightly over a year, I have been keeping my hair very long, I do trim my hair, but I maintained the length, they were growing to about waist length but the ends were just getting wispy and I think weighing down my face or something.  So I went to my hairstylist Mandy, and told her to take off a good 4 inches off.   So I ended up with a refreshing cut, with virgin hair.   I had to go for a fresh coat of rebonding (not that I needed to, but I just needed a very low maintainence groomed look), and a fresh coat of color. 

I had my Shiseido sponsored hair treatments done at Act Point salon (link) - and I was very happy with the service.  I sat there for 5 hours, rebonding, coloring and treatment.  My senior stylist was careful and gentle, and very meticulous.  Spent 5 hours at the salon, which might seem crazy, because the end results are really just smooth clean sleek black hair.  I can't get over how smooth, how soft, and just really how shiny my hair is now. 

This is turning out to be a super long entry, let's end with a couple of random updates:

I want to buy the Lady Gaga perfume!  It smells quite nice, and I am just intrigued!

It is already out at Sephora.

And this is a OCT Blogsale sneakpeak.  I will be posting the entry next SATURDAY MORNING.

Today is my sister's birthday! 

But she is currently on vacation in Macau/ Hong Kong right now...and I have already given her present to her.

So... yup.. Happy Birthday Meryl!

That's all, and I look forward to posting more entries later! 

It's end of the year again, how time flies, and I can't wait to unwind at last!

Thanks for reading! 

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