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Posts for May 2011

May 31, 2011

NEW Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm [01 Pink Marshmellow]

Color Quench Lip Balm

Long-Lasting Moisture and Shine

S$33,  15ml

Clarins releases new Colour Quench Lip Balms in eight shades.  I received the shade 01 Pink Marshmellow, which I will show you later in this entry.

The Color Quench Lip Balm, as the name suggests, promises color and moisture in one product.

The colored shine of a gloss, non-sticky, and melting formula containing a 100% natural, new generation polymer.  On the lips it creates an irresistible smoothing glaze which catches and magnifies the light.

As with all Clarins products, it offers reinforced skin care effectivess, as lips are extremely fragile and quickly dry out.  The skin is five times finer on lips cmopared to the face.  The new formula of the Colour Quench Lip Balm with skin care ingredients, ensure nourished, soothed, protected and intensively hydrated lips.

The lip balms also have fresh, sparkling, fruity shades --- strawberry sorbet, peach nectar, candy pink ... 8 delicious shades to consume without moderation, for perfectly colored lips with a transparent shine.

The packaging itself is a plastic tube, which you can squeeze out and apply directly onto your lips.

And some more graphic illustration of the moisturising properties of the product:

<meta charset="utf-8" />

and lip swatches:

It is not sticky at all, and I love the scent!  It feels very soft and moisturising on my lips, and because it is quite a 'colorless' shade, you can wear this over any lipstick color, or if you just want some natural shine on your lips.
And you see 8 shades in the first picture, so here are the names and colors:
And ingredients list, if you are interested:
That's all, and hope this has been helpful!
What are your fave summer lip products??
thanks for looking!
May 30, 2011

Chanel Cravings: Fall 2011 Makeup Collection


All image credits CAFE MAKEUP

So I was innocently browsing the web after my jog this evening, and I popped over to one of my fave makeup sites, Cafe Makeup, and guess what, I came across these sneak peeks of the upcoming Chanel Fall collection.  And we are barely done with the summer collection!  Gosh.  This whole collection is just gorgeous!

Please check out Cafe Makeup for the full list of products and pictures!  I am just highlighting those I am lemming for right now.

Let's make a list of the items I know I definitely would be getting:

Les 4 Ombres in Prélude

[this looks similar to Mystic, so I have to check it out in person before I decide for sure]

Six shades of a whipped gel eyeshadow, Illusion D’Ombre, which have a shimmery effect:

again, I want to swatch them in person, in case they turn out like the MAC big bounce eyeshadows.

But the colors I am lemming for are

Illusion d’Ombre in Emerveillé [peachy color]

Illusion d’Ombre in Epatant [olive goldish color]

Illusion d’Ombre in Illusoire [taupe mauve color]

Illusion d’Ombre in Fantasme [shimmery white]

And the 3 nail polishes are my definite must haves:

From L to R

Graphite, Peridot, Quartz

you can see swatches of the 3 nail polish HERE.

but I don't think she does any credit to the colors...there is only one picture, and not a super clear one at that.

Let's hope the colors do look as lovely in real life too.

and let's throw in this lovely blush too!

Joues Contraste in Rose Écrin


What are you lemming from this collection?


I think they will be released July/ August.  Can't. Wait.






May 29, 2011

BASICS: Cream Concealers & Brushes

Hi hi!

This entry will be about the cream concealers I am currently using.  I think I go through phases with my concealers--sometimes I use the liquidy tube types, and sometimes I favour these pan cream form of concealers.....anyway,  I mainly use them for covering spots, and not so much under the eyes.  I also have another stash of creamy concealers in a tube, but I would not be showing them in this entry.

I shall go through each one, like how long they last, whether they smear off, and the color/ texture etc.   Hope this would be useful for anyone who is looking for a lasting smooth coverage cream concealer!

Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream Palette

[5 x 2g]

These colors are also sold individually.

From L to R: No 11, 13, 14, 15, 17

I like that this palette has a variety of concealers and correctors.  As you can see, I mainly only use the first color there, and it's great for most of my zits, I hardly need to blend or mix with the other two shades.  I like that it also comes with two corrector shades, which are the peachy one, and the green one.  But I don't have extreme redness on my face, so I don't need to use the green shade much at all.  I used to use the peachy shade for under my eyes in the past, but somehow after I stopped doing that.

It lasts throughout the day, and also is handy for quick touch ups.  In terms of blending, somehow this is not my most favourite - it seems almost a little too dry.  And I always use this palette with a little tiny brush for spot concealing.

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda 07

Concealer Palette

2 concealer shades, 2 neutraliser, 1 translucent powder

[4 x 1g]

* you can find this product locally HERE at under-twenty20*

I have this for a long time, and it's one of my fave, because it contains almost the exact same shades at the MUFE palette, without the green one.  I love that it has a powder pan, and it's super finely milled, perfect setting the concealer.  I like to have this with me all the time, in case in touch ups, and to cover any redness of zits.  It is also easier to blend than the MUFE one, and is thick enough to cover zits and spots.


Shu Uemura Pro Gel Cealer

5g   $48

medium light beige

This gel concealer has a very unique texture.  At first swatch and touch, it feels rather dry, and seems almost cakey.  But it sits very nicely on your skin...it doesn't bulge at all.  Sometimes I have to cover a spot on my cheeks, and even after I dusted blush and powder over, the concealer is still intact.  It is also a good match for my skintone.   But I won't use this under the eyes, it would be too thick.   This is probably quite similar to the MAC studio sculpt concealer, in terms of overall finish.  And did I mention, it is super opaque??  Awesome!

shu uemura nobora cream foundation



This is a foundation, but I prefer to use it as a concealer.  It is thick, and creamy, and perfect for touch ups on the go.  I don't need to set this cream foundation, and it sits nicely on the skin without being cakey or dry.   But it is discontinued....so I don't think you can find it anymore.

Again, this is one of my fave cream base products.  The shade is a great match for me, and it lasts for a good period of time.

L nobara cream foundation

R pro gel cealer

And a comparison of all the concealers here...all the colors are very similar, especially those I use for concealer [as opposed to neutralizing or correcting].   I love them all, and just grab for whichever is nearest to me.  I always have the Sonia Kashuk or the Shu Uemura in my bag especially on long days.

As for brushes, you want to use the tiniest brush to precise application, and to make sure you don't end up with a patch of concealer on your spot.   Think of it as photo-shopping for your skin.  Fingers can be too 'rough' and blends out the product too much.

Always set cream concealers with a light dusting of powder to seal the product, and make sure they will last longer.

Shown here are 2 eye brushes from Real Techniques, and also a MAC 194 brush for if I want to cover any larger patch.   I have also featured art brushes before for concealers.  You want to use synthetic brushes, because they are much easier to clean.

Other recommendations of similar products:

MAC Studio Sculpt concealer [I love love love this!]

MAC Studio Finish concealer

Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer

That's all, and hope this has been helpful to you!

May 28, 2011

Taking Great Pictures with my iPhone!

Hi hi,

My iphone4 makes me look like I am a great photographer.  Hur hur hur.

I like using all these cool effects to make a normal pic look fantastic.  There is a whole community of iphone photographers out there, some of whom are quite famous [worldwide not just in Singapore] and I am quite proud to say my cousin is one of them.  He is a graphic designer by profession but he has gained international recognition for pictures he shot using his modest iphone - he had a local exhibition and also one in Berlin  showing his and other iphone photographers.

The point being, with the iphone and the wide array of photography apps available you are free to compose limitless range of great shots, and maybe pass off as a half-baked decent photographer, like me?

Some cases in point: it was just a humid semi-rainy afternoon, and I was at the Kallang sports centre, and with this view in front of me, it was the perfect picture taking moment.

I will show you the before and after editing shots -- I have uploaded these pictures via twitter and facebook before - but in case you are interested and/or missed them out, here they are again:

I just used my instagram app [a photo-sharing app, and also allows you to apply cool effects and crop your original pictures]

instagram is kind of like twitter and facebook all in one, you just upload pictures, your followers can comment and like your pictures.

My instagram is makeup_blogette, in case you wish to follow me there!  :)



with the X-pro II effect


with the Lomo-fi effect


with the Brannan effect


cropped the top part, and used the Lomo-fi effect


I hope you enjoyed these pictures!

My other fave camera apps are the Camera+, LemeLeme, Camera Art FX, Leme Cam.

If anyone of you have other great camera app recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!



Thanks for looking!



May 28, 2011

LOTD: Armani Eyes to Kill Intense in No.6 Khaki Pulse

Hi hi,

I got one more Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill intense eyeshadow recently, all thanks to Jolyn who went to HK recently.  This is in the color #06, and it's called Khaki Pulse.

For more Eyes to Kill entries, click on the following:

LOTD with #04 Pulp Fiction

Swatches of various Eyes to Kill

LOTD with #03 Pupura

This is a easy to use color that you can build up to a smokey intense metallic smokey eyes, or just a light sweep all over the lids for some definition and natural colour.  It's 'natural' but not boring.

If you want a precise and intense application, use a paddle type of brush to apply the product [eg MAC239 type of brush] and if you want to blend out the edges, or just want a light sweep of color all over, use a fluffy dense brush.  [eg MAC 217 type of brush].

I recommend using a eyeshadow primer underneath for maximum lasting and crease-proof power.

Color is more vibrant and shimmery in real life.

Sorry for the recent half face pictures, my other eye is a litttle nasty, you see what I mean in the last pic there.   And I feel I am getting so pouffy!  Argh.  Holidays are here, and I need to detox and de-fat myself.  :(

Everything else on my face:

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, MAC Cheeky Bronze, Oriental lip balm, MAC powdersurge on lower lids, shu uemura pro-gel cealer

How I apply this product to achieve the look:

I use a primer first, which is the UDPP.  Then I apply a flesh colored eyeshadow all over browbone for some subtle highlight.  Then I packed on the color on my lids, just making sure the color is the most intense nearest to the lashes.. and it gradually blends/ fades upwards to the crease -- using a fluffy brush like MAC217.  Once you are happy with the blending, you can go back and intensify the color on the eye but using a MAC239 to pack on the color.

The multi-dimensional colors --both warm and cool toned metallic shades makes this neutral color very chic and again, makes it looks like you have spent time to achieve the overall effect, when it's really just slap it on and go.  :)

See that corner of my eyes, it is kind of raw at the moment!  :(

Got a manicure and pedicure today, and these are the colors I brough along with me.

on my toes is a MAC nail polish, the name escapes my mind right now.

[edit] thanks to Jennifer, it's Soiree!  :)

on my fingernails is a combination of Essie Topless & Barefoot with Kisses & Bises

[Essie swatch entry HERE]


I have a couple more GA Eyes to Kill which I have yet to feature, but instead of just doing haul entry, I will only feature them when I finally got to using them in LOTDs.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for looking!


May 28, 2011

Marc Jacobs "Fight Like a Girl" Tote Bag



The story goes like this,

I woke up one morning, and was just reading my twitter timeline in my half-asleep state, and saw that Bagaholic boy tweeted about some MJ bag [click here for his blog entry], and before long, I clicked on the website, and found myself buying this tote.  But it's all for a good cause!  More information to follow:

This is a project by action breast cancer, which is a programme of the Irish Cancer Society.

Since the first Fashion Target  Breast Cancer [FTBC] campaign in 2005, in association for Thomas Brown, over EUR570m have been raised for Action Breast Cancer.

Proceeds from these campaigns has established a programme for the development of women with breast cancer.

You can purchase the tote HERE, at the Irish Cancer Society.

The bag costs EUR35, and international shipping is EUR2.  [which works out to a total of SGD67 - just saw the amount in my bank statement]

this is affordable, practical and all for a good cause.  :)

Shipping took about 10 days.


That's all and thanks for looking!



May 28, 2011

Haul: Smiggle Stationery

Smiggle has landed in Singapore recently, it is a Australian stationery brand, and I own a few of their notepads which were given to me by the Sis when she was in Australia some years back.

Jennifer, Vion, Michelle, Jerlaine and I checked out the store this afternoon, and I bought some stuff for the sister and myself -- mainly notepads, sketchbooks, you know, the usual.

Here is a look at their website

Smiggles is located at Plaza Singapure B1-02.

The store was crowded with teenagers and young adults, and there is also a 'loyalty' card program, where you collect 14 stamps (1 for $10 spent) for some reward.  I got 3 stamps today.  :)


Close ups of items I bought today:

Notebook: To do list, Fuzzy Rascals $5.95

Pencil Case Donuts $9.95

[which is great as a makeup pouch, it has lots of nifty compartments inside]


Giftwrap paper $2.95

They have many designs in the forms of stickers to wrap your phone and gadgets with, for $19.95....and we were ooooing and aahhhing over the designs on offer, and really can't decide which are our faves.  I think I might get one of these for my iphone sooner or later.

Lined Notebook, A4 size $3.95 each

Think of them as foolscap writing paper with way cooler designed covers.

The happy colorful donuts suck me in!



I really enjoy collecting these stationery.

Click here to see my TYPO haul entry from a few weeks back, and you will know what I mean.

I am glad that we have more choices now rather than the usual Paperchase and Kikikiki ...


[pictures in this entry are taken using my iphone4 and edited using the PS express app for iphone]

I have another entry coming up with some nice pictures I took using my iphone.  Stay tuned!


thanks for looking!


May 26, 2011

Shu Uemura Natural Volume Lashes [Comparisons & My Lash Collection]

Been wanting to try out the Shu Uemura Natural Volume Lashes everytime I see Joey wearing them in her looks.   And so yesterday, I bought a pair for myself, and if I like them enough, I will stock up on these lashes somewhere [most likely HK, where they are a lot cheaper].

My only gripe about these lashes is that the base is kind of stiff, and thick...and when you are used to the super soft and fine lashes [like my Ardel or Cosmos ones] these can take some getting used to.   But I really dig the wispiness of the hairs on the Shu lashes, even though they are criss cross -and not my fave type of lashes, the fine hairs makes it pretty enough for me to want to wear them.  And they look really great from the side -- they don't look like visor caps, and just look like naturally full lashes.

Here's how they look like on:

And some comparisons of Natural Volume to my other similar lashes....it does look 'natural' compared to the rest!

I have been collecting Shu Uemura lashes for years and years, and have quite a stash of them, I seldom wear them but I like to keep them.

My faves are Smokey Layers, Partial Flare, Black V, Black Slant.  I also like the Mini Khaki, Mini Rainbow for a pop of color on  the outer corners of my eyes.  Some are LE, and I have 4 or 5 boxes of the LE designs - kind of like to stock up, in case they become super hard to find.


Natural Volume vs Smokey Layers

*I always cut smokey layers in half, and use them as outer corner lashes, more comfy to wear.

Natural Volume vs Partial Flare

These look the same, except of course the partial ones are 4 separate little pieces.

Natural Volume vs Black Leather [LE]

If you like the black leather, there is the 'normal' version which is permanent, and it's called Black Luxe.  Same hair design.

These are the Magical Windfalls [LE] Takano for Shu Uemura ones.

super cute.

And my stuffed drawer of Shu Uemura lashes -- not quite nicely displayed like the Tokyo Lash Bar -- but I really do love my collection of Shu lashes.  :)

I have done many looks with these lashes before, click the following for the lash LOTDs if you have missed them previously:

Shu Uemura lashes overview Lots of Pictures this entry is from 2008!  :)

Partial Flares

Black Leather demo and LOTD

Black Leather again


Extreme Artistic Lashes! [picture below!]

cobweb lashes! [picture below]

That's all, thanks for looking!


May 25, 2011

Nails Story: Essie's A French Affair Collection [Swatches, Comparisons]

Ordered some of the Essie's latest A French Affair Collection from Nail Vibe SG last week, and received them quite quickly!   I saw the colors and fell in love with the entire collection.  With the exception of French Affair and Nice is Nice, I bought the rest of the collection.  I didn't get the two colors because they look so similar with the stash of pastel milky pinks and lilacs I already have in my collection.  And I know I will never get sick of the different yet similar shades of nudes and beiges.

I got each one at S$12.50 [inclusive of normal mail].

* Actually this is a 'double haul' because I also bought the same colors from Kim's 8ty8 spree...but still waiting for those to arrive.  So I think I might end up with 2 of each.  There is one more color which I will swatch when the shipment arrives ---- Sand Tropez.

I must say that these 3 colors are all good Essies.  2 coats give you streak free and true color payoff.

Topless & Barefoot

Smooth creamy nude, not sheer at all.  Beautiful.

Kisses & Bises

A sheer opal shade, more of a overcoat than anything else.  It looks beautiful with the nude colors from this collection, and also over all the other colors.

Even though it is sheer, it applies non-streaky.

Here's how it looks like over Topless & Barefoot.

Next, is a shimmer medium blue shade,

Coat Azure.

With fine silvery shimmer.  I am wearing this on my toes now, with 2 coats of Kisses & Bises over.


I have picked out selected nude shades in my stash to compare Topless & Barefoot.

When I get Sand Tropez, I will post more comparison swatches.

Miso Happy & Sweet Heart is pinker than Topless... while Bare It in Trafalgar Square is more warm toned --- maybe it will look closer to Sand Tropez.


I am always up for some skintone nudes!  And this collection is just beautiful, simple and classic.  I am also looking at the Essie Brazillian collection, and their summer resort collection [Da Bush!]  Some of the colors are sucking me in!


That's all, and thanks for looking!

May 22, 2011

New iPhone Case

Ok nothing much to say about this purchase, except that I got to point finger to BagaholicBoy for tweeting that these phone cases are available at our DFS....and the rest is history.


1. Rubber/ silicon iphone cases are easy to change compared to the plastic ones.

2. They also provide much needed friction so your sleek iphone doesn't fall out of your hands easily.

3. And they provide some protection if [touch wood] you drop your iphone.

And did I mention, this is a Fendi iphone case?  Wooots!  I just love that it has the logo all over, and yet not too in your face.  At least not to me....

I am also well aware that I am paying way too much for this rubber casing, as my mom later show me a Daiso purple case just for the sake of it.  She has some sense of humour.

The most important thing?  It makes me happpppy because I mentioned before, this is one of the main reasons why I even got an iphone in the first place. That I can be very frivolous and buy stuff like these for my iphone.


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