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Posts for September 3rd 2010

September 03, 2010

LOTD: MAC Bloodline Pigment & Signature Blue Superslick Liquid Liner

Hi hi,

Decided to do this quick and easy smokey eyes featuring 2  MAC items which I purchased this week.  They are still currently in store, and I highly recommend getting them.  :)

MAC Bloodline pigment is a very interesting mix of purple and brown, almost blackened with subtle frost.  Personally, I thought it is the perfect shade for you to create everday looks to very dramatic sultry smokey eyelooks.  In this LOTD, I kind of did a 'cut crease' method, and only used the pigment as the color on in the crease.  This creates a smokey dark eye look without being over the top.

I also did not want to go with a nude lipstick, that would be a little boring and predictable, so instead I used a lipstick that is very similar to my own lip color.

Products used:

FACE: Chifure Makeup Base Milk, Lancome Teint Miracle foundation, MUFE Super Matte loose powder, Guerlain Meteorites Perles

CHEEKS: NARS Laguna, NARS Lustre

LIPS: MAC Hug Me (lustre)

EYES: NARS Pro Primer eyeshadow base, MAC Brule e/s all over lids, MAC Solarwhite e/s on lids, MAC Bloodline pigment on the crease and lower lashline (applied with Sigma SS109, blended with MAC 217)

LINERS. LASHES: MAC superslick liner Signature Blue, MAC Feline (waterline), Ardel 120 lashes, Lancome Precious cells on lower lashes only

I really think the Lancome Teint Miracle photographs very well, and it lasts me a good 10 hours with minimal fading... though I still need to blot my face every few hours.  Really enjoying it so far.  :)

Vintage wash tee from Cotton On, in case you are wondering, and I flat-iron my  semi-wet hair with GHD today.

That's all, and thanks for looking!

September 03, 2010

Review: Clarins Shaping Facial Lift, or Does My Face Look Slimmer Now?

Does it refine your facial features for a younger look?

A while back, I was sent the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift, and after using it for about 4 weeks, I feel like I am able to give this a proper review.

If you would like to find out more about the product information, please click this entry HERE.

The Shaping Facial Lift serum comes with a special massage technique manual, which I shall attempt to share with you here. I realise that as with all creams which promises to sculpt the body, or face, requires you to employ a specific application method in order to maximise the efficiency of the product itself.  Recall anti-cellulite creams which you need to rub in an upwards/ circular motion etc etc in order to disperse fatty cells underneath the skin layer. Similarly, the Shaping Facial Lift serum comes with a Clarins exclusive "Manual Auto-Lifting Method", which is suposed to work hand in hand with the serum itself.  This little manual also contains the massage instructions in English, Mandarin, and Japanese.

It is not my purpose to show you every single step of the massage technique, but rather to give you an overview of the process of how this whole thing works.

Basically you need to be seated, and head downwards.  You will find  that your facial contours will be 'pulled downwards" and those are the excess which you want to 'press' away using the facial serum.  By carrying out this method of massage, your face will be rid of puffiness and heaviness.

The instructions are pretty details, and the whole massage process takes about 10 minutes, if you really follow every single step.

and so on.....now let's move on to how I apply the product:

Here are my thoughts about this product:

  • It is a very lightweight non-oily cream.  It also smells amazzzzzing.  I feel great just applying this product on my face.  In the first two weeks, I used this product about twice a day, but I sort of got lazy and reduced to once a day, and over the weekends, twice a day.


  • While I haven't seen a significant 'slimming' effect of my facial features (that would take a lethal fat busting combination of exercise and diet), I do experience a reduction in the puffiness around my cheeks.  And I am not sure, but I felt my jawline seemed a little more defined.


  • A little product goes a long way.  Each time I use two full pumps and spread it in my hands before applying and massaging into my face, concentrating on my cheeks the most, as I think that's my problem area.


pic of me after a long work day.

The $98 question is, would i buy it when I run out of this serum (which it most likely will, in about one more week?).

I think I just might.  Honestly, it is still early days to tell if this is a miracle worker, and I do think you need  a lot of discipline to folllow the instructions religiously for the maximum impact.

I might get it too, if not for the slimming effect, but just the thought that you are applying a product that will work together with the manual lifting method to dispel water retention in your face area makes sense to me.   Plus it didn't break me out, it smells great (kinda floral lily sweet scent), and it also makes my face feels very smooth.

So the next time you think of wanting to do something about your tired looking face, dull skin, double chin, puffy cheeks, etc etc etc......this is definitely something to consider.

I hope this has been helpful, and if you have any questions, do leave them in the comments below.

That's all, and thanks for reading!


ps:  This product was sent me for review purposes.  All opinions here are my own honest ones.

September 03, 2010

Nails Story: Color Combinations to Make the Most Out of Your Stash

Hey hey!!

Decided to do an entry about nail color combinations in the midst of all the hauling and review type entries.

I have a tiny confession to make, my 4 MUJI drawers are bursting with way too many nail polish (and I am an avid collector and a heavy user, so I am happy to hoard 'em all), and each time I think of my next nail color, I always lean towards recent acquisitions, and/or something which I have forgotten lately in my stash. There are colors which I have purchased from a few sprees back which I haven't even used.

We have all done the 'Lorraine' aka doing a lone glitter nail among the usual color, but recently I have decided "why stop at one lone nail", and painted 2 colors at the same time, whenever I switch nail colors (every 2 or 3 days I change color -- I wish I can make a video about this though, cos it never fails to amaze people how fast I change colors, they either think I am very free have nothing to do but change my nails colors everyday --- but seriously, I take barely 5 min to change colors and paint topcoat, then go to zzzz and next morning everything is all dried and shiny!)

But I digress.  I decided to do a double color manicure, by picking colors which I think would nicely compliment or contrast with one another.  I am showing some examples of recent combinations, and I hope maybe you find this helpful.  :)




Nothing says OTT like neon pink and holographic silver, but this is one of my faves combo.  Two nails choked full of the holographic mess, and the rest of the nails are clean creamy neon color.  If there is anyway to rock neons and glitters, this would be it.

September 03, 2010

Faking Radiant Skin with Eyeko 3 in 1 Cream?

I received this in the mail a couple of days back.  This is the eyeko 3 in 1 cream, which claims to be a moisturise, highlighter and eyecream all in one neat cute product.  The pictures you see above, are images on the actual box of the box the product came in.  I really like how Eyeko design their packaging, everything is very cheeky, girly and just, really, for want of a better word, cute.

The cream is Infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A& E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion.

You can purchase eyeko products here.

Obviously, I need to try this product out on my face to show you the actual results, and give my thoughts on it.  One thing though, it has a smell... not unpleasant, but it is not as a scent, but just a smell of a product, almost faint plastic?   It  is not very noticeable, not to me at least, and you can't really smell it after you applied it on your skin.

Anyway, I will review this product after giving it a go in the next few weeks!

Thanks for looking!


p/s  Eyeko product was sent to me for review purposes.  All opinions are my own honest ones.


September 03, 2010

Collective Haul: MAC Fabulous Felines & Guerlain Météorites Perles

Hi hi, these are some stuff which I bought during the Tangs cardmembers sale which took place on Wednesday.  I had earlier bombed on other stuff that day, so I must say I was pretty restrained when it comes to getting the makeup items. 

MAC Fabulous Felines collection was released, and because I have not been following the collection information, I was very open-minded when checking out the colors.  I must admit that I did not really go ga-ga over this huge collection (ditto when the Spring forecast collection was released) -- huge collections almost always overwhelm me.  I also saw the mineralised cream foundation collection out at Tangs, texture of the cream foundation was nice, but it was very strange only 6 shades were brought in, the lightest being NW20.

I kind of immediately zoomed in on the superslick liners because these are new products, and also randomly checked out the pigments.  I didn't look at the eyeshadows, and didn't even know there was blushes and mineralised stuff in the collection (was holding out for NAKED palette and NARS eyeshadows).   The superslick liners were amazing, fantastic vibrant colors, and the firm and very wet felt tip applicators got me on the spot.  But they were going at $35 a pop, so I had to choose THE ONE color.. in the end it was a toss up between the gold color, and the blue one.  I also got one pigment (first pigment I got since they changed the packaging) because the name of the pigment, and also the color sucked me in.  When you see the swatches below you will understand.

So all in all, I am quite pleased with my two modest items when previously I would have grabbed a load more items.

Signature Blue Superslick Liquid Eye Liner ($35), and Bloodline pigment ($39)

Some swatches:

Bloodline is a very finely milled pigment. It is a dirty brown purple (frost) and something which I can sweep and blend all over my lids for a very nice smokey look.  I did this yesterday, and I love it!!!   I have shown how it looks blended out, and you can really see the texture and the color gradient when blended out.

Signature Blue is a dark navy blue with slight pearl.  It is very long lasting once it dries and set.

Here is a picture of me wearing it, 8 long hours later. The color did not fade, and there is no smudging nor flaking.   I highly recommend the superslick liquid liners.  Good thing these are all permanent items (according to information I saw on Temptalia)

Next, I purchased the Guerlain Météorites Perles in 02 Teint Beige ($81).  The color which I really wanted which was Mythic, was OOS, and I did want to enjoy the additional rebates that day, so I bought 02 instead.  Besides, it is not as though the color difference is notable when applied on your face. I got to finger point at temptalia ---- check out her review and swatches here, which was prolly the catalyst for me to purchase this classic Guerlain product.

The Guerlain Météorites Perles are meant to create dazzling radiance to your face, and these pearls of light are just such luxe goodies to have in your stash!  They have a very makeup kind of scent, which reminded me exactly of my very very first Dior lipsticks (when their packaging was all blue and octagonal).

The pinkier pearls are at the bottom of the container... and for 30g of product, $81 is really reasonable for me.

And I use a large powder brush to dust this on all over my face, and I figure I can use a denser brush (like MAC109) if I want to pick up more product to highlight parts of my face.

That's all, I am going for dinner now... and I have a few more entries coming up.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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