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April 18, 2011

Overview: Liquid Foundations, Loose Powders & Fave Combinations

Hi hi!

This entry will feature, as the title states, my overall thoughts on liquid foundations, loose powders and my favourite combinations.  This might turn out to be a massively messy and disorganised entry, but I want to include everything I can think of in one entry, and always be able to link back here whenever I want to mention or refer to any foundation.

It is no secret that I am a foundation junkie, and foundation/ base products are the first I check out when venturing to a new makeup brand/ counter.  If anything is touted to be refining, flawless, long wearing, pore refining, then I will be hopelessly sucked in!  I am also very lucky to be able to try out many great foundations because of my blog, and I can make lots more recommendations based on my experience.

** none of these foundations have known to break me out, PHEW!  And note, I don't use any MAC foundations except for the Face & Body.  [I have tried Studio Sculpt and Studio Fix Fluid in the past - but I have found their shade range is a little off for my tone - I think I hover between NC 15-20].

I seldom use a brush to apply loose powder, unless I want a light sweep to clean away eyeshadow fallouts, so I mainly use the powder puffs that come along, and gently press and roll the puff over my face.   And I usually SET my face with powder AFTER the whole makeup routine is done.

A few things I just want to point out though:

1. it is impossible to expect any foundation to last 15 - 16 hours no matter what they claim, due to our horrid humid weather, and especially if you are exposed to the insane weather here.  The humidity and heat will definitely wear off your makeup products, in which case, you want to keep your face fresh, dry and shine-free --- and not still look like you have a thick layer of foundation that wouldn't budge under the hot sun.

2. it is also impossible to expect a foundation that will make you OIL FREE and SHINE FREE for the whole day -- maybe 4 - 5 hours ok, and then you prolly need to blot your T-zone.  Which is very normal and human.  Any foundation that can keep you absolutely shine-free for the whole day, or claims to be, you got to be careful of how it does that!  I would make sure I remove every single bit of that foundation off my face, otherwise it will clog up your face!  So, it is OK to be shiny after a few hours, it is OK to blot/ powder your face time to time.

3. we don't want a thick layer of foundation.  [remember Lisa Eldridge's acne covering tutorial?]  Foundation is meant to even out your skin tone.  Use concealers sparingly only where you need to.  so I tend to like medium buildable coverage foundations instead of a thick layer of full coverage foundation.  This also depends on my skin condition, right now, with the exception of spots, I am quite happy, and most foundations I use are able to give me a smooth even coverage without major concealing.

4. I believe in spending the most on foundation.  Hence, most of the foundations in my stash are in the mid to high (but not super high end either) range.  Foundation is something you put all over your face, and you want to make sure the ingredients are the best, the formulation doesn't cake up your skin, and also give you some skincare properties at the same time, such as sun protection.

5. I have oily-combination skin, and usually I am in the second palest skintone of most foundation brands - neither too pink nor yellow.  So it is relatively easy for me to eyeball, and pick a foundation that matches my skintone.  This is also bad, cos then I end up with this scary arsenal of foundations.

In this entry, I would not be showing any product swatches, or how I apply them... because I have already many related entries on these.  I will just try to describe as succintly as I can, and hopefully it will be hopeful to some of you.

If there is any foundations pictured here which I missed out, it is most likely that I haven't gotten to using them enough to talk about them... and do leave a comment, if you want me to do any specific  follow up entry, I will be most glad to do so!

Some foundations may over-lap some categories


Clarins Extra Firming Foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, Chanel Mat Lumiere, Cover Girl Clean Oil Control

  • Lasts relatively well throughout the day (8 hours), with a fresh and clean appearance
  • Goes best with a colored loose powder if you want more coverage
  • Mat Lumiere and Cover Girl are great at keeping shine at bay
  • Easy to blend, and all the colors suit me (esp Mat Lumiere 20, which was a tad dark on me, is now OK cos maybe I am burnt ard my neck and so I can go with a slightly beigier shade)

** Try setting with DermaBlend, Laura Mercier Translucent, Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder




Lancome Teint Miracle (both the LIQUID AND CREAM versions), Guerlain Lingerie De Peau, Armani Lasting UV, NARS Sheer Glow

  • All are relatively light in texture.
  • All give flawless, slightly glowy but not oily finish
  • Teint Miracle foundations last the longest
  • The Armani Lasting UV did not last as long in our humid weather, but it was beautiful while I was in HK where the weather was cooling and not as humid.
  • NARS Sheer Glow needs to be matched with NARS Loose Powder for maximum impact in terms of finish and lasting power
  • I use these when I want my skin to be extra extra flawless, and I usually top up with Chanel Ultra Fine loose powder (it's like MUFE HD POWDER)

** Try setting with Chanel Ultra Fine Loose Powder, NARS Loose Powder, La Mer Powder



BEST TO SMOOTH OUT COMPLEXION [gives illusion of poreless smooth skin]

Maquillage Cream Stick Foundation

One of my all time faves - this is a repurchase which I never got to open, because of the many others I am currently using.

** Try setting with Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder, MUFE Super Matte




Estee Lauder Double Wear, Chanel Mat Lumiere, Chanel Pro Lumiere, Max Factor Lasting Performance

Chanel Mat Lumiere has the coverage and lasting power of Double Wear without the 'thickness', which I now like.  Double Wear is my top recommendation for long lasting hard core foundation.

** Try setting with DermaBlend, or Laura Mericer Translucent


If you want a luxe foundation, try the Dior Totale Capture and Cosme Decorte cream foundation.  The Dior Total Capture foundation feels creamy and slightly heavy to some people, but it blends it and is not cakey.  I find it to be an average performer, perhaps not really worth the over $90 price tag.  The Cosme Decorte cream foundation smells amazing, and the texture is ultra smooth and whipped.  But it is not very long lasting, however, though, as compared to the Shu Uemura face architect, the Cosme Decorte one has a much better consistency and finish.


I use the two MAX FACTOR foundations mainly to lighten any foundations if necessary.  But I hardly need to do  that right now, because everything fits.  The same goes for the Chanel Pro Lumiere, because it is in the shade 030, and used to darken any foundations which are too stark on me.




I really like MAC Face and Body for the real skin texture/ finish it gives, but my insecurity about my spots showing through means I hardly reach for it.  I only use it on days when I know I won't be out the whole day or meeting a whole bunch of people.   I also find that the MAC Face & Body works a lot better, more coverage if you pour it into the palm of your hand, and warm it up before applying directly to your face.  Both foundations also photograpgh very well.



MAC Face & Body, Armani Lasting UV, Lancome Teint Miracle, Chanel Mat Lumiere

[I think this is self-explanatory?  Your face will look even more smooth and flawless with these foundations on]



Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder

It's not that expensive, it is translucent, so suitable for all skintones. Finely milled, and gives lasting smooth finish to any foundation.  Only downside, it is quite hard to find in SG, except at True Colors and we all know the products there all smell FUNKY.  Ewwww.



La Mer Powder, Chanel Natural Finish, MUFE Super Matte

These give some extra SLIGHT coverage, and smooth flawless finish.    I love my La Mer powder the best, the texture is somehow so creamy, and so fine, and it evens out your skintone even if you just have sunscreen on.   (but it's still translucent, doesn't add color)


The Everyday Minerals powder, and I have several of their samples, while they are smooth and finely milled, I find they don't sit too well on my skin?  It's like the powder just sits on my skin, and not 'fused' with my foundation.  Maybe because of the mineral formula, and/or I am not applying them right.



Teint Miracle foundations + La Mer Powder

Chanel Mat Lumiere + Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder

Clarins Extra Firming + Laura Mercier

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum + Laura Mercier / La Mer

NARS Sheer Glow + NARS Loose Powder


I have not mentioned any PRIMERS, POWDER FOUNDATIONS and BB CREAMS in this entry.  Do let me know if you want me to do a similar overview for FACE PRIMERS - cos that's another area where I can ramble on and give you a basic low down.


I hope this has been helpful, and if you have any specific questions, please leave them in the comments below - I hope the 'format' isn't too messy, and somehow it makes sense?


My Foundation Wishlist:

1. Burberry Liquid foundation

2. Laura Mercier Silk Creme (hope I got the name right)

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light

4. Chanel Le Blanc Liquid foundation

5. Dior Nude

6. La Mer Creme Foundation


Thanks for reading!   And kudos to you, if you made it this far!  :)



posted by

Wow, you really are a foundie junkie! I love the format, i think the write-up is clear and easy to understand, and i appreciate how you catergorized them to suit the different needs. I'm definitely looking forward to face primers/ eye primers, because i've only tried out 1 so-so face primer (i'm a n00b) and i'm still looking for eye primers that don't crease eyeshadows in my double eyelids!

posted by

thank u for taking ur time to post this helpful review! loveeee! =)) And yes u should try dior nude...my fav until it broke into little pieces. lol!

posted by

Hi gal, may I know what is your shade for your Armani Lasting UV Foundation? Does the foundation oxidise on you?

I am looking forward to your post on primers!

posted by

Really detailed & helpful information! I do believe in spending more on foundations (other than skincare), because it's something that would be on the (almost) entire face, just like skincare. I have really sensitive skin, so i wouldn't mind spending more on foundations/base even though i have tight budget sometimes. Spending more wouldn't definitely mean that the product would work out, but it if i were to get a certain brand, there is definitely a certain assurance that i'm putting my money on something that would work out for me, rather than trying tonnes of cheap alternatives (which might lead to possible skin troubles + wasting $ )

Ooops! I think i typed to much, but really appreciated your detailed and neat posts! Would definitely look into some foundations that you've recommended !!! :) :D


@espenine I think I am a shade 4 [do check out my Armani make up haul entry for more info!] Thanks!!!

@1600am thanks for the feedback and sharing, I totally understand your stand on foundation splurges! :)

@immapink - thank you! I wld want to try the dior nude with the matching nude powder :o

@beadsandends- thank you! glad to be of some help!

posted by

I really love reading your blog coz u really take the time to break down everything clearly which makes it ez to understand..its really organized..really helpful..!!!! Thanks for the great tips/info...!!!!

posted by

I have been abit crazy with liquid foundation lately and this post feed my "lemming" lust!!!

posted by

Ooo, thanks for this detailed post. I must try some of the recommendations. I like the Giorgio Armani luminious silk foundation.


WOW, Sophia! This is a BRILLIANT post!!! And I made it to the end, so *pat on the back* for both of us. haha. I have been thinking about getting some of these products for the past year, including the La Mer powder, Chanel Foundation and the Laura Mercier powder. The only thing you haven't tried yet is the Cle De Peau Foundation (or have you?). Then I can totally katou to you for being a foundation queen. Hats off!

posted by

Gosh! Love this post! So much foundations! Can last me a lifetime! Provided they dun expire.. Kekekex..

posted by

Do you know of a company that makes foundation lighter than NC15? NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia is a great match for me but it is the only one I have found and I sadly don’t like the formula of the foundation.


@melody10 - If you are fairer than NC15, it might be a good idea to use a white foundation to lighten the current foundations that you are using. For example, Illamasqua has some really pale shades including a white, and MAC Face & Body comes in white too (for mixing) however though, I am not too sure if it is a pro only product
Hope this helps!

@ miwitch - I use my foundations almost on a daily basis, whenever I go out, so I think I can use them up before expiry date :) if I use the same foundation daily, it will be used up in about 3 months.

@ Tracy - oooo, woman, that's one wicked challenge! I was thinking about CDP foundations after reading your comment yesterday! :p But heard that it is very rich?

posted by

Wow 3 months to be is really a short time. I'm probably on the lazy side, I use BBs and compact on most days and that leave my foundations sitting in my drawer for weeks & months untouched.

I can imagine your BB and compacts also sitting at a corner waiting for you use them..lolx~


@ miwitch - yesssss omg you know me so well, my BB and compacts take FOREVER to clear... LOL

posted by

Lolx!!! Let's exchange! Then i be like GHOST with such fair shade! kekekex~

posted by popsicel13

WOW i love this entries thx you gorgeous

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