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December 01, 2012

LOTD: A Party Look with Lancome [and a mini giveaway]

Hi hi!

I did a quick look featuring the Lancome eyeshadows which I mentioned in the previous entry.  The eyelook is quite the usual, I always go for a defined smokey look most of the time, playing with the texture and color placement.  I also like to go for brighter lipcolors these days, to look more awake somewhat. 

The Liner Plume is extremely easy to use, I love the long brush (to reach into the inner corners of the eyes perfectly) and while it didn't swatch the most jet-black, when applied on the eyes, it is super black and intense, and it dries quickly on the eyelids too.  

Here's what I did on the eyes: 

  1. Applied P 102 Sable Enchante on the browbone.

2. Applied P 204 Perle Ambree on the lids and crease.

3. Intensify the look by adding S 207 Fil D'argent on the lids. 

* the eyeshadows are very soft, and easy to work with.  They remind of the Burberry eyeshadows (which are a tad creamier), but in terms of the colors and payoff, very similar. 

4. Line upper eyelids with Liner Plume 01 Noir. 

5. Mascara on lower eyelids with Hypnose Dolleyes mascara. 

* the overall color is darker in real life than these pictures show * 

On the rest of the face - all Lancome, as you can see. 

Face - Pro Base primer, Teint Miracle liquid foundation, Teint Miracle loose powder -- foundation review here

Cheeks & bronzer - Blush Subtil palette in Nectar Lace --- feature entry here

Lips - Absolu Mat Cashmere 300  --- feature <a href="http://retailtherapy.onsugar.com/Lancome-Midnight-Roses-Fall-2012-L-Absolu-Mat-Cashmere-300-Photos-Swatches-24802085" target="_blank">entry here

</a>Eyes - NARS Primer, P 102, P204, S 207 and liner plume Noir (featured here) , Doll Eyes mascara (featured here)

And now for a little giveaway, I had purchased this set of Lancome products at the JPO during my recent trip there.  It contains

1. Full sized Lancome Hynose Doll eyes mascara 01 So Black

2. Mini Crayon Kohl Noir 

3. Mini Rouge in Love 322 Coral in Love

To win this set, leave a comment below with your name/email, and answer a simple question, and I will contact the winner before I go off for my holiday.   It is open internationally. 
Closing date: 08 Dec 2012

Use only the format below:

Name/ Email:

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:

Good Luck!

Thank you for reading!

* not a sponsored giveaway *

posted by

Name/ Email: lydia / lydia_low@live.com.sg

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: i love how it looks clean and natural! slightly smokey eyes with bright-ish lips always looks great.

posted by

Name/ Email: Tracy/ liyeewong@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I like how clean and natural this whole look is. Love the bright pop of pink on your lips as well! :)

posted by

Name/ email : Jennifer/ babe.of.God@gnail.com
What I like about this Lancôme LOTD : I like the neutral smokey eyes with subtle shimmer, beautiful complexion and bright lips that makes this look extremely wearable.

posted by Yadurshini

Name/Email : Yadurshini/yaduprush@yahoo.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD : I like that you used a bright pink shade for your lip color. A lot of people esp in SIngapore are afraid of bright/dark colours and you showed how beautiful it can actually look! I'm a huge fan of bright pinks!

posted by

Name/ Email: Eleanor/eleanorang93@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I like how simple and easy it is to do, yet gives off such a sophisticated feel. Plus the pop of bright pink refreshes the whole look without being too over the top - overall a very unique take on the smokey eye look!

posted by Astrid anggia

Name/ Email: astrid anggia / astridanggias@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
This look seems very wearable yet still glamourous and perfect to use everyday without looking too much! And the pink lips makes the whole look perfectly balanced. Besides, I have no doubt in Lancome products anyway, always been a fan!

posted by

name/email: Natassja zamani / natassjaz@hotmail.com
What I like about this very Lancome Lotd: I love how the smokey eye colour is versatile and can be worn day or night. and u made the look a lil more fresh by adding a bright lip colour. love it!

posted by Jean Lin

Name/email: Jean/rainbow-illusion@hotmail.com

I love the bright pink matte lips paired with subtle neutral eyes. Very modern and on trend. :)

posted by sataa

Name: sataa
Email: sataa.zaidi@yahoo.com
What I like about this Lancome LOTD: I am a huge fan of neutral eye makeup so I love the eye makeup in this look I love how you applied a bit dark color starting from inner corner to outer corner of the eye and then applied a black liner over it this looks so pretty and it is a perfect and wearable eye makeup for so many occasions.Pairing this eye makeup with a blod lip color makes it a great look for fall/winter.Over all it is a very pretty, wearable and elegant look.

posted by Hafizah Kamil

hafizah / heartshaped-@hotmail.com

simple elegant perfect for a night out

posted by Jessica_js5

Name/ Email: Jessica / jessica_js5@hotmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
Because less is more! The simple and clean makeup emphasizes on ur features and the bold color on ur lips really brighten ur smile! it's also easy to follow too, perfect for a makeup amateur like me!

posted by sarita rowi

Name/ Email: sarita rowi / saritarowi@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
I love how you managed to create this unique smokey eye look with a pop of pink lips to finish the look-- THE perfect pink. It's very pretty,sparkly and different! :)

posted by Kylie Tran

Name/ Email: kylie / kylie.tran@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: simple yet the bright pop of pink makes it perfect

posted by

Name/ Email: Hazel / hazel.kisser@rocketmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
I like how the eyeshadow on your eyes lid blended. It blended nicely , no sharp edge in between two different tone of eyeshadow. Then you skillfully draw the eyeline that closed to the root of the eyelashes, make it looks like natural and yet able to add the fuller effect of the eyelashes. The lips colour stand out of the every things. Overall, i think this Lancome LOTD is subtle, simple, daily-wearable yet gorgeous enough when it comes to closed observation.

posted by damiarta

Name/ Email: damiarta / damiartas@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
I love how perfect this look turns out for asian eyes! Different takes on the smokey look (very inspirational!!!) with pink lippie to match! J'adore <3

posted by Yeewen

Name/ Email: yeewen/ paranoiaa@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I love the berry lips with the neutral eyes! very fall appropriate :)

posted by mimi l.

this look is so pretty! it's smokey but neutral, and i love the taupe-y/grey/brown color! the fuschia lip totally pops. :]

posted by mimi l.

(didn't realize there was a giveaway! this is my entry)

Name/ Email: mimi/happinesscomesfrom@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: the fuschia lip with the neutral eye is such a great pairing!

posted by gracetan00

What i like about this Lancome LOTD:

The smoky eye doesnt look overwhelming, it looks very pretty and not over the top! Plus the pink lip colour is a nice contrast to the eye! It's great for everyday look, plus its easy to change it to a more night look by just by adding more shimmer! Love it!!!!! <3


posted by Joey Chia

Name/Email: Joey/newcloudy@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I love how you kept your skin looking very fresh and flawless to contrast against the smoky neutral eyes and the pop of lip colour!

posted by Seri Nadhirah

Name: Seri
Email: csmtcprty@gmail.com

I'm really impressed with how you managed to pull off a bright, fushia lip with a subtle smokey eyes. The overall look is really refreshing and sexy.

posted by

Aaaahhh love this look! It's a great neutral with just the right amount of POP!

(But I don't want to enter the giveaway, I have too much makeup already! :-p)

posted by Naturefall

Name/ Email: KS / strikingreality at hotmail dot com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: That this is a very simple, elegant and easy to do look which can take you from a workday in the office to a party out at night!!

posted by Kayleigh Ho

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I really like how you've managed to draw attention to both your eyes and lips at the same time, while achieving a very balanced and pretty look (this isn't always easy!) The pink lips are fun, refreshing and sultry at the same time. This look is would be perfect for christmas and new year's eve parties later in the year, and would be sooo great with neutral-toned or all-black outfits.

posted by Rachelparra

Name/ Email: Rachel/ rachelparra@comcast.net

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: The lipstick is super bold but does not look like theater makeup.

posted by Sil05

Name / Email: Silvanna / silvanna05@hotmail.com
What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: How you did your eyes! I'm always in awe of your skills, because I feel like the most i can do myself for my eyes, is putiing on some mascara :P

Thanks for this giveaway!

posted by Stefanie Gladden

Stefanie Gladden - stefanie.gladden(at)gmail.com

I love how this look is natural, it's perfect for the holidays!!!

posted by

Name: Rebecca Wong
Email: freakylove26@hotmail.com
I love the tones of the shadow and that it is subtle but not boring.

posted by xiu yin

Name/ Email: Arisa/yexiuyin@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
I like how the eyeshadow shimmers!

posted by ArisaChan

Name/ Email: Arisa/asuka_kazama_yxy@hotmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
Loving the layered shadow!

posted by finnyguan

Name/ Email: finnyguan/finnyguan@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
Hypnose Dolleyes mascara which creates the dolly eye effect!

posted by mia martinho

what i like about this is that with only 3 products you could look fantastic and polished day and night! Only need 3 steps to make us women gorgeous

posted by mia martinho

i forgot the e-mail:miamartinho@gmail.com
what i like about this is that with only 3 products you could look fantastic and polished day and night! Only need 3 steps to make us women gorgeous

posted by janetYang

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:
loving the smokey eye look and the lovely fuschia lip!

posted by

Name: Yvonne Zheng
Email: peachbubble (at) gmail (dot) com
What I like about this LOTD: How the usual neutral brown colour can be amped up with lashes and a bright lip to transform into a polished party look!

Thanks for the giveaway!

posted by

Name/ Email: Eunice/ banananutcrunch@live.com.sg

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: Love the smokey yet wearable eye make-up. Perfect for partying this festive season. Replacing red lips with fuschia injects quirkiness and a whole new element of surprise! Very clever indeed.

posted by

Name / Email: Stacey / staceyhong@yahoo.com

What I love about the LOTD:
I love the bright pink lips!

posted by yiling Goh

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:

i've never tired Lancome before..but from what you have described i would luv to give it a try.
especially luv those smokey eyes you created, make me want to try on my single eye lids right now!! thank u for this lively give away.. ❤`!!

posted by

Name/ Email: Dean Nguyen / dean_unik@yahoo.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I like this look because you look natural yet the pink lips make the whole look very radiant!

posted by Ria Compra-Wennas

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: The look is easy very to recreate that can be used anywhere you want to go.

posted by Anonymous

Name/ Email: Christie/christie_me@hotmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I love the matte pink lips!! :)

posted by Linda Yeo

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD:

This set of 3 in 1 is a Great combination for daily outfit and evening event.
The Hypnôse Doll Lashes and the Le Crayon Khôl is a perfect match which enhance our eyes in any event and it can be match with any nude lip shade sticks/gloss. And with the Mini Rouge in Love 322 it outshines the Hypnôse Doll Lashes and the Le Crayon Khôl even more!
Great for anywhere & any occasions!

posted by Youwen

Name/ Email: Youwen / youwen@me.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I love the subtle neutral look while the lip color gives a pop of color. The lip color brightens up the face yet remains wearable as an everyday look. It looks sophisticated!

posted by Jessamer Abing

Name/ Email: Jessamer Abing

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: What love about this product is it gives a feeling of sophistication that can enhance ones beauty! <3

posted by Anonymous

Name/Email: Serene/tcl.serene@hotmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: your pink lippy is what catches my attention. absolutely love love it! :) i admire a woman who dares to go bright with their lip color.

posted by

Name/ Email: Lulu / redalepou@yahoo.com
What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: the combo of girly bright lips and luxurous glam eye look!

posted by Annabellapoon

I like LOTD because I feel that it's a classic and timeless look that can be worn for any occasion. I like the idea of switching up the red lips with a berry one to give it a more refreshing look.

posted by

Name/ Email: Joy / looknookhook@gmail.com
What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I like how you make a sophisticated look so easy to do. It's very natural and versatile, yet the pink lips lend a pop of color to the overall look. I can imagine sporting this look for the office or even a night out on the town - it's so wearable! Love it! :D

posted by

Name/ Email: eli / blue.whirl@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: Love the bright pop of pink from the lip colour!

posted by

Name/ Email: Samantha / samantha.lin1@gmail.com

What I like about this very Lancome LOTD: I love that it is festive yet wearable, and the pop of colour on the lips adds another dimension that makes this look so beautiful and girly :)

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