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September 18, 2009
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My Reading Pleasure

Hi hi!

Here is what I found in today's ST Urban section, and yes, the interview featuring Sara, Wiwit, and Sarah, as you all must have read about it in the other onsugar blogs.  :)  So I trodded to the newstand this morning, and bought myself a copy to read.

Wow, they all look gorgeous, and it is so cool that our own Singaporean youtube 'gurus' are given some recognition in the media.  :)    Though I wonder, Sara, what's in the pink pouch you are holding??  Heh...

Then at the newstand, I saw the Oct STYLE mag, and I had to get it....I didn't renew my subscription (forgot--- shucks!)  anyways... this issue comes ith a Beauty Product Junkie supplement -- which is presented by Sephora.. and if you go to Sephora, you can pick up a copy of the supplement FOC as well.  It features many of the popular products available at Sephora.

And, in STYLE mag itself, there are many pages on Beauty matters... which I love the most.  Again, they can't stop talking about the Style Black collection.  And also together with the latest Chanel Noir collection.  I saw the Chanel collection at the counters today... they don't look very inspiring to me.  :)

And some beauty reports for Fall.

Sooooo inspired after reading all these!  Makes me happy!  And it's a long weekend!! Whooo hooo!! But I have to mark 200+ over Literature essays.  :p  Fun time.   And also, not forgetting, Selamat Hari Raya to all who celebrate this special day, and happy long weekend to everyone else!

September 17, 2009
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My Customised MAC Palettes


Read adorebeauty and facesbysarah "breaking" news on the new MAC customised palettes...which I felt is a marketing gimmick to get people to spend a lot of money at one time. If you go to the local MAC store at Taka, there is no stopping you from picking a palette (S$25?) and picking out 15 eyeshadow in pan forms (S$21 each), and that way you are also customising your own palette, right?  So... it is just a 'fresh' way of telling people to spend a bomb.  :p


Regardless, and just for fun, I am doing this, and I invite/ tag everyone to partake in this lemming exercise!! Haha.

The rules? Pick any palette you wish to customise, or do all three like I have done. But you can't choose colors which you already own in your collection (*But I cheated and picked Carbon e/s) Personally, I would rather take my time to choose the colors rather than get them all at one time. But IF I am a professional MUA, then it makes sense to get everything...

First, we have:

and if I could only choose FOUR:

And why not get SIX new blushers?

Yup!  So, share what your customised palettes would look like!!

September 17, 2009
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MAC Style Black Video from mac cosmetics

Yeah, hadn't we all heard enough of this collection?? It's been so long!


On the other hand, I have been haul free this month... and it is already the 18th. Keeps my fingers crossed.

September 14, 2009
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Share! Tell me something...and a bit of Gaga rave.

I saw this question on temptalia and thought it would be fun to ask around here and share your views on this topic.

What is one makeup technique/ style you can't get the hang of?

For me, it would be the whole face contouring/ bronzing/ blusher thing right. There are lotsa fab contouring tutorials out there, but......  I try endlessly, and I think I am getting better, but it is one stage of my makeup routine which I always wish I can do better.  Can't seem to achieve a defined cheek look, unless I walk around with my own custom lighting set up, I don't think I can ever look very sculpted.  Or maybe my cheeks/ face is just too chubby.  Boo. 

And I think I would prolly never have the guts to pull off a true red lips because it would be impossible to line/ draw my lips nicely to do such a bold color.

Picture from web.

What's yours?  Eyeshadow blending? Wearing falsies? Getting the perfect smokey eye?   Would love to hear your views!

And can I just say WOW at Lady Gaga's outfit and makeup at the VMAs??  Maybe she looks like a warped version of Sesame Street Big Bird.. but she really pushes the envelope as far as being a performer is concerned.  And Petrilude has already recreated her look in his video tutorial here.

And while Madonna looks fab in her videos... it is when she appears live at shows like this that she looks really 50.

All VMA pictures taken from popsugar and temptalia.


Thanks for reading, and do share your views/ comments below!!

September 12, 2009
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Style Black Inspired : Black is the new Makeup

Hi hi.  Just having some fun playing with makeup.

Here are a few videos that got me inspired to do this look.

pixiwoo's tutorial on the new illamasqua Dystopia collection.

wsitn's black lips tutorial

icyabstract's Lady Gaga black lips post

And here is my little rendition.  I know this is not for everyday, obviously, but could be cool for clubbing or halloween.  I am not into cosplay and all that goth/Lolita references, but anyway... this has been fun to do and I hope you have fun reading/ looking too, and even try it out for yourselves!

I will show you some pictures of the end results, and process and explanation of what I did.

And my youngest sis helped to 'photoshop' the following pictures for dramatic effect. Click here to check out her artwork.

And some pictures of what I did in the process.

I used MAC Mylar e/s, White Frost e/s all over the lids.  Then MAC Carbon e/s and Beauty Marked e/s.  I only used these black and white colors to blend. 

I also used Carbon e/s to fill in my brows.  And I used MAC's Smolder eye kohl pencil to really rim my eyes.

Clean up any fallout and mess after this part.  I also put on my lashes - Shu Uemura's Smokey Layers.  And I used Maybelline's Lash Stiletto for lower lashes.

I also used Silky Girl Silver liner pencil to highlight just under my brows and on the inner corners.

On the rest of my face, if you noticed, I look much paler/ fairer almost alabaster skin tone.  I used Studio Sculpt Foundation, set with MSF natural and powder Maybelline's Translucent Looser powder over -- I got mine in the shade Porcelain which is way too pale but is completely appropriate with this all black look.  On the cheeks, I contoured using MAC Omega e/s and then use MAC Pink Swoon blusher.

Now for the fun part, the BLACK LIPS.  Of course, I don't have any black lip products.  I used MAC Carbon eyeshadow.  Then I added clear gloss (MAC Clear Lipglass) over.  I also 'erased' my lips with concealer.

If you think getting fallout from eyeshadows on your face is bad, try getting fallout from black eyeshadows inside your mouth.  That's priceless.  LOL.

Black rosette hairclips from HM.   I also colored my hair jet black a couple of days back... so that adds to the BLACK theme for this look.  On my nails, OPI for Sephora Dark Room.

That's all, and thanks for reading!

September 11, 2009
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LOTN: "Sophia wears Style Snob"

Because those are the names of the colors I used on my eyes when I left the house.

On my lids: MAC Style Snob (which is like Satin Taupe) and on the crease, NARS 'Sophia' eyeshadow, which reminds me of a matte version of MAC's woodwinked eyeshadow.

Liners: MAC black russian liner, set with MAC Black Tied eyeshadow.

Lips: Nice Mixed Up lipglass (from colorcraft collection)

Cheeks: NARS Laguna and NARS Sin

Lashes: Falsies and YSL Faux Cils Mascara

*Brilliant.  Stray hair right in the middle of my face*

That's all, and thanks for reading!

September 11, 2009
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Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow

Hi hi!!   ( I am on a blogging spree today)

Here is a quick review on the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow.  I bought mine in Skinny Jeans.  I mentioned before this looks like Smoke & Diamonds.   But I am not entirely sure how much it is at the Benefit counters....someone enlighten me?? Update, it is $32 each, thanks to envee.

I will also show a few color combinations you can use with this very versatile cream shadow.

In terms of texture, this feels smoother and more moist than a MAC paintpot.  It doesn't crease, true to its name.  And it is also easily applied and blended with your fingers.

I normally use this product over a primer (TFSI) and then with eyeshadows (usual).... and it does make your eye makeup last a whole day with almost no creasing.. at least none that I can notice.

Let's take a look at some product swatches:

Left: MAC Vex e/s which can be a blah grey color with pink duochrome.  Right: Smoke & Diamonds e/s -- doesn't it look exactly like Skinny Jeans???

There are 3 sections to this swatch below. At the top, Smoke&Diamonds over Skinny Jeans, in the middle, Vex over Skinny Jeans, and at the bottom, just Skinny Jeans.   And of course, the pictures don't show up as vibrant as in real life.

And let's try them on my eyes now.

I just quickly smeared some Skinny Jeans over my lids.

Then Vex e/s over it.

Then with Smoke & Diamonds over, on the other eye.

And to 'finish' both eyes, I used Plummage on the crease with Vex, and Carbon on the crease with Smoke & Diamonds.

Yup, hope you find this review/ tutorial thingy helpful, and overall, I really like this Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow!  There is a whole range of colors, mainly very neutral ones....if there is a downside.  No fun bright colors, if I remember correctly.

Have you all used any of these, and how do you like it?

Thanks for reading!!

September 11, 2009
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NEON Look: Fuschia Blues with Neon Lashes!! (AdoreBeauty's Contest Entry)

Hi!  The title of this entry is self-explanatory.

First of all, thanks to Diana aka AdoreBeauty for organising this contest, and the theme of neon colors is so fun. 
I don't usually do a lot of dramatic colors, and I had lotsa fun creating this look.  I got my inspiration from one of Petrilude's jewel-neon looks with crazy lashes but of course, I just make do with whatever colors I have in my stash.

Some of the colors I used in this look include:

MAC Cobalt Blue eyeshadow, MAC Wavy Blue Pencil, MAC Pink Vivid Cream Stick, Azalea Blusher *all pro items.

MAC Lark About Pigment and Barry M Glitter Dust No 15

CS 78 Color Palette (for all the pinks and fuschia colors on the lids)

MUFE 92 eyeshadow on the crease

Shu Uemura Lashes

MUFE Mat Velvet+ Foundation, MAC MSF Natural

MAC Lavender Whip lipstick, and MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass (I was debating between Lavender Whip or St Germaine but the former comes out more 'neon' in pictures)

Let's start with a few work in progress pictures:

And now a few pictures of the complete look.  I didn't do a whole outfit/ hair/ accessories thingy.... Oh well. Keeps my fingers crossed.

That's all, and thanks again, Diana for this FUN contest!

I am outta here!

(No time to post anything major this weekend, so I thought better get the contest entry out first!)

September 09, 2009
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Something Non-MAC for a change

I don't know if it's just me... but I am feeling kind of in a MAC rut.  For one thing, they are overwhelming us with too many collections at one time.  Even though I kind of suck it up (refer to my last little MAC haul)... I am kind of feeling like I don't want to go all crazy and buy MAC new stuff anymore -- unless I need to replenish something, at least for now.  I am still kind of excited for that Black and D-squared collection though--beyond that, I think I really don't care.

And I want to get stuff which I know I will use.. things which are classic/ or staples in my stash.  So... I shouldn't buy anymore random eyeshadows or lipsticks (which I seldom do anyway, cos I save my B2M for free lippies).  Therefore, I usually stick to blushers and foundations.

I am also venturing out into other brands (which are equally bad $$ wise of course) such as MUFE or Illamasqua... the other day, I caught myself at the Dior counter.... swatching their new NUDE foundation collection... which is oh sooooooo smooth.. as with all Dior foundations... which I love!  But... I ask myself... DO I need another foundation??? Of course not... and so, I left without getting anything.  (The Nude powder thingy is super tempting though).

Besides that... I am also going back to my 'original' starting brand... which is Shu Uemura.... well in recent years their prices have increased...but the quality of their products is really great, the powders are super pigmented and finely milled.  I have been seeing their products being reviewed more often now... (did you see wayne goss' review of the Nobura foundation??  I want I want!).  With this in mind.. I think the next MU items I want to get are the following two items:

Nobara Cream Foundation (not sure which shade I am in though-- need to match at the counter)  I think this is $65.

Anyway, speaking of cream foundations, I have been wanting forever to try one out!!!  I have seen the Studio Tech Cream foundations (priced reasonably at $50?) but the NC15 which is my shade looks GREY and kind of gross.. I don't know if it's just the tester... but I have never actually swatched it on my face so I can't tell for sure...  and I am also interested in trying out the Illamasqua cream foundation but I don't want to pay for shipping or end up buying a few other unnecessary items to justify the shipping $$.  yah dah yah dah and the rambling and search for a nice cream foundation goes on.  This Nobara cream foundation may just IT, and there is 13g of product which is more than the Illamasqua (8g) or MAC (10g).

And the next item is a brush... I think Shu uemura brushes are among the best ones out there in terms of quality.  I own quite a few of their brushes... and they have NEVER ever shed on me before even after years and years.  They are super soft, and hand made with natural hairs.  Their kolinsky brushes are super super soft and picks up powder very well.. but super expensive too!!!  Anyway... if I get this foundation, I will get this brush to go along --- I saw this cute brush when I was in Japan... and I have been kind of lemming it.. it is $80+ I think....  Here is a picture:


What a cute brush!  Reminds me a little of the MAC227 brush but a bit bigger.

I shall look into some vouchers or watever I can dig out, and/or get my sister to buy for me at Robinsons if the 'urge' or temptation is too strong to resist! 


September 09, 2009
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Brows Tutorial

Hi, this will be a quick tutorial on how I draw my brows.  Here, I am using Shu Uemura's 09 "Seal Brown' Hard Formula pencil.  This is the BEST pencil, and it suits almost everyone.  I do use other pencils... but this will always be my all time fave.  I only use this pencil and a brow brush to draw my brows... and this pencil is very long lasting too.

I am not an expert on how brows should look like, but I know for sure they aren't twins.. meaning they will never look exactly the same.  Brows are more like sisters, to use the same analogy.  If you want to get your brows right, I suggest getting them professionally done... then maintaining them on your own is much easier.  Go to a reputable place to do your brows.. because you don't want to end up with over-plucked brows.  I think that SOME of the 'old-time' Shu Uemura MUA are very good in doing brows (ask for Sophia Chia--she is like the best known in this field).

I personally prefer brows that are natural but defined looking -- more classic, as opposed to a very 'fake and sharp' arched brows.

My brows are trimmed properly by my BFF/GF, and she really really is an expert on brows.   I never knew that my brows could look so 'hairy' as I thought I am fated to have sparse, and unequal brows all my life.  After she did my brows... they are so much easier to fill up, and even if I don't do that, I can still look 'normal'.    I can ramble on and on about brows... but I shall move on instead.

So.. this is the pencil I am talking about.

According to the shu uemura site. this is the description:

"Natural finish and shape. This unique eyebrow pencil only releases color pigment when it interacts with the oils in the brow hairs. The result is natural, defined brows. Smudge-proof and long-lasting."

This pencil retails for $39 at all Shu Uemura counters.  Needless to say, each pencil lasts you months and months.  Maybe even a whole year.  So it is a worthwhile investment.

The 'blade' shape of the pencil lead is what makes it easy to draw your brows.  I basically use the 'length' of the blade along side my brows.. and lightly brush the lines which I want.

Ok... So, I usually OUTLINE my brows first... starting with the 'lower' line... as you can see here.. I have drawn a line on the lower brow shape.

Then I did the same for the upper brow shape.  As you can see, now I have the whole brow outline.. and I just need to fill in the inside... and I do this with a very light strokes of the pencil.

Notice how the 'blade' of the pencil is brushing/ drawing the brows.  This takes some getting used to... but when you are used to it.. you won't want to go back to the usual pointy pencil tips. 

I have drawn this darker than I normally would.. so it will show up in pictures.  So you can see some harsh lines.  Then I use the brow brush to 'comb' my brows and also kind of blend the lines.

Combing and blending!

And here are the end results:

Notice how my brows look slightly different??  It is natural, cos our face bone structure is uneven... and this results in the slight imperfections.. which make us unique, right?  Haha. 

Hope you find this helpful.. and leave a comment if you have any questions. Do share what is your fave way of doing your brows, or how you maintain your brows.

Thanks for reading!

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