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About Me

My name is Sophia, and I am in my early 30s. I am from Singapore and I am the sole writer of this blog.

About this Blog

I started this blog in 2006, I like to use a wide range of brands though I seem to have a growing preference for higher-end brands in recent years. I also like to share interesting things I have come across about makeup and beauty.

Currently The Makeup Blogette receives 39,000 unique views monthly or 2,238,932 views and counting.

My Makeup Style

I like classic looks (neutral tones on eyes, anything goes for lips & cheeks), though occasionally I try out dramatic/ statement looks.  I believe that a flawless base is the key to achieving great makeup looks.  I also believe that if you don't have great skin to start with, fake it with a good foundation routine, and even greater skincare.  I am currently loving Clarins & Lancome skincare products, and Vichy NormaDerm for tackling with breakouts.

What Cameras do I use?

Most of the pictures you see in post 2010 entries are taken with my Canon G-11.  Previously I was using Canon Ixus 80.  I do post some pictures which are taken with my iphone4 which I will state in that particular entry.  I have stopped watermarking my pictures as of 2011, because I think watermarks are ugly in general, and does not prevent people from stealing my pictures if they wish to.  I just take it as a compliment that my pictures are even worth stealing in the first place. I might look into getting a Canon EOS next year, not just for blogging purposes, but I also like photography in general.

My Favourite Makeup Brand(s)

It is hard to name just one, but I like NARS, Chanel, Illamasqua and the ocasional Guerlain, Dior & Urban Decay item.  I own quite a stash of MAC items, but recently I have stopped catching up with their collections, and I much prefer to splurge on a few really outstanding items.

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I bought/ paid for all of the products mentioned in this blog. I am not affliated to any company. If certain products are sent to me for review purposes, I will say so and express my honest opinions about them. In any case, I will only review and showcase the products which I have personally tried and tested, and enjoy using. I do not get paid to review anything.

No ads, no paid links etc please.  I am in charge of all content and pictures here.

I am not a makeup artist, nor do I have any professional training in makeup.




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    May 31, 2009

    Look of the Day (How to make your eyes look bigger)


    Just a few tips I picked from a beauty talkshow from Taiwan called "Queens" or "Lady's Queen" or something like that. Click on the following links to the video clips.

    Part 3 of 5, Part 2 of 5.    (These 2 parts are focused on the makeup segment.)

    Basically, the show is about how to make your eyes look bigger and more lively, through the application of eyeshadows.  The end result is a very natural, yet smokey effect that really makes your eyes look pop.  Even if you don't understand mandarin, I think it is pretty clear what they are trying to show.

    I shall try to summarise the key tips and tricks to achieving this big eyes effect.

    1. Use a blend of brown eyeshadows. In my re-creation, I used Wedge e/s all over the lids up to the crease as the base colour.  Then I used a medium brown like Patina e/s over.  As I move lower down the lids and closer to the lash line area, I used darker browns, like Smut e/s and also a bit of Carbon e/s.  Then you use a fluffy blending brush and just blend everything.  It is important to really blend all the colours for a smooth result.  For highlights, you don't want much shimmer, so I used Vanilla e/s.
    2. Extend the eyeliner beyond your natural eye shape.  Use a dark brown liner.  Smudge this line to blend into your eyeshadows.
    3. Apply the false lashes beyond your natural eye shape too. Follow where you have drawn the extended eyeliner.
    4. Apply eyeshadows in the same way on the lower lids.  Avoid harsh liners to create softer effect, and illusion of bigger eyes.

    Basically you want to use the brown eyeshadows to give the illusion of rounder eyes, and the extension of the liner and lashes for wider eyes, and the total results/ effects would be bigger eyes.

    I tried it out, and I think the extended liner and lashes really helps to make eyes look bigger.  I also like the combination of all the brown eyeshadows together.  You can use any brand of brown eyeshadows, some darker and some medium browns, avoiding the glittery or overly frosty textures.  This look is really quite muted, and natural.

    On the rest of the  face, I used Petticoat MSF for the cheeks and Viva Glam lipstick and Oyster Girl lipglass over.

    I also got a new face primer from Canmake, since I mentioned in my previous post that I am running out of it.  But apparently the counter I bought it from, the girl told me it (the primer) isnt produced anymore, and now they have a new one.  HUH?  Anyway, I shall do a quick comparision.

    The pink tube is the new one... called Bright Up Base, and it contains only SPF15, while the old one, UV White Clear Essence Base contains SPF 26, which I thought is way better.

    As the names suggest, the product also looks different:

    In  terms of application, the white UV base feels more moisturising on the skin, make me feel like my foundation goes on more smoothly.  The pink one feels drier, as though it is instantly aborbed into the skin, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Both products work equally well, I think -- just my initial impressions, and my personal experience.

    What is your favourite foundation/ face primer, and why?

    Thanks for reading!



    Email |
    May 27, 2009

    The End of Project 10 Pan (Haul and updates)


    Project 10 Pan has officially come to an end. I am not proud to say it was a total failure.  I think I started it a month ago? I was serious about it, and for a few weeks, I was good. I browsed makeup, I hauled a ton of nail polish, but I didn't buy any make up.  But today, I did.  I didn't even expect to.

    It was more difficult than I thought, to finish 10 make up items.  I only used up 2 items, and I am not sure if one of them even counted.  Here they are:

    1. Canmake (Foundation base) -- definitely something I would buy again! Love this product.
    2. MAC wipes -- which work very well, but I have since moved on to other wipes, which work just as well, but way cheaper. I am saving this package for Back2Mac.

    And... let's say hello to new goodies!  I bought a few stuff, but they are all boring stuff.  I saw the style warriors decor all over the MAC store/counter, but was told the collection will only launch over the weekend. Oh well. i was hoping to check them out in person. I don't think I will head to MAC over the weekend anyway.  In my opinion, I thought the Fafi, heatherette, and neo sci fi had better packaging and colors, IMO of course.

    Sister and I browsing the MAC artbook while in the long queue.

    That's me, standing in the long line for the cashier with the loot in my hand. That's my lazy to go makeup these days.  Minimal eye makeup colors, and no mascara, no falsies etc.

    So... what did I get??

    3 eyeshadows (one i got for sister), MSF natural in Light Medium, and Pressed Blot Powder in Medium.  And there is FREE GIFT.  A old old limited edition quad, which my sister bought long ago.

    This is the freebie product.  :) 

    MSF Natural Light Medium, I love my old one so much, it is running out (it has a shimmery side from the Sonic Chic collection last year) and so I decided to buy the full MSF Natural.  This is my very first MSF natural, as I already own several MSFs blushers.

    And this is a picture of what's left of my old one.. as you can see, I hardly brushed the shimmery side.  I tend to stay away from glittery, shimmery face stuff.  Cos I think they make my face look oily.

    Moving on to the eyeshadows, I got a bunch of neutrals. If you know MAC, you will know these colours.  This is my 2nd Ricepaper.  I find it way better in terms of texture and color as compared to Shroom which is a very similar shade.  And then we have Vanilla, and Patina which is the darkest color among the 3 colors here.

    And I got the MAC pressed blot powder, it is suposed to blot away the shin on your face without affecting your makeup, and also it doesn't add colour or coverage, even though I was told get the Medium shade.  And it comes with a little puff which is great for touching up on the go.

    That's all... hmmmm I don't think I will buy anything from Style Warriors... I didn't get anything from Rose Romance either.  I think I am waiting for Color Craft (got to reserve the items I want and get sister to buy them). I am also wishing that I can finish using my Studio Fix Fluid so I can start using the Studio Sculpt.  And I still have back ups of my Maybelline and Dior foundation.  Oh, and by the way.... remember the Rimmel 16 hour foundation?  It was too dark for me, even though I got it in the lightest shade.  i think my sisters can use it.  So... no more Rimmel foundations for me.

    What is your favourite foundation?

    Thanks for reading!

    Email |
    May 24, 2009

    Nail Colour Swatches

    HI!  I guess it is pretty obvious my latest craze is nail polish, my last 5 or 6 posts are all nail related.

    If you missed the post on my transdesign.com haul, click here. This is just a swatch post.

    The following color is very very sheer. On the big toe is on its own and on the 2nd toe, I applied it over Agent Lavender.

    From L to R - A Grape Fit , Do you Lilac it?, Done out in Deco.

    In the bottle L to R, Done out in Deco, A Grape Fit, Do you Lilac it?

    Which of these is your fave?

    Email |
    May 23, 2009

    Nail Polish Haul from transdesign.com

    Hi hi!!! 
    I recently ordered another bunch of nail polish from transdesign.com (the link is in my blogroll at the side)... and I ordered these before I realised that I would be receiving my ebay haul.

    The service is very good, and the delivery super fast.  I highly recommend buying from transdesign.com for China Glaze, OPI, Essie nail polishes. And check out the huge box!

    All the foam bits remind me of a lucky draw box... and it's so exciting to dig underneath, and find out what is inside.

    I found 2 boxes inside.... :)  YUMMYS.

    The blues - Agent Lavender (which is a pale blue really), Periwinkle in the middle, and the darkest blue is Blue Sparrow, glittery blue.

    The OPI, Grape Fit (from their latest Denim collection), and Breathe Life (which is apparently for some charity or cancer foundation).  Breathe Life is a pale turquoise, with goldish shimmer.  Very pretty.

    And Essie 's Mesmerise, a flat dark blue.  I have heard so much about this color when I saw it on the site, I had to try it for myself.  And I got another bottle of nail tek foundation, it costs US$4, but I bought it at my nail salon for S$30+ which is a total rip off, if you do the math.

    And more China Glaze, From the L, there is the Oh Street It Is (from the Sneakers Collection),  MOM's Chiffon which I will give to my friend together with the Sephora/two faced pressie gift, Japanese Koi (from some tattoo ink collection), and Strawberry Fields (from their Summer collection) bright pink with gold shimmer sooooooo pretty!!    I think I am on a orange and blue nail polish kick lately.

    And if anyone is wondering, I compared all the milky purple shades together.

    From L we have Done out in Deco, Grape Fit, and Do you Lilac It?  Might swatch them later.

    And I had this SUPER DELISH japanese sundae on Friday.  Peach slices, mochi, green tea ice-cream, jelly, red beans, a pretty mix mash of yummy bits.  And lotsa cream. 

    That's all, and thanks for reading!!

    Email |
    May 23, 2009

    Storage for too much nail polish and surprising discovery!

    Hi everyone!

    Kind of a random post here. Because of my recent nail polishing hauling, my 4 plastic drawers can't fit in any more new products.  And I had already thrown out one entire drawer full of polish that have dried up (usually those filled with glitter chunks), gave away polish that I don't use anymore etc. But the situation is BAD.. and I went to IKEA and bought this drawer thingy, which I am sure many of you would recognise it, cos it's so IKEA... you know?  Got the bf to lug it home, and got my bro to assemble it for me - guys come in real handy for situations like this.

    And then I spent maybe 2 or 3 hours organising my stuff, throwing out my old bed side table, organising, etc etc... and this is what I have by my bed now. I am too lazy to rotate the picture, but you get the idea.  A ittle lamp on top, fancy furry mirror which my sister bought in Japan earlier this year.  This is a HUGE improvement from my old bed side table which is filled with all sorts of stuff. Not pretty at all. So I am happy with my purchase.  I have only used up 4 drawers (2 for all my nail polish!!!) so far.  And the old plastic drawers thing which is on the shelf, I am using them to store my contact lenses and hair scrunchies stuff.

    In one of the drawers dedicated to my nail polish, I have all the misc brands (Sally Hensen, the odd bottles of Essie, The Face Shop, Barry M), top coats, nail files, chanel boxed nail polishes etc.

    And in this drawer are all my China Glaze, OPI and MAC nail polish.  I prolly still have space for another 20 bottles at least inside.  Cos the 2 boxes you see are empty, and I just left them there so I don't have to put the bottles all the way inside.

    So that's all I want to say about my new storage solution. This isn't a collection thing... and I do need to post my latest nail polish haul, and continue my little series on the overview of colours etc etc.

    And then I bought pressies for my BFFs at work!  One of them is moving to another school, and I got her something from COACH, to match her bag. Cute paper bag.  And another friend at work is having her bday next Sat, so I got her a Two Faced bronzed trio palette thingy, SUPER CUTE.  I think I am pretty generous when it comes to buying pressies for people I love!  :)  makes me happy.

    Because the Sephora bag they gave me is kind of cheap and ugly looking, I went digging around in my cupboard and found this sleeker looking Sephora bag which I think either my BF or the sis's BF got during one of the US haul... and I put her pressie inside instead.  And holly molly, look what I found inside the bag.  A BRAND NEW UDPP!!!  Now this bag has been lying around in my cupboard since last year.  I knew it contained some empty MAC boxes, but I didn't know the Urban Decay box has the product still in it.  But since I am using my TFSI (which is lasting me almost ONE year already).... I don't need to use it yet.  And I also have back ups of TFSI.. so.. I am happy!  :)

    Will post my latest haul from transdesign next.  Thanks for reading!

    Email |
    May 21, 2009

    Rave about fave brushes


    Just a quick post about 2 of my current fave brushes at the moment.  I got them sometime ago, but never used them on a daily basis til now.

    Introducing the Coastal Scents large face brush (same as MAC 134) and the Coastal Scents Deluxe fan brush!!

    Just to give you an idea of the size for the face powder brush, I put it next to a MAC blusher.

    This is a huge paddle shape brush.  I have been using it for setting my liquid foundation.  I use this brush to pick up my MSF natural, and the 'paddle/flat' surface of the brush picks up the powder, and I just dust it all over my face.  I didn't have to buff in the powder etc like I used to when I was using a kabuki brush.  And I find that the effect is smoother and gives a more flawless finish.  And when all my makeup is done, I use the same brush to pick up my MUFE HD finishing powder, and dust it all over the face.  This sets my whole face in HD quality for the whole day.  I don't know why.. it could be just me.. but when I used the whole buffing kabuki motion, I find that my pores look deeper.  Which is gross.  Maybe I am not supposed to BUFF in powder after using liquid foundation.  But... whatever.  I am loving this big baby now. 

    And the next brush, which is a soft fluffy fan brush is a chance encounter.  I wanted to use my Azalea blush - pictured above-- the other day, and I felt that my MAC 168 and MAC 109 is just too dense and would pick up too much of the bright fuschia colour.  And I didn't want the hassle of blending and building up color slowly.  So out comes this fan brush which is very soft and the 'thin' side of the brush picks up just a little colour, and the 'width' of the fan helps to spread the intense colour all over the cheeks evenly.  And then I just sweep the fan brush up and down my cheeks for blending.  So quick and easy.  I highly recommend this brush for pigmented colors.  I use this brush for Azalea, Dirty Plum, NARS Sin, Pink Swoon, Intenso, Petticoat MSF etc.... Loves this!!

    So what brushes have you been loving lately?

    Email |
    May 20, 2009

    NOTD: Purple and Teal


    Just to share a 'nail look' which I painted on my sister's hands.

    OPI Do you Lilac It?   China Glaze For Audrey

    I painted the purple on all fingers except for the ring finger, which is the teal colour.  Just an idea suggested by the lovely fiend -- Thanks babe!!  I always like this combination of colours, and am even more inspired when I saw this (colour) picture in the Zara store featuring the very unique and/but (?) pretty Lara Stone.

    That's all, and thanks for reading!!

    Email |
    May 19, 2009

    Nail Colour of the Day: Purples

    OK, SORRY SORRY SORRY for showing such a 'in your face' picture of my foot.

    On my toes: Orly Charge Up - electric purple, though it looks blu-ish here.

    Nails: OPI Do you Lilac it?  - pale electric purple

    These I got from my latest nail haul, if you missed it, click here.

    Thanks for looking!

    Email |
    May 19, 2009

    Nail Colors Overview Part Two: Nudes/ Naturals

    Hi again!!  I don't know how many parts this series is going to be, but this part will be about nudes.  If you missed my blues/teals post, click here.

    FYI, I most likely will do another separate blue part though.  Too much of the blues! LOL.

    OK, so this will be about the nude colours.  Like liglosses, nude nail colors are tricky, and we are always on the lookout for the nude shade, my 'own skin tone only better' shade. Too pale, it makes your fingers and cuticles look dirty, and too brown, it just look blah.  So finding the perfect shade is hard.

    If you have seen OPI nail colors, they have a gazillion nude natural shades. Keep in mind that some of these nude shades are for applying over a french manicure, and they tend to be sheer, and very translucent.  These, I don't like.  The colors look pretty in the bottles, but they never turn out the same on your nails, even after 6 coats or whatever, and they apply streaky!!  That's because they are SHEER colors.  So the colour payoff is totally different.

    I love those THICK, CREAMY, OPAQUE nude shades.  You just apply 2 coats and you get the POP colour.  And in between the Sheer and Opaque creamy shade, you have the 'satin' looking ones.  Slightly see through if you apply the first or second coat, but if you are careful, apply a third coat, you will get a shiny opaque colour pay off.  Yes, that's what I have to say about nude colours. 

    My all time fave is OPI's Bare it in Trafalgar Sqaure.  Let Them Eat Ricecake, which I got recently is turning to out be another fave.  Both are equally thick and creamy, but Ricecake has a slight pink undertone, whereas Trafalgar Square is more milky beige.

    OPI Let Them Eat Ricecake  - Really opaque, slightly pink, and perfect for both toes and finger nails.

    This is Bare it in Trafaglar Square.  I might have mentioned before this is my 2nd bottle cos I love it so much.  I know my  mancurist hates to use this colour, cos it is such a pain to get even and smooth........ but..... I LOVE IT, and I have no problems applying it myself.   My cuticles look GROSS in the following pic.  Got to book an appointment asap.

    This is OPI Miso Happy with this Colour.  Pink colour.  And this is one of those in between textures which I rambled about just now.

    This is OPI Tickle my France-y which I got yesterday.  Another in between sheer and opaque texture.  Can you see how thick I had to paint it on?  This has a slight brown tinge.  But I like how this looks so far.  Gonna try this out on all my fingers later.

    And this is OPI for Sephora, Run with It.  A nude colour with gray undertone.  And it seems to have some glitter or shimmer bits, which is not very noticeable because it is the same color as the nail polish.   I like this because it has thick and creamy, and you just need 2 coats.

    Yup!  These are some of my fave nude shades.  I am kind of eyeing Sheer My Toys (or something like that) from OPI last christmas collection.  Hmmm...  Shall wait and see.  I can't remember if I ordered more nude shades from my forthcoming haul from transdesign. Hope this has been helpful. The sun is setting, so I can't take any more of these swatches in daylight.... I will update over the weekend!

    FYI, I have added blogrolls at the side of this site, and sort of group them by makeup, fashion, and I think I will add Youtube (my fave YT people), and also a blogroll just for nail polish resource and information.

    Thanks for reading!!!

    Email |
    May 19, 2009

    Nail Colors Overview Part One: Teals & Blues

    Hi!!  This is part one of a series of my nail polish overview.  I shall attempt to compare similar shades, and describe them as best as I can.  This first one is all about teals and blues/greens in my collection.

    For my previous post on green nails for work, click here.

    I painted two coats of each polish, no top coat, no base coat.  And no judgement ok!  I know I need a manicure really BADLY.  Ha ha... :p

    Teal:  Also called teal blue. a medium to dark greenish blue

    OK, first we have OPI Just Groovy.  This is a bright sky blue, cream finish.  I like cream finishes as far as 'weird' nail colors go.  And for some reason, Groovy Blue jumps out at me among rows and rows of reds and nudes.  I like this more on my toes, truthfully.  And I took a picture of it sometime back, as you can see in the smaller picture, taken with Flash.

    Next is China Glaze's For Audrey.  This is THE Tiffany blue/green shade which some girls on youtube are raving about.  And I think this sparks off the whole teal, peppermint, turquoise nail color trend.  I finally got this colour, and I have to say, it is the perfect pastel shade of teal/ turquoise.

    This is Barry M No 295 Turqouise, which is just that.  It is slightly bluer than For Audrey.  I like the consistency of Barry M nail paints. Thick, smooth, and you just need 2 even coats for the true colour to show.

    This is MAC Peppermint Patti which is limited edition from the Sugarsweet Collection.  This is much greener, and also a lovely pastel creme finish.  In terms of the consistency, you need 2 thick coats or even 3 coats for the opaque finish as compared to the first two polish.

    This is OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, which in my opinion, is a lime green colour.  But it isn't super thick and opaque, and you need about 3 coats for the true colour to show. And I think this colour makes Peppermint Patti look blue in comparison.

    And lastly, we have another Barry M, the number is 209 Spring Green which is a grass green.  Like a crayon.  Definitely not something I would wear on my finger nails.

    Here is an overview.  From the Thumb - For Audrey, Turquoise, Peppermint Patti, Gargantuan Green Grape, Spring Green.  Just Groovy is on the other hand, but you get the idea.

    My fave??  I really like the first three colours!!!

    That's all for now and I hope this has been helpful.  Thank you for reading!