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October 10, 2009
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Look of the Night with Red Lips

Hi everyone!!

This is a follow up to my red lips experiment, which I got a few days ago, click here to check it out.

So I was going out with the sister tonight, I left my house almost 1am, which is kind of lame.  Anyway, I took these pictures after I got home, which is around 4am, because I left the house in a hurry - so no time to snap pictures.

On my face: Maybelline Angel Fit Pore Zero Primer, Clinique Superfit foundation, MAC Studio Sculpt concealer, MAC MSF natural to set, and MUFE HD powder after everything.

Cheeks: MAC sculpt and shape powder (accentuate/sculpt), Azalea blush

Eyes:(all MAC) Bare Canvas Paint, Vanilla and Dazzlelights e/s, and Patina on the crease.  Loreal Superliner for a little winged effect.

Lashes: Shu Uemura Black V, and YSL Faux Cils mascara on the lower lashes.

Lips: MAC Russian Red lipstick

I had a few drinks, and I realised the lipstick didn't stain the glasses, and stayed quite well throughout the whole night.  I didn't touch up the lipstick at all the whole time and before taking these pictures.  So.. thumbs up for the staying power.  I thought that red lips are very high maintainence, but this is turning out quite easy.

And needless to say, we want the lips to be the focus of the whole look, not just the MU, but also the outfit, so I kept everything else plain, and neutral, even my clothes.

Ignore my zitty face!!  But you see only the 'inside' of the mouth is starting to show some signs of wearing off, which isn't too bad.

Shall post a quick entry next, which will be a product rave.

Thanks for reading!

October 09, 2009
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Tag: Guilty Confessions

Was tagged by Diana to do this fun tag, and do check out her confessions here.

Here are mine:

  1. Not washing my brushes: I have not been washing my brushes as regularly as I should.  If I am desparate, I just spray some brush cleaner and rub my brushes in a tissue for immediate cleaning, but when it comes to deep cleaning, I take forever.  So I tend to use similar eyeshadow colors everyday, since my MAC217 brushes are already brown and dirty.   Face brushes, I just use my fingers instead of my foundation brushes, and I just find that I can get away with not washing my blush/ powder brushes.  Haha.   But I realise I have "2 sets" of brushes:  If I just washed the 168/116, then I use 109 or 131 to apply blush.
  2. Picking my spots: I have 'itchy' hands and I am picking my zits.
  3. Skipping out on skincare steps: Sometimes I put on a treatment mask or serum thingy, and I just skip the moisturiser,  etc... cos I am lazy to wait for each product to be absorbed before applying the next step.  But I will never go to bed without washing off all MU on my face.
  4. Sleeping badly: I think I am not sleeping enough, or at the right time, and that's why I have breakouts on my forehead.
  5. Neglecting products: Guess many of us are guilty of this.  So much stuff in my stash which I forgot, and should take them out and use them on a regular basis.  I keep reaching for the same eyeshadows, though it is way easier to rotate blushers.


That's all, I think!  Thanks for reading!

October 07, 2009
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Product Feature: i nuovi Professional Cosmetics


This shall be the first entry featuring some products which I have been sent by i nuovi Professional Cosmetics. As you might have already known, together with Sara (icyabstract), and Diana (adorebeauty) who are also on the i nuovi beauty review team, and over the last couple of weeks, I have been talking with Deborah from the company, who has very thoughtfully sent a few products for me to try and share my thoughts on.  Basically, I told her I am game to try out neutrals to smokeys browns for eyeshadows, no blush color is too crazy for me to try out, and I am also intrigued by holographic glitter powder.

I am going to take a couple of weeks to give these babies a try, create some looks with them, and let you know how they turn out!

Actually this isn't my first encounter with i nouvi cosmetics, I remember back when I was in Secondary, or college, I bought one of my first eyeshadows from i nouvi - it was a vibrant metallic teal with glitter, super pigmented, and bold color.

But, enough of history, and here is the little package!

Random humor, check out the amount of postage at the back of the envelope! :p

Inside, we have:

Colours D27 Eyeshadow -- pressed eyeshadow pigment.  The color is Dynamite.  Just the name alone makes me wanna to go all over it.  Beautiful brown, with reflex glitter inside.

Stardust in Platinum - this has nice packaging, it is sealed up with a sticker, but there is a sifter, so the risk of spillage is very little.  Neat.

And Colours D36 - pressed pigment blusher.  The color is Pink.  My first thought is that it looks like MAC' Pink Swoon, or maybe Dollymix.

Some quick swatches - the colors are more vibrant in real life than these pictures show.

Dynamite eyeshadow, and Pink blusher.

A quick comparison of Pink with Pink Swoon and Dollymix - they look different, as you can see.

The 3 pink patches, right in the middle is Pink, and on top is Pink Swoon (much lighter) and below is Dollymix (more red tone and with a bit of shimmer).

I will post reviews and thoughts after I have given these products some time.  :)

Thanks for reading!

October 06, 2009
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MAC Russian Red Lipstick

I Back2Mac for this lipstick, and also bought my brush cleaner since I ran out of it.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have paid for such a bold red color, but since I am exchanging my empty MAC stuff for a free lippy, this is when I get all adventurous when choosing colors.  Actually I wanted Angel (frost) lipstick, but they didn't have it... so I decided on Russian Red, which is a Intense bluish-red (Matte).  I seriously think I would wear this out at night, like for clubbing, or when I keep the rest of my face 'clean' and let the red lips take focus.  But would I look like geisha makeup, or worse, clownish?  The line between wearable and laughable is quite slippery when it comes to pulling off red lips.  Maybe I am not confident enough.

A bizarre one eyed picture of me, featuring the red lips.

I just applied the lipstick straight from the tube, no brush, no pencil liner.  And if I want this to look glossy, I can just dab some clear lipglass over.   My sister said it goes well with my striped tee.  LOL.  There is something nautical about the whole combination, no?

The picture shows the color more 'orangey' but it is deeper and more blue tone in actual.  And I noticed it is not as drying when I swatched another matte red lipstick called the MAC Red which felt like chalk.  Russian Red applies rather smoothly and creamy for a matte texture lipstick.

Will keep you posted on how my red lips adventure goes!  :)


Thanks for reading.


October 05, 2009
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Tagged: Who? What? How?

Tag started by saffie, and I was tagged by everbluec

and these are the ladies I am tagging (cos the others have been tagged):





And here is the tag itself:

1) What are your make items must have(s)?

foundation, blusher, brow pencil

2) Who was the first make up guru you watched on youtube?

amy04, but she doesn't seem to be around anymore on YT, I prolly just stumbled upon it. Enkore is another one of the pioneers.

3) From the answer above, how did u stumble upon the person's channel?

Like I mentioned i (2), I don't think I was looking for makeup tutorials.. but I totally forgot how I stumbled upon her channel.  haha.

4) How did you discover Onsugar?

I was already a Teamsugar member, and posting MU stuff on the social group called Beauty Product Junkies (maybe 3 years back?) and then the Sugar publishing network started this Onsugar blogging platform, and I was invited to try out their 'beta' or something and I guess that's how it all started.  Besides I had my blogger, but it was getting nasty and too open for my comfort, and blogging here felt cosier among a group of like-minded community.

5) Who was the first onsugar blogger that you followed?

Erm, there wasn't much bloggers around here when I started, but I think it's definitely atoxicsparkle, owner of the Beauty Product Junkies group from teasugar, she started her own blog when onsugar started too.

6) Did you ever buy a make up item/tool which you end up not using or regretted buying?

All the time!  Some are creams, eyeshadows, hair products etc.

7) What do you usually carry in your make up bag?

I don't usually carry out my makeup bag, but I always have facial blotters, a lipstick, spare concealer lying around in my bag all the time. 

8) If you found your Holy Grail (HG) product, would you stick with it throughout or are you willing to try on other products which might end up not suitable for you?

Yes, I lurve trying out new stuff even though I have my HG.  I like to make new friends, but I will keep going back to my old ones.  Haha. 

9) In your opinion which is more important, or rather which comes first, product quality or application technique?

I think technique is important.  Even if you have the most expensive makeup product or the best quality stuff but if you don't know how to use them properly then you are not doing it nor yourself any justice.

10) On a scale of 5, how 'important' is make up to you?

It is hard to use makeup and important in the same sentence, I lurve my makeup, but I would say a 1 or 2.  If I am not a makeup junkie, I would be collecting or devoting my time somewhere else anyway.   :)

October 05, 2009
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Quick Review: MAC Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil

Ok, this shall be a quick review of MAC Feline pencil liner, as quite a few of you have requested for it.

From the MAC website, the description is as follows: "A kohl pencil that has all the intensity and colour power of ultra-soft carbon. Specially formulated to provide deep, fully opaque coverage, provides an intense, smoked finish with duo-chrome pearl. Versatile in application: blend or smudge."

Honestly, I bought this liner because of all the HYPE. In terms of the color intensity, and ultra-soft texture, YES, I agree that Feline does deliver. It went on very very smoothly. And I find that if you want the liner to be smoother, use a angled liner brush to blend it, and it becomes as though you are using a gel/ cream liner.


BUT, Feline smudges like melted ice-cream on my lids. I have oily lids, but nothing I have used before smudged like Feline did. Even Smoulder, which I also have, isn't so smudgey. Unless you want to create a smudgy smokey eye look like the picture shown above, I don't think you will like Feline. It is probably good for waterline, and also a black base for eyeshadows.

Hope you find this review helpful, and thanks for reading.

October 04, 2009
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Look of the Day: Wearable Black Gloss feat. MAC Black Ware


The title speaks for itself.  This is my attempt to pull off a black gloss.  If you have seen the swatch from my haul post, you remember that the color actually isn't that scary black.

Ignore my eye makeup in the following pictures.  I blotched my eye makeup big time today, cleaning it and applying over, everything was a mess for some reason.  In the end, I forgot what I had on.

Note:  Feline eye kohl is seriously BLACK and pigmented.  Amazing creamy texture, and I suggest using a angled liner brush to even out the line, blend, etc etc for a neater line, or to smuge it out.

On my cheeks:  I am wearing Solar Riche bronzer, and Style Demon.

Lips: Black Ware all over, and I dabbed some My Favourite Pink dazzlecreme in the middle of the lips.

But the BF did notice the black lips, the first thing he said was 'your lips so dark today?'   LOL~

Nails - OPI Mod About You

Without Flash

See?  Black lipgloss can be wearable, right?  Imagine pulling it out in the ladies room and touching up, all the stares you attract!  Hahahah.

Thanks for reading!!

October 04, 2009
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Nail Color Rave: OPI Sand in my Suit

I like nude nail colors.  Especially those cream ones.  I am not a big fan of shimmery nail colors, unless they are dark jewel shades.

So when my sister bought this color from OPI after her manicure, I was kind of skeptical.  Nonetheless, I was looking for a quick color to use on my nails this past week, and I picked this up. The color I am talking about is, of course, Sand in my Suit.  This is not a new color, I think it is part of the 2009 Summer collection (together with Done out in Deco, if you are nail nerd like me, and can remember OPI colors).

Behold its prettiness.  Another raving point is that this color, somehow lasted on my nails for one whole week.  I usually change up my colors every 2 or 3 days, but this natural color held its own the whole time.

If you are looking for a flattering natural color -- and it's not sheer, the formula is quite thick, and 2 coats give you a very true opaque color.

This is what it looks like.  Sand in my Suit reminds me of MAC eyeshadow Ricepaper.   :)

What is your fave nude nail color?



October 03, 2009
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Trekking Day Out


Just a quick non-MU related post on what I did yesterday.  Was kind of conned by the BF to go to MacRitchie, he told me to check out the tree-top walk, so I was like oh ok, let's go.  What he didn't say was that it was a 5km walk/trek to reach the tree top walk area, and another 5km out of the area.  Geesh. I have been to Macritchie for my school's cross country a couple of times, but that seemed like NOTHING, compared to the total of 12km we ended up trekking/walking around the whole area.  Plus it was raining earlier, so the forest parts were slippery, mushy, and kind of creepy in general.

What was good is that I think I got a great cardio workout (we started almost 12 and didn't complete til 3pm) --- which made  up for all the feasting and drinking when I had lunch at Carnivore and the Oktober fest this past week.

Show you a few pics of my little adventure.

This is the starting part, as you can see, I wasn't prepared for the long walk!  Let my hair down, had on only my usual running shoes and worn my leggings because I was going to change after the walk.  How wrong I was!

Still happily posing away, but getting hot by now.  Haha.

The view from the tee top canopy is amazing though.  It's a suspension bridge, and if you are afraid of heights, that might be a little problem.

On our way back, almost done, and walked past this huge leaning branch, so a goofy pic for fun.

Overall, yes, it was tiring, but what fun! Would I do it again?  Hmmm maybe once a month. Or if I miss all my weekday running sessions then I might do this intensive walk on a weekend morning.



October 02, 2009
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MAC Haul (Style Black, DSquared, Dazzle Creme)

So I made my way to vivo city today, and checked out the 3 new collections (no, make that 4 collections, because the Zoom Fast Black Lash is out too) that are released today.  These need no introduction, as I have been going on about them for some time.  They are namely the Style Black, Dsquared, and Dazzlecreme collections.  Is it crazy that MAC pull out 3 collections EACH TIME??  NUTS!!  But good in a way, cos then I just chooose the ONE item I really want from each collection.

This is my haul.  A little something from each collection.

From Style Black: I got Black Ware(S$35), which is a Creamy true black.  * That's all I got from Style Black.  The rest don't quite appeal to me, the eyeshadows are soooo glittery, and the other lipsticks are either too dramatic or too blah.  I thought Black Ware is rather naturally 'dramatic'  Hahaahahaha.  You will see my lips when I swatch it later.

From Dazzle Creme, I got 2 items and they are My Favourite Pink (S$36 each), which is a blue tone pink with silver shimmer, and Amorous, which is a deep red with gold shimmer. Really nice festive color.  And MOST pigmented among all.

From Dsquared, I got Feline eye kohl (S$28) -- I have heard so much about this, I had to get it.   And also the Sculpt & Shape duo (S$39)  in Accentuate/Sculpt, which is Pale blushed beige / Soft Taupe Brown.   I already have the powder from a previous collection, but it broke, and the other day I dropped it again, and this time there is no salvaging it, cos the powder just splattered everywhere on the floor.


Here is Black Ware on my lips -- it isn't that freaky black on the lips, you can definitely make it work anytime.  And I hate the brush applicator, it is so hard, it feels like you are using a toothpick to apply the gloss.  Even though it is supposed to be a BRUSH.  The same for  my Dazzlecreme and Dazzleglass.  Blending is impossible, and I end up using my fingers to spread the gloss evenly.

And the next one is My Favourite Pink.  Such a pretty color!!!  I think I can rock this over St Germaine, or my other pinky or nude lipsticks.

And the last one is Amorous.  It looks a lot more wearable on the lips (read: not so pigmented and dark as it looks in the tube).  Love love this!  Makes me feel glam for some reason.  And a very unique color.

And just to show you what is left of my old Sculpt & Shape duo:  Empty MESSY tin, and I am gonna clean it out, and together with some empty eyeshadows etc I think I am due for another B2M.


Yup, that's all.  Anyone else doing MAC hauling from these collections??

Thanks for reading!



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