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October 25, 2009

Tutorial: The ONE eyeshadow look using i nuovi 'Techno'

Just to share how I do my ONE eyeshadow look.  I find that using a rich brown/ neutral shade is the easiest for this look.  You can use any brown eye shadow you wish.  I think even purples, greens and black/ greys can work out fine too.  The application/ blending method is the same.

I normally use MAC Tempting e/s, Cocomotion p/g, NARS Mekong, or Lola Lola, and lately I think i nuovi's Techno is also a great choice.  Super creamy and pigmented.  It feels like NARS eyeshadows, and I would say it is a good dupe for Lola Lola, even though they look nothing alike in the pans.

Step ONE: Pick out color using a stiff blending brush, like the 217.  This way you don't need to use a separate blending brush later.

Step TWO: Apply color closest to the lashes.  Because this is when your brush is packed with the most color,

and you want the color to be most intense closer to your lashes.

Step THREE: Spread it over your lids, blending softly upwards. Take note that I didn't have to go and pick out more color from the pan, because it is so pigmented!  :)

Step FOUR: Use a bigger fluffy brush to apply highlighter and also blend the 2 colors together.  I am using a MAC 225.

The color I am using is i nuovi's Spotlight which is a pale gold shimmery shade.

This is what you should get.

Step FIVE: Line your eyes. I usually use my Loreal Superliner, but here, I am using Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in 07 Really Black.

I also smudged the line using the other end of the liner. I don't usually line my lower lids unless I am going for a full on smokey dark look.

Step SIX: Apply false lashes.  Or apply mascara. Do your lashes.  I used YSL Faux Cils on lower lashes.

Well, I think that's about it.  Some pictures for the overall effect/ look.  I think the eyeshadow blends out very nicely, because the 'blended area' shows off the undertones of the eyeshadow perfectly.  It looks kind of like MAC Woodwinked e/s.  On the cheeks I dusted MAC Pink Swoon, and also Solar Riche around my face.  Lingerie Pink on my lips.

I hope that you find this tutorial helpful.  You can build up the color and make it more intense etc.

Thanks for reading!


October 24, 2009

Nail Story and LOTD


Just to show what I did on my friend's nails.  She has long acrylic nails that needed to be removed, but since her appointment isn't til next week, we decided to have some fun with the length of the nails, and this is the mess we (or rather, me) came up with.

It started with an innocent coat of OPI Mod about you, and I thought, why not add black tips?  But I smudged the black tips while applying the top coat.  Then my sister suggested using some stickers to disguise the uneven lines etc.

And my very quick look of the day feat. Lingerie Pink.  I used only Tempting e/s on my eyes.  Cheeks - Conjure Up.  I also used Laguna bronzer around my face.

How I adore this dazed expression~

And this is multi-tasking.

I managed to pack a bag of clothes earlier.  Takes me time to sort them out and take pictures, etc etc and I think there might be bags and stuff for sale too.  Thank to all those who showed an interest but please be patient!

That's all, and thanks for reading!



October 24, 2009

New Items for Sale (Lipsticks)

Just added a few more items for sale, terms and conditions same as before,

click here to see pictures and details.

Lot of 3 NYX Round Lipsticks

(swatched and used once, but the tips are a little smashed by the lids)

1 Loreal Lipstick

(bought as part of a set exclusive to airport, nude color. I am not a fan of Loreal lipsticks as they have a strong scent)

Thanks for looking!


Side note: Would you girls be interested in (used) clothing & accessories sale here?  Sister and I need to clear a ton of stuff from our over flowing wardrobes.  Sizes range from M to L, mainly from Zara, Old Navy, all worn less than 5 times.  Price ranges from $5 -  $20 depending on original price and condition. Leave comments and let me know!

October 23, 2009

Everyday Minerals Brush

A quick entry on this Everyday Minerals brush which I bought from Amy, aka Purplio who held a little blog sale, and I got this brush for a steal at only $3.50.

I thought the brush would be smaller like a MAC 188, but it is HUGE! :)  The brush itself is super soft, and not as dense as my MAC 187, which makes it perfect as a powder brush and also for my crazy pigmented blushers (I am wary of using my other skunk brushes for pigmented stuff for fear of staining the white hairs).

Pictures time:

I like the natural wood handle!

And see how it is huge compared to MAC 187.

So, thank you, Amy for the super fast 'shipping'! :)

BTW, Amy has a Sigma Brushes spree ongoing in the next couple of days only, so check it out if you are interested.

October 23, 2009

MAC Conjure Up Mineralised Blusher & Randoms

Ok, so I am getting seriously confused by the whole MAC holiday sets stuff. There's like a million products to entice people to buy buy buy.  I was excited when I first saw the promo images, I thought the circles/ bubbles motif on the packaging and the brush sets look so cute, and pretty.  But when it comes right down to it, colors wise, the eyeshadow palettes are always the same, the lip stuff are the same, and the mini pigments are the same... every year.  So... I didn't buy any of the holiday stuff as usual.  And then there is also the mineralised collection (Magic Merry Mirth??  I give up trying to keep track of these collections).  which feature 2 blushers, and Sara was telling me on twitter that Conjure Up is very pretty, and of course, I went to the worst MAC enabler aka Temptalia to check out the swatches, and boom, I was sold on that.  Yes, I am a sorry sucker.

And can I just rant about how expensive these minerlised blushers are???  S$44 each!!!  Gosh. Fortunately Sister had a $10 Robinson voucher which I could use to offset the total cost.  But geesh.  I think I would not buy any of these unless I crazy lurve the colors.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  When I saw the blusher at the counter, my first thought is that Conjure Up looks like Style Demon.  But it is more purple-ish, and less glittery.  There is less veining on the blusher too, reminding me of the previous mineralised blushers from last year (with Pleasantry, Naunce, Gentle for you MAC geeks out there, you know what I am talking about).

There is also a bunch of eyeshadows with the crescent glittery stuff, I swatched them but well, they are pigmented and creamy but the colors are nothing new to shout about.   The glitter liners, I still have mine from last year... which I hardly use anyway (Nightsky) so it's easy to pass on them.  And the nail polishes are also blah.  So... I think the stars of this Magic Mirth Merry thingy collection are definitely the blushers.  Think the other color (which is more peachy bronze) is called Supernatural.

And now, on to the pictures:

The orange lighting in my room is not picking out the true colors as usual.

Compare this to Style Demon on the left.  You can see Style Demon is more veiny, glittery/ shimmery, and reddish.

Finger swatches:

L (Conjure Up), R (Style Demon)

I wore Conjure Up today, applying it with my MAC116 brush.  It looks amazing, and super pretty.  And I have to say, even after a long long day the color still looked pretty fresh.  And I can't stop raving about my Rouge Volupte lipsticks... I never apply lipsticks during my rushed morning MU routine, but these days I am finding that I can skip the whole eye thingy, and just slapped on my blusher for the day and the lipstick (and the foundation etc of course).

And another rave -- I am really liking the i nuovi Spice blusher.  It looks scary purple and dark in the pan, but on the skin it is very wearable, and the color is very unique, it becomes a dark pink tone, but somehow it works for me.  :)  So I am also liking that.

As I am typing this, my brushes are drying on a towel, in their respective brush guards.  I have gotten lazy in this whole brush cleaning, that I subconciously divide my brushes in 2 groups... and while one set is just washed nice and clean I reach for the others, and that's how I rotate and get away with cleaning my brushes for at least a month. Haha.  And using fingers to apply my foundation also means less cleaning!

Here they are, lying on a face towel -- Notice how I rolled up one side of the towel to elevate it, so that my brushes are on a slight angle, I am very OCD about water seeping into the handle part and this is how I prevent that from happening.  The dual ended brush just has to lay flat and my kabuki will stand on its own.   So while this set of brush is all nice and clean, I will use my 109, 168, 222, etc etc for the next week.  :)

And one last thing before I end this rambling entry, I lurve You Don't Know Jacques (Suede) refer to my little haul entry.  When freshly applied (meaning on that same day and the following day), the color and finish reminds me of a satin eyeshadow, much like woodwinked, or tempting or satin taupe etc.  Gorgeous! And I get lotsa compliments from curious colleagues and onlookers.  But come the third day, this is the sorry state of my nails.  Needless to day, it's time for a fresh coat of color on my nails. :)

That's all, and thanks for reading!!

October 21, 2009

Product Rave - YSL Rouge Volupte (No 7 & 4)

OMG review!!!

I am sad that I didn't get to try these products out sooner.  I bought my YSL Rouge Volupte in the last couple of days, because the YSL MU line is pulling out of SG - thanks to Sarah for the heads up.  I have been wanting to try out the YSL Rouge Volupte for ages but the price tag always put me off ($42 for a lippy?!)  but I recently found my lost TANGS vouchers ($70 worth of them) and decided to splurge on TWO lipsticks.  I lurve their Faux Cils mascara too, but I think the lipsticks are worth collecting and keeping.

First of all, I am amazed by their packaging.  I have always like YSL packaging.  These lipsticks feel heavy in their casing!  The solid metal packaging, the intricate YSL rings, the peek a boo shades on the outside, and the cool mirror on the cap all scream chic luxury to me.  I bought No 7 which is Lingerie Pink and No 4 which is Sweet Honey.

I have been using Lingerie Pink everyday since I bought it, and I am so impressed by the texture.  I swear, it is so soft, and silky, and the color is amazing wearable, because I thought it would be too Barbie pink to be flattering on me.  I think this might be what MAC's "Way to Love" or "Color Crafted" lipsticks might be like, but I don't own any of those.  Colours aside, I think the texture of the YSL lipsticks is very superior.  I can get hooked to applying this the whole day.  And that is saying a lot, since you know I am not a lipstick junkie.

Before I continue with my rave, let's look at some product pictures:

Can we go 'ahhhh' at how pretty the packaging is?

This sounds really lame, but I really feel good and pretty apply this lipstick thoughout the day.  And you can see the mirror on the cap there, which is really neat.

The product description:

"Delight your senses with Rouge Volupte, the first lipstick to instantly soften the lips, providing a unique sensation of pleasure and plus exceptional radiant colour.  The nutri-protective film enables Rouge Volupte to act as a second skin, with a silky sensation that moisturises, nourishes and repairs the lips.  With a colour shine complex, lips are visibly smooth, plump, and radiant with luminious satin colours.  This silky texture is complemented by a beautiful golden metallic case with an intricate ring to discreetly reveal the shade and a clever mirror for quick and easy application.  SPF15"

My views:

I definitely agree that the lipsticks 'instantly soften the lips', it has a 'unique sensation' and the colors are super pretty!!  I mentioned how silky and soft it feels on the lips, so the 'second skin' is also true.  Over the weekend, I had chapped lips (really!) and when you see the lip swatches later, you won't even believe my lips were peeling just a few days ago. Therefore, it does "moisturises, nourishes and repairs the lips".

Not so sure if it 'plumps' the lips though.  And notice it doesn't claim to be a long lasting/ long wearing lipstick... so in that aspect, you do need to re-apply after a meal, etc.  I can live with that, cos it means being able to refresh the silky feeling on your lips again!  I also noticed that it doesn't have a strong scent, cos I know the other YSL lip products have a very strong fruity/ lychee kind of scent.  So that is a plus point to me.

Overall rating:

Packaging: 5/5   Color: 5/5   Texture: 5/5   Price: 3/5  -- but worth every penny.

I lurve my YSL Rouge Volupte!!!

More pictures below, showing comparisons with similar MAC shades, and also lip swatches:

No 7 Lingerie Pink

No 4 Sweet Honey

Notice in the lip swatches, the lipstick blends like second skin into my lips.  There is color, slight sheen, and really really silky! Me loves!


You see how St Germaine is a blue-tone bright baby pink, Lingerie Pink is actually a little more beige nude pink, and Creme Cup is along the same tone as Lingerie Pink but perhaps darker and less pink.

From L to R: Blanketty, Sweet Honey, Hug Me

These colors look more similar than the pink ones.  Blanketty might be a little lighter, and pinker, while Hug me is darker, but it's a Lustre finish lipstick, so it might still come out less intense than it looks.

There is still time to get YSL products, this weekend will be the last day.  Do you think the DFS outlets will still carry YSL?? Or the airports?  Le sigh.

Hope this is helpful, and thanks for reading~


October 20, 2009

Battle of the Tiffany & Co. Nail Colors


The title above is pretty much self explanatory.  The 3 colors I am going to compare and show you are:

Barry M No295 Turquoise, The Face Shop GR 503, China Glaze For Audrey.

I have a few more colors such as MAC Peppermint Patti, OPI Guarguantan Green Grape which are really more pastel/ baby lime green colors so I am not going to feature them.  I am a feeling these 2 colors will look more like Chanel's Jade nail polish.

In this picture, it looks like THE FACE SHOP GR 503 is the most similar as the Tiffany Box shown in the background.  Let's do some nail swatches.

From L to R: Barry M, TFS, and China Glaze

It seems like THE FACE SHOP looks like the closest match.  But I am not sure - I think if you look at the swatches long enough, the China Glaze color also looks like a close match.  The Barry M is clearly too blue to be considered similar.  One thing though, China Glaze & Barry M apply beautifully, you get the true color, no streaking, and you don't need to apply 3 or 4 coats to get the true color.  THE FACE SHOP nail polish seems very diluted in comparison, streaky and you need to wait for each layer to dry before applying another coat to avoid streaking and ensure even texture.

Let's look at close up swatches:

The Verdict??

China Glaze For Audrey is the closest match in terms of color.   TFS is a tad too bright, and I have a feeling, if it is creamier, it might win this 'battle'  My fave to apply is the Barry M nail polish because it is so smooth and it lasts for a long time without chipping.  Regardless, for $2.90 if you purchase TFS GR503, it is a very good deal, because this color is actually quite unique and it looks very cute and pretty on your nails. :)

If you are interested in other green nails stories, check out the following:

Green nails - Safe for Work?

Nails Colors Overview - Teals & Blues


That's all, and thanks for reading ~


October 19, 2009

Mini Collective Haul


So I went to the Tangs YSL counter today, and I meant to get myself some YSL lippies before they disappear from Singaporean shores wef 25 Oct.  I asked the MUA just to confirm, and she said the MU line is pulling out of SG altogether though the perfumes will still be available.  What a boo. It is going to be one of those things which you have to 'stock up' if you go overseas.  Sigh.

I can't help but wonder, with the departure of a MU brand, will there be the arrival of a new exciting MU brand to hit our shores?

(NARS!!! URBAN DECAY!! Are ya'll listenin'?!)

And since my little experience with OPI Suede colors over the weekend, I went to my Far East Plaza shop and got myself You Don't Know Jacques ($16).  I also got my little sis to help me get TFS new nail color, which Diana also featured in her recent haul video.  It's the Tiffany light blue green color (GR503).  I haven't swatched any of it, but from the naked eye, it looks slightly lighter than For Audrey, and looks more milky pale.

My gf also gave me a pair of brand new lashes which she doesn't use anymore -- and these are my FAVE but they are hard to find.

And for my YSL purchase, I had to get Rouge Volupte in No7 which is THE Lingerie Pink, aka the Lorraine's lippy in her blonde days.

Since it is so late, and the lighting is sucky as usual, this is just a picture of the stuff I mentioned.

And for some close ups, the YSL packaging is GORGEOUS!  It has been a loooong time since I owned a YSL lipstick (not counting the 2-in-1 twisted lipstick/gloss combi which I received for my birthday) --- I think you should all go get one  Rouge Volupte in a color you like.  The case is so 'heavy and solid' I think just holding and applying the product feels just a little nicer than other lipsticks.  LOL.  I am kind of tempted to go and get some more colors... especially a red one.  And I think the Rouge Voulpte has a very rich creamy formula, as compared to other YSL lipstick collections.

Since my recent entries, I have gotten several requests and ideas for my upcoming updates, keep a lookout for:

  • compare all my 'Tiffany' pale blue green colors (For Audrey, Peppermint Patti, Barry M and TFS)
  • compare all my dark brown metallic eyeshadows (Mekong, i nuovi eyeshadows, etc etc)
  • compare pink lipsticks (St Germaine, Lingerie Pink, etc etc)
  • Skincare rant and call for help


That's all, and thanks for reading.

October 18, 2009

LOTN: Clubbing Nights

Was out in the wee hours of the morning the past 3 days - the first night I didn't take any LOTN pictures, but there were some from Sat and Sun.

2 totally different looks:

1. The Red Lips combo.

2. The Smokey Nude Lips combo, with wavy hair!

Black Long Sleeve lace detail tee from Zara.

Reason why I looked so shocked in the next pic is cos some girl came crashing into my arm which was holding the camera. :p



And on Sunday:  Smokey Eyes (NARS Lola Lola, Mekong, Lips - MAC Creme Cup Lipstick)

The hair loosen up throughout the night, becoming nice and wavy.  Note that I used zero styling products except for a heat shield - lurve the natural shine and gloss - and that the curls/ waves lasted the whole time.

Tattoo Tee from Truly Madly Deeply (Urban Outfitters)

Hair before going out.

Hair after I reached home.

What are some of your fave night out looks?

Side note: How does one order a 'Screaming Orgasm' cocktail from the bartender without looking stupid?  I just muttered Screaming under my breath and hope he knows what I ordered.  Why can't a drink/ cocktail have a normal respectable name without all these silly sexual references and innuendos?

That's all, and thanks for reading.   :)





October 18, 2009

Nails Go Suede with OPI new collection

This is related to my entry on the OPI Matte nails which I talked about sometime back, and if you 'follow' OPI collections or nail blogs, then you prolly know that OPI released another collection, which I thought is another matte version.... but this time around it is glittery matte which they call Suede.

I didn't buy these colors which I am going to feature, they actually belong to my gf, and I most likely will purchase a couple of colors next time I go my Far East plaza supply shop. Like the matte collection, the colors are limited to those classic/ popular OPI shades like Russian Navy, You Don't Know Jacques, Lincoln Park After Dark.  And like the matte collection, these colors come with a disclaimer that it doesn't last as long as regular OPI nail colors, and you don't need a top and base coat.  The suede polishes dry super duper fast, so you need to be very quick or else risk having streaky patchy lumpy coats of color.  Lastly, they don't last as long (2 days max before they start to wear off or lose their velvety suede finish).

Suzi Skis in the Pyreness (Suede)

Black with silvery glitter.  I like this color.  Very glam but yet kind of bad-a** looking. :)

Next, I am comparing You Don't Know Jacques - The regular, matte and suede ones.  You see they all look totally different, not just in terms of the texture/ finish, but the colors too.

Love the suede colors!  And I like the fact that they dry so fast, and I can just put them on even before I leave the house.

Thanks for reading!


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