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May 22, 2015
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Three Things I Learnt: K-Beauty Workshop with Bobbi Brown

Hi hi!

So a couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to attend a one hour makeup demo by Bobbi Brown Pro makeup artist from Korea, Noh Young Nam - which looks like he belongs to a Korean drama himself.  He explained to us popular Korean beauty trends, and how to achieve that classic Korean makeup look using Bobbi Brown products. 
I like the idea of creating a very healthy glowy skin, and the emphasis on natural beauty, especially when it comes to eye makeup - but I still can't do without my falsies if I wanna go all out.  But the very natural straight brows, the flawless natural complexion, and the ocassional pop of colour on the lips are super easy to achieve if you follow some of these tips which I will share with you! 

Much is said about the whole chok chok -flawless glowy - no wait, glowy is passe...now it's all about that clear glassy translucent complexion.. and I am not going to repeat my rave if I go too much into the Bobbi Brown serum foundation in this entry - I will save that for my actual review, which I will be posting either later today or tomorrow. So, I will focus on other areas of the workshop which I found helpful to me. 

Here are some links to korean related makeup videos I like to watch - and which you will find useful! 

Korean makeup videos 
Lisa Eldridge - Korean Beauty Trends 
she explained in detail about the Korean trend for that glowy radiant complexion [Mul-Gwang]

One of my fave Korean makeup channels - Lamuqe
I dun understand Korean, but some of her vids have English subs and most are pretty easy to follow and understand anyway
Link to her makeup tutorial playlist

Lesson one: 

Dabbing a cream cheek product in a row of 4 - 5 dots with your finger tips.  He started the dabbing on the centre of the cheeks where you want to place the most product, so by the time you do the fourth dab, it's already quite faded.. which is fine cos you don't want too much color at the side of your cheeks anyway. 
Then use a brush to blend this out. 
The makeup artist used Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Fresh Melon. 
This is done prior to setting of the foundation with some powder. 

Lesson two: 

It is always flattering and overall natural to use the same color on your cheeks and lips.  This creates a very seamless makeup look.  Here he used the same Pot Rouge for the lips.. using a lip brush to build up more color and for a more defined shape. 

He also filled in the brows with Mahogany eyeshadow. He also used the same shadow to set and smudge the eyeliner. 



He used Toast eyeshadow (which is actually a blah looking color, but it is apparently one of the top selling eyeshadows in the brand) - it is just a natural eyelid color.. I know it prolly mimics the color of some people's eyelids before applying foundation.  And it is a very natural shadow shade, which adds dimension to your eyes without looking like you have actually applied eyeshadow. 

Then he proceeds to tightlight her eyes with a liner and then smudge that line with Mahogany eyeshadow. 

and the completed look:

That's all, and I hope you have a fab weekend ahead!

Thanks for reading! 

May 19, 2015
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Behind the Scenes: Recap of Singapore Fashion Week 13-17 May


So last week, I had the chance to attend a few shows during the Singapore Fashion Week (well, to be exact, I only opted to go for two shows - the DVF and Thakoon) and also check out what's happening backstage with NARS doing the makeup again for the shows this year.  I don't think I blogged about my Fashion Week experience last year... so this year, I shall try to be better and give you an overview.  I will only mainly be focusing on the makeup and overall look, not so much as the fashion pieces themselves (let's be real, I ain't no fashionista and I don't pretend to be one..who am I to comment on oversized sleeves and necklines?) But makeup I think I know, and we all would want to know the products used in these runway shows.  

The looks are all very wearable in real life, real women can wear any of these looks - enhancing your natural beauty, clean fresh skin, statement eyes, natural lips, who doesn't love these? 

I am sure you have heard so many people saying how fashion isn't as glamorous as it seems, the backstage frenzy is something that takes a lot of shows experience, careful planning and taking calculated risks to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.  Tempers can flare, people can go missing, you name it.. I am fascinated by how the makeup artists are so focused on doing the models' makeup... which can also include removing the makeup on their faces from the previous shows.  Yes, they use some of the same models for a few shows in  row on the same day, and different shows ---- different looks, so each time you have to start all over again.  It takes a toll on the model's skin.. and as a makeup artist, you have to prep and calm the skin all over again before doing the next look. 

I enjoyed seeing the makeup artists at work.  All the tools are laid out neatly, tissues and wipes on hand, skincare, water, if there is any mess going on, it was almost undetectable.  Which is understable, if you have people like me snooping around backstage, behind the scenes interviews... we can't have spilled powder, dirty tissues lying around, right?  

By the time the models strut their stuff down the runway, they would have been touched up, powdered, smoothed over at least 5-6 times.. for that brief walk down  the runway, to be immortablised and scrutinised many times over in HD photography and footage.  The harsh lights can be both flattering and punishing at the same time.  From the front rows, the models can appear gaunt because of the shadows, but facing the photographer's pit, that's when the lights are the most ideal, and they seem to emit this ethereal glow (because it seems all the designers favour a natural glowy no foundation look skin).  

This is the look/ products used for DVF- who opened the week's activities: 

Tinted moisturiser, concealer only when needed 
Silent Nude blush to sculpt the cheeks subtly - This is from the Christopher Kane collection, and heavily featured in all the shows. 
Gina Blush
Sex Machine lip pencil

Black Moon, and Mambo eyeliners 
Sycrorax Dual Intensity eyeshadow 

The result is a sexy smokey eye, natural healthy cheeks and lips, and clean fresh skin. 

That's NARS lead makeup artist Julyen's hand, got him to pose for me with the #NARSissist temp tattoo. 

NARS International Makeup Stylist - Sadafumi Ito - personally checked each of the models' makeup after the other makeup artists have finished their models. He would put on the final touches, making sure that everything is properly blended and done.

Here is another NARS makeup artist, Chris at work, he flew in from Thailand - he was very nice and explained to me the looks done, and also said that every woman needs to have Sex Machine lip pencil in her makeup bag!  I swatched the color, and it was easy to see why it is such a popular shade. 

and more checking...

Sadafumi Ito also did the makeup for Sheila Sim who opened for DVF.
Sorry all my pics were of his back view.. I was trying to take pictures and not shove my camera in everyone's faces!  Haha. 

a few pics from the show: 

and DVF herself took a bow: 

And for the next show... 

this was the look for LoveBonito - which I didn't attend but I managed to get a few shots of the looks backstage. 

Graphic black eye, natural cheeks and lips (in fact the cheeks and lips were the same products from the DVF show).
Eye Paint in Black Valley. 
NARS Sheer Glow foundation, mixed with Copacabana illuminator, and multiple

and the look for Thakoon 

NARS lead makeup artist Julyen talked me through the whole look, and showed on one of the models he's working on: 

skin is prepped with Luminous moisture cream, conceal only if necessary,  no foundation.
eyes are defined with dual intensity blushes in Fervor and Craving (very soft defined eyes) and a coat of mascara.
Cheeks are sculpted with Silent Nude blush  and finished off with a stained red lip from the fall collection 

with my fashion week partner this year, Mabel, looking all smiles before the show

Hope you enjoyed this rundown of the NARS products used and a glimpse backstage!  
Thank you NARS for having me backstage again!

Thanks for reading!

May 18, 2015
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Chit Chat - What's on my "No Foundation Face"?

So I had a casual workday last week, and I decided to heck it with the full face works, and just left the house with a healthy dosage of sunscreen and set with loose powder.  I was pleasantly surprised by the results - a fresh nothing there complexion which is still well protected from the current HOT WEATHER. 

All I did was to use the new Ettusais Herbal UV Jelly - this has a gel like very lightweight formula which I have been enjoying.  I feel like this is one which you can slap on throughout the day and it would not clog your skin at all.  It has a creamy texture, but once applied, it disappears into your skin like a gel, very fresh feeling.  It is almost totally clear, and perhaps only minutely even-ed out my skintone.  I set this with a loose powder, which further helped to even out my skintone.  I just needed to add a bit of coverage to under my eyes and a couple of spots on my chin. 

 Brows are kept the usual...big big I guess.. but that's the way I like them.  And some cheek color, and a bit of lipstick just for fun.  I am still enjoying the MAC Huggable lipsticks... but a new one is really catching my attention lately... I will blog about this amazing new lippie in my next entry!  

So, feeling happy with my no foundation, light as air, next to nothing face of the day, I snapped a few pictures while at work.  I think this is a good way to document my foundation trials!  

All products used listed below these pictures: 

Products used:

- NEW Ettusais Herbal Jelly with SPF50 PA++++
- MAC PRO Longwear concealer in NC20, to cover a few spots
- Shiseido Future Solution Lx Loose Powder
- NARS Gilda Blush
- MAC Huggable Lipcolor in Soft Talkin
- Innisfree Eco brow gel & MAC Brow set in Beguile 

Also added a few new products to my current skincare stash -  I was very kindly gifted a lot of new skincare products lately, and I am trying to incoporate as much as I can into the rotation..in a way which is not confusing to me, and my skin.  I did not include a few others which I can't really form any impressions of yet.. so I shall not include them in this chit chat.

1. NARS Optimal Brightening Concentrate - this is a lightweight creamy serum to even out skintone 
2. NARS Restorative Night Treatment - which is an oily emolient cream that feels super luxe.  If you love the scent of the NARS Oran candle, you will love this scented treatment cream.  I love how rich and nourishing this cream feels.  
3. Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil - an effective cleansing oil that doesn't strip my skin.  It emulsifies and removes makeup without leaving any oily residue.  
4. Skin Inc Revival Infusion Cleanser - a dense foamy cleanser, which is my fave type of cleanser.  It contains active ingredients to combat oxidation and signs of aging. 
5. Ettusais Herbal UV Jelly (did I mention this comes in a generous 50ml tube, instead of the usual 30ml?) === great on its own, and under foundation too.  Super lightweight, and jelly formula means it is great for oily skin too.  

among these products, I highly recommend you checking out items 2 - 5 ---- I need more time to see if the NARS brightening concentrate does its trick...but the rest, I am quite impressed.  The cleansing oil and foamy cleanser are just really something efficient, staples type products which I always need and use in my routine..... and the NARS Night Treatment and Ettusais Herbal UV Jelly are pretty unique products in terms of their texture and formulation. 

What are some new stuff you have been using lately?

Hope you find this random chit chat helpful, and thanks for reading!!! 

May 18, 2015
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Sneak Peak: YSL Water Pop Collection [Information, Swatches]

Vernis A Levres Pop Water

The First - Bright, translucent glossy lip colours that last

The Only - Instant fresh sensation with 10 hour hydration

The Best - Long-lasting water brilliance with no compromise 

The Inspiration - gummy bears, for their watery translucency and bright vibrancy, gives inspiration for the 3rd revolution of Vernis A Levres.  Inspired by the use of the same type of high-grade colourants found in Gummy Bears to replace pigments usually used in lipsticks, so as to give a fluid dispersal of even colour on the lips when applied, where pigments would not have given the same effect to such perfection. 

12 shades, retailing as S$49

Vernis A Levres Plump-Up

The First - Glossy Lip Push up by YSL with long lasting results and durable hydration. 
The Only - Lip push up with thermoactive hot and cold contrast to instantly plump lips
The Best Full shine Plumper, lasting up to 6 hours
Application - use alone on lips, or under lipstick 

1 shade, retailing at S$49

Full Metal Shadow 

The first - full metal liquid eyeshadow that lasts up to 16 hours
The only - patented applicator allowing multiple makeup finished (use flat end for eyeshadow, use sharp end for eyeliner)
The best - immediate fresh sensation and blendable colours from liquid to powder finish on contact with skin

Application - use flat end of applicator to apply for whole eyelid, blend with fingers or brush. use sharper tip of applicator to apply as an eyeliner. 

10 shades, retailing at S$45 

Available 22 May at YSL Boutique at ION and TANGS Orchard, with a special animation happening at TANGS Orchard.  You can head down for a complimentary signature lip service where you can discover the new Vernis A Levres Pop Water.

Stay tuned for a giveaway on my instagram (@makeup_blogette) which I will annouce tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading! 

May 18, 2015
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Chanel Blue Rhythm Collection [Photos & Information]


BLUE RHYTHM is a collection composed in a crescendo by the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio.

Between eyes and lips, it performs the same electric note: that of volume, played in a duo and in contrast to subtly intensify the beat. Lashes set the tone: dressed in LE VOLUME ULTRA NOIR DE CHANEL mascara, they do the full score. A first riff collides with bare lips under GLOSS VOLUME. The fast rhythm speeds up. Colour takes center stage. LES 4 OMBRES shadows blend together in a variation of absolutely modern themes. And nails insolently drum out a flight of bluish notes. 

Price List (S$)


Available from 16 July 2015


LE VERNIS 665 Vibrato  38
LE VERNIS 681 Fortissimo – limited edition  38

LES 4 OMBRES 244 Tissé Jazz – limited edition  90
LES 4 OMBRES 246 Tissé Smoky   90

OMBRE ESSENTIELLE 118 Midnight  48


STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF 916 Perle de Lune   35

ILLUSION D'OMBRE 102 Mystério   52
ILLUSION D'OMBRE 98 Melody   52


LE VOLUME DE CHANEL 70 Blue Night   52


Image credit:
Photographer : Richard BURBRIDGE 
Model : Sam ROLLINSON 

May 10, 2015
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New Camera & Random Updates

Hi hi!

Not quite sure how I am going to title this entry, or how to start, but perhaps just another rambling catching up entry - and also to look through what's in my camera memory card since I got my new camera a few weeks ago.  
I have lots of pictures of makeup previews that I have been to lately, so I will just post them in this epic picture heavy entry... and I will get to the products properly in the near future. 

There will also be lots of shameless selfies in this entry, as I think my new camera is really good at taking selfies.  Haha.  At the same time, I will show you what are my current fave products, stuff that I am using currently, from clothing to products etc.  
Hope you enjoy this entry! 

1. White Nails
If I am going to do white nails - they got to be Gelish - cos they stay clean and perfect for a good two weeks.  This is my second set of Gelish white nails, I got my friend Kim to do them for me.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.   They just look so effortlessly chic and goes with everything. 

2. Pictures of my makeup stuff....old and new.  Summer is coming, and I think the emphasis is going to be on a healthy glowing complexion, slightly warm up by our crazy hot weather, so I dug out all my pretty face stuff lately, and this is what I came up with: 


My Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze And Glow is very very well used! 

3: New Camera!  I haven't got a new camera in ages - this is the Canon GX7, a pretty high-end compact camera that comes with a lot of cool functions.  It also has wifi function which means I can transfer pics from my camera to my phone easily, and also use my phone as a remote to shoot with my camera.  This cost me under $800... which is pricey but for all the functions and my purpose, totally worth it.  And it comes in handy for my upcoming trip to Europe this summer. 

Bet you won't even know we are taking selfies: 

Just a few selfies my friends and I took while we were out and about: 

5: NEW Makeup.. these are just some that come across my way lately.  I have a lot more to be used, shoot, etc etc.  Shall try my best to catch up! 

From Shu Uemura: 

NEW Kiehls Sunscreen: 

and lots of MAC Collections:

This new Bobbi Brown Serum foundation is pretty darn good!!! I will review it soon! 

6: My day to night look - 

Day/ WORK - just base, brows, cheeks

Night/ Going out - same as above, slap on some eyeshadows, falsies, and a lippie

very easy, very fresh

- the 7am face, with only 3 hours of sleep

- then this 7pm face, same day

and a few more selfies because there was such good natural lighting:

I need to do an entry devoted to my sunglasses obession - it's like I am buying a new pair every other week! :o

These are my old CELINE by the way. 

I do think my skin looks pretty good in these no filter pics.. if you are interested to see what I am using at the moment, click on my skincare update here

and pics for a forgotten LOTD entry - i think this is supposed to feature the Bobbi Brown serum foundation.  Really loving it lately. 

Fave OOTD: Shorts and Tee - the smart way.  With nice accessories, like a bag, shades, armcandy. 
Such as this:

The details on this pair of Rag & Bone shorts are to die for.  LOVE IT!!!

Hope you enjoyed this pictorial update, and thanks for looking!  Ending off this entry with a goofy selfie!

May 10, 2015
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NEW: MAC Huggable Lipcolors

Hi hi

this entry features the new and limited edition MAC Huggable Lipcolor which will be available in SG from 15 May 2015.  I have been playing with the 7 shades that I got over the past week, and I will provide a quick overview of these lippies. 

These lipcolors literally 'hug' your lips, they are slightly tacky and glossy, which makes them a good color & gloss in one product.  The colors are bright but not intense in terms of the actual payoff.  The natural MLBB shades are really easy to wear as they sit on my lips very nicely.  I find the brighter/ bolder shades - like the reds need some work - if you just want a casual red lip, you can't go wrong with shades like 'dramatical' and 'flamming lips' - they are juicy, a tad sheer and easy to wear.  but if you want to wear these for a more dramatic polished look you should wear them over a lip pencil to avoid feathering around the lipline.  I noticed that the flamming lips feathered around the edges, but nothing too serious cos I can blend the edges of my lips by rubbing the line, so the end result is a very just been kissed casual red lip look. 

In terms of longetivity, these are quite long wearing, I would say a good 4-5 hours, because they are slightly tacky and stay on your lips well. I don't these drying at all on me, and I much prefer these than the recent new release from Urban Decay's Sheer Revolution (entry here) - because the UD ones are too balmy, melty.  These hold up well and feel much more sturdy with the same glossy color. 

Here's some product information from the MAC website: 

For a limited time, M•A•C Huggable Lipcolour is back by popular demand. A comforting, creamy formula in shades that stay luminous for up to six hours. This lasting lipstick with a rich, glossy shine boosts collagen, leaving lips looking smooth, supple, sculpted. The unique gel base melts upon contact, allowing each shade to glide on effortlessly with a feather-light moisturizing finish.

Swatches on my lips:
Swatches on my hand:

and some of the colors overall: 

my top picks
1. Soft Talking - a no color-color on me, just the right amount of gloss to not make my lips look flat and dry cos sometimes I don't want a lip color
2. Flamming Lips - wearable red, creamier than something like NARS Manhunt
3. I'm Game - a warm pink that's wearable, good over a matte intense pink just to add some shine

and some pics I took during a preview:

I hope this overview is helpful, and thank you for reading!

May 04, 2015
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Both a haven of peace and a new space of freedom, the Riviera of the Roaring Twenties was a favourite destination of Gabrielle Chanel. Contemplating the Mediterranean, the eye wanders as far as the shores of Italy and time approaches a standstill in the clear air.

Under the blue Riviera sky, skin is tanned and style is casual. Between sunny getaways and dips in the sea, summer brings with it a new lifestyle, far from Paris and the rue Cambon; close to nature.

The CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio extends the memories of the season with a vibrant collection immersed in azure blue and infused with light. 

Sun-kissed colours take on more intensity and glow with luminosity to enhance a naturally golden face. Carefree elegance: the spirit of beauty by CHANEL has inspired the must-have accessory of the collection. Applied in a single sweep, STYLO EYESHADOW delivers a fresh hue and traces Riviera-coloured eyes. On eyelids and nails, the colour palette honors the blues, olive greens and browns of the sunny shores before ending on an intense violet note. From soft pink to vermilion, a shiny lipstick dresses the smile in radiance and lightness.

For the final touch, a powder with delicate golden shimmers sets off a natural complexion with a radiant effect. 



A pure complexion, beautifully bronzed by sunbeams.
This is how one might picture elegant women discovering the Riviera of the Roaring Twenties. Tanned skin embellishes bodies and faces. And a new, more natural way of being comes into play. Embossed with a camellia flower on its surface, the
LUMIÈRE D'ÉTÈ exclusive creation celebrates the spirit of freedom that reigns over summer. This illuminating powder is swept lightly over the face, enhancing a natural complexion with golden shimmers and a satiny finish. The skin glows in just a few strokes. The cheekbones and décolleté glimmer as they catch the light. 


Eye makeup embraces the energy and radiance of summer.
Fresh, dazzling and joyful, colour lights up every bat of the lashes.


The travel-friendly STYLO EYESHADOW is the ultimate summer accessory.
The CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio creates an irresistible eyeshadow in a compact and easy-to-use pen format.
It is applied in one single sweep and slips easily into a handbag.
STYLO EYESHADOW is a comfortable and creamy eyeshadow that glides on perfectly. Formulated with a high concentration of water, its texture provides an instantly fresh sensation. Its pen tip allows for precise, adjustable colour on the eyelids in a dense monochrome, a sheer halo or a thin line. Its radiant, long-wear texture lights up the eyes with varying satin finishes. 

STYLO EYESHADOW can be chosen on an impulse or collected one by one to mix and match colours all summer long.

CAMPANULE. A violet with blue shimmers, inspired by the Florentine iris so dear to Mademoiselle Chanel, to dress eyelids in bold colour.

AZULEJO. A turquoise blue glistening with tone-on-tone pearlescent pigments, like the sea sparkling in the sun.

LAURIER ROSE. A golden powder pink, both soft and ultra-luminous. OLIVINE. An elegant and slightly satiny olive green.

CAROUBE. A luminous, warm brown accentuates the beauty of golden summer skin.


Eyes are playful, outlined in an intense vivid violet along the base of the lashes. This pure and vibrant colour stays radiant for hours on end. To be used on its own or with STYLO EYESHADOW CAMPANULE to accentuate the effect. 



Fresh, spontaneous, luminous: ROUGE COCO SHINE adapts perfectly to summer moods. Both incredibly lightweight and rich in colour, the most charming of CHANEL lipsticks enjoys varying the intensity of its palette. The smile is sensual, natural and sparkling, glimmering with soft shine.
Three luminous and semi-sheer shades are discreetly touched with golden or coppery notes, like drops of sunlight sparkling on lips.

RÊVEUSE. A delicate golden pink.

AMOROSA. A sun-kissed copper brown.

INTRÉPIDE. A vivid pink touched with soft gold.

A more pigmented shade redefines radiant and easy-to-wear summer lipstick with INSOUMISE, a coral red:an obvious reason to smile in the sun 


The iconic gloss by CHANEL dresses lips in brilliance and bold colours.

ROSE PARADIS. An intense pink with blue shimmers.

ALLEGRIA. A striking red. 



Along the steep coasts, strewn with wild plants and flowers, flamboyant brown rocks plunge into turquoise waters.
The Riviera tells a colourful tale on nails as well.
Four audacious shades revel in a delicious breeze of freedom.

TERRANA. A chocolate brown with pink shimmers.

MÉDITERRANÉE. A pure, deep ocean blue.

COQUELICOT. A luminous vermilion red.

LAVANDA. An intense vivid violet. 

AVAILABLE 5 JUNE 2015 in Singapore.

Ending off this entry with preview pictures I attended a couple of months back: 

May 04, 2015
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CHANEL Les Beiges Summer 2015: The Style of Natural


This entry contains official pictures and story behind the Chanel 2015 Les Beiges collection.  
Singapore launch date is 5 June 2015. 
For my preview entry on this collection, click on this entry here.

Transcending fashions and seasons, LES BEIGES DE CHANEL made natural beauty a style manifesto in its own right. From the heart of winter to the midst of summer, from the first glimmers of spring to the golden glow of autumn, with this singular line the skin takes natural beauty all its own. Like Gabrielle Chanel, who freed the body of restrictions, LES BEIGES liberates daily beauty steps, making them easy and spontaneous. Formulated for an error-free ap- plication, the variation of shades and textures has a single mission: to reveal the natural radiance of a healthy outdoor glow.

Today, the LES BEIGES collection sets sail. Dressed in an iconic striped top, which Mademoiselle borrowed from sailors and gave her own twist to, the makeup line continues to draw inspiration from the great outdoors. Cheek- bones barely blushing with a hint of colour, a radiant complexion and mois- turized, perfectly pampered lips. A palette composed of healthy glow colours and easy to use formulas.


In 1913, Gabrielle Chanel opened her first boutique in Deauville and gave a new reputation to jersey, the functional fabric reserved for men's undercloth- ing. Borrowing the codes and stripes of the sailor's wardrobe, she transformed women's allure and invented a new chic style: effortless elegance in all circum- stances.

This ongoing quest for freedom and comfort led to the formulation of LES BEIGES in 2013. Whether rapid or meticulous, the application technique is freed of restrictions and the powder combines just the right amount of pigments that become one with the skin with no risk of mistakes.

Today, a sea breeze blows over the LES BEIGES powder collection. In addition to a new shade that completes the existing range of already legendary powders, CHANEL offers a new palette: HEALTHY GLOW MULTI-COLOUR Marinière. 



The powder case presents a harmony of two shades to apply together or sepa- rately, thanks to its half-moon brush. The lightest shade enhances the radiance of the face by applying to the top of the cheekbones under the eyebrows, and just above the lips on the Cupid's bow. The deeper colour emphasizes facial contrasts. Finally, sweep the brush lightly over the powder case to perfectly blend the two shades and create a healthy glow result. Subtle and translucent, makeup becomes adjustable and intensifies with each stroke of the brush.


With its UVA and UVB sunscreens to ensure SPF 15/PA++ protection, the pow- der is enriched with white rose and cotton flower plant cells that become one with the skin for soothing and protective action. It also contains shea butter and a Vitamin E derivative to maintain optimum levels of hydration and comfort. 


The immediately identifiable HEALTHY GLOW MULTI-COLOUR Marinière powder case is adorned with the highly desirable beige of the collection.

HEALTHY GLOW MULTI-COLOUR Marinière comes in two shade variations.

Limited edition: Marinière N°01, Marinière N°02 



Designed to perfectly match the entire LES BEIGES palette, the HEALTHY GLOW SHEER COLOUR STICK gives a new makeup effect. Velvety and refreshing, this hybrid blush adds a touch of colour to cheekbones to enhance a natural heal- thy glow. Application is easy: simply apply the stick to your cheek and blend the light, soft texture into the skin with fingertips. With no need for a brush; it's foolproof. The formulas light up the skin with a sheer finish, with no streaks or excess pigments in sight. On the contrary, the creamy texture ensures a natural, fresh and radiant makeup result. As a bonus, this stick allows you to adjust the result: the more you apply, the more intense the colour. The more you blend in, the softer the result.


Created with coconut oil and beeswax, enriched with a concentrate of cotton flower and white rose plant cells, the HEALTHY GLOW SHEER COLOUR STICK offers a second-skin sensation and melt-away comfort. The formula contains a subtle dose of pearlescent pigments to illuminate the natural radiance of the complexion with a sheer finish.

Presented in a travel-friendly case, the HEALTHY GLOW SHEER COLOUR STICK is available in three colours: fresh pink, luminous coral and golden copper.



In the great outdoors, the skin is not the only part of the face that glows with radiance. This is why LES BEIGES writes a new chapter of its story with the MOISTURIZING HEALTHY GLOW LIP BALM. Developed with the same obsession for comfort and freedom, this balm is in a category all of its own. It offers sheer makeup, protects all season long and forms a cocoon of softness on the lip surface. A formula designed for women who want to look fresh and natural, not made up.


The formula, rich in white rose and cotton flower plant cells, contains polymers that allow it to create a uniform film. Phytosterols and emollient oils offer extreme hy- drating power to protect lips against dryness more than ever. After the very first ap- plication, lips appear smoother and softer. They benefit from immediate and lasting comfort. An irresistible sensation that you will want to indulge in as often as possible.

The MOISTURIZING HEALTHY GLOW LIP BALM comes in a black tube and is available in a single, essential shade.

Limited edition: N°10

To complete the healthy glow of this outdoor breeze collection, CHANEL developed two new LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES shades (Rose Tendre and Beige Star), as well as four nail polishes (Beige Rosé,* Beige Pur, Precious Beige and Lovely Beige). So many variations to feel ever more beautiful, ever more natural. 


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May 02, 2015
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Skincare Chat featuring Kiehls, Fresh, shu uemura and lots more [April-May 2015]

Hallo everyone!  

I am planning to do a few chatty update entries this weekend, starting first with skincare chat.  Time to time I do a skincare update, when I have rotated enough new products to give everyone a run down of what I am currently trying out.  Some are new, some are old-timers.  And I always only show what works for me.  I get lots of PR products for skincare and all that, but I don't always use everything that come my way if I think that they don't suit me, or they didn't really work out for me.  And there are a lot more which are waiting to be used.. so always keep a lookout for subsequent updates when I will include them. 
I don't like do to a specific one or two item review.. cos that's not a realistic review of how products work.  They never work in isolation, and I find that my updates show you a very real way of how I mix and match products accordingly. 

I hope that this entry will give you an idea of what I am currently enjoying, and maybe you might find something interesting to try out for yourself!  As I am rounding the products to take pictures.. I realise that many of these products focus on skin brightening and smoothing.  Always a good combo!  And I do like my skin condition now, my skin is usually clear, and smooth, I have some pigmentation spots (like tiny freckles) but other than that.. I am happy with how my skin has been for the past few years. 

Firstly, we have the cleansing and makeup removal - 

I am rotating a few makeup removers - but this is the new 'feature' which is the new Shu Uemura blanc:chroma brightening and polishing gentle cleansing oil.   I have several other makeup removal waters, jelly removal products.. but I think I have shown you those before and I shall not mention them.  This cleansing oil contains volcanic clay cleansing oil that works to gently exfoliate and polish away accumulated melano-stains* for brighter, transparent and smoother skin.  
I really enjoy this cleansing oil - and you all know, shu uemura cleansing oils are some of the best ones out there as far as oils are concerned.  This is gentle, and it does give a brightening effect, especially with coupled with the skincare products which I will use later on. 

Next, I have two cleansing foams.  I always double cleanse, as you know.  Makeup removal is step one.  And face cleansing is step two.  No matter how clean my face feel after the cleansing oil - I still must use a cleansing foam.  

The first one that I use everyday is the IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam (only available in Korea) - this is a brightening cleansing foam - it contains beads (but in no way scrubby - they are losely scattered throughout the dense foam and seem to release some brightening essence as you lather up the product).  I love this cleanser, and I will keep using it (I have a back up!).  This costs me about SG$30 each.. and if I know of anyone going to Korea, I will definitely get them to add to my remote shopping list. 

The next one is THREE Balancing Foam (only available in Japan, Taiwan, and nearer to us, BKK) - another very rich dense foamy cleanser - I bought this cos I got a sample during one of my trips to BKK.. I love the scent (geranium, balsam fresh.. which reminds me of my fave aseop geranium body wash).  So I bought the full sized.  I only use this on special days (like after I have done a super long run and I want to smell something so refreshing).  I would use this everyday if this is more accessible for me to repurchase though.  But it is not exactly cheap.  I think it's ($50+?) I can't remember. 

I am also an eye cream junkie.   

I have been using this pair of eyecreams (I interchange them for day and night).  These were given to me by Estetica, and I have enjoyed them a lot.  If you like thick creamy eye creams, you will love them.  

The Optimal Lift A+ Eye Essence - this is thick and creamy with a cooling effect upon application. 
Optimal A+ Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle - this is creamier than the Eye Essence. 

I did not notice any significant results though.. not because they aren't working, I just never notice any obvious results with any eyecreams..but I just use them religiously for hydration, and plumping up the area.  As I grown older, I think that my eyelids are more and more pouffy.. and I don't expect any eye cream to perform any miraculous results as far as that is concerned.  But as hydration and smoothing, this is a good powerful pair. 

And on some days, I put on the Kiehls' Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector with SPF30, I use this in the day time.. but I don't have much dark circle.. and I do wish this is lighter in tone, so it can brighten my undereyes more.  But it is pretty much the same skintone as my undereyes.  The formula is good though, it is very smoothing and did not settle into any lines under my eyes.  The fact that it has SPF is a bonus. 

Next, we have the serum & Skin Conditioners - This is my laziest step, and I prolly only do this every other day. 

First, we have the DIORSNOW White Perfection Serum - This is very lightweight and quickly absorbed.  It contains very good ingredient, and I should prolly be more religious in using it for best results.  
Some information in case you are wondering: 

Combining the exceptional power of Edelweiss with Mallow extract and the Transparency Enhancing™ Complex in the Edelweiss Complex, the Diorsnow Serum activates a brightening mechanism inside the skin for the broadest action ever reached by Dior in a single serum with instant and lasting correction on dark spots, transparency and perfect uniformity of skin tone and texture. 

I also use the Albion Skin Conditioner - I soak a cotton pad with this and pat it onto my skin, leaving it on for a couple of minutes.  I am not sure what exactly it does for my skin, but it makes my skin very soft and smooth, and I suppose also better prep it for absorbing other skincare products I use later on. 

I  have been trying out the new Kiehls Iris Extract Treatment Essence - this is good stuff. 
it is very nourishing and contains the life power of the precious Iris Florentina Root. This is an advanced multi-action treatment essence that quickly and deeply penetrates the skin to activate skin cells to boost radiance, reduce fine lines, and improve dullness for glowing, youthful skin. 
Like the skin conditioner, I use this as a pre serum/ pre face cream step.  

They are not toners - but they just soften your skin and makes it feel soothed and balanced. 

Next, are my current stash of face creams - and this is my fave category among in this skincare update (second place would be the cleansers I mentioned at the start).  I love using rich creams for both day and night.  I like to have a layer of product on my face before I sleep and also before I put on my makeup.  I feel that the moisture in your face is sucked out by the air as you go out and about doing your work during the course of the day, hence a good hydrating face cream is essential. 

Let's start with Face Oil - and this is quite an accidental discovery, I can't remember when I got this - but the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil is good stuff.  I use this 2-3 nights a week - it is easily absorbed, and the next day I notice visibly smoother clearer skin.  EVERY TIME.  I love love love this face oil.   But I have several other favourite face oils lined up for me to use... so I won't be re-purchasing this anytime soon.  But this I will highly recommend.  

Next, we have the Clarins White Plus brightening night cream, and the Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin youthful bouncy cream. Both are rich creams (but not heavy) which makes them great under makeup.  I know not everyone will agree with me on this.. but I feel like my foundations go on better when I have a layer of skincare on my face.  It makes makeup to fuse into my skin better.  I have normal skin.. so I can get away with this.  If you have oily complexion, I would definitely suggest using a gel type face cream for day.  
The Clarins cream is a old fave, I have used this several times over the years - the consistency is great and it keeps my skin looking clear and bright, which works well in conjunction with everything else I am using in my routine. 

The Shu Uemura Tsuya cream is new to my routine, I have only started using it a couple of weeks ago.  I like the bouncy texture of the cream - I think I have the matching Tsuya serum somewhere in my stash, so maybe I should take it out and use it for matchy skincare purposes.  So far I like this cream.

Next, are a couple of FRESH Skincare products - I have a ton of them in my collection, but I don't always love all FRESH skincare products (the Fresh Soy Cleanser didn't impress me)... but these two... amazing stuff. 

FRESH BLACK TEA FIRMING OVERNIGHT MASK - this is like my current sleeping mask product - I had run out of my Peter Thomas Roth rose stem cell mask - so this came along, and I was excited to use it.  I didn't like the Black Tea rinse off mask.. but this overnight one really impressed me. It is very rich and smells awesome.  This is thick stuff.. and by the next day it is absorbed into your skin, no sticky residue.  But when I wash my face, I feel like I am rinsing off a layer of this product off my skin.  I do think that it has firming effect on my skin... the overall texture is smoother whenever I use this.  And I like using overnight masks as an all in one awesome product.  Seriously... if you don't want to splurge money on buying separate products (serums, creams etc etc)... just invest in a good overnight mask, and use it.  I use this 3-4 times a week at night.  And it works fine.  

A new addition to my face cream is the FRESH Creme Ancienne Soft Cream (supposedly this is FRESH's answer to La Mer creams) and it is hand mixed in a monastery, and it is inspired by a formula from centuries ago to heal wounds.  This has a whipped texture, and very creamy jelly like.  I love how luxe it feels on my skin, and it keeps my skin really soft and hydrated throughout the day (cos I had intend to use it at night, until one day I had by mistaken slap it on for day time, and it feels AMAZING under foundation).   You might have seen me posting pictures of my face that day on Instagram, and I mentioned how I used this in the daytime. 

I hope this entry has been useful.. I know these aren't reviews per say.. but really just a chitchat of what i am using and enjoying in case you are curious about my views about some new products. 

My next update collective entry would most probably foundations and sunscreens - I have so many new stuff here, it is overwhelming, and I thank you for being patient as always. 

Have a great weekend, and thank you for reading. 

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