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October 13, 2015

Introducing NARS The State of Audacious at Tangs Pop Up!

This week, NARS is continuing the Audacious celebrations in the month of October.  They will be launching their first ever pop-up outside TANGS Plaza, from October 16 to October 22.  

Experience the NARS approach with NARS Hong Kong Lead Stylist, Priscilla Yu, who will be in Singapore -- Be taken through a personalised step by step service that speaks to Francois Nars' signature techniques, alongside feature-focused face charts.  

There will be one to one makeover appointments with Priscilla from OCT 16-18, and with Julyen Loo NARS Singapore Lead Artist from OCT 19-22.  All appointments can be booked via TANGS e-store - links below

With Priscilla Yu LINK

With Julyen Loo <a href="https://www.tangs.com/estore/product_info.php?products_id=17743">LINK

</a>Each session is SG$60 and fully redeemable for NARS products.  Receive a 2 piece gift, inclusive of a mini Orgasm Blush.  Register asap to receive an additional mini lip gloss! 

The details in summary - 

WHERE TANGS at TANGS Plaza POP UP, 310 Orchard Road S238864
WHEN 16 OCT to 22 OCT 2015

And here's a fun instagram contest for Singapore NARS fans, participate in the instagram challenge from Oct 15 to 17 - for a chance to win a box of Audacity - Three Audacious lipsticks, an Audacious mascara and a Kohliner to keep. 
Pick your weapon of Audacity with intensified eyes or seductive lips, share a photo of yourself with your choosen weapon of Audacity and hastag to #beAudaciousSG.  
More details on the NARS SG Facebook. 

For my full review and swatches of NARS Audacious Lipsticks LINK HERE

Hope you take this opportunity to get Audacious with NARS!

Thanks for looking!

October 13, 2015

SkinInc Facial Treatment Update & Round Up

Hi hi

Just thought that it is appropriate for me to give a quick update on two subsequent treatments which I got to try out after my first SkinInc facial three weeks ago.  

While I realise that it is not usual for anyone to go for these intensive treatments within such a short period of time - to be honest, my skin is still glowing and healthy from the previous treatment, so going for another treatment again seems to defeat the purpose. 
I can share with you my genuine experience, having tried a variety of their facials, and you can decide which piques your interest and address your area of concern though. 

The run-down of treatments I received:

Session One - OxyMiracle Peel & Infusion, followed by the Deepsea Hydrating Mask and the Optimiser treatment [detailed review in this entry]

Session Two - OxyMiracle Peel & Infusion, followed by the Brightening Mask, which I mentioned on my instagram, along with this picture of my face the following day:

The Brightening Mask is something which I am skeptical about.  No doubt it provides instant brightening and glow, I have always felt that it is a rather superficial effect, ie, the brightening effect is something which is almost cosmetic.. and I did share my doubts with the beauty therapist on the spot , she did recommend that for home use - you have to use the brightening mask for 3-4 days in a row, before going to a once weekly treatment to maintain the brightening effect. 

For me personally, I prefer the Hydrating mask treatment, but then again, it depends on your preference and what are your concerns though. 

Session Three - Customised Skin Infusion, followed by another Mask, I believe is also the Hydrating Mask, and this picture of my face the following day.

This Customised Skin Infusion is targeted more for mature skin that needs a more effective ingredient delivery.  The treatment consists of using an electric probe machine that sends current and in the process, the active ingredients in the customised cocktail serum right to your dermise layer.  This treats the skin problems head on, at the source.  Not suitable if you are pregrant or have a pacemaker in your body. There is no discomfort during the treatment, only a very slight vibration of the eletronic probe thingy and a tiny bit of prickly feeling when it goes over the bony areas of the face such as the forehead and chin.  The process takes about 20 minutes.  Besides the ultra effective delivery system/ infusion, there are other advantages for this process too, namely the fact that toxins are flushed from the lymphatic system, and you see instant results - which will last you a good week at least.  

Overall, I have enjoyed all three treatments - each left my skin smoother and clearer, I mean, I just can't help but look fresh the whole day without having to pile on face products when I go to work.  What you see on my face is what you get.  That said, I do a fair bit of home maintainence, my top shelf is jam packed with anti-aging face creams, serums, gadgets, and a whole load more products than usual.  Even the beauty therapists at SkinInc (and actually at most other places I go do my facial treatments) all commented that my skin is in really tip top condition - and I am saying this matter of factly (touch wood) I am not boosting, but at 36 years old, I have to say my skin is pretty darn good.  These treatments can only serve to enhance my skin condition, bringing out the natural clarity and radiance further - but I am in no way suggesting that they are miracle skin rescue for any sort of skin problem.  

I appreciate all your comments, and feedback, so do leave them below if you have any further queries! 

Once again, thank you for reading as always. 

p/s - first time customers get 50% off SkinInc treatments, so if you are interested to try out, this is a good opportunity.  No code necessary, you don't have to quote my name, just make your appointment with them if you are a first time customer and the discount will apply.  

September 28, 2015

The Custom SkinInc Facial Experience – Say Hi to Smooth & Glowy Skin


I was invited to try out a series of SkinInc facial treatments, and I shall share with you my experience as I go along.  If you want the short version, I am amazed again what wonders a good facial can do for your skin, even if you think you have already 'quite okay' skin.  Facials aren't always the cheapest beauty indulgences, but if you are looking into an efficient and safe way to boost your skin just before a special ocassion, whether you want to rejuvenate your skin, a good facial is the way to go.  If you want to read more, I have it all detailed below for your reading pleasure! 

The introduction

Upon arrival, I signed up for a SkinInc account (link here) and answered a brief questionnaire on my general skin concerns and lifestyle – I was quite surprised as I thought that a machine would be used to analyse my skin condition instead of a questionnaire.  So anyway, the results will then be used to create your daily dose of customised SkinInc serum.  According to the results, I have (or I should say, prone to) dehydrated skin, sensitive and irritated skin as well as pigmentation issues – of which I must agree with the pigmentation issue, but the rest are pretty much 'generic' concerns.

This will help my beauty therapist, Margaret to create my bespoke serum that targes my current, unique skin concerns.  Prior to this appointment, I have heard so much about the colourful SkinInc serums, but I always just thought that you have to mix and match 3 separate serums, but actually they are custom blended into one bottle for your easy usage.

Just to sum up, here are the three steps I went through:

1.       Discover my unique skin identity (by completing the questionnaire)
2.       Identify the three serums I need
3.       Combine it into a "My Daily Dose" Bottle

And this is the blend that will be used during my treatment that evening.

[My bespoke cocktail serum ended up to be the following]

-          Hyaluronic Acid Serum – solves dehydrated or dry skin (I can always do with more hydration)

-          Licorice Serum – calms sensitive, irritated skin and pimples (I don't think this is entirely accurate, but never mind.. )

-          Chlorella Serum – solves pigmentation and brightens dull skin (anything that brightens my skin, I likey)

Actually Margaret further customised the mixture – she replaced the Licorice with the Collagen Serum during the treatment – as it will solve wrinkles, lines and aging skin.  I am all about the anti-aging stuff lately, so this sounded like a much better fit for my skin concern.

Then she briefly went through the treatment steps with me, and then we got started.

The Oxy Miracle Peel

This is done after makeup removal and cleansing.  Margaret told me to expect cooling sensations, and for the next 10 minutes, my skin was treated to cold misty jets of oxygen that 'brushes' the surface of my skin.  It felt very soothing (given how hot and hazy the weather has been lately) and she took extra care to cover the areas around my nose, which are prone to blackheads and open pores.  This 5-in-1 treat is supposed to deep cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, oxygenate and micro-circulate my skin for instant lift and radiance.   I think this is the crucial step that really made my skin feel super clean and smooth after the facial.

The Oxy Miracle Infusion

Next, she massaged my face with the bespoke serum (the three I mentioned earlier), the customised cocktail of active ingredients is delivered straight to the dermis layer of the skin - and she did apply this liberally during the treatment, and because my skin has just been so thoroughly exfoliated from the Oxy Miracle Peel – it was stimulated to absorb the ingredients efficiently.  This gives my skin the glowy healthy look post treatment.

She used the same 'oxy machine' again, this time a more gentle mist that contains Onsen water from Japan's thermal region.  This, together with the serum cocktail, was very relaxing and I almost fell asleep.  Yes, I can get used to the cooling moisture mist that floats around my skin, and I feel like my skin was being totally infused with the active ingredients.

The Optimiser Treatment

This is done as an additional step, as if the Oxy Miracle treatments aren't enough.  Margaret used the SkinInc Optimiser to enhance the effects of the skincare products – this is supposed to stimulate the skin cells and increase circulation through the LED Chromotherapy (in 3 colours – red to increase collagen, green to boost absorption of active ingredients, blue to renew and repair damaged skin cells) – she used the red light on me.  By speeding up the absorption of the ingredients, this means that the products used will work harder and also see results faster.

The Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask is used in this process – as in she applied the mask on my skin, and used the Optimiser to massage it into my skin – before leaving it there for about 20 minutes during which I fell asleep).   This is an award winning gel mask that contains nutrient rich Okinawa deep sea water, and the brightening and balancing effects of Soya Bean and Hyaluronic Acid.  Besides that, the mask also contains other essential trace elements such as zinc  and magnesium, which are good for repairing the skin's natural barrier.  Overall, the mask can be used daily and to plump and pamper the skin.

My thoughts

This is definitely an ingredients and technology packed treatment – good for instant results when you need them, for a special occasion, good for when you need to re-start your skin, good for those who have been neglecting their skin lately, and want to restore it back to 'square one'.  Of course it is not going to solve any acne or serious skin problems overnight or with one single session, but right afterwards, your skin is cleaner, clearer and glowy for the week at least. I don't have any visible skin issues at the moment, but even I can see and feel that my skin is totally rejuvenated post treatment.  When I got home, my mom and sis both commented on how bright and smooth my skin looks (they didn't know I came home post facial).  I examined my nose area, and the blackheads are 'flushed out' the overall skin texture is refined, and the overall luminosity is enhanced compared to pre-treatment.

The treatment itself is almost clinical; the room is fuss free, and the equipment and therapist efficient. Judging by the crowd in the store when I was there on a Monday evening, I think it is pretty clear that there is a strong following for this brand which I only recently started discovering.  I will leave you with a few mugshots of my skin post treatment, and hopefully you can see how awesome the skin looks. 

Definitely worth going in for a consultation, or check out their website for more information if you are keen. 

p/s - isn't it great when I finally found a bit of blogging mojo lately?  Hope you been enjoying the recent updates!

Thanks for reading!! 

September 27, 2015

The Nude Lipsticks Edit

Hi hi!!

In this entry, I have a few nude lipsticks to share with you.  These are a staple in everyone's makeup collection - and there is always a nude colour to suit every skintone.  But these days, wearing a nude lipstick is not the same as, I would say, 5 years aho, when nude lipsticks are often little more than a shade of concealer pale hue on your lips...doing your makeup no justice at all.  Pale nudes only look good in editorial shoots, and seldom flattering in real life. 

Then we have the My Lips But Better nudes - these nudes mimic the natural colour of your lips, but perhaps a tad pinkier/ redder/ browner, and so in this way, I feel that such colours really match every eye makeup look that you do.  A neutral lipcolor will make you look refreshed without going the bold route like a red lip, it is easy to throw on, and you can easily collect a few in your makeup bag to rotate for the week. And a bonus?  I think they wear off quite well, since they sort of blend into your own lip color, so you don't end up with the awkward worn off lip look midway through lunch or drinks.  They just give your lips a healthy looking boost. 

Here I have a few to show you, missing a couple here and there because I can't gather them in time when I shoot these pics. 

I have been wearing such universally flattering nudes lately, and only reaching for my bold lippies on days that I felt like it.  Other than that, I just want to enhance my lip shape, and just keep the rest of the face quite clean. 

I also prefer to go for a more rosy brown shade of nude, as I think that is the closest to my own natural lip colour.  I tend to steer away from the very pinky or very peachy/ coral nudes. 

Some honorable mentions even though they are not pictured here are - either cos they are not currently in my recent rotation, or they are missing/ hiding in one of my makeup bags:

1. MAC Bora lipstick (from the Julia Petit collection, this is limited edition though)
2. NARS Audacious lipsticks in Anita and Anna 
3. Tarte Matte Tint in Exposed 

And the rest are pictured here: 

They come in a variety of finishes and formula, but one thing in common, they are all neutrals with shades of pink, brown and even a little bit of red thrown in.  
I tend to prefer the matte to satin finishes in these lipsticks, but if you like glossy ones, I think there's a lot out there too, or refer to the new Dior Addict lipsticks which I just featured - link here. 

1 - Stila Liquid Lipstick in Dolce dries matte, and has a terracota shade to it.  A warm brown that suits olive medium skin tone.  I kinda like this shade, but I need to have the mood for it.  The formula is good, it is quite creamy to apply and doesn't feel too drying. \

2 - Stila Vinyl lipgloss in terracota - which is redder and darker than Dolce, and it is the only glossy lippie featured in this entry.  It is quite pigmented, and I think it will go well if you line your lips, and go over with this intense gloss. 

3 - BM Pop of Passion in Pop Candy - this is a pinky one, quite neutral in tone, and the formula reminds me of a MAC cremesheen lipstick. Quite moisturising, and I think this comes in a quite a few other shades too.  I haven't used this enough to see if it's long lasting though. 

4 - Burts' Bees Lip Crayon Sedona Sands - like the Fresh lipbalm in Nude, this like a tinted balm, it is very lightweight, and not drying at all.  The colour payoff is not very intense, and I think it gives a natural sheer wash of colour on your lips. 

5 - MJ lipstick in Infamous - this is quite creamy and intense, and is a rather deep rosy and a little bit of brown shade.  I would describe this as a mature pink, though neutral enough to match with a smokey eye, or wear on its own with more neutral eyes. I think this is quite a universally flattering shade. 

6 - MJ Anais - This is one of the nude lipsticks that come in the recent new MJ nude lipsticks collection.  This is less intense compared to the formula of the existing MJ black lipsticks, and this is quite a beigey nude without being too pale.  

7 - Stila Color Balm in Isabelle - this has to be one of my faves along with the Tarte matte lip tint in Exposed. They both have that minty scent and sensation upon wearing, and super comfortable.  I really like this colour too and it is really comfortable to wear.  

A close up of the Stila Liquid Lipstick in Dolce.  Beautiful!!! 

And some of the neutral lippies as shown on a very bare face that I am prepping for another chatty entry, coming soon! 

All these lipsticks are available at all Sephora stores, in case you are wondering, and I hope this list of recommendations have been helpful.

p/s - these lipsticks and more have been given to me by Sephora Singapore to try out way back in June, and I am only picking the few that I have actually used and able to talk about in this entry.  

Thanks for reading!! 

September 25, 2015

LOTD & Make Up Store Fall Collections

Hi hi  
This entry will feature some of Make Up Store's new collections for this fall.  I got the chance to preview them, and took some pictures and swatches.  As you know, the brand is also revamping its entire range of makeup products, both in  terms of the packaging and the formulations.  The new eyeshadows, lipsticks and foundations are all improved and reformulated - you will still find your existing shades in the improved formula. 

I will bring you through some of the collections along with some information on their upcoming launch of the holiday collection called Shade - shown here with all the silver chrome skull motifs. 

First up we have ICON - which is currently available, and here are some of the products from the collection: 
As you can see the new packaging are all more angular, square and has this croc print accent on the packaging and the products themselves. 
The collection features deep rich shades, and the lipstick in ICON is really pretty.  I also love Catwalk eyeshadow.

Swatches - 
ICON lipstick is a sheer berry stain, and it is very wearable and autumnal. 
The eyeshadows are very finely milled and I find them very easy to blend and layer. 

Next, we have the Haute Couture collection which will be out late Oct.  You need to pick up Barbara eyeshadow!  It is the best matte orangey burnt brown I have come across, even better than my Inglot one... I have  been reach for this every often, and you might have seen a picture that I posted on Instagram in which I just wore this eyeshadow alone, without any other liner and falsies.  Fashion is a deep brown that is perfect for deepening any shade, and defining your eye look. 
Style is pretty pigmented, and can double up as a blush. 

Swatches here: 

And here is a quick preview of the SHADE collection:

This collection features makeup brushes, two face highlighters, cream concealer palette, lipsticks and eyeshadows.  The packaging is pretty cool and edgy, and the colours are very user-friendly. 

More pictures: 

The SHADE collection information here:

Ending this entry with a LOTD that I did with the products I picked from the new collection: 

Swatches of the three eyeshadows I got: 

A few application pictures: 

The eyeshadows have no fallout-- but the powder do fly about in the pan, which makes them look a tad messy, but once you tap off your brush, and you apply and blend the eyeshadows, there's no fall down onto your eye area.  I would say a little product goes a long way, and it is easier to build up the colour then to start with too much product on your brush. 
These eyeshadows are really soft and smooth, and I enjoyed using them.

The cream foundation feels a little thin, I had expected it to be a little creamier, and building up the colour payoff I wanted was a little tricky.  I definitely need to try this out a few more times before I can give my final thoughts though. 

The complete look: 

All products used: 

base - Makeup Store cream to powder foundation in Almond, set with Ettusais Premium loose powder
concealers - Shiseido natural finish cream concealer in shade 2B, Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer in shade SX07
cheeks & contour - Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit in 02, Makeup Store Gleam Dream in Rose, MAC Blush in Breezy 

brows - ABH brow promade in Dark Brown, set with MAC browgel in Beguile

eyeshadows - Makeup Store eyeshadows in Barbara, Catwalk and Fashion
eyeliner - Tom Ford dual ended liquid liner
lashes - my own stack of demi wispies 

lips - Makeup Store sheer lipstick in Icon 

Brushes used -
Real techniques expert face brush for foundation
Real techniques stippling brush for Gleam Dream 
Real techniques blush brush for contour and blush
MAC 217 for eyeshadow
Inglot 4SS for blending 
MAC 212 for brows

Hope you enjoyed this entry, and thanks for reading! 

September 24, 2015

New Dior Addict Lipsticks

</p> <p>

Dior ushers in a new era in lip makeup with the breakthrough creation of a lipstick that boasts a hydra-gel core with a top coat effect for sensational mirror shine. 
Concentrated in the shape of a CD at the center, the ultra-moisturizing soft core runs the full length of the stick. Application after application, it works like a top coat, adding an extra dose of shine and colourfastness with unbelievable comfort. 

Applied with surprising ease, its glide-on texture blends seamlessly with the lips. The hydra-gel core melds with the colour to give the instant effect of a lipstick plus top coat.

The hydra-gel core is composed of three expert oils among the shiniest used in cosmetics.
The Sensorial oil delivers unprecedented fluidity and glide for a new generation of voluptuousness.
The Comfort oil improves moisturization of the lips, while the Shield oil ensures colour will adhere and last.

Glow shades with a subtle pearly shine blend tone-on-tone to naturally bathe the lips in light.
Bold and electric Flash tones dare to play with pure, accented colour on the lips.
<span>Glitter hues brimming with iridescent shimmer or glitter dramatically reflect the light.

<strong>My thoughts:

</strong>When I saw images of Jennifer Lawrence in the ad, I thought that these new collection would be a intense and glossy lipsticks, but they are mostly a variety of my lips but better sheer-ish lipsticks.  No doubt they are very moisturising, given the hydra-gel core, and I do feel like I am wearing a very hydrating lip balm when I apply these lipsticks.  They glide on smoothly, and with the exception of Be Dior, the other three shades I have are just a healthy dash of natural lip color on me - they  might not show up much at all if you have very pigmented natural lip color. 
Because of the light and balmy formula of these lipsticks, I don't find them to be long lasting, after a meal, the lipstick is pretty much gone.  But they are easy to re-apply.  The description also says extra dose of shine, but I don't find them to be extra shiny or glossy... they are just a nornal, non matte finish. 

To sum up, I think these are comfortable to wear, and good if you are prone to dry lips.  There is a huge range of colours, and I think that the bolder shades seem to have a lot more intense color payoff.  The rest are likely to be subtle variants of MLBB shades.  
And the packaging, while lovely, is confusing because the names and number is on the cap, but not on the actual bullet. As I was taking photos and swatching, I can't track back which cap goes to which lipstick.  And they all being mostly the same shade made it hard for me to track on the website.. but I think I managed to match everything back in its rightful place. It's not a big deal, but for my own stash archive purposes, can be a bit of a hassle. 


And on my face overall 

</strong>note on the face - this is my face after 10 hours, and I only applied some bronzer as eyeshadows on my eyes and applied falsies  I also lightly touched up my face with powder and bit of blusher.  Everything else was applied since 6:30am. <strong>

</strong>Hope you find my review helpful,  and thank you for reading!   

September 24, 2015

A Quick Getaway to Hong Kong

Hi hi

A couple of weeks ago, I made a quick getaway to Hong Kong with my sister, the last time I was there was two years ago.. and I miss the city.  Also, I had wanted to go and check out some shades... but I didn't end up doing any much shopping at all.  I dun know why, I just don't feel like I am in a shopping vibe though.  I didn't get any makeup - though I did check out all the spanking new and pretty makeup places, I played with the Gucci makeup, I toyed with the idea of getting a bag, but no... I just ended up getting a Nike workout tank, two pairs of all black sleek shades from a local HK brand - Egg Optical.. pic at the end of this entry!

That said, I did enjoy myself, eating and just going to random places for a drink and I guess one of my highlights was to run around my hotel area - I stayed in the TST area, and facing Central Hong Kong.  The sea view, and the Avenue of the Stars was within walking distance, and I made it a point to go for a run the first morning I was there.  But it was scorching hot and bright (without any trees to provide shade), and the second and third days I just did my running indoors in the comfort of the hotel gym.  

And of course, I have to have this nike app pic for memories sake. 
This is the kind of touristy thing I like to do.  Haha. 

One of the mornings, having brunch.  I love both the iced coffee and iced milk tea.  Super thick, super sweet, but so comforting!  This is one of the pair of new shades I bought. 

This is where my hotel is located, along Canton Road.  I love this area, it is bustling and just within walking distance to all the shops you can find here. 

Further down the street is the Peninsular Hotel, and so we took another touristy selfie here. 

Here are some of the beauty products I brought along with me, all mini toiletries - many of which I purchased from my Sephora Beauty on the Fly shopping trip -- LINK here. 

Clarins shower gel
Living Proof Volume shampoo and conditioner 
Cle de Peau eye cream and la creme
Fresh Creme Ancienne Soft Cream
Shiseido Ultimune eyes 
Khiels sunscreen 
Clarins foaming facial cleanser 
Albion Skin Conditioner 

My choice of a long lasting flawless base - 
This is very travel friendly too.  I used the same foundation for my EU trip  back in June. 

The MAC ProLong Wear Pressed Powder, and Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. I love this combination. 

Choice of lipsticks - and I will be doing a follow up soon, on these Stila and Marc Jacobs lipsticks.  LOVE. 

Choice of Cheek combo 
Cle De Peau bronzer
Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne Pop
NARS Luster Blush 

Eyeshadow palettes! 

One of my LOTDs - I think I used the Chanel palette in this palette.   Click here to read about my review of the Chanel Fall 2015 collection. 

And my haul highlight - just these two pairs of shades.  I got them at Hysan Place, on the third floor. the shop is located next to the escalator.  Apparently they have a store in Singapore too, at Jurong Point.  Has anyone seen this place before?  

That's all, and I hope you enjoyed this random update! 

Thanks for reading! 

September 24, 2015

LOTD: Chanel Fall 2015

This entry will feature a few pieces I picked from the Chanel 2015 collection.  When I saw pictures of the eyeshadow palette, I knew I couldn't pass it up, and I wasn't disappointed.  The quality is impressive along with the actual colour payoff.  I like the range of colours in this palette, they pack a good range of pale to deep neutrals for you to create all sorts of neutral looks. 

I would totally recommend the eyeshadow palette, and also the Rouge Allure Velvet La Bouleversante - you can't go wrong with classics, and these two impress in terms of both the quality and colour. 
Entrelacs Palette

I have been reaching for the palette quite a lot lately, because it is so user friendly.  
I will start by applying the highlight shade lightly all over my eye lids as a base and subtle highlight - it has a golden glowy pearlised finish. 
This is followed by using the only matte mid brown shade in this palette on my lids to add a bit of dimension. 

I will then use the middle rich brown shade on my eyelids, as that will be my main eyelook colour.  The darkest brown is used for further definition.  I haven't used the peachy shade much though, because it blends pretty much into my own skin colour.  But all shades work beautifully together, and I highly recommend getting this palette, it has both collectors and actual practical value. 

Ecorce Sanguine (671)– brick red

I find that this gorgeous red applies very smoothly and is opaque in one coat.  I can't resist a good Chanel red, and this is no exception. 
swatches of the nail polish - link here from my instagram 

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Bouleversante (51) 
This is a smooth velvety red, not quite bright read like La Flamboyante, but holds up really well.  Very classy, and I love it.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Temeraire (112)
This is a jewel ruby red.  It is quite intense for a coco shine, but still has the slip and lightweight formula.  I like to wear this as a stain, and it is easy to reapply. 

I also picked out a couple of other Chanel goodies, would you like to see a follow up post? 

All products used

Base – Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Cream No20, set with Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder in No10

Cheeks – Chanel Lumiere D Ete to warm up the complexion, Les Beiges Healthy Glow sheer color stick in No22

Lips – Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 51 La Bouleversante, and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 112 Temeraire

Eyes – Chanel Entrelacs eyeshadow palette, Three eye pencil in 08

Brows – ABH promade in Ash Brown, set with Tarte brow gel in Rich Brown 

Hope this entry has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

August 29, 2015

Review & Application: Too Faced Born this Way Foundation

Hi hi!!

This entry will be a review and demo, sharing with you why Too Faced Born this Way foundation is now my current go to fave foundation.   I was intrigued by the name (hallo, it's the name of one of my all time fave Lady Gaga song..) and also the idea of a medium to full flawless foundation is kind attractive to me.  I have been testing out quite a few foundations lately, but none has really stood out to me... I was looking for something new to wow me, and this indeed wow me on the first couple of uses.  

Some background though - I haven't been reaching for a full fleged foundation in recent weeks, instead I prefer to opt for a sheer to light coverage of bb base with maximum sun protection, I don't need the coverage, but I do need something to even out my skintone and also give me sun protection in one single product.  So I was very pleasantly surprised by how much this foundation covers, but at the same time how flawless and relatively lightweight it feels.  In terms of performance, I would totally compare this to the Dior Star foundation - that same smooth flawless coverage, but in a much easier to blend formula.  For the Dior star, application takes some getting used to but the overall finish and longetivity is superb, but for Born this Way, the blending is smooth and fast. 

Before I get into the actual review, here's the product information (taken from Too Faced website)

Born This Way is an oil-free foundation that masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin. For coverage so undetectable, you can't see the makeup and you can't see imperfections—all that's left is naturally radiant skin that looks like you were Born This Way.


  • Medium-to-full undetectable coverage
  • Oil-free
  • Coconut Water helps delicately replenish skin's moisture levels without overhydrating—for the look of radiant skin
  • Infused with the resilient Alpine Rose to brighten the skin's appearance and promote elasticity
  • Hyaluronic Acid helps balance skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance
  • APPLICATION TIP: For medium coverage, apply a small amount from the center of the face outward and blend with fingertips, sponge, or brush. Build to full coverage by layering as needed.

For your information, I use the shade Vanilla (which is the 3rd lightest shade, and at our local Sephora stores here, I think you can find 14 shades - that's pretty impressive).  The foundation is currently available, and retails for SG$55 each.  

Application & review - 

3/4 of a pump is usually enough to do a full face for me.  Although if you like to go back and build up coverage in selected areas, a full pump would be better.
On lazy days I like to just use my fingers to apply foundation, but for this foundation I have been using a buffing brush.  You can use any of your fave buffing brush, something with dense soft hairs to buff and blend the foundation into your skin. 

The foundation is easily buildable and blendable. However, I do think that even with one thin layer, it manages to even out all my skintone and makes everything look flawless. 

I will start by dabbing the foundation all over my face, and then start to blend by buffing it into my skin.  The foundation blends really easily, and it sets about 10 min after application. 
I would usually set with a loose powder and using a powder puff, but I was doing my makeup on the go in this set of pictures, hence I used a large powder brush instead.  I honestly prefer the effects of using a powder puff when I am setting my face at home. 

The foundation is pretty long lasting and withstand the humid weather for me.  I don't normally use a primer these days (too much trouble, too much steps, too many layers, and I don't need a primer anyway).  It lasts well on me, a good 10-12 hours, and without touching up.  The only thing I would say is I need to touch up my T zone once a day.  Cos it starts to look a bit shiny in the middle of the day.  It didn't oxidise on me too, and it looks pretty and fresh the whole day, esp after the blotting. 
This is really flawless and covers all my skin imperfections. 

For a mid-priced foundation I would highly recommend this foundation, it is easy to use and looks super pretty.  

<strong>Pics of the application:

</strong>You can see that the foundation neutralises the pink tones in my skin, but yet it is not too thick and mask-like.  Vanilla is a light warm shade, and it is a good match for my NC15-20 skintone. I would describe the coverage and finish to be a natural flawless finish.  I mean, anyone would be able to say that I am wearing foundation for sure, but the finish is just flawless and beautiful.  It is not matte, I would say it is slightly radiant..not glowy shiny.  I only added on the glowy shine when I am applying my highlight powder - I used The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer in this LOTD.   This is also a foundation which photographs very nicely, though I must say that with the ingredient of titanium oxide, it tends to flashback a tiny bit.  

More pics and demo:

Okay, fast forward to 20min and tons of other makeup later, this is the full face done. lol. 

a close up of the skin 

and one more pic I took during the week, 7 hours into wearing the foundation. 

I highly recommend this foundation!  Have you tried it yet??
Another foundation which I love is the MAC Pro Long Wear nourishing foundation.  I think that will be my next foundation review.  

Hope you find this review helpful!  
Thanks for reading!

August 28, 2015

MAC x Giambattista Valli Lipstick Collection [Swatches]

Hi hi!!

I know MAC Collections can be overwhelming, but if there is just one that you want to focus on, it is going to be this one.  The MAC x Giambattista lipstick collection- where do I even begin?  The packaging alone sucks me in... and for me, it's one of those things where you feel like you need to get the whole collection just so everything looks like they belong together in a complete set.  The rich tones of the lipstick tube, the creamy matte textures - I am glad they didn't go with the Lustre and Creamsheen formula for this.  The matte lipsticks are just so much more versatile to work with, wear them as a stain, wear them with a gloss over, mix and match.. the possiblilities are endless with the matte formula and finish. 

It is a neat collection of just five shades - and the colour of the lipstick packaging matches the lipsticks themselves. 

The story -

Fashion Designer Giambattista Valli brings his effortless elegance and luxurious celebration of the female form to a stunning collection of timeless lipsticks. 

The colours - 
Lipsticks [SG34 each]
Bianca B pale white pink matte
Tats bright hot pink matte
Margherita yellow bright peach matte
Charlotte rich yellow red matte
Eugenie dark cherry with blue undertone matte

My top picks in terms of wearable shades on me - Tats, Charlotte, Eugenie - I have these and can't wait to try them out! 

Crystal Glaze Gloss [SG39]
Lena clear with subtle multicoloured pearl

12 Sept - MAC Ngee Ann City
13 Sept - MAC Stores in Bugis, Sephora and Tangs Orchard

The inspiration 

The swatches!

I am sure this collection will be sold out in a day or two.  Get ready to shop!!

Hope this preview has been useful, and thank you for reading! 

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